Aunt Marie and Her Daughter


Aunt Marie and her daughter

Hi friends, I’m a good guy that people say, and this was around when I was 19–20 years old.

I was going to my aunt’s place for a couple of weeks, for the first time, and it was in a village in India. (To give you some perspective, I had always lived in an enormous city all my life until then).

She lived and still lives with just her daughter, my first cousin of the same age as me, and worked as a teacher in a school there. Her daughter (let’s call her Jenny) was about a year older than me, and throughout the time I was there, she was my constant companion. Since we were almost the same age, we got along really well right from the start. And I also learnt a lot from her, to be honest.

So, yeah, I arrived, and everything was going pretty well until soon I had to pee. So I asked my aunt where the bathroom was, to which she replied, “Umm… Actually we have a toilet, but that’s used by like 4–5 houses in the neighborhood, and we’ve all agreed to use it only if one has to take a shit. Plus, it’s around a mile from here. So, what we do is, to pee, we just use our lawn”. (Now this lawn was in the middle of the house, I mean, it wasn’t exactly like a backyard).

Now, as you would have guessed, I was taken aback for a moment. The thought of peeing, but not in a toilet, was really embarrassing for me. Just as I was getting this into my head, my aunt added, “And like taking a bath as well, we use the lawn. We have a faucet and a shower there”.

Again, I was mortified, since this was way too unlike the city.

On seeing that I wasn’t replying to her immediately, she asked, “I hope that’s okay with you, right? I mean, I know it’s different from the city”.

Out of courtesy I replied, “Yeah I can manage, not a problem”.

So, there I was peeing in the open, against the wall. While I was, I also noticed other pee marks on the wall, and puddles below, showing that yes, they indeed peed out here, against the wall.

Now, at this moment, the door leading into the lawn from within the house was shut, and I was, fortunately, as you’ll see later, alone. But then, when going back into the house, I noticed that the door even lacked a latch or a lock. But I paid little heed to this.

So yeah, we had lunch and stuff, and I was talking to Jenny as well, and more or less relaxing. Later, though, in the evening, I noticed Jenny had gone to pee, and my aunt suddenly had to ask Jenny something important.

So, to my disbelief, she opened the door that led to the lawn and went inside to speak to Jenny. I couldn’t see what was going on inside, but I could hear them talking, and from what I heard, the conversation was pretty casual, and neither Jenny, nor Aunt Marie were at all bothered because someone was actually urinating, while they were speaking.

Aunt Marie came out first, and in a couple of minutes, Jenny as well, but both of them looked like it was routine for them, and nothing new at all, since Jenny never screamed at her mother for walking in while she was peeing, and neither did Aunt Marie ever excuse herself. So at this point I realized, this was pretty normal for them, and I was gonna have an embarrassing situation pretty soon.

Though I was also thinking that maybe because both of them were women, and lived alone, they had grown accustomed to this. And they wouldn’t do this with me, since not only was I a guest but also a boy.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

The next morning, I went to bathe. So yeah, I was showering, and looking at the sky (which I really liked, since the lawn didn’t have a roof), when suddenly, my aunt opened the door and came in. Now, at the very first moment, I was more surprised than embarrassed, and so didn’t really cover myself up immediately. I just stopped taking the shower.

My aunt said, “Hey honey! I need to get these clothes washed,” pointing at the pile of clothes in her hand.

“And also give me your clothes so that I can wash them too, together”.

At this moment, I realized I was standing stark naked in front of my aunt. Immediately, I covered up with my hands.

She noticed this and said, “No, honey! I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but it’s alright if you’re naked in front of me, honestly. You’re like my daughter to me, and, anyway, one shouldn’t be so shy of his or her body. It’s absolutely fine”

Though the manner in which she said all this really convinced me, it was still a lot to digest in one go. So, I didn’t reply instantly, and was just staring at her.

“Do you want me to leave?” She asked.

“No, that’s okay, you can stay,” I replied, much to my surprise. She smiled and said, “Go ahead, shower. Don’t let me stop you”, and she began bahis şirketleri to wash clothes.

So I removed my hands, and now she could even see my penis. But, just like earlier, it was fine with her, and seemed very normal to her.

She said, “I know you’re grown up now, and it might seem very embarrassing to you to stand naked in front of a woman, but believe me you’ll get used to it, and then you’ll learn to appreciate the human body. It’ll take time though, I know, sweetie.”

Even though I appreciated her love and care, I was still pretty shy then showering in front of her, and wanted to get done with it as fast as possible. But then the door opened again, and this time it was Jenny.

Turns out she was going to get grocery for the day, and enquired from aunt Marie what to bring.

This time, I was much more embarrassed than before, and immediately turned off the shower, and again covered up with my hands. I had gone red in the face this time.

Jenny immediately noticed this and said, “Jesus, I’m so, so sorry! I should’ve known it’ll be embarrassing for you. I’ll get out”

“No Jenny, wait,” aunt Marie said. “He was doing just fine.”

Then she looked at me and said, “It’s okay, honey, relax. What did I just tell you? Don’t be so shy.”

“But she’s a girl, and she’s looking,” I said.

“So what? See sweetie, first you have nothing she already hasn’t seen. And she’s your sister. Why are you covering up in front of her?” she said.

“But she’s wearing clothes whereas I’m naked,” I said.

“Jenny isn’t shy about her body at all. She’s had a bath nude so many times in front of me. Strip and show him, Jenny,” my aunt said.

Immediately Jenny stripped, with no feeling of embarrassment. She removed her skirt and top and was now in just her bra and panties.

At this moment, to already add to my difficulties, I got an erection. And because of this, it became difficult for me to cover up with my hands. However, I still managed somehow.

Jenny also got rid of her bra and panty, and now was standing completely nude in front of me. I was stunned. I could see her breasts and her vagina clearly. And even though this wasn’t the first time I was seeing a naked girl, this was certainly the most awkward.

Jenny smiled and said, “See, I’m not embarrassed at all, and you shouldn’t be.”

I said, “Umm… I don’t know, it’s because it’s so different in the city.”

“We know sweetie, and we also know it’ll take some time for you to be okay with this,” aunt Marie said.

“Now c’mon, remove your hands and let her see.”

Even though I didn’t want to, I removed my hands from over my penis. I couldn’t believe that I was standing naked in front of 2 women now. And, also, I had an erection, which both of them noticed immediately, and Jenny blushed. But immediately she also comforted me and said, ‘It’s alright. It’s only natural.”

Aunt Marie said, “Yeah, now that’s like it. Now get done with your bath. And Jenny gets dressed and goes to the market.”

So yes, I got done with my bath, naked of course, for the rest of the time as well, in front of my aunt. Jenny got dressed and went to the market.

And yeah, this was the first day. Extremely embarrassing and so different from what I had ever seen.

And this same sort of routine continued for another 2 days, except that Jenny wasn’t naked. So now it was just me naked, mostly in front of my aunt, and briefly in front of a clothed Jenny, who came to enquire about the daily groceries.

So you’d ask what happened on the fourth day? Well, nothing, except that now I didn’t care, and just like both of them had said, it became normal to me as well. And this is something that I’m very glad about even now, because now I also think that it’s important to be free with your body, even around others.

And just as this became normal to me, I told aunt Marie and Jenny that now I was absolutely alright with it, and even thanked them for their concern and care.

Interestingly, my being “okay” with this led to a lot of other incidents over the course of the week, which further made me free around my body, and also comfortable around Jenny when she was naked.

I’ll tell you a couple of these incidents.

So, just as I told aunt Marie and Jenny that now it had become normal for me to be naked around them, Jenny said, “Oh thank God! Now I can stay nude as well after a shower.”

I turned red and looked at her.

She laughed and said, “No, no, I don’t mean every day. It’s just that when I shampoo my hair, I need my hair to get completely dried because otherwise the back of my top or whatever I’m wearing gets wet unnecessarily. It’s cool with you, right, bahis firmaları if I stay nude? Otherwise, I can wear innerwear as well, not a problem.”

“No, it’s completely okay with me. Stay nude,” I said.

And, believe me, for probably only the first time when she was nude about the house did I feel awkward. After that, not at all.

I’ll tell you one more incident. One day Jenny was bathing, and suddenly she called out to aunt Marie. However, I knew aunt Marie had gone to the neighbor’s, so I went up to the door that led to the lawn, and knocked.

“It’s me. Aunt Marie is not at home,” I said.

“Oh okay. Umm… Could you come in once, please?”

I opened the door and went in. Of course, don’t need to mention it, but again I will. She was naked. By this time, however, I was least bothered.

“What is it?” I asked.

“First promise you won’t laugh,” she said.

“Ya okay, I won’t. Tell me.”

“Umm.. actually I wanted to apply soap on my back, the lower region specifically, but I can’t scrub properly. Do you mind doing it?”

I burst out laughing, and she was embarrassed.

“You said you won’t laugh!”

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll do it. No problem.”

And then I did. I scrubbed her lower back region, just above her butt. She turned red in the face; I noticed. But of course, it wasn’t a big deal to any of us anymore.

Another day, I really had to pee badly, but Jenny was having a bath. I tried to control, but soon realized I won’t be able to for long. So I knocked and went in, and told her I really had to pee, and asked her if I could while she was bathing.

“Of course, why not? Go ahead.”

I instantly went up to the wall and started to pee. Suddenly, she splashed water on me and giggled. Aunt Marie was also there (she had been doing some gardening stuff), and she also started to laugh.

Now, I couldn’t just stop as I had to really pee badly, and neither could I turn around. So I had to stay where I was, and she continued to splash water. By the time I was done, I was completely drenched and had to change my clothes. (I talked little to her that day.)

Another day, Jenny and I had been out in the village for most of the day, and returned very late in the evening. Now, both of us had to pee badly. So as soon as we got to the house, she said, “I’ll go first.”

I said “No way, I’ll go first.”

She said, “No I can’t hold it anymore”

I said, “Neither can I”” and ran off to the door, and went inside. She also came inside and said, “You don’t seem to understand. I really have to pee. I won’t be able to hold on until you’re done.”

I said “Actually, both of us can, together.”

After a second, she said, “Actually yeah why didn’t I think of that? “And removed her skirt and went up to the wall. I also went up to the wall, just beside her, and unzipped and pulled my thing out. She pulled down her panties and squatted.

However, she had to ensure first that she was properly leaning onto the wall with her hand so that she wouldn’t end up soiling her panties. I had already started to pee, while she went about adjusting herself. Finally, she was done and started to pee.

“Jesus, what a relief!” she said and looked towards me.

“How lucky you guys are with your Willies. It’s so much easier. With us, it’s a nightmare, especially with aiming and stuff.”

I have to agree there.

Now she was really in the mood to tease me, so she said, “Do you shave down there?”

Now I hadn’t yet got any hair down there, whereas Jenny had an amazing bush, so I said “No I haven’t yet got any.”

She said, “Of course,” and started to laugh. “Plus, you’ve got such a small penis. You still have a lot of growing up to do.”

This was enough to set me off.

“Shut up! As if you know what size it should be.”

She smirked and said, “I’ve seen loads of willies, especially boys your age.”

I was like “What??”

She said “Yeah. So we have a swimming competition for the boys every six months. And it’s compulsory for them to swim nude. So yes, I’ve seen a lot.”

“Why is it compulsory to swim nude?” I asked.

“Umm, because the concept of swimming trunks isn’t a thing here, unlike the city. And wearing underwear bogs one down and reduces speed. That’s why.”

“So you’re telling me all the boys who take part swim naked, in front of an audience, which also includes girls?”

“Yes” she said.

“But that’s bullshit. How do they even allow this?”

She said, “See, in the village, everyone thinks it’s absolutely fine for boys to be naked, around everyone and anyone. And if you ask me, nobody is really bothered. It’s been going on for generations, and all of us are pretty kaçak bahis siteleri okay with it.”

She continued, “This is nothing. Sometimes the boys who win stay naked even until they are given their prizes by the chief guest, who often is a woman. So, in front of the entire audience, they climb up the podium naked, and receive their medals, meanwhile standing naked in front of the chief guest.”

This seemed very wrong to me and I said, “That’s insane.”

After a moment, I asked, “And what about girls? They too swim naked?”

“Oooh, somebody is interested only in naked girls,” she said and started to laugh again.

“C’mon I’m serious,” I said.

“There’s not even a swimmers’ competition for girls.”

She said “This is a patriarchal society. And even if there was, girls could never swim naked. It is deemed indecent if a girl is around anyone with her breasts out, but is deemed absolutely fine if a boy is around anyone with his Willy hanging out.”

“That is so unfair and illogical. It makes no sense,” I said.

“I know. It’s always been a sexist society,” she said.

By now she was done peeing and stood up. She pulled up her panties and looked towards me. I was still peeing, so she said “What’s wrong with you? You started before me. What are you trying to do, starting Niagara falls?” and again laughed at me.

This time, though, I also laughed along

She also wore her skirt and waited for me to finish. But I was probably just half way done, to be honest. So I continued to pee. After about a minute, she said, “Are you kidding me? And they say global warming handles floods.”

Finally, though, after about half a minute, I was done, and we walked out into the hall.

After that in night Jenny was sleeping beside me and resolutes to sleep naked and I went naked slog with her.

Aunt marriage had no objection with her act.

At midnight, I had a hard erection and coincidence happened Jenny woke too.

And asked me about erection and she said “it’s not a normal erection now.”

I asked her, “what happened?”

She replied by touching my penis and started shaking it.

I was speechless by her act, and I hadn’t masturbated since I went there.

Jenny went near my hard cock and started to kiss on my cock head and started licking it.

I was enjoying, and aunt Marie was sleeping beside us.

Jenny was getting lusty.

Jenny said in my ear to lick her pussy too and we came in 69 position.

I was now licking her dripping pussy, and she was sucking my dick.

Then she led me down and came on top of me and took my full cock inside her pussy in one shot only.

I was shocked by her act, and she was enjoying.

I was sure now that she was not a virgin and had enormous cocks inside her.

She was moaning loudly and aunt Marie woke up and saw us, but she told her to don’t make noise.

I was shocked, but Jenny was normal.

Jenny said “it’s normal, no problem.”

I increased shots and Jenny came 2 times on my cock’s ride.

We were both exhausted and in the morning while bathing I wasn’t able to make eye-contact with aunt Marie.

But she was enjoying my acts and asked me about any problem, but I nodded in agreement.

Jenny came as routine, and aunt Marie was smiling at her.

The whole day I didn’t talk to aunt Marie, but the night before sleeping, aunt Marie Jenny came to me while she was fully naked and trying to make me nude.

But I said “let your mother sleep.”

She said, “I have to have sex right now.”

And in a protestive way, she removed all my clothes.

Then, while she was sucking and kissing my cock.

Aunt Marie came into the room and saw her daughter in this position and smiled.

Jenny said “I said na, my mother won’t say anything to us.”

Aunt Marie sat on a chair and started watching us having fun.

Jenny now sat on my lap and started shaking her ass on my cock and she was wet now and put my cock in her pussy and started fucking.

After a while, she had an orgasm, but my cock was standing as it was.

Aunt Marie was too watching lustily, but she was waiting for an invitation to join.

Jenny asked her to join, and in no time she grabbed my cock and started kissing it.

She came in her mouth and drank all my cum.

My cock was again erected in her mouth, and she went in doggy style. I put my cock in her pussy as the pussy was like a heater inside.

After sometime of fucking aunt Marie had orgasm second time.

We had an hard night because we don’t want to sleep only want to have sex.

In the morning, I found out that everything was pre-planned.

And the mastermind was aunt Marie.

Because they both don’t want to have sex outside because of notoriety.

I stayed for 3months there and enjoyed it.

Every month I visit Aunt Marie’s house and enjoy it.

Thank you for your precious time.

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