Butt training.


Butt training.So today I picked my new dildo from LoveHoney. It’s a smaller one than the one I’ve had for a long while and was a bit of an impulse purchase, but hey there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been interested in training my butt up for a long time and thought I was going to give it much more of a try once I got my own place (no more trying stuff out while in the shower in secret). But around the time I finally moved out I started seeing a very lovely girl I’m still seeing now, so me being a dummy for a while thought that because I’m in a straight relationship I need to try and cool it with the liking dick side of me. Anyone who knows anything about mental health will tell you that’s a bad idea and will just lead to internal conflict.So here with my new little 6 inch purple dildo today bahis şirketleri I got to know it a little bit. The details on the shaft and balls, the subtle curve and the nice fat mushroom head which is something my bigger dildo is a bit lacking in, so that’s a nice bonus. What I’ve really been enjoying is the suction cup at the base, being able to stick it to almost any surface and imagining myself being a good sissy cocksucker for anyone with a cock who wants it is endlessly exciting to me.Now considering I’ve hardly tried really playing with my butt outside of a little bit of finger stuff, a 6 inch dildo might be a little much for a beginner. But I suppose I’m a bit silly and I’m just going to go with it, though I’ve ghosted around this website for longer enough to know you have to let your bahis firmaları little butthole adjust before you can start taking those cocks hard, no one needs blood there.Regardless, I gave it a bit of a go just now as I got into yet another hypnotic state with a dominant lady filling my head with delicious images of dicks I need in my life, as well as my holes. Armed with all the lube I could need I firmly stuck the cock to the ground and got on my knees over it, imagining myself straddling either some curious guy who’s wanted to try fucking a sissy, or a big breasted trans woman who’s always eager to break in another little slut to tell her friends about.At the moment I only went as far as getting the head in, thought the pain wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. What got me really excited is that kaçak bahis siteleri after a couple times of pulling it out to give myself a bit of a break, I felt comfortable enough to start riding this dick a bit. Slowly bouncing up and down thinking about how this could be giving someone waves of pleasure, and how they’d be so glad they came into contact with this girly looking slut. I mean, who’d care that they had a dick if their ass felt this tight, right? I’m so eager now to try this more and give myself something more to look forward to when coming home from another bullshit day at work where no one knows just what kind of person I really am behind closed doors.Anyway, I intended for this story to just be a quick kind of blog thing but it resulted in me writing down my fantasies as well as my real accounts so far. I’ll have to try posting some more updates of this training as I go forward, in the mean time if anyone wants to talk and maybe give any advice, I’m quite happy to hear from you.Thanks for reading if you did. x

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