A Day With Ann pt2


A Day With Ann pt2I had taken my clothes and went downstairs and had gotten dressed and waited for Ann to come down. When she did I saw she had just put on her robe and when she sat down at the kitchen table and she gave me a small list of things she wanted me to do. “I hope you don’t mind” she said to me. looking at her,”I’m glad I came help” I replied. She noticed me looking at her partially open robe and looking down she could she a good deal of her cleavage. She looked back up at me,”I guess that was one chore you didn’t mind doing” she said as she pulled her robe closed. I just smiled.”I’ll get started” I said and was soon doing what I could on her list.The afternoon went by quickly and nearing early in the evening she called me in to ask if I wanted to stay for supper. She said she had called Carmen and asked if it was okay with her and apparently carmen had said OK. I agreed, but said I need to shower first and get cleaned up. I headed upstairs and quickly got into the shower and washed and when I finished I came out wearing Walter’s light robe. Opening the bathroom door I got a real surprise. There was Ann standing there in a sheer light blue nightgown, black hose and heels, her one leg propped up on the chair.”Sit down” she said as she pointed to the two seat chair. As I did she very softly began to caress her tits and I got mesmerized watching her lift her tits up and pull on her nipples while keeping her gown in place. I got more than that when my cock reacted to this display and I reached down and moving the robe open, took hold of my cock and began to stroke it while I watched this beautiful woman now move her hand down to her crotch and began to caress her pubic hair. My cock was now rock hard and she took her leg down and quickly moved it over and lifted it up and placed it on my thigh, her heel resting firmly on me.She continued to caress her hair and the took her fingers and started to play with her cunt. I sat there watching as she gently fingered her cunt, güvenilir bahis caressing it back and forth until she stopped and took her foot off me, leaned down and kissed me passionately for a good minute or more and then raised back up, placed her heel back on my thigh and began to finger fuck her cunt again. After a couple of minutes I reached over and as she moved her hand away, I took over playing with her cunt, driving my fingers into her wet cunt as she took her own fingers and sucked on them. After a few more minutes I reached up and taking hold of her hand, pulled her down next to me on the chair and I got up and moved in front of her. She started to reach down for her cunt, but I moved her arms off to the sides and leaned down and as I now kissed her, I reached down and with one hand caressed her tits and with the other hand, caressed her cunt. When I stopped kissing her I leaned down a bit more and pulling her gown open more exposing her tits, I began to suck on them as I continued to finger fuck her cunt. I heard her softly moan as I got her more turned on and when I stopped sucking on her tits, I took my one hand and placed my wet fingers in her mouth. As she sucked on my fingers I placed my other hand in her cunt and continued to fuck it with my fingers. She brought her hand down and joined me playing with her cunt as I now reached down and began to jerk off my cock and soon took my other hand and began to squeeze her tits while she played with her cunt. Soon I let go of my cock as she reached over and taking hold of it, began to jerk it while I began to play with her tits, squeezing and pulling on her nipples as she moaned out in pleasure. I went back to finger fucking her cunt and for the next several minutes alternated between fucking her cunt with my fingers and then putting them in her mouth to suck on them while I continued to play with her tits.Finally I rose up and moved in a little closer to her as she sat up more and still holding my cock, now güvenilir bahis siteleri took it into her mouth and began to suck on it. She started out slow and then increased her rhythm as I got more into it and the great feeling I was having. I placed my hand on the back of her head grabbing a handful of her hair, held her firmly in place and began to fuck her mouth hard and fast. For a few more minutes I fucked her mouth, slowing down now and then and driving and holding my cock deep in her mouth until after some time I finally pulled out. Looking down at her,”Let’s go in there” as I motioned with my head towards the bedroom. I moved out from between her legs and headed into the bedroom where she followed behind me. I sat down on the edge of the bed as I watched her slowly walk into the room, totally admiring this beautiful woman looking so fuckin’ sexy. As she neared me I leaned back on the bed and she stopped and leaned against the wall and then lifted her one leg up on the bed. I rose back up and quickly began to caress her leg.”You like my legs?’ she asked as I caressed her leg all up and down her calf and around her knee.”Their so lovely” I said and looking up at her,”Just as lovely as you are” I added as I now began to lick at her hose. She had legs that would make any man proud and any woman green with envy as I softly caressed her one leg and ran my tongue over it gently. After a good few minutes she had me rise up and pulling me close to her,”Kiss me” she said softly and as I did she embraced me tightly until I returned her affection and we kissed as passionately as any to lovers could. When we finally broke off she had me get down on my knees and while I again went back to licking her inner thighs, she finally took off her gown and began a slow turn as I continued to lick and kiss her thighs and then around to her ass. She then bent down over the bed and I had her cunt right before me and I moved up a bit and into her wet cunt went my tongue. I licked iddaa siteleri and sucked at her cunt her a few minutes listening to her moans grow louder as she got hotter and hotter until she finally looked back a bit,”Fuck me” she said softly and moved onto the bed and got onto her hands and knees. I moved in behand her and taking my cock, slowly inserted it into her cunt and began a slow fucking of her cunt.”Fuck me harder” she said a bit more firmly and I now began to fuck her hard and fast. “Oh fuck me” she said”Fuck my fuckin’ cunt” she added as I shoved my cock deeper into her and fucked her harder until the slapping noise against her grew louder. It didn’t take long before I decided to make a change and I pulled out of her and shoved her down on the bed. She immediately turned on her back and raising her legs in the air, let me move in between them and back into her cunt went my cock. I now fucked her as hard and as fast as I could, driving her tits up and down until she took hold of them and began to squeeze them hard. When the feeling finally reached me I quickly leaned down and began to kiss her when I finally started to come in her cunt. I shot my load of cum deep into her as we continued to kiss until I could no more and I stopped kissing her and rose up. As I caught my breath she reached up and caressed my cheeks.”Oh god lover” she softly said”How I love your fuckin’ cock so fuckin’ much” she added. I looked down at her realizing these were really the first words she had spoken during our love making and I smiled,”And how I love your fuckin’ cunt just as much my love” I replied and she looked at me and we both laughed a little. I bent down again and we kissed for a few minutes more until I stopped and rolled off her and laid down on my back. She moved over and laid across my chest and we laid there for a while as I held her close to me. Time finally dictated it was time for me to go and after I dressed and she put her blue gown back on, we headed for the door totally forgetting about dinner. But I wasn’t hungry at all. At the front door she stopped me, placed her hands on my cheeks and,”Thank you so very much my love” she said and leaned in and kissed me one last time. The day ended, but not the memory.

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