A Sisters’ Ploy Ch. 03


During the next three weeks, Lucy’s sex education and acclimatisation to sexual interaction continued.

Matt still thought he didn’t see any substantive progress in dealing with what he guessed was her real problem — Lucy being what he suspected was on the spectrum and the sensory issues that derived from that about being touched or in too close a contact with someone.

She would still lie almost frozen in place as Matt fingered her; her inner self screaming in a sort of mental pain at the invasion of her personal space. But at the same time, her body would appropriately respond to the stimulation of her erogenous zones and both the physical evidence of her response and her words suggested her orgasms were becoming more intense and pleasurable.

Like any aversion therapy, she was acclimatising to the trauma.

For the first time, on the previous Wednesday, they had both been naked. Matt correctly discerned that the real breakthrough there was Lucy presenting herself naked, rather than her tolerating Matt’s nakedness. It was clear Lucy trusted him and was not intimated by his naked body. But it was equally clear she was still struggling against her paralysing sense of modesty.

But even in that area, progress was being made.

Her breasts no longer seemed to be within the area of concern for private exposure. At her sister’s, Kylie’s, suggestion, they had both for a couple of weeks now, had dinner with Matt while the girls were dressed in nothing more than their tiny bikini bottoms as a deliberate way of acclimatising Lucy to breast exposure and it was something she seemed to have grown increasingly relaxed about — at least in the company of Matt and her sister.

It just happened to be a suggestion that Matt was the principle beneficiary of; making the dinners increasingly entertaining for him too.

Lucy had also seemed to have adjusted to the minimalist covering of her sexual organs by the tiny bikini pants that had formed the last line of the defence of her modesty.

But she had been very reluctant to give up that last line of defence.

Matt by now was well familiar with Lucy telling him at the start of each session what the objectives for that day were. And he could see in that her sister’s influence. He knew it was something the two sisters talked about and decided on well before he became involved.

Twice the removal of her pants and the presenting of herself naked had been on the list. And twice Lucy had demurred at the last moment, instead having him finger her with his hands down her pants.

But the previous Wednesday they had finally come off and Matt had for the first time, fingered to a climax, a completely naked Lucy.

But Lucy’s stress in achieving that objective was there to see. She had removed them while sitting on the bed at the very last moment and, instead of neatly folding them and putting them on her dresser as she had always done with the bikini top since that had been part of the routine, she flopped onto her back the moment they were off, holding them tensely in her far hand. And they’d gone back on the very moment she’d finished her climax; before bringing things to a finish with the now routine hand job on Matt.

Matt had tried not to add to her discomfort by being seen to take too much interest in the sight of her nakedness. But he had been teased by it for too long not to take some opportunity to view it. That was mainly as he leaned over her body to suck her far breast as he fingered her; the half turn of his head down her body letting him twist his eyes far enough to see where his fingers disappeared below her mons and between her legs.

It confirmed what his fingers and the tightly fitted bikini pants she normally wore had already told him. Like her sister, she had the most beautiful and sensuously bulging mons; with her crease extending half way up the front of it. Except Lucy’s was covered in a sparse well-trimmed mat of pubic hair, whereas Kylie’s was devoid of any covering.

It had, from the first time she did it, surprised Matt (and no less Kylie and maybe even Lucy), that Lucy engaging with his erection for the purpose of a hand job wasn’t the problem he thought it would be. As she knelt alongside Matt after her own climax, she’d quickly got the hang of using both hands wrapped around his shaft to being him to a climax, using his pre-cum and dribbles of saliva to lubricate it. She even took some interest and pleasure in watching his ejaculate shoot all over his lower chest and stomach; although wasn’t keen to touch the stuff.

Lucy’s response to her complete nakedness had been only slightly better the following Sunday. Which was why he was surprised by a call he had from Kylie the following Tuesday. It was to give him a heads up that Lucy planned to straddle and non-penetratively ride him for the usual Wednesday night session the following evening.

Matt first of all had to ask what a ‘non-penetrative riding’ was. Kylie explained that it was Lucy kaçak iddaa straddling him and rubbing her clit up and down his erection as he lay under her. The girls thought it would be a good intermediate path to more serious things.

He then questioned whether Lucy was really ready for it, given her obvious stress at being fully naked. Kylie indicated it was largely Lucy’s idea.

It was only then Matt raised an idea that he’d been playing with for a while to mark the first time there was serious sexual interaction between them. It had always concerned him that in her 31 years Lucy had never been on a date; never even been asked on one. Why such an attractive woman had never even been hit on for a date he couldn’t fathom; but it was time she was. He added that getting her just tipsy enough to reduce her inhibitions and nerves might be useful too.

Kylie liked the thought, but indicated Lucy clearly had the final say; telling Matt Lucy was aware of the conversation they were having, so Matt could ask her assuming full knowledge of where things were heading.

And so Matt arranged a date with Lucy for the following night.

Matt rocked up to Lucy’s at the appointed 7 pm, having quickly changed after work into a pair of well ironed chinos and an open necked collared shirt. With lace up shoes, he was definitely dressed a step up from his usual visiting clothes.

When Lucy answered the door, he nearly fell backwards down the stairs. She was dressed in a tightly fitted, mini sheath dress. The spaghetti shoulder straps supported small triangles covering her breasts that displayed a lot of cleavage and, as he soon enough discovered, a lot of her back.

This was not in any way Lucy’s style and he correctly guessed it was probably one of Kylie’s dresses she’d been ‘forced’ to wear by Kylie. Forced, in the sense she’d been encouraged and cajoled by Kylie to the point she’d agreed.

She looked cock-growingly stunning. Probably better in it that Kylie might have looked because of Lucy’s slightly slimmer waist. And had she been going around in this style of clothing, instead of her usual figure hiding style, there would have been no way this would have been her first date.

Instinctively, and out of habit, he bent in and kissed her briefly on the cheek, even though their previous interactions had studiously avoided any kissing; and indeed any facial interaction at all. It had happened so quickly Lucy didn’t even have time to react, so when Matt realised what he’d done, he couldn’t really get a reading on whether Lucy had found it confronting. He decided to save that question and any apology for the dinner conversation.

Matt had deliberately chosen a nice restrauent a few blocks away to let them walk. Asking her if they could hold hands as they walked, Matt was pleased when Lucy agreed, although not entirely surprised. Shaking hands had always been her substitute for hugs, so that degree of inter-human contact seemed to be within her comfort zone.

The dinner had seen Lucy at her conversational best; more so after her first glass of wine. One of the effects of her being on the spectrum — if she is — is a tendency to overshare information. In Lucy’s case it can make for a very entertaining conversation, giving Matt a much deeper understanding of her and her past, while also providing no shortage of gossip about common acquaintances.

All while the view Matt had down her cleavage as she sat opposite him, left him with the best part of a full boner.

As for the kiss? Lucy acknowledged it happened so quickly she didn’t feel confronted by it and no apology was necessary.

Because the conversation flowed so easily, the dinner went on longer than either of them expected, dragged out a little longer still as they loitered to finish the bottle of wine they shared — the effect of which prolonged it even further.

His judgement emboldened by the effect of the wine, they’d only gone a 100 meters down the road towards Lucy’s place before Matt, playfully responding to a tease from Lucy, moved his hand holding hers around her back, where his fingers spread themselves across the far side of her butt cheek; in the process, drawing her body against him.

As with the kiss, it had been an instinct driven moment; a repetition of a playful action he, and many other couples through history, had used in similar circumstances. But as his brain caught up with his actions, Matt found himself frozen by indecision. Lucy was now in significant contact with him in a way she would usually shun.

Was he forcing her to do something she didn’t want to do? Was it just a bit of alcohol reducing her inhibitions? He didn’t want to pull away if she was actually accepting of the situation, because, if so, it was substantial progress in normalising her relations with others. But nor did he want to erode her trust in him.

He did the only thing he could think of…

“Sorry. I did that instinctively. Would you like me to move my hand away and kaçak bahis just go back to holding yours?”

Lucy paused.

“No. I need to get used to this. Keep it where it is.”

Having announced that decision, Lucy seemed to Matt to be able to continue their previously pleasant conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary was occurring. That he thought was a good sign.

In the end, they got home much later than either of them had expected. When Kylie met them at the door and questioned how the evening had been, Lucy replied with what he read as a genuine…

“Really nice…”

But then continued in a tone that sounded like someone being led off to an execution…

“But we might retire straight to the bedroom.”

As Lucy closed the bedroom door behind her, she nervously turned to Matt…

“So, I think Kylie has already told you what we were planning for tonight. I assume that’s OK with you?”

Matt grinned at her in a way he intended would break the ice. Or so he hoped anyway.

“Of course. The question is always whether it’s OK with you.”

Lucy managed a slight smile in return.

“Yes. I just thought things are moving too slowly and this seemed like a way of accelerating them. Would you like to get undressed?”

Matt kicked of his shoes and noticed Lucy standing watching him as he undid the buttons on his shirt and draped it over a chair. Standing straight with his chest puffed and tightened to present the best view of his body to her that he could, he turned to Lucy to ask…

“Would you like me to take your dress off?”

Lucy hesitated again…

“Yea, OK.”

She leant slightly towards Matt, letting him grab the dress by its lower hem and reverse peel it off her body without standing too close to her. Matt already knew she was bra-less. That was pretty obvious from the view he’d had of her over dinner. So the peel reduced her to her panties.

To Matt’s surprise, they weren’t the heavy cotton, high wasted panties he’d expected. She instead had on a pair of low waisted, string sided panties made of what was obviously a thin stretch material — not that dissimilar to the bikini pants she’d worn during their sexual interactions until recently. Lucy was clearly changing her habits and pushing her boundaries in more ways than Matt had recognised.

Still, he didn’t dare suggest he take those off for her too. Instead, he dropped his pants and undies to expose the erection that had already formed in them and, having shaken them off his feet, climbed on the bed to lie on his back and await his being mounted by Lucy.

He tried not to look at her as she demurely dropped her panties, bending towards him, her breasts dangling temptingly within his reach. But her exposed beauty was too great to be resisted. As she stood back upright, he turned his face towards the ceiling, giving her the opportunity to move into position without being stared at.

After straddling him, Lucy eased her vulva down onto Matt’s erection, where it lay on his lower stomach, using her hands on her knees to inefficiently balance herself. She sat on it for a moment, as if, from Matt’s point of view, waiting for something to happen. For Lucy, that something was waiting for herself to become more aroused than she was.

She’d entered the room almost in a state of some arousal, almost looking forward to this new experience and watching Matt take his shirt off had enhanced that. But undressing and climbing in a state of nakedness over Matt had unsettled that. Now the physical sensation of sitting on Matt’s hard erection was slowing reigniting her sense of passion; more so as she let her slightly drunken state reduce her inbuilt inhibitions.

Matt felt Lucy slowly start to move her vulva against his erection. He could almost sense her labia open and wrap themselves around the top half of his erection. As her movements became more pronounced, he felt her moisten, her body moving more smoothly against the firm flesh of his manhood.

But he could tell Lucy was having some issues with controlling the movement of her body with her hands placed on her own knees. They didn’t provided the relative fixing she needed to move against Matt’s body. Finally, although he could tell, almost reluctantly, she placed her hands on his chest.

That seemed to make a big difference. Matt could sense she was ‘getting into it’; her movements more definitive and measured and her breathing becoming heavier.

That had started her breasts wobbling, much to Matt’s entertainment. Finally he brought his hands up to place on her breasts; letting Lucy own movements stimulate her nipples on the palms of his hands.

It was only at this stage that Matt permitted himself a good look at where Lucy’s vulva sat on his cock. The bell of his shaft emerged from under her mound, confirming what he felt — that she was riding the centre of it. The bell would be pushed down into his stomach and almost disappear as she moved forward, to spring up illegal bahis a bit and display maybe a third of the length of his shaft as she rocked back.

But it also let him look at her sensuous mons; made more so by the way the cleft in the base of it wrapped around the upper surface of his manhood, opening up the vertical part of the crease that extended up the mons.

Looking up, he saw Lucy’s eyes were closed, even as she moaned quietly in pleasure. Maybe she just felt like closing them, but something told Matt it was more to help her create an out of body experience; one that let her escape the torture of her close physical contact with Matt, and her nakedness, while still enjoying the stimulation of her body.

What he didn’t know was the Lucy was also using her slight inebriation almost as an excuse to herself to go beyond her usual boundaries; so to that extent, Matt’s idea of the date was having the desired effect.

Lucy could feel herself moving slowly to an orgasm; but maybe too slowly. She felt something was wrong. If not really wrong, then at least not working as well as it might, at least compared to when Matt fingers her. She wondered if the way she was riding Matt meant that only the end of her clit was being stimulated and she needed to push his cock deeper into her crease.

She moved forward on Matt’s shaft until the bell at the end of it was pushed fully into her crease. Now, as she rocked, she could feel the top of the bell rub against the whole length of her clit, which was much more exciting. But getting the rocking right was more difficult. If she just moved back and forwards on him while sitting on him with her full weight, she could feel the bell being dragged across her vaginal opening and then pushed back to collide with her clit. Gently of course, because she was controlling it. But it wasn’t moving across it as much as she would have liked.

Helped a little by her inebriated state, and wanting to make this first truly physical interaction with Matt — with any male — as good as she could, Lucy surprised herself by applying more initiative to the activity than she thought she had in her.

Raising herself a bit, she brought the fingers of one hand between her legs and placed a fingertip on the bell of Matt’s shaft, holding his shaft up against her crease and controlling the pressure it applied to her.

Now as she rocked back and forwards, the end of the bell would ride up and over the length of her clit, powerfully stimulating it both as she rocked forward and then rocked back again. The only issue as far as Lucy was concerned was that, because his shaft now approached her body at a slight angle, if she pulled back too far — which was not very far at all — the tip of his shaft tended to shallowly penetrate her as she moved forward again, instead of sliding along the floor of her crease.

She was surprised how sanguine she felt about that. It was of course something she could control. All she had to do was stop rocking forward, pull back a bit and make sure with the next forward movement she guided his shaft past her vaginal opening to correct the situation. Still, she thought any act of penetration would cause her to panic and freeze up and she was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t.

Emboldened, and helped by her inebriation, she started to experiment; letting the shaft go a little deeper. Not very deep really, but enough to tell her that penetration wasn’t something to be feared; or so it seemed. But Matt’s finger penetration of her had already told her that; especially as he’d moved up to inserting three fingers as he’d played with her g spot.

Once, just once, she let it go further. Just far enough she felt that first sensation of her g spot being stimulated as the angle of the shaft caused it to be raked heavily across the front wall of her vagina. But it was the less pleasant, slightly uncomfortable, prelude to the good sensation that she felt.

Deciding that wasn’t the mission she’d set out to achieve, and in any case really enjoying the way her clit was being stimulated, she went back to stimulating her clit; accepting the occasional slight penetration, but not exaggerating them.

It wasn’t that Matt hadn’t notice all this.

When Lucy had been pleasuring herself on the centre of his shaft, he’d had no concern about his endurance. It was nice, more so because he could see it was working for her, but it wasn’t going to boil him over.

As she’d moved to the tip of his shaft, Lucy had also bent forward; the combined movement more or less dangling her breasts right in front of his face. He’d happily taken a nipple into his mouth and stimulated it with his tongue; while fingering the other one — swapping occasionally.

But the bell of his shaft, and the bit just below it, seemed a lot more sensitive. Lucy was sloppy wet by this stage and he could almost feel the edge of the bell being flipped against her firm nub. He could certainly feel it pass against the almost hard opening to her vagina as she occasionally slipped it inside — much to his surprise.

Lucy by this stage was strongly vocalising her pleasure. He could tell she didn’t have far to go.

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