A Very Pleasant Vacation


No 8″+, no 38DD, no ANAL or other cruelty. Lots of birth control.

If that doesn’t suit no complaints please.

Censors attention all are 18+


I couldn’t believe it. There I was. I was starting a three week vacation. But it was like I was ‘All dressed up with no place to go.’ In other words I had made no plans, nada, none.

I did what comes naturally these days. I cranked up the internet to see if I could find something interesting. Eventually I found something at a great price. One of those last minute specials, leave Monday morning at 6:oo AM. Fly to Phoenix, pick up a rental car, tour the sights including the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Three nights lodging along the way plus a two day houseboat rental on Lake Powell included. The price was for one or two, meals not included. The extra airfare and double occupancy was only $225.

“Now.” I thought. “What I need is a nice sexy female to join me.”

As I sat there bemoaning the lack of female companionship the phone rang. It was my sister June.

“Hey Jimmy. Happy vacation. Where are you going? When are you leaving?”

I told my tale of woe. June was at first seemingly sympathetic. Then she had one simple suggestion.

“Take me!” I didn’t answer so she continued. “I don’t eat much and I’ll pay my own meals and extra expenses. Besides, having your sister in your bed beats having no female in your bed. How about it. My time is my own.”

June’s remark about being in my bed hit me right where I live. I had been wanting her in my bed since she was 14 and I was 16. Now twenty years later I still wanted her.

Instant decision.

“OK.” I Said. “Rapid Rover will be at your door at four o’clock Monday morning. Be ready.” June lived closer to the airport than I did.

I quickly made the necessary arrangements. That done I got a cold beer out of the frig and sat on the back patio to contemplate what I hoped was my good luck.

I sipped the beer and began to revive some old fantasies. June and I in the back of my Mustang, June and I in a grassy field, June and I in her bed, June and I on my bedroom floor, June and I…………. Anyhow, you get the idea. Before long I was hard. Not long after that I was stroking myself. A few minutes after that I had a most satisfying orgasm.

The rest of the weekend is a blur. But happily at 4:10 AM Monday the Rapid Rover was in front of June’s house and she was out the door carrying two reasonably sized suitcases.

We didn’t have much opportunity to have any serious conversation until we were in our rental and on the road heading out of Phoenix toward our first overnight stop.

We were both wearing loose fitting light weight clothes. June was twisting this way and that trying to take in all the raw beauty sights of the desert country at once.

There were instances when she was facing my direction with her legs positioned in such a manner that her wide leg opening revealed her panty covered crotch. I had no reason to think it deliberate. I also had no intention of calling it to her attention.

The sheer yellow panties that she was wearing did little to conceal the mostly shaved pussy which they covered. This of course caused and instant hard on which in turn was barely contained by my thin loose shorts. After a while June noticed my problem and said.

“Jimmy. I see that you have a problem. Did I do that?”



I didn’t reply but I did develop a red face. I took June’s comment that we were on the same wave length. Still however she was enjoying the sights and was constantly moving around to my continuing joy.

I might stop for a moment here to describe us both. For those who care we both have college degrees. Our facial features are similar enough that we couldn’t get away with denying our relationship. Neither of us qualify for modeling however June is certainly attractive and I am told that I am also.

In some ways our bodies are similar. However she has boobs, 36B is her bra klasbahis güvenilirmi size. June is about 5’6″ about 135 has brown hair cut rather short and slightly curled and well maintained. Nice legs and butt on a nicely maintained body.

She wears a minimum of makeup except when she is deliberately trying to be sexy. When she does she is very sexy. However her mannerisms are such that she is sexy even if in old grubby clothes with dirt on her face.

Me? I’m a hair under 6 feet. All my hair, also brown is cut short. No facial hair, I walk daily and golf when I can which keeps me in reasonable shape. So back to the story.

The time zone adjustment had messed up our stomach’s schedule. It was the middle of the afternoon when we decided to eat. Our destination was two hours further on.

We easily found a booth with a view as there were only two other’s occupied. When the waitress was not nearby we had total privacy. We were quickly treated to some wonderful coffee. When the waitress left to fill our orders happily June got right to the point. I say happily since I was too shy to be so bold.

“As long as we are far away from home where nobody knows us we are going to sin, aren’t we?”

I stammered a bit as I began to reply then surprising myself I suddenly boldly said.

“I hope so. I’ve wanted to for an awfully long time.”

“Me too.” She paused, drank some coffee, looked out the window for a few seconds, then turned back and added.

“Wow, I’m glad that’s settled. Now I can relax and enjoy the scenery without needing to exercise my feminine wiles on you.”

She hesitated for a moment as she looked around to make sure nobody could over hear. Then June leaned forward and whispered.

“You can relax too. Believe me we are both going to ‘get lucky’ tonight my dear brother.”

My mind was boiling over in amazement. After all these years of concealing my lust for my sister I was finding out that she had been concealing a similar yearning?

Both of us being hungry we wolfed down our food and returned to the car. We had traveled about a mile down the road when June said.

“Jimmy! Why don’t you pull over for a minute.” Sensing that June had something important to say I promptly pulled over and stopped. I looked at June and waited. She leaned across the center console and said.

“I think that we should seal our agreement with a serious kiss.”

We did just that. Our mouths met for a tender but promising kiss. After a minute lips parted then after another minute tongues began to play with each other. Sometime later mouths began to suck lips. Still later hands began to grope the private parts of the other’s body.

A car went by, at ninety plus by the sound of it, with it’s horn blaring.

The kiss continued. Never have I ended a kiss suffering with such throbbing desire. Unfortunately that desire was not to be immediately quenched. We both sat back in our seats until our breathing slowed to a near normal rate. June looked at me, winked, then said.

“Drive on Jimmy. I’m too old for back seat sex.”

Interestingly enough, the agreement having been sealed, we both relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and engaged in friendly banter. We found our lodging in the center of town where there was an antique car show filling the center lane of the main drag.

We checked in, showered and changed then visited a nice bar where we had a couple of pre-dinner cocktails. We tried their dining room where we enjoyed an excellent meal. It was about 9:00 PM when we returned to our room.

Thinking back on it, during that whole evening we were behaving as if it we were doing a well choreographed dance. Each making the correct move at the correct time. Back in the darkened but moonlit room we silently undressed each other. Moments later we stood naked before each other.

We joined both hands but were still holding them to our sides as we moved slowly forward till our bodies were in full frontal contact. Still holding hands klasbahis yeni giriş we kissed. The kiss lasted for a long time it became very much similar to that earlier kiss in the car. It was by no means a typical sibling kiss.

Then I dropped to my knees. I began to kiss her stomach, soft and wrinkled from the rigors of carrying children but more beautiful to me than that of any virgin. I teased here and there with my lips and my tongue as my sister’s hands finally released mine and found there way to the side of my head. Their pressure guided me to the place she desired my ministrations to center.

When my tongue separated June’s vulva to administer to her clitoris I began to hear her moans. Her back was to the bed. She fell back upon it. Her thighs gently held my head as her hands upon my head continued their urging. My tongue found it’s way into her cunt opening which signaled it’s enjoyment by it’s response. I enjoyed the taste of passion it found there.

We quickly established a rhythm of attack and retreat which had her gasping in her joy. Then I replaced my tongue with two of my fingers and let my tongue move back to her clitoris. June’s body immediately by beginning those circular thrusts which signal the beginning of orgasm.

My unattended penis meanwhile was beginning to feel as if it my erupt without the benefit of external stimulation. The thought of an orgasm under that circumstance excited my brain as I redoubled my effort to bring June to her’s. I did grab my underwear which was close by to catch the cum should it be necessary.

June was getting closer and closer to her coming. I sucked her clitoris the surrounding area into my mouth. Then I began paying homage to her clit with my tongue as I held it gently with my teeth. That pushed June over the edge. She began mouthing endearments as her pelvis slammed against my face in her orgasm.

Her excitement combined with the excitement of what we were doing pushed me over my edge. I began coming into the underwear that I held around my pulsing cock.

My orgasm of course slowed my libido for a period. June’s also seemed to be calming. Her movements slowed gradually stopping after a couple of minutes.

“Boy was I looking forward to that. I have to say it was much more fun than

my best fantasy with my fingers.” Then she became somewhat quiet.

After a few minutes June said. “I’ve just been counting. Do you know that it’s been almost two years since any one did cunnilingus upon me? It’s been even longer since I sucked cock or had a real one inside of me.”

“Hopefully that situation is going to change in the very near future.” Was my reply. The thought that my sisters great kisses might soon be rendered on my hardening cock made me stand then fall down beside her on the bed. June reached over and took my cock in her hand. Her fingers inspected it thoroughly making it harder still.

“I think that it might be ready for a good sucking. What do you think brother dear?” I didn’t answer. There was no need. June changed her position till she was kneeling beside me and took almost all of it into her open mouth.

She closed her mouth around it and without moving her head massaged it thoroughly with her tongue. That was a totally new and exciting treatment to me. After a moment or two she continued the tongue ministrations as she pulled it slowly out of her mouth.

The sensation was almost enough to make me come right then and there. I held myself back as my sister loosened her grip and slid her saliva wetted lips back to the base of my throbbing cock.

God was I so hot. Then came the big debate within me. My bodies desire to come Vs the enjoyment of June’s mouth. I was enjoying that so much that I could not bear the thought of ending it even though I knew it would not be the last time.

But come I did. It was a fantastic release of that thick fluid we call cum. As my body released it my whole bodies attention was on that single event. June’s mouth accepted my offering klasbahis giriş seemingly with great pleasure. I could feel her nails bite into my ass as she pulled my spurting cock deep into her mouth till it could go no deeper.

I could see her mouth and throats swallowing movements one after the other as my spurts of cum entered her throat. June’s tongue pressed as her mouth moved up my shaft as if to squeeze out the last remaining drop.

When the spurts stopped June withdrew her mouth kissing and licking as she did. She even managed to get that last drop from the tip before she lay down next to me.

She put her hand behind my head and pulled our mouths together. We traded loving tongue contacts for a moment before we separated in order that June could tell me.

“Another fantasy fulfilled. I could feel every twinge and pulse through my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I felt like I was playing a musical instrument. I let you come early. Then next time I’m going to keep you out there until ….. well just until. OK?”

By then I was ready for sleep. We repositioned ourselves under the covers cuddled close. I reached down and fingered my sister’s pussy and teased her saying.

“Well it feels satisfied even though it isn’t full of cum.”

“It is very satisfied. Plenty of time for doing that. Let’s sleep. Tomorrow we will enjoy the sights. Tomorrow night we will act upon that particular fantasy.”

Soon we were checked out and on our way. We drove a short distance found what appeared to be a good place for breakfast and stopped. It was a good place and we filled our stomach and our gas tank and were on our way again.

As we drove, in between the great sights we filled each other in on some of what once may have been verboten comments.

For example I offered my opinion that oral sex that really was the most intimate of all acts and that sixty nine was the ultimate intimacy.

“At least that’s what I think.” I added.

June agreed. Then she enlightened me on some details of her earliest sexual experiences.

“My favorite thing early on was stroking a boys penis while he fingered me. I would always ask them to use two fingers. I would get very wet and slippery and usually frustrated because they would usually come quickly.

“But at the same time I always loved to watch them erupt if I could. I had one boyfriend who would masturbate himself while I did the same. I always got a big thrill out of watching him come because the way we were I could see it clearly.”

By that time I was sporting a huge boner from hearing of my sister’s experience. I always loved that kind of sharing. It had often been the high point in my sex life with my former wife.

June seeing it just had to ask. “Jimmy my dear darling brother. Ever received a blow job as you drove down the highway?”

“No. Have you ever given one?”

“Several. It’s lot’s of fun.”

“Is that an offer?”

“It is if you want it to be.” So with that exchange I had the pleasure of being blown as I drove. As my sister said it was great.

Later in the day at a very private rest stop overlook I returned the favor as I kneeled by the open front door and June lay on the front seat with her legs over my shoulders. Several orgasms later she seemed satisfied. She didn’t mind that I had cheated some by jerking myself off as I did her.

A few hours later we showered together in a very nice motel in Holbrook following which we kneeled together on the bed with me behind her. As my cock entered her most slippery and pleasurable cunt she laid her head on the bed.

The words she uttered of love and lust and of satisfaction served to inspire me to do my utmost to live up to those words. Our act completed we remained coupled for a long time in total comfort before I felt my penis begin to come erect again.

This time June rolled over and we were missionaries. My cock entered her in that position as we treated each other to our best efforts. Sometime later we came close together as we enjoyed the second of what was to become an oft repeated series of encounters.

Long story short. I have a very imaginative sister. We still date others on occasion. Our sexual encounters are reserved to enjoy with each other except when she does occasion invite one or two others to join us.

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