Farming Folk – Chapter 2


Farming Folk – Chapter 2Chapter Two*******?Leon was squinting as he headed east on the highway. The sun had just broken the horizon, and was hitting him square in the face. It was late June, and the days were getting quite warm by mid-afternoon; because of the heat, Leon and Jimmy Braun, had agreed to get early starts for the rest of the summer. He turned left off the highway at the now closed family gas station, headed up the lane toward the Braun farm and saw Jimmy approaching in his green Chevrolet pickup. He pulled to a stop, rolling down his window as the truck came alongside.”Morning, Leon. I’m heading into town to pick up some fertilizer and shop around. The tractor needs oil. Why don’t you take care of that first, and then you can go out to the 40 acres we just bought and turn the soil. I think there’s still time to get a crop in if we plant right away. I should be back in three, maybe four, hours.””Sure, Mr. Braun. I checked the oil on the tractor last Friday and noticed it was down. Maybe I’ll do an oil change today, that’ll fix it.””That’s good thinking, Leon, we don’t need to be adding oil just before we change it. I think the new acreage will be worthwhile. It’s good bottom land right next to the creek, and I have a feeling old Mr. Jenkins will be selling me all the rest of the land along the creek within the next year or two.”Jimmy put the truck into gear and waved as he started to drive off. He looked in the rear-view mirror and thought, “Yep, that should have set things up nicely. With luck Missy will be asking if she can go down to the field with him …Leon yelled out a ‘Thanks’ by way of parting as Jimmy pulled away and headed down the lane.He parked his pickup next to the barn and as he was walking to the barn doors he noticed that the light was still on in Missy’s bedroom. Because the barn placed most of the house in the shadow in the early morning, the sun was not hitting her window yet. He knew that it was their bedroom but Leon liked to think of it as the place where his boss got to fuck the woman that existed in most of Leon’s fantasies when he masturbated during the nights between dates with other girls.Leon saw fresh hay in the corral behind the barn and figured that Missy had already completed her early morning chores and was now going about her day therefore he was surprised when just as he was about to enter the barn he saw Missy walk past her bedroom window. It looked like she was wearing a pink nightie and was headed toward the bed. Leon figured that she planned to catch a few extra winks while Jimmy was gone to town.Leon was familiar with the bedroom layout. He had often peeked through the bedroom window when he knew Missy was out riding or in the fields with Jimmy. He had even sneaked into the house once and found a pair of panties that Missy had worn the day before, or maybe she had worn them while sleeping, he couldn’t be sure. The panties were still damp because they had been balled up under other clothes in the hamper, and Leon had been able to get a good smell of her womanhood.Leon had resisted the urge to jack off while sniffing them, or to take the panties. He was sure that Missy would miss a pair. She would hang them on the line like clockwork each week, 14 panties, all in a row. Sometimes she would hang a few additional pairs, and Leon figured that Missy had just finished her ‘monthly’.Leon knew a lot about Missy. He knew her habits; what she liked to cook; what she wore; when her period was due. She would never hang a brassiere on the line though. Either Missy never wore one, or she washed them by hand and would hang them to dry inside the house. Maybe she didn’t hang her brassieres outside so that he, the hired farmhand would not see what size she wore. That was the most likely scenario. For sure, he did know that she hadn’t been wearing one a couple of weeks ago when he had watched her hanging clothes while wearing that revealing blouse.Leon was tempted to creep toward her window and peek in. He wanted to know if Missy was sleeping on top of the covers in the early morning warmth. He had already figured she didn’t sleep in the nude because she also would hang nighties on the line. There was still a lot to learn about her.Leon didn’t head for her window. The sunlight from the east would be shining into that window in just a few minutes and Leon he that his shadow would show in the room if he weren’t careful. Someday he figured he would bring a pair of binoculars and arrive early. If he climbed up into the loft, he would probably be able to look right into her room and see Missy when she walked from the bed to the bath. Of course if she were wearing a nightie he wouldn’t see all that much. Unfortunately, the view from that barn window did not look down upon the part of the room where the bed sat.He went into the barn and gathered the tray and tools he needed to drain the oil from the tractor, hating having to pass up a possible opportunity to peek at Missy in bed, but although the field was clear with Jimmy gone Leon valued his job too much to risk jeopardizing it.Jimmy was an employer who treated Leon with respect, almost as an equal, so with that thought in mind he busied himself with the tractor … which was a shame for if Leon had only known; he was being set-up.Missy was lying nude on top of the bed covers, waiting for Leon. The right door of the armoire had been carefully opened to the point where she would be able to see Leon at the window through the mirror in the door from her position in bed. She had never seen Leon walk up and look into her window directly, but she had seen him glance over and appear to try to see in whenever he drove by on the tractor.Today, with her husband gone to town, Missy had deliberately left her lights on and walked by the window knowing Leon was out there. She waited patiently, hoping he would show, and planning to display herself to him. She was going to spread herself wider for him as he watched her masturbate until she reached orgasm. Then she would fall ‘asleep’ with legs still spread, giving Leon time to reach his own orgasm, if he hadn’t already.Leon had been working at the farm for several months now and Missy had slowly became aware of how Leon was looking at her when he thought no one was looking at him. Since her husband had mentioned the possibility of Leon looking down her dress as he drove by on the tractor when she had been hanging the washing, she had become more aware of Leon and what he might think of her.Leon ate lunch with them now as every day they put in eight hours or more and it was only right that they should take care of him. She would feed him at their kitchen table, passing within inches of him as she poured warm soup into his bowl or brought a drink over and sat it down near him. When she felt his gaze upon her when he would look up at her and give thanks and she would start feeling warm inside and blush. At first it had been from embarrassment but later, she looked forward to the feeling and found herself becoming more and more attracted to Leon. Of course, at lunch time her husband was always there too … at least, so far he had been.Jimmy had gone into town. Missy would have ridden in with him under normal circumstances, but she told him that it was too early for the stores she liked to be open and, anyway, she just wanted to lie around and take it easy since she had worked so hard the previous two days. Also, she claimed, she wasn’t feeling real well. Jimmy suspected there might be something else on her mind but said nothing as he kissed his wife on the cheek and drove off with a wave.Unknown to Jimmy, Missy had already masturbated to orgasm on two occasions while thinking of Leon. If she controlled her fantasy, she could make things happen the way she wanted. Missy had also had discovered that if she just let her mind wander, it became filled with a strange mix of images. The most vivid images were of Jimmy warming her up by loving on her for a few minutes with his hands and lips, and then for Leon who had been standing alongside taking over, fucking her hard and heating her pussy until it burned while Jimmy laid there watching her being fucked.The only problem with that fantasy was that Missy did not know what Leon had to offer between his legs, or if Leon even knew how to kiss a woman. In her fantasies she wanted Leon to have a larger dick like that of Danny’s, but mostly she hoped so that he would feel ‘different’ from her husband. As far as how good a larger dick would feel in her pussy, she didn’t know.Missy heard Leon start the tractor, then drive the tractor out of the barn and stop. He would get off to close the barn door. It didn’t look like Leon was going to come to her window after all. Disappointed, Missy jumped out of bed. She had become extremely horny from lightly playing with herself while she waited. On impulse she threw a thin cotton dress on, there wasn’t time for panties, stepped into a pair of sandals and went out onto the porch as Leon neared the house on the tractor. She smiled and waved, and Leon stopped.”Good morning Leon. Are you going out to the new parcel?”Leon nodded politely. He was trying not to stare at Missy’s chest and finding it hard even to look into her lovely blue eyes and so he averted his eyes, looking down instead pretending to be concerned about the mechanical workings of the tractor.Missy was amused. She knew Leon to be very polite, and shy. She doubted that he had ever had a woman, though she knew that he dated a girl in town sometimes. “I haven’t seen the actual acreage that Jimmy purchased. Would you mind giving me a ride out to look it over, then I’ll walk back.”Leon couldn’t believe his ears! Missy wanted to ride with him, on the metal bicycle seat meant for one, but large enough for two? Two that sat front to back and very close together. His mind raced at the thought but he responded as if trying to be casual, “I guess that’ll be all right. It’s a little far to walk both ways.”Trying not to show his excitement, Leon climbed down to let Missy get on first. He wanted her to ride in front, so that he could hold her breasts while she drove. He fantasised that he wanted her to feel his stiffening cock pressing against her ass, so that she would know how strongly he wanted her. That’s what he would have liked, in his fantasy, but he never knew until she told him that she had never driven the tractor. “I always ride behind!”Missy climbed up, and while still standing, delicately positioned her left leg over the gearshift levers located in the centre between the foot pedals. She squatted and slid backwards into the seat, female style, unlike Jimmy and Leon, who always threw their left leg over the seat and turned frontwards, like mounting a bicycle. Leon caught a flash of inner thigh as she squatted and slid backward. His heart raced.”Come on,” she said, cheerfully. “I promise not to cover your eyes while you drive.”Leon climbed up. He couldn’t throw his leg over the seat because Missy was sitting in it, so he used the same method she had chosen and prepared to sit. Missy spread her legs to make room for him, and lifted her skirt a little. Nothing really showed as he glanced down. Her dress was still covering her thighs, but it was the thought of it, she was going to be straddling him and what was between her legs was going to be pushed up against him. Of course, he’d be facing the wrong way, but at this point, he’d settle for anything. This was a dream coming true!As Leon squatted with his back to her, Missy pulled the skirt higher across her thighs so that Leon wouldn’t trap the skirt down between her legs. He eased into her, and Missy felt her pulse quicken.Leon’s pulse quickened, as well. Her legs were astride him, and uncovered as far back as he could see out of the corners of his eyes on each side of his hips. “Ready?” he asked. “You might need to hang on to me.”She laughed and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve done this many times with Jimmy”, as she placed her hands on his shoulders. Leon leaned forward to shift the tractor into gear as his left leg engaged the clutch. Missy leaned with him, staying close. The entire process of starting the tractor moving was erotic electricity in motion for both of them. The outside of his left thigh rubbed against the inside of hers as he engaged the clutch and moved the selector into low. He gave it throttle and the tractor began to move.Leon slid further back from the force of the acceleration, wedging Missy into the metal lip at the back and sides of the seat. Their bodies were pressed tightly together, and Leon could feel her breasts against his back. In his imagination they felt like they were burning two holes into his shoulder blades.Neither spoke as they drove. The noise and wind would require speaking in a louder than normal voice and Leon would have to turn his head to ensure Missy could hear him. He drove slowly, wanting to extend the time she would be with him. They struck a couple of deep ruts as they crossed an access road. They bounced fairly hard and Leon felt Missy’s arms go around his waist.All too soon they reached the new plot, and Leon reluctantly stopped, killed the engine and in the welcomed silence said, “Here it is.”Missy made no immediate move to climb off; her arms remained locked around him. Wanting to prolong the time where Missy was pressed up against him with her arms around his waist, Leon hurried on, ” … You can see the boundaries …,” he pointed, “…. From that row of trees over there and extending bahis siteleri down to the creek on the right ….”He moved his arm from left to right as he pointed, and he could feel Missy’s breasts shift behind his back as his body slid against hers. “… It looks like a good, fertile, hunk of land. Level, windbreak on the west, water to the north,””And me sitting on the seat behind you,” Missy added, and began giggling.Leon laughed with her. Her joke had put him more at ease. Until now her sitting behind him had been ‘business’, he was driving the boss’s wife to view property. Her joking about it put it more in perspective. She was a female, seated very close, body to body with a man. He didn’t know if he should make any comment about their closeness. If he said the wrong thing, it could ruin the mood.Missy saved him from having to find an innocent, yet ‘cute’ reply. “Are you going to plough the old corn stalks under now?” Missy asked, attempting to engage him in conversation.”That’s what the boss wants me to do,” Leon replied. He was dreading the moment when Missy would climb off and be gone.”Would you mind if the boss’s wife rides with you for a while? I like to see how a man ploughs.”Leon couldn’t believe his ears. She wanted to stay on the tractor with him. Also, there was her phrasing of the second sentence, ‘I like to see how a man ploughs’; had she intend making a double meaning?He turned his head to look at her. No, from the look on her angel face there couldn’t be a double meaning to her words, it had to be just innocent, farm conversation. She probably didn’t even know that sometimes men referred to ‘ploughing’ when they meant ‘fucking.’He said, “I’ll have to get off and lower the blades.”Missy opened her arms, and Leon climbed off. He could feel her eyes on him as he set the blades in place. He could have done this while seated on the tractor if she hadn’t been behind him. He took a sly glance up at her and thought that she had closed her legs … but not as far as she could have. His glance also took in her beautifully breasts accentuated against the blue sky by being contained in her thin dress that seemed to highlight, rather than conceal them.”She seems to wear those thin white dresses a lot ….,” he thought to himself, “… sort of like, to show off her purity.” He thought of her almost as a virgin. Indeed, in a way, he figured that Missy was practically a virgin. He was sure that Jimmy was the only one to ever have bedded her and Jimmy seemed to be as shy as she was. He didn’t talk or joke about sex like most men did, or at least he didn’t mention it to Leon. Maybe it was because of the employer/employee relationship but Leon figured it was more likely due to their straight-laced, religious upbringing.He also figured that Jimmy might not be up to much in the size department when it came to having sex for whenever he was working the fields with his boss Leon had made it a point when he needed to take a piss in the fields he stood in front of Jimmy so that he could see him. Jimmy would nearly always feel the urge himself and took the cue and pissed with him. It always gave Leon an adequate opportunity to observe the relatively diminutive size of Jimmy’s cock and he proudly observed that his own appeared to be more suited to ‘ploughing’ wide and deep. Of course, he appreciated that the size of cocks at rest was only a partial indicator of how it would appear when excited but he wondered what Missy would think if she ever saw his larger ‘plough tool’.Missy slowly spread her legs for Leon as he climbed back into the seat. Leon put the tractor in gear, and set the hand throttle to a steady, slow speed, suitable for turning the soil over. He watched over his shoulder as he started, ensuring that the blades were set to the right depth. He went down one row, reached the end, and turned back to do another, repeating the process.With her arms around his waist, Missy rode silently. His stomach felt firm, almost rock hard. Missy knew that continuing to ride while Leon ploughed might be going just a step beyond the relationship she should maintain with her husband’s employee. It had been all right to ride out to the new land with him, that was a valid excuse, but she didn’t really have a justification now, other than she liked to ride on the tractor. Least ways, that’s what she told herself and anyway Leon wasn’t complaining, so no one was being harmed. Missy wondered which was worse, openly riding with Leon when he knew she really shouldn’t be here, or pretending not to know he was watching while she performed on the bed.It was peaceful, quiet almost, but for the sound of the tractor. Leon went row after row, almost forgetting that Missy was with him. The sun was growing warmer. Leon checked his watch; it was almost two hours since Jimmy had headed to town and he figured his time with Missy would soon be ending. He also figured that it would be best if Missy was not on the tractor with him when his boss showed up. She might say that it was fine, nothing to worry about, but Leon wasn’t sure that Jimmy would see it that way. Still, Missy seemed unconcerned and she was the best judge of how Jimmy might react. He ploughed on.Leon could feel Missy’s head resting against his back. Is she asleep? Could be, he had seen her sat like that and appear to be asleep when riding behind Jimmy. He felt her arms loosen their grip around his waist, slowly relax and then fall to rest into his lap. He still wasn’t sure if it was by accident but he heard soft breathing in his ear and figured that Missy was asleep and her hands in his lap was not intentional. He continued ploughing.Two minutes later Leon felt Missy stir a little, shift her position slightly and for her to turn her hands over, palms down so that one was directly on top of his penis, which was hanging down inside his left trouser leg!He continued ploughing but now all his senses were alert. Previously he had been running the rows automatically, each movement performed without thinking and other than when he made the turn at the end of each long row he could have probably dozed off, like Missy. Now, he was having to concentrate very hard, thinking about avoiding bumps under the wheels, each clod of dirt. He didn’t want anything to be dislodging her hands from resting on his stiffening cock. Turning became a chore requiring deep thought, he made the turns nice and slow so that there would be no sudden jerks.His penis became erect and throbbed directly under her left hand through the covering of his pants. All Missy had to do was close her fingers slightly, and she’d be wrapped around him. Is she asleep? Her breathing was slow and even. None of her movements had seemed deliberate. Another minute went by. Two minutes followed by another turn, still her hand rested on his penis, fingers lightly curled around it, in the natural position for a hand to be in when asleep.Leon couldn’t restrain himself any longer, he raised his hips off the seat as if stretching his back and pushed his bulge up into her hand. She did as he hoped and felt her light grip as he slowly lowered himself into the seat and the hand stayed firmly around his penis; not squeezing it, just gently holding it.His heart pounding, Leon looked down, and saw the beginning of a wet stain at the end of his bulge, Pre-coital fluid was pouring out of him. If she just gave it a good squeeze, or a rub, he’d really have a stain on his pants. Missy stirred a little and turned her head against his back, replacing her left cheek against him with her right. She yawned, and her hand tightened around his penis, squeezing it ever so slightly.Leon’s heart was pounding and he was sure his penis was throbbing at the same pace. He could not believe this was happening; Missy, his boss’s wife, sleeping, and holding his dick. She has to be sleeping, she looked this way with Jimmy, when Leon had seen them from a distance.Missy’s hand began idly caressing him, such as she might do in her sleep thinking she was behind Jimmy. Her hand began sliding back and forth, feeling his length, his thickness, and his heat!Her hand moved to the end of his penis, two fingers began sliding back and forth at random directly over his wet spot, as if feeling it. Her fingernails were caressing him just hard enough to send tickling sensations through his jeans and into the head of his cock. Jimmy held his breath, trying his best not to come. Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by his climax and his fat cock erupted!His penis began blasting, pumping shot after shot of come into his jeans under her fingers. The come was soaking her fingers as well as a huge area of his jeans. Despite his efforts at remaining still and quiet on the moving tractor, Leon groaned. Her thumb and forefinger tightened around his shaft, while her palm remained covering his head.He slowed down and let his breathing return to normal and continued driving to the end of the row nearest the farmhouse. He stopped, and checked his watch. Jimmy was due home within 30 minutes to an hour. Missy stirred behind him, and yawning, she lifted her head off his shoulder. Her hand squeezed his bulge a little harder for a few seconds, and she suddenly awakened with a gasp, jerking her hand away from his penis.”Was I asleep? What time is it?””It’s almost ten, the Boss will be home soon.” He looked down at her left hand. It was still in his lap, but the palm was turned upward. It was soaked with the shiny portion of his come. How will I explain that?”I’d better get off and get back, Missy said. “Oh my, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. Was I a burden to you?””Not at all. You were light as a feather, hardly knew you were there,” he lied. He shut the engine off, and as he climbed down, was very aware of the semi-hard penis going down his left leg, and the huge, wet stain. Leon helped Missy down. He was on the right side of the tractor, and thankful that he could hold her right hand as she came down. Maybe she wouldn’t notice her left hand.Missy touched down, and looked at her sticky left hand as if seeing it for the first time. She rubbed her fingers together, feeling the slipperiness, and glanced at his wet and stained left leg, with the still obvious bulge. Her eyes met his and embarrassment registered on her face as she quickly attempted an excuse for the mess, “Oh dear, did you spill some oil on you when you did the change thing?” she asked, pointing to his leg.”Uh, I guess I must have,” Leon blurted out thankful to hear her quick-witted retort rather than her pointing out what was obviously the result of his ejaculation.Missy suddenly felt sorry for him. It was her that was supposed to be the embarrassed one, not this young man who was now hanging his head in shame. “Hey, cheer up, it’s not the end of the world, you best wipe it off before it dries and makes a real mess of your pants.”She pulled a hanky from a pocket in her dress, stepped in close and looked down at his bulge and handed the hanky to Leon. “Here. You’ll need this. Don’t need to be drawing attention to yourself with that big damp patch, do we?”Leon stood holding the hanky, feeling sheepish, Missy looked into his eyes hoping that her display of innocence had been convincing although now that it had happened, she kind of wished that Leon would pull his penis out and wipe it in front of her. It felt to her through the grip on his pants that it must have been the same kind of size as Danny’s. It would have been nice to have made a comparison but, of course, he would never do that and she didn’t have the nerve to suggest it.Missy smiled and said enigmatically, “And you don’t need to start ‘avoiding’ me or anything in the future. I won’t be telling anyone you spilt the oil, it will be just like nothing happened. Now, I need to get back and get lunch prepared for my ‘two men’.”Missy started to walk away, then stopped. She turned around, “Well, not quite like nothing happened.” She walked up, stood close against him, and before Leon could react, she raised up on her toes and placed her lips on his. Missy held them against him just a fraction of a second long, the time required to define the difference between genuine affection and just a peck on the cheek. “I like it when you’re around,” she said, and was gone.Missy could feel Leon’s eyes on her as she walked away. It had all been on impulse, riding with Leon to the field, and so on but Jimmy had kind of ‘suggested’ that she might like to be a bit more familiar with the young boy so she didn’t feel too guilty about what she had made him and his big cock do. For sure, she had actually fallen asleep on the tractor as the previous night Jimmy had awakened in the middle of the night and woke her to make love. Then he had gotten an early start which woke her early so the loss of sleep, combined with the warm sun shining on her while she was wrapped around Leon, had caused Missy to doze off almost immediately.When Missy had awakened, and found her hands in Leon’s lap, only then did her moves become deliberate. When she felt his penis harden, and then became aware of his size, she had been very stimulated herself. It had taken a lot of control on her part to caress him lightly, using only her fingertips.Missy wasn’t wearing any panties, and her legs had been opened wide, with her pussy pressed directly against Leon. She didn’t tell him of course, that she knew what had caused the large, wet stain on his backside as he stood up in front of her and climbed off the tractor. There was no need, it would dry canlı bahis siteleri in the sun, and no-one would ever know …. other than Jimmy of course, who she knew that at some time be asking her how things were going with Leon!******?Missy had been busily putting lunch together in the kitchen and musing about Leon. It was midday when she heard the tractor approaching the farmyard. “Oh my, I’ve completely lost track of time; he’s early,” she thought and put down the plate she was preparing. She dashed to the bedroom, hurriedly applied lipstick and ran a brush through her hair. A glance in the mirror and she decided ‘that’ll have to do’ as she returned to the kitchen and tried to compose herself.The tractor was beside the farmhouse now and she expected he’d be knocking on the door in a few seconds. Today was the day. Missy wasn’t sure just yet about what she was going to do, but given the signals she’d been getting from Jimmy she planned to start something.When the tractor didn’t stop in the yard by the front door she went to the kitchen window and watched as Leon brought the tractor to a halt near the doors to the barn. He shut the tractor off, jumped down and went into the barn. She figured he apparently had something to do in the barn or with the tractor before sitting down to eat which might explain why he had returned from the field a little early,Missy returned to the kitchen counter and finished preparing sandwiches made from cold cuts left over from their meal from the evening before. She put the remains back into the refrigerator and turned the burner on low under the homemade soup. She was proud of her ability to make soup and hoped that Leon would appreciate it too. She would be eating with Leon today, the first time she would be alone with him since her earlier tractor adventure. She sat down at the table to wait for his entrance.It had been two weeks since Missy had ridden on the back of the tractor with him. After kissing Leon and leaving him standing in the field with stained trousers, she had just made it back to the farmhouse when Jimmy had returned from town. They had sat on the front porch swing while she excitedly related the morning’s events.Jimmy had a big grin on his face as she told him about Leon trying to drive the tractor while his penis throbbed under her hand and soaked his jeans. He thought that her act of confusion and embarrassment upon realizing what she had done while thinking she was ‘asleep’ behind her husband was a nice touch.She coyly admitted that her original plan had been that Leon would peek through her bedroom window and ‘catch’ her as she bathed and such and to see everything she had but he didn’t show as she had hoped. However, the way things had worked out was even better. Missy had enjoyed close physical contact with Leon and she had, as they planned, still appeared that she was as sweet and ‘innocent’ as ever. The revelation of how she looked in the nude would have to wait for another time.Leon had no idea that the tractor incident had been a set-up and had gone well, just as she and Jimmy had hoped it would. However, easy as it had been, Jimmy and Missy decided that to attempt another ‘setup’ right away would be pushing it so they decided to wait for a few days or so. It would be two weeks before another chance arose.It was difficult to place Leon in a situation where Missy would be nearby and alone. Also, his schedule was a little erratic with him putting in just three days a week at their farm, sometimes four and then not always the same days of the week. Another problem with finding a way for Missy to be alone around Leon was that Missy traditionally went along with Jimmy anytime that he left the farm to go into town.An opportunity had unexpectedly been handed to them when Jimmy got the call to go into town and deal with some legal stuff to do with the land transfer. He didn’t know how long it would take and anyway, that day had already been designated as Missy’s ‘Baking Day’ and she wouldn’t have gone with him in any case.Over breakfast, Jimmy had discussed his expected timetable for the day and said that if Leon came by to work to tell him what was required in the lower 40, offer him lunch … but ‘not to push anything’. Thinking that she was detecting some indecision on his part, Missy asked if he still wanted to go through with his decision to let her initiate some form of sexual adventure with Leon. Missy didn’t have a definite plan.Jimmy replied that he wasn’t backing out as far as Leon was concerned, it was just that he was having some reservations about letting things happen with their hired hand. He added that it was her decision to make, if she decided that Leon could be trusted to be discreet.”Just to let things happen naturally, if at all,” Jimmy said while hugging her. “No need to push anything, just be your usual great self and let your magic do its work.” Missy wasn’t sure what her ‘magic’ was but he added that it would be better if she didn’t go all the way because he preferred to be there, watching as Missy tried Leon’s dick for the first time. He had seen it when they had taken a piss out in the fields and he really wanted to see her reaction when she saw how big it was in comparison to his own.Smiling, Missy thanked her husband for the compliment and then asked him where he was getting these ideas. Jimmy said that he was just putting himself in Leon’s shoes and he figured how exciting it would be to hear how he reacted to being alone at the farm with her.They reached a consensus. It would be most interesting to see if Leon would make the first move, possibly by dropping a ‘hint’ to feel her out. If not, Missy would have to come up with something, and make it appear to be completely unplanned. After their talk, Jimmy left for town telling her he expected to be gone for most of the day.Missy was confused. Her husband was a god-fearing man and such ideas as he kept hinting at didn’t sit well with their religious upbringing. She wasn’t quite sure in her mind if she fully understood the how and why of what he was proposing but she also knew that as a ‘good wife’ she should do what she was told. In truth, the idea that she was expected to become more ‘familiar’ with the young boy was very appealing but she decided it might be better not to appear too enthusiastic to Jimmy, so she had put on a rather plain dress that morning.However, after Jimmy left, she went straight into the bedroom and changed into her favourite dress after the white one. It was pink, and though it wasn’t low cut, it had a wide neckline and showed the outline of her breasts to good advantage. She was wearing a low-cut pointed brassiere today, and she knew that her chest would be in Leon’s thoughts as soon as he entered the kitchen.From her seat at the kitchen table, Missy saw Leon come out of the barn and head towards the house. She had intended to remain seated and let him come into the kitchen so that she could feign surprise at his appearance but the thoughts that had been swirling around in her head had made her too excited; she jumped up.It took restraint to let Leon knock before she went over and opened the screen door. Missy didn’t want to appear as if she had been watching for Leon by opening the door too soon. Even so Leon was surprised at how quickly the door was flung open and to see a smiling Missy beckoning him into the kitchen all smelling of her morning’s baking and the whiff of that fancy perfume that Jimmy had bought her for a birthday gift.”Wow, that smells nice!” said Leon, leaving it to her to make the decision as he couldn’t decide which smelt best.”Thank you, I’ve been baking this morning. Go set yourself down at the table Leon, maybe you might like to try a taste of my pie after we’ve had some soup.”Not for the first time Leon fantasized if she was messing with him with her double-meanings. For sure, he would love to have a taste of her ‘pie’. He sat down and she turned and went over to the old kitchen stove and picked up the pot of soup that was simmering on the top. She carefully bought it to the table before returning to open the low oven door to collect the bread rolls that she had made. As usual the lower shelf gave trouble when she bent to pull it out and she took a little while to get it free …. long enough for Leon to see that as her short hem rose up to expose her butt that, damn, she seemed to have no panties on, “Oh my God, I can see her pussy hair and slit and everything!”The shelf came free and Missy triumphantly bought the tray of bread to the table and made an apology, “That blessed oven. I hope that one day Jimmy’s gonna get me a new one. That shelf gets me every time. Can’t be doing with that if we are having lunchtime guests, like you over, can we?!” she joked.Leon nodded sympathetically but in his mind he hoped the oven wouldn’t be replaced too soon if he was going to be one of those guests. His thoughts were also lingering over what he had just seen and his cock was already reacting in the only way it knew how as his mind raced over having caught sight of her pussy. He pulled his chair closer to the table hoping to hide the evidence of his bulge.”Here, try this. I made some soup from Potato and Leeks. It’s Jimmy’s favourite and I do try to keep my men happy …. ,” she said with a smile as she leaned over and ladled a portion into the bowl set before him, ” … be careful, it’s very hot.”.Leon didn’t know where to look, at the hot soup as it poured into the bowl or at the gapping neckline of her dress. He decided on the latter and marvelled at the sight of the swell of her tits that were held by the lacey bra that now peeked at him. She took her time, being careful not to let the soup splash as it poured. Leon didn’t mind, he was content to let her take as long as she needed.She sat down opposite and although he had tried to conceal his reaction, she was aware that her ‘play-acting’ had bought about the result she hoped for. “Oh my,” she thought, ” that boy is truly big inside those pants!””Mmm, this tastes good Mrs Braun. Your husband is a very lucky man.””Why, thank you Leon. I do try my best and you sure know how to flatter a girl. Are you fixing to get married; are you dating? Cos, let me tell you, a way to a girl’s heart is to hear such things and a girl will always put out to someone who talks pretty just like you.”Leon blushed, “No Maam, I ain’t seeing no one. Don’t get much a chance what with working and living out in the country and such,” he said as he spooned his hot soup.”That’s a shame, boy like you would be a catch, I’m thinking. For shame, if I wasn’t already ‘spoken for’ I might take a shine to you myself,” she said with a glint in her eye as once more she knowingly leaned forward to push the bread basket (and her tits) his way. He didn’t where to look, at the approaching bread or her tits. Either way he should have been concentrating more on what he was doing with his spoon for instead of dipping into the bowl it caught the side of the dish and in a trice the bowl tipped from the table and hot soup spilt into his lap.”Aww, shit!” he sprang back from the table and pulled at the front of his pants. Missy, being the caring kind of person she was , came around and helped him.”Oh my, oh dear, let’s get those off you … Heck, that must hurt ..” she clucked as she fumbled at his belt. Leon momentarily could think of nothing other than the pain and his embarrassment that came from his being so clumsy. At that moment he felt nothing but relief to hear the suggestion that he get the hot soaked pants away from his genitals and it was without any thought that when she said, “… step out of those things and let’s see what damage has been done …,” he did as he was told.It hadn’t been Missy’s intention to get him to reveal himself to her in such a dramatic fashion but, hey, in the absence of any other plan this was a fine way to achieve what she had set out to do in accordance with Jimmy’s suggestion. She pulled down his pants and was gratified to see that the bulge that she had encouraged when she had bent over and knowingly displayed her pussy a few moments earlier was still very evident beneath the soup-stained boxer shorts.”Here, let me get a cold flannel and a towel and you can get those off and clean up some,” she said compassionately whilst eying up what she considered must be a tasty package all covered in Leek and Potato soup. He stood mute, quite not knowing what he was expected to do but given her matter-of-fact manner in dealing with this traumatic situation he shyly pulled down his underwear while at the same time tried to conceal his half-erect penis.She handed him the towel and knelt down and tried to hide her enthusiasm as she dabbed and wiped at his groin with the flannel, “Don’t you be worried none, I’ve seen plenty of these, ” she lied as she rubbed and stroked away any signs of soup. “You need to know us farming folk are always having to get down and dirty doing such stuff ….”Leon wasn’t really listening, he was more interested in once again gazing down at her cleavage and, truth be told, because his cock hadn’t suffered any hot soup damage at all he was more concerned that she might be upset if he said her administrations weren’t really necessary. No, Leon was a considerate boy and he really didn’t want to be hurting her feelings. Indeed, he showed his compassion by letting his cock grow stiffer to let her know just how much he appreciated the touch of her hands.”Oh my, Leon, what are you like? You’re gonna canlı bahis make some lucky girl very happy when she gets her hand on this big boy.” She grasp his shaft and at the same time gave up all pretence of being concerned about his accident and gave a purr, “Why don’t we take this somewhere so that I can take a closer look.””Oh my God, it’s really happening,” he thought as he allowed her to ‘tow’ him by his cock toward the bedroom.She released her hold and pushed him so that he fell on the brass bed … on his back … and with his stiff rigid 8″ cock sticking obscenely up pointing at the ceiling. He was still wearing his Tee-shirt and Missy told him to take it off, she didn’t want to see it get too crumbled laying down and all and, likewise, she didn’t want her own clothes to get messed up so she took off her white dress and carefully hung it in the closet. (She was also concerned that Jimmy might have found her wearing her Sunday best dress during the week when he came home.) She returned to the bedside clad in just her lacy white bra with the bullet cups. She thought it looked kinda sexy as she reached behind to unclip the clasp; Leon had no comment to make, he was too busy looking at the luxurious covering of black curly hair that was shielding the pink slit of her cunt.”Now then, let’s looky here and see if there is likely to be any permanent damage.” she knelt on the bed and once again took his stiff cock in her hand, or rather, hands for it was truly a magnificent specimen she thought and deserved closer examination. She decided it was just as big as Danny’s but unlike Danny’s this one would be going places that had been denied when she had made that first encounter in the bunkhouse. Leon wasn’t to know her thoughts but he gave a gasp as he felt her soft touch. He flinched but under her quiet guidance then relaxed and let Missy carefully stroke up and down as she tried to get the measure of him. “My, oh my, I don’t think I’ve seen such a nice one,” she said truthfully, “are you sure you haven’t given some young lady the pleasure?”Leon almost squeaked and gasped out, “No maam, I ain’t never been near no lady,” which was technically true given all his experience had been with girls from high school or at the drive-in but now was not the time to be discussing the finer points of maturity. Certainly none of the females he had been with before had been as bold as Missy but those thoughts were soon left aside as she began her interrogation.”I’ve seen you taking a peek at me when you’ve been in the yard. Did you like what you saw; did you think I hadn’t noticed you looking?”She didn’t wait for his answer. “Did you like looking at my titties? I bet you did. Did you wonder what a grown lady’s titties felt like when you were looking?”Leon unconvincingly shook his head as he focussed his gaze on her naked breasts hanging tantalising close to his face. She was not convinced by his answer. “Go on touch me, I won’t mind. You can stroke them just like I’m stroking you, if you want.”She continued to hold onto his stiff, throbbing cock as he tentatively reached up and cupped a warm soft globe. His calloused, but freshly washed, hand was pleasing to her and she murmured a sigh of approval as she felt his rough skin touch her soft hanging bosom and begin to smooth and squeeze, “Hmm, that feels nice …. is it as you imagined?”Leon’s shake of the head turned into a nod; he still didn’t say anything for fear of interrupting and breaking the mood. In any case he was more interested to hear what she might be asking next.”Hmm, I’m betting you ain’t seen a woman’s titty up close like this since you was a baby boy sucking at your Momma’s teat,” she mused.He didn’t like to contradict and tell of the last time at the drive-in when Mary-Lou had let him pull up her sweater and pull down her bra to expose her smaller tits and do just what he was doing now….”Oh look, you naughty boy. I do declare you’re getting me excited. My nips don’t usually get so stiff. Do you want to have a little taste, just like when you were with your Momma …?” She leaned forward and her stiff nipple met his mouth as he lifted his head from the pillow. She gave another groan as she felt, first, his hot breath and then another as he began to do as she suggested and for his mouth to envelop and suck on her just as if he was a suckling baby. As he relaxed and got into the mood she resumed her own stroking and speculated that what she was feeling was just like that of being a nursing mother. Missy had no baby of her own and Jimmy never did what Leon was now doing (he thought it to be a bit weird and unmanly) but as she felt the satisfaction that comes from having a mouth sucking on her tit she vowed that she would get Jimmy to change his mind about doing such things and to be a bit more adventurous in bed in future.”Hmm, are you liking that?” she asked rhetorically, “I know you do, you naughty boy.”Leon with a mouthful of tit could only groan back.”Oh my, you ARE making me excited. My poor pussy is getting so wet. Why don’t you take a feel? I ain’t never felt this wet before,” she lied..Leon needed no further encouragement, indeed, to help him along she took his free hand and guided it into the hair-covered cunt that she so helpfully exposed by spreading her legs. She was correct, she was wet and it only took two or three moments before his fingers were covered in the juices that were freely flowing from between the puffy lips.She grasped his wrist and encouraged him to push his hand back and forth before gently pulling his hand away from her to hold it up so that they both could see, “There, I told you I was excited! Hmm, why don’t you take a taste?”She released her hold on his wrist as he then without any hesitation did as he was told and licked his fingers.”Does that taste good?”He still didn’t say anything, his flushed face and smile gave the answer.”Oh my, and look at you here,” she said looking down at her hand which was grasping his stiff cock; a hand that was now covered in other juices, the pre-cum that was streaming out of his piss hole (as she called it).Leon could hardly believe all this was happening. In his wildest fantasies (and he had plenty of those) he could not have imagined that he would ever be in this situation. The woman of his dreams was naked with him, in her bed, talking dirty and doing just what he imagined it would be like with a compliant female. Could it get any better? Yes it could.Missy removed her hand from his cock, bought it to her mouth,.”I’m thinking you must taste just as nice …,” and her pink tongue poked out and she tentatively gave the shiny sticky clear fluid on the back of her hand a lick.”Mmm, yes, that is nice. Maybe I’d better go to the source …,” and with that she bent down and completely blew his mind by wrapping her rose-bud mouth with her best lipstick covering her lips around his fat knob.Her first impression was to taste the remnants of the Leek and Potato soup that had scalded him but that soon passed and she concentrated her senses on the delights that having a fat cock in her mouth could bring.Leon had never had a blowjob before although he had sometimes asked, no, pleaded with girlfriends to do this; Missy also had little experience to draw on. Danny had encouraged her to suck and kiss his cock but that was a long time ago and Jimmy, well, that was another thing he didn’t seem to be too fussed about doing. It was another of his weird ideas that it ‘just ain’t natural’. As Missy became adjusted to having Leon’s lovely warm stiff cock in her mouth and she tasted the sweet juices that were now freely flowing she decided that this was something else she would have to be changing Jimmy’s mind about.Leon started to buck his hips as she sucked. The movements became even more pronounced when she reached down and began to tickle at his hairy balls. His movements became so violent that from her awkward position she was in danger of being thrown from the bed so she took the initiative and decided to try something else that she had never suggested to Jimmy, she recalled seeing pictures in a stained crumpled porno magazine that had been discarded into the trash can in the bunkhouse and, for shame, before then she didn’t know of doing such things as a ’69’.She lifted her head from Leon and scooted around and, as best she could remember from the pictures in the magazine, she positioned herself so that her wet pussy straddled his head. She then lowered her own to resume sucking on the shiny wet cock that was proudly pointed at the ceiling fan and slowly lowered herself . Leon instinctively stuck out his tongue and once again tasted her delicious nectar, this time not from her fingers but from that which was streaming from between the wet puffy lips of her cunt. If there was a danger of him being suffocated then he didn’t care, the taste, the smell and the mewling noises she made as he lapped would have been worth the sacrifice but in any case he had no such thoughts for his overwhelming sensation was from feeling her mouth once again sucking at his cock. Missy had only just got herself comfortable and when without warning Leon gave a groan and blasted his cum deep into her mouth.Missy felt the hot spunk hit the back of her throat ( how could she not?) and instinctively pulled her head away only to have his next blast hit her full in the face. Surprised at the force of his ejaculation she lifted higher and, damn it, if he wasn’t still shooting and now her hanging breasts got the treatment. She was amazed at the amount of cum that this boy was producing and even after the 5 strong shots from his ‘piss hole’ (as she thought of it) he continued to dribble the white stuff all over her hand which was still firmly grasping him. She continued to wank him which he appreciated very much and so he redoubled his efforts at getting his stiff tongue deeper inside her. His mind was in another place, uncharted territory as far as he was concerned, but instinct took charge and as he probed inside her sweetness Missy joined him in that place where she had never been before and suddenly felt her orgasm begin to swell up and overtake her. She sat up and with his cum dripping from her heaving tits, her eyes rolled back in her head and she squealed, oh boy, did she squeal!Leon didn’t hear her, what with the combination of having her thighs firmly clamped over his ears and the pounding in his head that accompanied his own feelings as his climax receded. Indeed, he had almost passed out from the pleasures of having had her mouth sucking at him her tongue swirling around giving him his first blowjob and he lay mute as she eventually clambered of him leaving him with his face all smeared from her juices. Missy was similarly covered in various fluids but she chose not to notice, she was more interested in the fact that despite having had such a powerful climax that the young man laying on her bed had not lost a smidgen of stiffness, his cock was just as rigid as when she had had it in her mouth, albeit now covered in his cum and her saliva. Once more a****l instinct guided the way and she got back on the bed, this time the ‘right’ way round. She crawled up on her knees until she was positioned just so and reaching under her found his cock, grasped it and slowly impaled herself on him.*******?Jimmy was pleased that his business in town hadn’t taken quite as long as he had anticipated. The lawyer, a young fella, seemed to know what he was doing and had all the paperwork ready for him to check and sign when he got to the offices. It was a couple of hours later that the land transfer and ownership issues were all settled and the lower 40 was now legally registered in the name of Jimmy Braun. He pondered whether to go straight back home to the farm or whether to take advantage of this unexpected free time and to grab a bite to eat in town. He chose the latter thinking that Missy would most probably appreciate a bit of free time of her own, especially as he knew that she had suggested to Leon that he might like to have lunch before he headed off for his usual afternoon siesta.Lunch in the diner was OK he thought as he paid the bill but not as good as Missy’s cooking he decided. He also declined to have dessert knowing that his sweet wife had been baking and there was sure to be fresh baked cookies or pie waiting for him at home. Such were his thoughts as he turned off the highway and began to bump his way up the track to his farm. He swung through the gates into the yard and instantly noted that Leon’s pick-up was parked in its usual spot alongside the barn, so Jimmy deduced his hired-hand was still around. Rather than disturb the peace Jimmy rolled up and parked alongside. He climbed out and went around to the opposite of the barn which faced the house. Outside of the barn door stood the tractor. Jimmy thought that perhaps after having had his lunch that he clean forgot to put it away in its customary place inside the barn.He was disabused of that idea when he quietly entered the house and surveyed what seemed to be evidence of some domestic disturbance. There was a broken dish on the floor and a puddle of soup. He was intrigued at the sight of men’s clothing s**ttered on the floor leading toward the bedroom. More than that, there seemed to be the sounds of some v******e coming from the bedroom itself. Not wishing to disturb whatever felony might be in course of being conducted he crept toward the open bedroom door expecting the worse.Missy was so engaged in accommodating Leon’s fat cock that she hadn’t noticed her husband peering through the door. If she had been more aware she would have also noticed that he was unzipping his pants and pulling out his own stiffening cock.*******?

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