A Future To Look Forward To Ch. 01


***Big shoutout to Intrigued11 for help editing this chapter!***

A small growing town called Greenwall was nestled in the center of rolling mountains, surrounded by sky-reaching spruce trees, blanketed in a thick layer of snow nine months out of the year. The little mountain town was founded over two hundred years ago and was never much to the average passer-by. it was quiet and internally functional, the kind of place where everyone knew your name. Parents would raise their kids in a friendly environment and watch them head to college, usually at Bear Mountain University, only a few hours away. Then, most of the time, their kids would return, find a place for themselves, and continue the cycle in their small town. To any tourist, Greenwall was the place to raise a family, enjoy a quiet vacation, and then move on to something bigger and better.

At least that was the thought until twenty years ago when a man named Leonard White and his two friends from school, Quentin and Terry, started their own business, LQT.Inc. It was an upstart company, something that the three friends truly believed in together. Still, when times got tough, Leonard bought out his friend’s shares in the company until he was the sole owner. After this, everyone assumed LQT.Inc was at its end but Leonard struck gold in government contracting, building a sizable fortune. He took this money and expanded his company into the town itself, buying business after business, eventually stretching out further into the country until LQT.Inc was one of the largest businesses in modern times. Leonard was always sure to give back to his hometown, supplying the town and his businesses with whatever they needed to be a success. Over time, the town started growing and growing. With two kids, Brian and Rachel, to take over for him at his company, the future of Greenwall looked bright.

Thanks to the White family, and Leonards’s dedication to his hometown, many families had the chance to work inside his corporation and have fulfilling lives. One such family was the Clark family. Ethan Clark was born and bred in Greenwall and took the opportunity to work at LQT.Inc while his wife raised their only son, Kenneth Clark. Kenny was the third generation to be born and raised in Greenwall and graduating alongside Brian White, the teenager was seeing the very last free summer alongside all the friends he grew up with. Sure enough, he expected to see them in college or around town, but nothing was ever going to be like it was now. He had his personal goals, fixing up his rust bucket of a car, trying his hands at following his dreams of becoming a detective, and finding a girl for himself. Kenny struck out throughout high school, but over these next few months, with the people he had come to know so closely in his life, he would give it his all to change that. His life was truly starting, and he was more than eager to see what he could make of it.

Or that was his plan at the very start of his summer. Unfortunately, when he learned that most of his best friends were disappearing for the summer, Kenny began to grow reserved. The White family was going out of the country multiple times to resorts until the end of summer. Seeing Brian or Rachel would be a rarity. His best friend Mindy Long went to South Korea to visit extended family. And his other friend, JJ, was gone for at least three weeks with his. The central trio of Kenny’s usual cast of friends was all gone, leaving him in a lazy, depressive slump. At least for the first few weeks…

Kenny stepped forward into a room; he carefully looked around. It was empty besides a large bed in the direct center, and something was off about the walls. The teen squinted his brown eyes, inspecting them as best he could. They were bright, too bright for any paint color, and they almost seemed to move as if they were like the clouds. Kenny took a step forward, brushing his medium-length brown hair from his eyes, and glanced down, surprised to see that he was standing bare in the room. Kenny didn’t panic; he felt no fear or embarrassment over this fact; his large cock was sticking out straight, ready and willing for what was to come.

“Today is the day,” The teenager said under his breath, watching as a door opened on the far side of the room. Sauntering in was the tall, gorgeous Rachel White; the blonde wore nothing but a tight pair of black panties, and her long blonde hair resting atop her large breasts, “I’m finally losing my virginity.” He grinned at Rachel, the object ever every lustful thought he had over his high school years.

“I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time, Ken,” The older college girl replied. “Did you think I’d leave you without taking your virginity? After all, I know you’ve had a crush on me for years; I think I’ve earned that right,” Rachel proudly stated as she approached Kenny, her arms extending to embrace him, “You ready?”

“Um, excuse me?” A voice asked, causing Kenny to look over, his smile güvenilir bahis growing wider quickly,

“Hang on,” The teen told Rachel, who patiently stepped away, allowing Kenny to walk over to the red-haired goddess who had just spoken up.

It was none other than Nicole Moore, one of his friends from high school. Her dyed blood-red hair covered her bare breasts, but Kenny could still see her cute pink nipples poking through. The rest of her body was naked as well, and streams of her sweet nectar trailed down her inner legs. “I’ve been Clark’s friend for much longer than you have, and I have a skill for this sort of thing, so it’s only right that I get him first,” Nicole firmly decided, reaching out to grab at Kenny’s stiff meat.

“Not fair, Nicole, you always have all the fun,” a third voice said, her soft fingers trailing on Kenny’s back as she circled his side, revealing herself to be Quinn Greene, “I want Kenny; we’re more alike anyway,”

“No, give him to me,” yet another girl demanded as she joined the group. This one being Ellie Westchester, “There is a pretty big fucking line forming, and I want him now.”

Kenny chuckled as he wrapped his arms around the two girls pulling them in close to him, “Girls, we can all get along here; there is plenty of me to go around,” he confidently stated, “I can do you all,”

A murmuring of giggling cheers left the girls, and Rachel leaned in, “Sounds amazing, but…don’t you have to wake up?”

“What?” Kenny’s eyes widened, and he felt Quinn and Ellie disappearing from his arms,

“I said…wake up!” Rachel exclaimed, causing Kenny’s entire world to melt before him.

The teen shot awake in his room, jumping up in his bed and looking around with tired, groggy eyes, “Finally, Kenny, about time, it’s almost ten-thirty!”

Kenny spun his eyes over to his doorway and sighed as he only found his cousin, Juliet, standing at the door. Kenny let out a groan, lifting a hand and rubbing his eyes as Juliet entered his room. The brunette has been staying with Kenny’s family for a few weeks straight now; it wasn’t unusual for her, especially since his Aunt Ava was still out on business. Typically, Kenny looked forward to these times, as he got along great with his cousin, but right now, after what she just interrupted, he would have paid his parents to throw her out. “God, Julie, why did you have to wake me up?”

“Because it’s getting late, bozo,” Juliet jokingly replied as she squeezed the towel around a bundle of her long dark hair, doing her best to dry it, “Besides, I have friends coming over, and I don’t want you wandering out in your pajamas looking like a bum.”

Kenny let his hand fall away and looked up at the brunette, locking onto her blue eyes for a moment before flicking down at the rest of her body. Juliet was an incredibly fit girl, the head of the cheerleading team in high school. Her pale white skin was utterly flawless. Her decent medium-sized breasts were tightly pressed against a tight spaghetti strap black shirt, but what got Kenny’s attention was the same thing as always: Juliet was only in a pair of panties, this time black ones as well. Even if he weren’t related to the girl, he wouldn’t try to pretend that seeing her perfect ass in nothing but a thin little piece of cloth sent blood flowing right between his legs.

“You mind getting dressed?” Kenny murmured to his cousin while looking away,

“Do you mind?” Juliet fired back as she turned her back to him. “I already took a shower and am halfway done getting ready; you are still miles behind.” Juliet then bent over, jutting her ass out towards Kenny as she attempted to wrap the towel around her hair.

Kenny cupped a hand over his forehead, trying to keep his eyes off Juliet’s ass that slightly shook either way for him. He could even see the outline of her cunt, just barely out of his sight. “Julie, seriously, come on…”

Juliet stood up and glanced back at her cousin. “What? Is this bothering you?” Teasingly, the brunette asked, reaching down and slowly lifting her shirt, revealing her toned stomach. Kenny’s cheeks turned slightly pink, and he diverted his eyes. In an instant, Juliet let out a cackling laugh, letting go of her shirt. “We’re cousins, you shouldn’t care if you see me like that. Don’t be a creeping on me, like your buddy Brian,” Juliet teased while turning and heading back towards the bedroom door. “I’m serious though, get up and go do something; the house is ours right now, but I’m intending for it to be mine by the time the girls get here,”

“Yeah…sure, whatever you say,” Kenny muttered back, curling his body slightly as to hide his now rigid erection, “I’ll…probably go work on my car,”

“Ugh, you and that damn thing,” Juliet rolled her eyes. “If you do that, make sure to keep the racket down and try to leave us alone, Ken. You might be sulking away this summer, but I intend to have some fun before college.”

“What do you want from me? Mindy’s gone güvenilir bahis siteleri for a few months, and JJ’s out of town for another week; I got nothing to do!” Kenny argued back,

“Well, you should go out and try to find something,” Juliet merely shrugged. “Working on a shitbox, sleeping, and jerking off aren’t real plans, Kenny.”

Kenny cringed at the truth behind that statement, “Ugh, okay; you can go; I don’t need to hear any more out of you today,”

Juliet giggled, “Fine…maybe later we can go out. Don’t you have that old file to return?”

Kenny glanced to his computer desk and spotted the thirty-year-old case file that he had been graciously allowed to look at over the last few days. “Yeah, I should…maybe see if they are taking recruits too,” the teen added under his breath as he thought of the police station.

“Whatever you decide, just go do it fast; they will be here in thirty minutes!” Juliet finished with a light shout as she left Kenny’s room without glancing back.

Kenny swung his feet over the side of his bed and let out a long exhale. His brow narrowed, and his face tightened as he bitterly accepted that Juliet had gotten the better of him again. “This is so fucking dumb…she has to know that she gets to me…even if she is my cousin,” Kenny grumbled under his breath, shaking his head irritably. “But whose fault is that? She is your fucking cousin, you pervert; you can’t blame her for not having self-control. Kenny’s mind slowly filled with the sight of Juliet’s ass turned towards him, the curves of her figure, and the slight sway she was giving. “Gah!” Kenny jumped to his feet and begrudgingly moved to his computer, sitting down and clicking through a few folders. “If only she weren’t family…the things I could do with her…okay, stop it. You need to get a grip.” Kenny pulled open a set of saved videos, a small list of favorite pornos, ones he couldn’t leave behind once he found them. He kept the volume low and pushed down his pants, gripping his dick and hitting the video’s play button. It wasn’t a proud routine, but it was a routine nonetheless since summer started.

Thankfully, Juliet stayed out of his bedroom long enough for Kenny to take care of business properly. Two used tissues later, the teen was now throwing on a loose shirt and a dirty pair of jeans, forgoing his shower and heading towards the garage. Juliet was fast at work in the living room, clearly setting up for her little get-together, when Kenny made his way down the hallway and into the connected garage. “Alright…it may be boring work, but at least this is something worth doing.”

Kenny turned on the garage lights and looked over the rusted-out Gran Torino parked in the right section of the garage; it was Kenny’s pride and joy. He lucked out major when he found it nearly eight months ago. The brown-haired teen came across an older man just as he was putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign; and on a whim, Kenny decided to talk to him. The two found themselves in a long, deep conversation about the old classic cars. The man told Kenny that he was in the process of restoring it. Still, after a lot of time and money, it was becoming clear that he would never finish it in time to enjoy the vehicle. Despite the engine being all but replaced and some interior work, the man liked Kenny enough to give him a deal. As long as Kenny promised to finish the project, he could have it for whatever he had saved. A few thousand dollars later, Kenny was driving home with his new car, and the rest was history.

Opening the door, Kenny climbed inside and picked up where he was last time he had been working, some rudimentary upholstery repair. Then, with some music playing, Kenny got right back to work, dumping another few hours of his time into the project. He jumped around to a few other tasks, working on whatever he felt sounded best in the moment. At hour two, however, Kenny decided that he needed to change the oil; it hadn’t been changed since the time he got it, which meant it was past due. So, the teen jacked up the front of the car and crawled under it with an oil pan. He looked around until spotting the oil drain plug, but the second he pulled it out, he let out a shout. A spurt of oil caught him down his face and shirt before finally landing in the pan.

“Oh God damn it!” Kenny exclaimed as he quickly crawled from the car, reaching for a rag to wash his face before the oil dripped into his eye. “Oh, real fucking smooth, Ken, real smooth,”

The teen got to his feet and stumbled forward, trying to clean his face as he walked back into the house. As he walked, he could hear the chatter of Juliet and her friend’s voices trailing in from the back patio. He would have rolled his eyes, not surprised that no one came to check on him despite his yelling, but he was more interested in cleaning up. He headed further up the hallway towards his room, stopping two doors short. Reaching down, Kenny pulled off his oil-splattered shirt iddaa siteleri and stepped into the bathroom, “Shower…shower sounds good now.”

Kenny tossed the shirt to the floor and looked up, freezing in place as he found someone standing before him, shirt half pulled up, just barely exposing her breasts. The girl stopped, looking over at Kenny in some minor surprise, “Kenny? What the hell are you doing?”

Kenny continued to stare slack-jawed as he stared directly at the gorgeous body of Ellie Westchester. Ellie stood a few inches shorter than most girls and had the petite body to match. Her bust size was only a C-Cup, but they looked even more prominent on her body, not to mention she had an even better, round perfect bubble butt. At one point in her life, Ellie was even a well-known “slut” for lack of a better term, but during her last year of high school, the blonde had started dating her neighbor and Kenny’s good friend, William Greene. So now here she was, in his bathroom, shirt half pulled over her boobs, staring back at Kenny.

Ellie’s eyebrow slowly raised, “are you going to keep staring at me?”

“O-Oh,” Kenny croaked back, dryly swallowing as Ellie’s body pivoted, facing him fully.

“Or are you trying to see even more?” Ellie’s eyes were shooting daggers at Kenny. It almost sounded like a challenge to the teen and given that she was not attempting to cover up, he even believed it for a second.

“No!” Kenny yelled back, turning away from the bathroom and rushing out, closing the door behind him. “I’m so sorry, Ellie!” he sincerely apologized as the blonde let out a snickering laugh.


Fifteen minutes prior, Ellie had arrived at the Clark household. “Sorry I’m late; I was squeezing in a quick run and completely lost track of time,” Ellie apologized as Juliet let the blonde into the house.

“No problem, we’re all out back on the patio; you didn’t miss anything big,” Juliet jokingly replied as she led the girl through the kitchen and out the back sliding door. Ellie and Juliet grabbed a chair, sat at a round glass table with the rest of their little group for the day,

To Juliet’s right was her best friend, Quinn Greene, a tall, beautiful redhead that had been her right hand during their time on the cheer squad, acting as a co-captain. Quinn’s body was athletic, her hair shoulder-length, her ass small but eye-catching, and her breasts the smallest out of the group. The one thing that Quin did have, unlike any other girl, however, was her eyes, one being a deep blue and the other a turquoise green. Most days, some might miss the difference, but during the summer, when the sun was shining, the difference was clear and alluring.

Beyond that, Quinn was Ellie’s boyfriend’s twin sister, and thankfully, the two got along great, hence how she had worked her way into a close enough friendship with Juliet to be here in the first place. “Surprised you were able to get Will and your dad off your back long enough to come and hang out,” Ellie teased the redhead.

“That would be thanks to her,” Quinn replied, jutting a thumb to the girl sitting next to her. Ellie was genuinely surprised to see that the girl in question was Quinn’s older sister, Bella Greene. Bella had flowing amber hair that reached about halfway down her back like her sister. Unlike her sister, however, Bella’s assets were to die for. Her chest sported large D-Cup breasts that were just about to burst from her top; mix that in with a huge, thick ass, and Bella had a ton of men fawning over her, just the way she always liked it.

“Luckily, I have an effortless way of handling those two,” Bella said in a nearly superior tone, “Will’s my younger brother, so he can kiss my ass if he thinks I’m listening to him, and our dad can think he’s in control, but a simple ‘fuck you’ always works,” the twenty-one-year-old laughed,

“You always were the wild card, Bella; it’s not a surprise they are so much stricter with me,” Quinn sighed.

“True…but hey, big sis got you out of the house today, right? And as long as I’m home, you know you’re going to stay free from the scrutiny of our loving family,” Bella grinned, causing Quinn to return the smile and give a reluctant head nod.

“I’m just happy, Elle, didn’t ditch out on us for Will again,” a new and final voice interjected, this one belonging to Nicole Moore. Nicole stuck out in the group for sure, mainly a friend of Ellie; she had only recently started to try and hang out with Juliet and Quinn more. Her natural brunette hair color was hidden under a new, blood-red dye. Her faded punk rock t-shirt barely held in her giant breasts, and her tone jeans were more than filled with her perfect round ass. In high school, the girl was an enigma; everyone liked her, everyone wanted to hang out with her, and no matter who Nicole was spending time with, they were having a good time. Yet, Nicole only considered a few people to be her true friends, Ellie was one, but her main one was Anna Ross, who was also currently out of town on a family vacation.

“Oh really? Then I suppose I should be happy you didn’t ditch out to go hop on Devin’s cock again,” Ellie fired back, earning a few giggles from the rest of the girls.

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