A Wife’s Desire


The sun beamed down on the garden of the big, old country house that Victoria and her husband Stephen had moved into only a few months before.

The workmen were building a large extention and the place had been a building site since they moved in, however they had recently began to see some light at the end of the tunnel, as they had been informed the work would be completed within a couple of weeks.

This news came as a great relief to Victoria in particular, as she spent most days alone in the house, constantly disturbed by the noise of machinery.

She had become accustomed to lazing by the outdoor swimming pool, which was not at all overlooked, by any neighbours, as the nearest house was some half a mile down the road.

However, the scaffolding around their part built extension looked right down on the pool and the knowledge that the workmen could see her sunbathing made Victoria feel strangely excited.

Not wanting to seem like she was flaunting, Victoria would put her headphones on and pretend she was in paradise, which inevitably she would be once the work was complete, because the huge, remote county home she’d bought with her husband was indeed special.

The old stone building with ivy covering the walls stood alone in a characteristic courtyard, in an acre of land in the english countryside.

Stephen was a kind of small man of slender build, with light brown hair. Victoria was still very much in love with him, even after more than twenty years of marriage. He provided for her more than adequately as he had a very well paid job in the city, meaning that, despite being very well-educated herself, she didn’t have to work.

Stephen worked in London and was away all the working day. His commute into the city took around an hour and a half and he’d usually spent most of his train journey working on his laptop,

Victoria hadn’t worked since she gave birth to her eldest daughter, some twenty years before. Both their children had fled the nest, leaving them to enjoy some peace and quiet and a totally different style of life than they had when they lived in their family home in the city.

At forty-three years old, you could say that Victoria was at the peak of her physical appearance. Her above average sized cleavage still stood firm, like gravity hadn’t had much bearing on it and her naturally wavy dark hair was devoid of the greys that many woman her age had began to show.

She was a very attractive, well presented, upper middle class woman. She dressed well, wore expensive, but not lavish clothing and always smelt fantastic. But deep down inside, locked away for many years of full-time parenthood, hid a side of her personality that was aching to be released. A kinky, adventurous side which began to rise to the surface one Wednesday lunchtime in early September.

Victoria was preparing the workmen their lunchtime teas and coffees. When she began to walk into the building site that was to be their new living room, with the tray of drinks and snacks, she overheard a conversation between two of them who were working behind a wall and seemingly had no idea she was around the corner, in earshot of them.

“I’d love to smash the arse off her, wouldn’t you?” Victoria heard a man say in a rough cockney accent. She stopped still, holding the tray and began to listen into their conversation.

“Oh I’d fuck her brains out mate, I love a nice posh bird.” Came the reply from a younger man, Victoria recognised his voice and knew him to be called Ethan. She had spoken to him several times and he’d always been polite, so she was surprised to hear him talking like that.

“Ethan you’d fuckin’ destroy her with that thing in your pants!” Laughed the first man. A few other laughs could be heard, she presumed from some of the other men working close by.

“How do you know what Ethan’s got in his pants you big poof?” Came the voice of a third man who had joined the conversation.

“I saw him in the showers when we played tennis a few weeks ago,” the first man replied. “He’s got a good eight and a half inches stuffed into his jeans there, and it’s thick an’ all… Still couldn’t beat me though.” Victoria heard bellows of laughter coming from several of the workmen at this response.

It was not the kind of language Victoria was used to hearing, coming from her background, but rather than stick her nose up at it, she found it quite refreshing. She had always had a hidden penchant for the rough and ready tradesman type, although sadly she had never been close enough to anyone to experience it first hand.

“I bet she’d love a nice big cock like that, eh Ethan?” Another man remarked.

“Yeah,” came Ethan’s reply. “I reckon she’s dirty as fuck.”

“She’s old enough to be your mum, you fuckin’ whippersnapper.”

“Yeah, but I love an older woman, more experience mate.” Ethan said.

Ethan was a tall, athletic man in his early twenties, with dark hair, a dark, trimmed beard and slightly tanned skin. Although she hadn’t thought about kaçak iddaa him in a sexual way until now, Victoria knew she was attracted to him.

She noticed her hand was shaking and the drinks on the tray she was holding were spilling, so Victoria composed herself and made a noise as if she’d just entered the room.

“Hot drinks and snacks for you all.” She said as she walked round the corner. She was greeted with polite and grateful response from the workers, like butter wouldn’t melt.

“Oh thank you very much Mrs Stoneman, that’s very kind of you.” Said Ethan, as if he hadn’t just been talking about ‘fucking her brains out.’ a few moments before.

“You’re very welcome.” Victoria replied with a friendly smile, before turning to leave the room. She made sure to walk out confidently with a good posture, knowing that the men would be looking at her bum in her blue denim shorts as she left.

As she went back into the kitchen and closed the door behind her, Victoria felt herself shaking again, she couldn’t help but imagine what the other man had said about Ethan’s penis and how big it was. She knew she was attracted to him, she liked his rugged good looks, that he was working class and a little rough around the edges, which was something she had next to no experience with. She found herself thinking momentarily about him ‘fucking her brains out’ and about him thinking she was ‘dirty as fuck.’

Victoria went upstairs and looked at herself in the full length mirror of her bedroom. She was confident that she looked good. Her smooth, tanned legs were on show and the curves of her bust in her black, sleeveless top could be seen nicely. She couldn’t help but turn away from the mirror and peer over her shoulder to look at her arse in her denim shorts. She was happy that what the workmen had seen, especially Ethan, was more than acceptable, so she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

She couldn’t get the thought of Ethan and his big cock out of her mind and as she lay there with the sun shining in through the window, she unzipped her fly and slipped her hand inside her shorts. It was very seldom that she did this kind of thing, her and her husband Stephen’s sex life had become a bit mundane and less frequent over the years and ait was only on special occasions, or after a few drinks that she truly let herself go.

Victoria began to slide a finger between her pussy lips and gently rub her vulva, she felt the wetness of her pussy on her finger and used it to lubricate her clitoris. It felt good and she really began to let herself enjoy the moment.

Just then she had an idea. She remembered what her best friend Kate had bought her for her fortieth birthday a few years ago. It was a rather large and slightly intimidating vibrator which she had never used and still sat, unopened at the back of her wardrobe.

Victoria, decided to dust off the box and open it, she took some batteries out of the television remote and put them in, before slowly sliding the big pink vibrating shaft between her pussy lips. She let out a satisfied groan as she pushed it inside her, very wet vagina.

In no time she found herself sliding it deeper inside her, until it was all the way in, she used her other hand to rub her clit as she climaxed on the massive plastic shaft inside her. All the while imagining this rough, young workman she barely knew, was fucking her.

She couldn’t believe she’d been so wet, as to so purposefully put such a huge length inside her, she felt flushed and slightly ashamed as she slowly pulled the vibrator out of her and took a minute to recover.

Victoria couldn’t help but feel a sense of guilt that she had masturbated whist thinking about another man, but she knew deep down that her husband would, not only understand, but perhaps like the idea that she’d had these naughty feelings. Since once, many years ago, in the throes of passion, Stephen had confessed to his wife that he sometimes imagined her fucking another man while he masturbated.

This old secret that had been kept in the box for many years had stuck with Victoria, and although they never spoke of it, she recalled, a few years before, during one of her rare nights out with her girlfriends, telling Stephen about a man who had chatted her up in a bar.

She enjoyed the attention and flirted with the stranger for a while, when, upon leaving, he offered to walk her to the taxi rank. Being quite drunk and not wanting to seem rude, she let him put his number in her phone. Then, when he lent in to kiss her she let his lips touch hers momentarily, before backing away and thanking him for getting her to the taxi safely.

Victoria recalled that upon confessing this innocent tale to her husband, she and Stephen had some rather steamy sex, which she was sure was to do with his excitement at another man wanting her, and perhaps her wanting him also.

The man was tall and muscular, much like Ethan, which was something Victoria was extremely attracted to, but unfortunately something her husband was kaçak bahis not. She described his appearance to Stephen and she remembers him asking her if she would have called him if she was single. To which she confidently replied ‘Most definitely.’

Taking all these details into account, Victoria had decided that, when the time was right, she would tell her husband about her interesting afternoon and see if it would lead to another steamy sex session, which of course she hoped for.

Later that evening Victoria hopped into bed next to her husband, she wore a sexy pink, silk robe and had sprayed some perfume on to make herself look and smell attractive.

“What’s gotten into you?” asked Stephen, looking up at his wife as if pleasantly surprised as she climbed into bed with him.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Victoria replied in a sultry voice, biting her bottom lip and looking into her husbands eyes. She ran her hand softly over his bare chest and stomach, before slipping it between the waistband of his underpants and over his modest, flaccid cock.

“I would indeed,” replied Stephen, enjoying his wife’s advances.

“Well…” Victoria began, whilst slowly stroking her husbands growing cock. “I had an interesting afternoon… It turns out our workmen friends have taken a liking to me,” she smiled wickedly before sinking beneath the sheets and taking Stephen’s cock in her mouth.

She sucked him expertly for a few seconds, before taking his cock out of her mouth and masturbating it, whilst telling him about how wet she got hearing the workmen talking about fucking her.

She confessed that she was attracted to this younger guy called Ethan, whom Stephen was familiar with, having seen him working on the house. She told him what the other man had said about Ethan’s cock and how it got her aroused thinking about it.

All Stephen could muster was a meek “Wow.” It seemed he was rather enjoying his wife’s confession. In fact, just as she was telling him about sliding the big vibrator inside herself, while imagining being fucked by Ethan, Stephen shot a huge load of hot, sticky cum all over his wife’s face.

Victoria, opened her mouth and tasted her husbands ejaculate, as she teased as much cum out of him as she could, twisting her hand round his tip and using his cum as lubricant to masturbate him.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting a reaction like that.” Victoria said, licking her lips and shuffling up the bed to face Stephen. She wanted him to see her face covered in his spunk, up close. “I wonder if Ethan would have cum that quickly if I was sucking his cock!” She giggled.

“Why don’t you find out?” Stephen suggested, much to his wife’s surprise.

“What?” She sputtered, taken aback by her husband’s proposal.

“Well, only if you want to of course.” He replied.

“I… um…” Victoria stuttered, she couldn’t hide the smile on her face from Stephen, she didn’t want him to know how much she hoped he wasn’t joking, but she tried to act as nonchalant as she could. “He’s too young for me.” She said casually. “Isn’t he?”

“Isn’t that part if the fantasy?” Stephen asked. “To have a younger man take you?”

“Yes exactly, fantasy.” She said. “Not reality.”

“Who said fantasy can’t become reality?” Stephen remarked with a glint in his eye, leaning in to kiss his wife passionately. The fact that she still had his cum dripping down her face made it even hotter. He ran his hand over her cleavage and down towards her aching pussy. Victoria let out a groan as her husband began to pleasure her.

“How would I even begin to make something like that happen?” She asked, moving her hips in motion to Stephens hand.

“That’s up to you, if you want him that badly.” Stephen teased while gently rubbing his wife’s clit.

“And you really wouldn’t mind?” She asked, looking into her husbands eyes and letting out the odd moan of pleasure

“Not if you’re honest and tell me everything. I’ve told you before that it’s a huge turn on for me.” He replied before sinking beneath the covers and going down on his wife.

Victoria responded by wrapping her legs around Stephen’s back and pulling his head into her pussy. “Oh wow,” she sighed as she began to climax. “Yes, yes…YES!!”

Victoria looked at Stephen as he shuffled back up the bed to join her, wiping her dampness from his mouth as he did so.

“Okay, I want to do it,” She said, with an uncertain look on her face. She still wasn’t sure exactly how serious her husband was and she knew she had to take the lead with this one.

“Do what?” Stephen replied, she knew he was goading her to say it properly.

“I want to fuck that hot young builder, I want his massive dick in my pussy.” She said, not believing what was coming out of her mouth. “God, am I a slut?” she sighed, unsure if what she was saying was what her husband wanted to hear or not. Stephen just stared at her.

“Don’t just gawp at me, say something.” she said, thinking that perhaps she’s gone over the top.

“You are perfect and illegal bahis I love you.” Stephen replied, leaning in to kiss her again. “I can’t wait to hear all the details.” Stephen lent over to switch off the bedside light. “Goodnight.” He said, reaching out to take his wife’s hand.

Victoria spent that Friday lunch time out with her best fried Katie. She told her about using her big vibrator Katie had bought her a few years ago, but she resisted telling her what had made her think of using it.

“I can’t believe it’s taken you so long.” Katie said in response to this. “I have the same one, it’s my favourite vibrator, that’s why got it for you.” She told her. “Did you like it?”

“Yes, I really did.” Victoria replied, “I’d just like to….” She stopped before telling Kate that she’d like to try the real thing.

“What?” Asked Katie.

“Doesn’t matter.” Victoria replied.

“Come on Vic, you can’t just stop there, sounds like you were going to say something interesting.” Katie probed.

Victoria decided to tell Katie about the situation she was in, or wanted to be in. About wanting Ethan and that Stephen had encouraged her to go for it.

“Oh my god Vic, you totally have to go for it,” came Kate’s reply. “You haven’t really had a big cock before, have you?”

“Not exactly.” Victoria signed.

“And one so young too. Remember that guy Dane I was dating? Total idiot, but such a great cock.” She said. I mean like that.” She put her hands a certain distance apart to show Victoria his length. “And his girth… wow!” She giggled.

Talking to Katie had given Victoria what she wanted, that gentle encouragement to go through with potentially have another man fuck her. She went home feeling all horny and tingly, but she decided to refrain from masturbating because she hoped that feeling of lust she had would push her to making a move with Ethan.

Having had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch, Victoria was feeling slightly tipsy when Kate dropped her off at home, she noticed that some of the workers had gone home early, presumably as it was Friday.

As she let herself in she had a snoop around where they were working to see who was still there, to her delight she noticed that only Ethan and another man remained. “Cup of tea?” She shouted through to them,

“No thanks Mrs Stoneman, I’m off in a minute.” The other man replied. “Gotta pick my daughter up from school.”

Victoria popped her head round the corner.

“How about your colleague?” she asked, hoping Ethan would say yes.

“Um, no thanks, I’m heading off soon too.” He replied, much to her disappointment. “The pub beckons.”

“If it’s not too much trouble I was wondering if you could help me move a few things in the garage before you go.” Victoria said, thinking on her feet. “It wont take long and since you’re off to the pub anyway, I’ll pay you in beer.” She said, looking at Ethan.

“No problem, I’ll pop in after I’ve finished up here.” He replied

Victoria went back into the house to freshen up. She made sure she looked her absolute best, without seeming like she was trying too hard. The nerves had kicked in and although she rarely drank, especially in the daytime, she found herself popping open a bottle of wine and pouring a glass for a little dutch courage.

She wore a little, low-cut flowery summer dress, which sat just above the knee. She had taken her knickers off, which was not unusual as she liked the feel. Her pussy was tingling with anticipation. She was so nervous, yet she felt confident and she knew exactly how she was going to approach the situation.

When she overheard Ethan shouting goodbye to his colleague, Victoria knew she was alone in the house with him. She sat herself up on the work top of her big farmhouse style kitchen, crossed her legs and awaited his arrival.

“Hello.” Said a voice as the kitchen door opened.

“Come in.” Victoria replied, her heart beating fast. There’s beer in the fridge.” she said as Ethan appeared.

“Oh.. um.” Ethan stuttered, probably expecting her to show him what she wanted him to help with first.

“Don’t be shy, I won’t bite.” She said, making sure not to break eye contact with him. Pour yourself a beer and take a seat.” she continued, pointing at the stools she had lined up by the breakfast bar.

Ethan somewhat timidly poured out a beer and sat up on a stool facing Victoria. “It’s not the pub, but the company’s better, right?” Victoria said in a flirtatious tone.

“Absolutely Mrs Stoneman.” Ethan replied, feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Victoria please.” She said, smiling at him. As looked at him closely she realised she was even more attracted to him than she’s innitally thought. His dark eyes, high cheekbones and chiseled jaw line were perfect and she admired his athletic frame as she sat there.

“What did you want me to help with Mrs.. um, Victoria?”

“That depends on what you can do,” she teased, probably confusing him slightly. Ethan just sat there and sipped his beer.

“Well what do you want moving?” He replied. She noticed him looking at her legs as he spoke and the thought that if she uncrossed them he would be able to see her pussy was driving her wild inside.

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