Love and Sin at 2 AM


It was a quarter to two a.m. and Laila sat up on the bed, waiting. Almost time for her “date.”

The more accurate term would be her “dick appointment.” Her friends never failed to remind her that was what she was getting if her dates were always past ten p.m. And while that was the reality of her situation, Laila despised the term. Her feelings ran deeply for Damien, and for more reasons than his dick. She’d been holding on to them, nurturing them for a long while now.

Whether or not she was entitled to time with him or his dick was suspect at best…but she wasn’t about to get up and leave, effectively canceling their date. Not when she shaved and massaged every inch of her body with vanilla bean shea butter. Not when she teased with her hair for almost an hour to form the sexiest afro that framed her round face, accentuated her big, deep brown eyes, and her even bigger, supple lips.

As Laila stared distractedly at the screen of her cell phone, she felt her nerves come and go. Some were good nerves: the kind that excited her and made goosebumps cover her skin when she thought of her late night guest. Others were bad nerves: the kind that twisted her tummy into knots with slight panic that she was doing something very wrong.

But as she heard a knock on the hotel door, the good nerves took over.

Laila found Damien standing on the other side. His head was tilted down, the bill of his black snapback cap shrouding his face. But as he lifted his chin, his handsome smile and icy blue eyes pulled her into a trance as his gaze met hers.

“Hey, there,” Damien said in a low, deep voice. It made Laila feel like thunder pounded in her chest. She said hello back and quickly invited him inside. When she closed the door behind them, her back was to Damien. Before she could turn around, she felt his big, strong hands embrace her and pull her close.

“How are you? I’ve missed you.” Damien’s soft lips touched her earlobe, then her neck. He kissed her there and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Mmm, you smell delicious.”

Laila felt herself swoon and she leaned into him.

“Thank you. I’m doing better now,” she said, a little airy. “I missed you more. How are you doing?” Her hands caressed his, and his arms, as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

When he turned her around to face him, he kissed her on the lips slowly, deeply. Laila could assume this must be how he’s doing: hungry for her. She felt dizzy. Was it his hypnotic touch or his dreamy aura that lapped at her like gentle, warm waves? He always made her feel delicious.

Damien’s kisses were a little messy, but both adorable and sexy. He kissed her like she had been the only thing on his mind all day. Laila got on her tiptoes, draped her arms around his neck and indulged in him. Their tongues tasted each other as his hands gently squeezed her round ass. He pulled her even closer and she felt his thick dick already hard and twitching against her thighs.

Damien walked backwards to the bed only a few feet away, and Laila fell on top of him as they went down onto the mattress. Between kisses, he pulled off her black lace nightie–the only thing she had on because she knew it was coming off soon–and she flung off his hat and tee shirt. Once they were both naked, Laila straddled him again and softly moaned into his mouth when she felt his warm, bare flesh pulse between her thighs. She was already wet and desperate to feel him shove his way deep inside of her. She reached behind her to grab his dick and slide him inside, but Damien stopped 1xbet yeni giriş her.

“I’m in no rush,” he said and kissed her cheek and chin. Laila wanted to object as she felt his dick throb against her clit. She was so horny for him she felt almost lightheaded. However, she knew better than to miss out on what Damien wanted to do to her.

But first, she wanted to do something for him.

She crawled down his body, kissing his neck and chest along the way. Laila admired his cream-colored dick in front of her, and gently massaged it with her small hands. She loved how fat and sexy his dick looked, all seven inches growing up to a thick, pink head. She put it in her mouth, letting her tongue wash over his frenulum and shaft, lubing his dick with her saliva. She tried to slip as much of him that would fit into her mouth, but the tip of his dick kept poking the back of her throat, triggering her gag reflex.

Thankfully, Damien found the sound of her gagging on his dick sexy. He moaned as she carefully bobbed her head up and down, sucking him with her soft lips around his skin. He put a hand to the back of her head and pushed a little deeper into her mouth. Laila’s eyes started to blur with tears from straining to deepthroat him, but it turned her on all the same to feel Damien enjoying her mouth on him, to taste his pre-cum as it slid down her tongue and throat, and to hear his low moans fill her ears.

“You’re trying to make me cum, baby?” Damien grunted, his dick swollen and pulsing on her tongue. Laila looked up at him with a pleading look and mumbled her support. That made him laugh softly. He cradled her face in his big hands and caressed her cheeks with his thumbs before he pulled her off of him. “Mmm, not yet. Get back on top of me.”

Laila did as she was told and sat on him. She instinctively grinded her pussy on his dick. She moaned a little loud, and Damien did the same. His hands fondled her breasts before leaning up and putting his mouth on them. Laila began to feel dangerously close to orgasm as Damien’s warm tongue licked and sucked on her brown nipples, his dick head rubbing her clit.

“I’m gonna cum,” Laila panted, squeezing her eyes shut and concentrating on his mouth, his dick and his hands caressing her all over. Before she knew it, she was whimpering as her pussy fluttered with an orgasm that rocked her body. She glanced at Damien who was glancing up at her, biting his lip as he watched her cum on him.

“I love how you look when you cum,” he said, pulling her into a kiss as he nudged his hips and dick head against her pussy. Laila moaned sharply into his mouth, the sensation both yummy and overwhelming.

“I didn’t mean to,” she said, resting her head on his chest. They both giggled a little.

“That shit is so sexy,” Damien said before he suddenly flipped her over, putting himself on top. Laila couldn’t help but let out a laugh as he came closer with his mouth on her belly and inner thighs, tickling her a bit.

“I forgot you were ticklish here,” he said, his smile making her heart pound.

“It’s okay.” She smiled back and watched Damien grip her thick thighs and ass as he planted his kisses all over her. Laila put her hands in his silky, black hair as he dipped his head lower and spread her pussy lips with his tongue.

“I wanna make you cum again,” he said between licks. “You taste so damn good, baby.”

She shivered at his words, at the feeling of his mouth and tongue making out with her pussy. If she thought she came too fast before, it was only 1xbet giriş a matter of minutes until Laila exploded again.

As Damien alternated between licking her pussy from top to bottom, gently lapping at her clit, Laila was squirming beneath his tongue and moaning his name. Damien kept her steady by holding her by the hips and letting his mouth focus on her sweet spots. Laila knew he could read her body because as she began bucking her hips, he kept his mouth on her clit. She caught a glance of his enchanting eyes as they watched her unravel for him.

Laila felt chills that made her feel both cool and warm in the most thrilling way possible. She came again hard in his mouth, gripping and grabbing the sheets and Damien’s hair for leverage. It felt like she had been transported to another dimension, but feeling Damien’s hands hold her down and his tongue softly licking up her cum brought her back to the present. It felt sinfully good.

Damien was nearly smothering his face with her pussy, licking and kissing her softly. Laila watched him kiss his way back up her body before putting his lips to hers. She smelled and tasted the scent of herself on his mouth, and she groaned. Damien groaned back, licking her tongue.

“I missed this pussy,” he said in between kisses. “I missed you.”

Damien repositioned himself between her thighs with his hard dick resting on her belly and his balls on her clit. Laila played with his hair and pulled his strong body closer to hers, ready to lose herself in him all over again.

“I’m all yours tonight,” she said.

He kissed on her neck and chest again as he rocked his hips and made his balls rub and lightly slap her pussy. He knew she liked that. Laila moaned to him, feeling that desperation again for him to sink his dick deep into her.

She then felt his hand reach down to guide his dick inside her pussy. When she felt his thick head push inside, they both moaned as they melted into each other, followed by a couple gentle strokes until his entire length was buried in her. Laila could get high off hearing Damien’s pleasure as he wasn’t shy about showing it. As his dick slipped in and out slowly, Damien moaned to her like it was his first time feeling a woman wrapped around him. It made Laila even wetter.

“You’re so beautiful,” Damien nearly whispered in his husky voice. He watched her dreamily as he fucked her, making Laila feel shy but beautiful all at once.

They held each other close, nuzzling their noses in each others’ shoulders and necks, as Damien caressed her pussy with long strokes that made Laila nearly shout. His dick filled her up and hit all her spots without even trying. Damien rubbed his dick against her g-spot with each thrust, and Laila knew she was going to cum again soon as he lengthened his strokes.

“That’s right…mmhmm. Take all of me,” Damien grunted as he watched Laila writhe and moan for him, his dick gently prodding at her cervix. It felt like her head was spinning as Damien and she became one once again.

“Fuck…” Damien sobbed in a rumbling voice as he plunged deep into her again. Laila felt his hand grab hold of her ass, then he pulled her up and closer to him, which pulled his dick deeper against her g-spot. Laila moaned so loud she was sure the entire 5th floor could hear. But she literally could not help it as Damien fucked her so thoroughly.

Laila was almost concerned Damien wouldn’t be able to hold back as she felt his body tense up a little, his shoulders slightly shaking. She was on the edge of cumming 1xbet güvenilirmi again, and she knew Damien would pull out if he came.

It was as if Damien could hear her thoughts. He lifted up a bit and grabbed her right thigh, placing it on his shoulder. This angle put him at the perfect pressure on her g-spot and Laila’s entire body started trembling underneath him. Damien brought his lips to hers and kissed her softly before kissing her neck.

“Cum for me, Laila,” he demanded in her ear. He moaned, his warm breath washing over her skin and driving her insane. “Cum for me. I wanna feel you cum on my dick. Cum…”

Laila was already losing her grip on reality again and his sexy voice pushed her to the point of no return. She let herself cum unabashedly, her pussy throbbing around his dick, her moans nearly screams of pleasure until her voice gave out. She didn’t realize she was digging her fingernails into Damien’s back until she fell back down from space, whimpering and drooling.

She gripped Damien’s forearms for support as he adjusted himself, pinning her thighs to the bed. She braced herself for the quick, hard strokes–one of her favorites, especially after she came. They felt extra delicious as her pussy was extra sensitive.

Damien steadily picked up the pace, each stroke tapping the back of her pussy. Laila was so wet that it sounded like Damien was fucking a pot of macaroni and cheese. They both moaned to each other and watched his dick hammer her pussy.

He thrust his dick deep once…twice…three times…and suddenly he was pushing it as far as it would fit as he came inside of her. Laila’s surprise rattled her but she still moaned with him, her eyes nearly rolling to the back of her head, as Damien filled her with his hot cum, his dick pulsing against her pussy walls.

Damien’s arms buckled as they threatened to make him collapse on top of her, but he caught himself. He stroked her a couple more times, both of them groaning as the pleasure overwhelmed their senses. He attempted to slide out but Laila tightened her thighs around his hips.

“Let me out.” Damien tried to laugh before he moaned softly, too weak for much sound to leave him. He smiled at her and kissed the top of her head and then her lips.

They laid together, cuddling in their collective love juices, trying to catch their breath. Laila held him against her, accepting the weight of his hard body. She ran her fingertips up and down his spine, his skin damp with sweat, and every once in a while he would tremble.

Once Damien regained his strength, he pushed himself up and watched himself slowly pull his now-soft dick out of Laila’s pussy. Laila touched his strong but shaky arms, loving the feeling of him completely draining himself in her. She could feel his cum already starting to trickle down to her buttcheeks. She loved the smell of it, as it made her want to make him cum again. But when she looked up at him, Damien was looking down at her with tired yet satisfied blue eyes. He moved over to her side and held her, his arm thrown over her body.

“I love you,” he said casually and rested his head on her shoulder.

Laila felt her heart pound hard in her chest. She hadn’t heard him say those words in literal years. She wondered what was different about tonight that made him say that. It wasn’t like she felt he didn’t love her, but that he couldn’t love her. Not as he used to when they were once a couple. Not when he had a girlfriend at home.

But it was hard to not believe him after the way he made love to her. Laila heard his breath get slower and heavier as they lay, and she realized he was falling asleep on her. She smiled to herself, wanting to feel guilty but feeling mostly…hopelessly in love.

“I love you, too,” she said.

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