Miss Lesleigh’s Passion


Miss Lesleigh is a kinky woman with strong desires and determination which were powerful drivers behind all of her efforts in all things and over there me we had developed a sexual relationship.

To start with it had been reasonably vanilla, even if it was part of a menage, ‘wife number 2’, all three of us, Caz, Lesleigh and I enjoying the sexual expression and the friendship. Over time we discovered more of each other’s desires and kinks and accommodated each other’s roles. It was this process by which she satisfied her darker passions and expressed her more violent frustrations using me as her puppet.

She loved paddles, canes and whips and forcing her puppet beyond its’ limits thrilled her deeply causing her the most powerful emotional release through violent orgasm which brought, in me a fundamental satisfaction at her pleasure.

Miss Lesleigh had modified and stretched my nipples, balls and arse until they were to her liking and far more useful for her pleasures.

For example, my nipples were permanently swollen had been lengthened until each was an inch long and very responsive, stimulating them in any manner that would make my cock rise.

My balls hung low and had been slapped, crushed, beaten, whipped and caned until I appreciated any attention from Miss Lesleigh waiting for the ultimate release as she’d only let me ejaculate if my balls were tortured.

My arse had been made into a slack fuck tube she could penetrate with ease at any time with her fists, cannonballing me as a party piece at gatherings and gang bangs.

On this day Miss Lesleigh had me climb into a modified gynecological examination chair where I was restrained being in that I was mounted arse first on a 4″ thick dong, gagged with a cock-gag, my balls bound until they were swollen purple and throbbing painfully below my tied off and darkening erection. Then straps were tightened so I was secured, exposed and vulnerable. I realised, ‘I was going to be made cum!’

My nipples had been pumped and tied off as darkened, swollen centres of sensation and sensitivity, just begging for her nails and teeth.

Miss Lesleigh moved across to the bench and picked up the selection of sounds before turning back to me and displaying the range of sounds and grinning at me, examining my body, especially my throbbing cock.

Still starring bahis siteleri at my excited cock she growled from the depth of her perversion, driven,

“Every one of these is going to fuck your piss hole slut and you’re going to cum only when the biggest destroys your piss sphincter and leaves that!” sneering at my cock, “A worn out and ragged waste of meat.”

Miss Lesleigh stepped between my thighs and took hold of my cock causing me to moan in appreciation of her warm touch. She looked deep into my eyes and as I silently pleaded with her to further touch me she dribbled spittle onto the exposed piss hole where the purple swollen head emerged from her hand.

She took a sound from the second, large half of the range and held it before my eyes, then she upturned it and pushed it into my cock.

I squealed as it stretched my urethra burning as it stretched me open. Miss Lesleigh smiled and quickly began to fuck my cock with the sound pushing it deeper with each thrust causing me to squeal at her battering of my pisshole open. She fucked me with this sound until she could push it completely inside my cock and wank it around the metal pole causing me endless pain and increasing levels of pleasure. I could feel my balls wanting to boil up and explode but kept from that by the burning.

My breathing was becoming faster and I was trying to hump the sound causing my stuffed rectum to become looser and rise and collapse down on the dong forcing prostate fluids to dribble out and across Miss Lesleighs fingers. She noticed and brought her messy fingers to my face and wiped them across it.

She chose another sound and after ripping the one deeply inserted she stuffed the thicker one in and forced it deep and I screamed and thrashed against the restraints causing even more juice to leak from my cock. Miss Lesleigh noticed and smiled then took another sound holding it up before my eyes.

“There’s one thicker than this. I’m going to fuck your little dickie with this and then when you think your cocks split wide open the thick one and fuck it. I expect you’ll scream, a lot. It is going to hurt, a lot.” she calmly announced making me tremor in apprehension even though I trusted her to avoid causing permanent damage.

She slowly upturned the sound and after quickly ripping one sound out she pressed the thicker one into the canlı bahis siteleri piss hole causing me to scream as it stretched, burning even more than before. She smiled, her nipples were erect and her breathing rising as she closely watched the silver pole force its way into me.

She pushed firmly and my screams rose in volume and pitch.

“You sound like a girl.” She remarked still watching her destruction of my cock, her revenge on men that had torn her on so many occasions.

I felt my urethra tearing slightly as the new thickness record was being set as she relentlessly pushed it fully in. She described how she could see the bulge of my piss tube and how it was so stretched it looked like a white line running up the underside of ‘her’ cold, purple cock.

She kept up the constant pressure until the sound was restricted by the bindings and then began to prod into the stricture enjoying each scream she forced from my gagging lips.

I was beside myself, dissociating and revelling in every sensation she compelled me to experience, suddenly she began to roughly fuck my cock with the sound, I could feel it busting past the stricture of my bindings and then through the internal sphincter into my bladder.

It was as if I ‘came too’ for a few seconds and I heard myself screaming, my muscles rigid as I forced against the bindings and singularly focussed on my cock. Piss squirted around the sound onto Miss Lesleigh, then splashed back to soak me.

“Oh dear, what a filthy slut. You’ll pay for that.” She scolded me.

As I descended once again into my dissociated slut and was lost in the pain and thrill of her using me. My pains and subsequent screams rose, she took the biggest sound and raped my cock. Unlike her previous routine this time she just roughly rammed it in as she held my cock just below the swollen head and then she proceeded to pound the sound in and out until there was blood mixed with the piss and prostatic juices and the burning was continuous and even so the pleasure rose.

Miss Lesleigh lent in close to my cock, I could feel her breath on my cock exciting me even more as she was now free to destroy my cock if she so chose.

“You may now cum faggot.”

I mumbled thank you and began concentrating on my rising excitement as she wanked my cock with the sound fully inserted. I was canlı bahis beginning to hump, the dong still smashing my prostate.

Miss Lesleigh smiled at me and began to lean lower, bending towards my dangling balls.

“You know it’s going to hurt when I bite your balls. I want to see you squirting while I enjoy my meal.” Then she sucked my balls into her mouth while roughly wanking my cock.

I groaned and humped her hand as hard as I could. She sucked them both into her mouth and used her tongue to push them both between her molars, she wanted my pain to be real. She bit down, it was like a lightning bolt, everything spasmed painfully. I screamed and orgasmed, squirting far more and further than usual so it landed on her hair and face.

It hurt so much but so good that I didn’t even notice as Miss Lesleigh tied a ribbon around my cock just below the head securing the sound fully inserted.

I was exhausted and still excited but Miss Lesleigh decided she wanted to sleep so she left me there for the night, the dongs ‘training her holes!’

I was awoken in the morning by Miss Lesleigh dumping a bucket of ice water over me. I thought I was drowning and trapped, gagging, my cock and arsehole hurting as I thrashed and spasmed into consciousness.

“Morning slut.” She towered over me, naked, her heavy tits with their dark nipples and her big pouty cunt right above my head where she’d manoeuvred the chair I’d been left in all night.

She reached down and removed the cock gag from my mouth and smiled at me.

“Feeling better after you emptied those balls?” I nodded and mumbled my thanks through my sore throat.

“Good, now I’ve got a nice hot morning beverage for you, drink it all up slut.” She squatted and lowered her cunt towards my mouth, parting her large labia and sat so that I had a mouthful of Miss Lesleighs’ hot flesh, then she pissed and I had to try to swallow the stream of hot piss. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and some spilt and ran down my neck but doing the best I could I drank and licked her flesh cleaning her up. She grunted in appreciation and rocked her hips to ensure I licked her arsehole, sucked it and as she lifted herself I kissed her holes in thanks.

“Good slut. Once you’ve licked the floor clean you can go get cleaned up. Shave everything, get powdered up but leave that sound in place, I want to be able to fuck your cock whenever I want to. I want to turn your cock into just one more hole for me to use, make you into a three-hole slut, ready to be abused any time I need to take out my frustrations.”

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