Wow Baby


This is a story of Pete my live in boyfriend at university he was 24 at the time I was 23 a story of love and loss. Exploring limits, expanding horizons, becoming well rounded people. Enjoy Cheryle

We stumbled in from the party throwing our cloths off with reckless abandon. Hands exploring each others bodies the way we had a hundred times before. Pete and I had dated since our freshman year at Depaul University moving in together for our senior year. I stroke his semi erect penis while we kisses his hands roaming freely over my tight little body. We both had a little to much to drink tonight celebrating the end of our exams. College was ending and I was headed to law school Pete had a job offer in California. The end of so many things has we both prepared to start new phases of our lives on different ends of the country.

His mouth moved to my breast sucking my nipple penis growing in my small hand. Pete’s fingers found my wetness moaning as we kissed again I would miss my lover. He knew my wants, needs, desires sex with him was pleasurable casino siteleri and fulfilling. I wanted him inside me dropping to my knees I licked the head of his penis before taking that beautiful cock in my mouth. Feeling the veins has his cock grew harder rubbing my clit with my free hand.

I spun to position my self on all fours eagerly anticipating his entrance into my tight pussy. He enter me slowly teasingly almost unbearable I moved my hips to meet his member. Our pace increased I buried my face in the floor my fingers finding my clit again. I was so wet has he thrusted in and out a scene that had played out many times before.

Then effortlessly without warning he slid out of my wet pussy and was poking at my virgin ass. Something he had asked to do many times but my answer was always no. I was a little drunk and feeling a little randy I went with it pushing my ass back into his cock. Sliding in I was surprised at how good it felt he was moving slowly deeper and deeper. My tight asshole stretching to accept his seven inch güvenilir casino cock there was just slight pain has he filled me but that faded quickly.

He pulled almost all the way out then in again picking up speed and power with each thrust into me. Out of control enjoying this new experience I start moving to meet his rhythm moaning panting I screamed “Fuck that ass.” He pounded my ass my orgasm shaking my body I still wanted more. I wanted his hot cum in my mouth to taste him fresh out of my ass. The thought was dirty and exciting I spun devouring his cock the taste was strange, pungy but at the same time sweet.

He seemed to swell in my mouth has I deep throated his cock pubic hair tickling my nose. His hands in my hair guiding my movements the first stream of hot seaman fill my mouth. Another and another cum dripping down my chin I looked up with my baby blues to meet his beautiful brown eyes.

“Wow baby.”

Raising up slowly I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him our mouths sharing his cum. His tongue canlı casino exploring my mouth eagerly tasting himself. The freedom of the end and moving to a new phase in our lives had giving us a chance. To put those old fears and hang ups to the side finding new pleasures in the process. We moved to the bathroom for a nice hot shower.

Soaping each others bodies, hot water glistening of our skin, lost in the moment. I felt so empty I had tasted the taboo of anal and wanted it again. I drifted my hand to his cock stroking it softly whispering “Take my ass again honey.” Growing in my hand his soapy fingers found my asshole slipping one then two inside my ass. I turned bracing my self with my hands against the shower wall bending to present my ass. He thrusted deep in side me, moaning at the ecstasy of being filled again, he grab a handful of my wet hair. Pounding away at my ass till we both erupted in orgasms again.

The next few weeks passed we pack up our belongings preparing to go our separate ways. I would miss him he was fun loving, he understood me in ways no one since has. I have come to find after my first experiences with Lisa there is and always will be a special bond anytime you share something together for the first time. I miss those wild nights with Pete pushing boundaries exploring limits.

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