A Collection of Short Stories – Léa


“Students, this is Léa Dubois. She just moved here from France, so let’s give her a warm welcome, shall we? I’ll partner you up with Ryan.”

I remember being star-struck when I saw her for the first time. Léa was a tall and fit girl, with golden blonde hair falling down her sides, and wire-rimmed circle glasses on her face.

“Hi, nice to meet you.”

Oh shit. I’m staring.

“Hi, nice to meet you too.” I said awkwardly.

“So why did you move here from France?”

“My father had to come here for work.”

“Oh, what does your father do?”

“He’s a business consultant.”

“That’s cool.”

And just like that, our conversation died off.

This is how all my dates go. I thought to myself.

The next lesson was gym class. Léa changed into a loose-fitting T-shirt and tied her hair into a neat bun. She caught me staring again and I looked away sheepishly. She could run fast, faster than the other girls in my class, and soon every boy in my class, and later the whole school, wanted to get to know her.

But Léa was quiet, talking to few people, and even then sharing little about herself or her family or anything for that matter.


“I heard Jordan already asked her out.” Tyler said, while we ate lunch.

“He did?”

“Yeah. He got rejected.”

My friends and I burst into laughter.

“Isn’t he already dating someone?”

“Oh yea, I think he is.”

“How can you blame him though? She’s fucking gorgeous.” Tyler said.

“Come to think of it, who’s she sitting with?” Someone else asks.

I turned around to look, scanning the cafeteria for her, then spotting her in a corner eating alone.

“I’m gonna go sit with her.” I said as I walked over with a tray of food in my hand.

“Hi, can I sit here?”


I wanted to get to know her better, not only because she’s stunning, but also because she seemed like an actually interesting person and someone I could be friends with, so I asked more about her.

After we finished our food, we walked back to class together. My group of friends grinned and chuckled as we walked past them, but she ignored them.

“Sorry about them. Don’t mind them.”

“It’s fine.” She chuckled lightly.


The next few days passed by quickly.

Léa and I grew closer as we ate lunch together and spent pretty much our whole day in school together. I found myself falling for her, so much so that I was going to ask her out that Friday.

“Hey Léa.”

“Hi Ryan!”

“Umm… I have something to ask you.”


“Would you like to go out tomorrow? On like a date?”

“Are you asking me out?” She feigned ignorance, in a playful way.

I chuckled. “Léa… do you have a middle name?


“Léa Dubois, would you like to go out on a date with me tomorrow? I am asking you out.”

“Sure, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great! Where do you wanna go?”

“Let’s go catch a movie, then we’ll have dinner.”

“Sounds good. Can’t wait!”

Léa headed off for her class first, while I caught up with my friends.

“How did it go?”

“It went great. I got myself a date tomorrow.”

“Nice, tell us everything after the date.”

“Sure thing.”


I bonus veren siteler dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans and waited for Léa outside the cinema that day.

“Hey Ryan!”

Even after seeing her everyday, I was still in awe at how perfect she is. She wore a sleeveless sundress, held up by two thin shoulder straps, and exposing her neck and shoulders.

“Let’s go in!” I said enthusiastically.

The movie was… meh, but watching it with Léa made it great. I put my arms around her and she leaned in, and we watched the entire movie sat like that.

We went to a fancy restaurant after that to have dinner, then I followed her home.

“Thanks for the date, I really enjoyed myself.” She said with a sweet smile on her face.

Then, I wrapped my arms around her neck, and brought her face closer to mine. Our lips hovered inches from each other for a few seconds, before I kissed her soft lips. She looked down nervously and smiled as I kept her face close to mine.

“I enjoyed myself too.”

“You know, my parents are out tomorrow night. Do you want to come over?”

“I would love that.”

“Ok, see you tomorrow.”


I took a deep breath, straightened my shirt, then rang the doorbell.

“Oh, you must be Ryan!”

I was greeted by a middle-aged woman, who I presumed to be Léa’s mother.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Dubois.”

“Call me Sophie,” she said, as I followed her into Léa’s house. “Mathieu, this is Ryan!”

Léa’s father also greets me warmly.

“We’ll get out of your hair, bye!”

Léa and I sat on the couch, scrolling through Netflix and finding something to watch. We settled on some romance film, and then Léa curled up on the sofa with me, pulling a blanket over us. Léa leaned into me and put her head on my chest, and I wrapped my arm around her, taking in the scent of her hair.

“Are you asleep?” I asked softly.

“Definitely not.”

“You haven’t moved in the last five minutes.”

“I just like snuggling here.”

I kissed the top of her head and she moaned in approval, so I did it again. She held my hands and brought them to her chest, letting my hands rest on her small but perky breasts. My hands lingered there while my mouth planted a trail of kisses down to her neck.

“Feel them.” Léa said softly.

My hands gently squeezed her breasts, the first pair of breasts I had ever touched. Léa then directed my hands to the bottom of her shirt, then slowly dragged her shirt up, my hands moving up her slender body, and she lifted her arms, allowing her shirt to slide off.

Léa finally turned around and was now facing me, as the blanket fell to the floor, exposing her red bra to me. I pulled her face to mine and our lips met for only the second time, but it was so much more passionate than the first.

Léa’s warm body is a comfortable weight atop mine, as she rests her ass on top of mine. We continue to kiss passionately as my hands roam to her back, trying to take off her bra.

She pulls away and chuckles, then takes off her bra herself, laying bare her perfect breasts for me.

“Do you like them?”

“They’re perfect.” I said, my mouth diving in and kissing and sucking on her nipples. Léa moaned affectionately and started subconsciously bedava bahis grinding her hips against my already very hard cock.

“Oh Léa,” I groan as Léa slowly unbuttons my shirt. When she’s done, she drops to her knees and unbuttons my jeans, sliding them off my legs. My cock stood tall underneath my underwear, and she slid her hands underneath the elastic, taking my underwear off as well. My skin shivered at the touch of her hand.

Léa eyed my erect cock, which jumped up in front of her, apprehensively.

“Léa, you don’t have to… oh fucckk…”

Léa took my cock in her mouth. I groaned in pleasure as my sensitive cockhead is enveloped in her warm mouth, and her tongue licks at it gently.

“Oh that’s good…” Precum oozed out of the tip of my cock, and Léa used her tongue to spread it around, sending shivers down my spine. Her head bobs up and down on my cock at a slow but steady pace, and she even swirls her tongue over the sensitive tip of my cock, sending me into her a whole new world of pleasure. My hands caressed her face tenderly, gently pushing her hair to the side, and looking down at her as she worked hard on bringing me to orgasm.

I tapped on her shoulders and groaned out, “Léa, I’m gonna cum soon.”

Léa looked into my eyes with renewed vigour, as she picked up the pace. Soon, my back arched involuntarily and my cock hit the back of her throat, as I came inside her mouth. The first spurt hit the back of her throat and the second spurt filled up her mouth, so Léa pulled my cock out of her mouth. The subsequent spurts shot straight at her face, until my orgasm died down and my cock became flaccid.

I then realised Léa’s face is covered in cum.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!” I grabbed a bunch of tissue and tried to clean up her face.

“I’m fine Ryan, I’m fine!” She laughed, using the tissue to clean up some of the cum covering her eye and on her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry Léa, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s fine Ryan, it was nice.”

“Sit here.” I said, asking her to sit on the sofa.

She sat on the sofa, and my hands slowly slid her shorts off her leg, revealing her red panties, with the centre of it dark red due to her wetness. She parted her legs and my fingers gently ran over her warm lips, only a thin piece of cloth separating my fingers from her pussy. I then gently peeled off her panties, revealing her pussy, engorged due to her arousal.

I placed a kiss on the outer lips of Léa’s pussy, causing her to groan in anticipation. My tongue ran slowly along her slit, going up to her clitoris, and sucking it gently. That seemed to do the trick, as she arched her back, her legs closing more tightly around me.

She grabbed onto fistfuls of my hands and kept my head in place, as I increased the tempo, to a faster and relentless pace. I could feel her approaching her orgasm as her breath shortened, so I continued to suck on her clit.

“OHH…OHHH…” She cried out as my tongue entered her pussy. I held on to her, keeping her in place, as her body jerked violently. I reached up and pinched her nipples, while keeping the pressure up on her clitoris, and another orgasm swept over her and overwhelmed her.

Soon enough, her thighs loosened their grip on my head as her orgasm died down. I kiss her pussy again, sending deneme bonus another jolt of pleasure through her again. I got up and sat beside her, letting her rest her head on my shoulders. Her chest and her breasts rose up and down with each breath, while her skin was visibly pinkish-red. We were sat there for a while, as I held her close and her breathing slowly returned to its usual pace.

“That was great.” Léa said.

“Well, I’m glad you liked it.” I said, kissing her neck.

“Stop, how am I going to explain all the red marks on my neck?” She laughs, pushing herself away from my chest.

“You could just say the truth.”

She chuckled again. Léa stroked my cock lazily, and my cock slowly stiffened up.

“Someone’s still hard,” she said jokingly, “I can help you deal with it.” She turns around and gets up onto my thighs. She grabbed my shoulders for support while my hands travelled underneath her ass, holding her up.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?”

“Very sure.” Léa whispers into my ear as she repositions my cock, putting the tip of my cock at her entrance. Slowly, she lowers her body onto my cock. She takes a deep breath and my cock penetrates her. My cock was about halfway in when it met a barrier. She braced herself then further lowered her body, breaking the barrier.

Léa winced in pain, and I held her up, letting her get a rest.

“Does it hurt?”

“It’s… it’s fine.” She breathed shakily. Her hands held onto my shoulders for support as she took in my cock bit by bit. The walls of her pussy are extremely tight around my cock, but somehow she finally took my entire cock in her pussy.

I hold her close to me, feeling her chest heave up and down as she gets accustomed to having a cock inside her.

“Let’s go slow.” She said softly.

“Okay, anything for you.”


We were sat like that for a few more minutes, enjoying each other’s company in an intimate embrace. Then she started to slowly grind her hips, her pussy rising and falling a little as she moaned into my ear each time my cock entered her fully.

Her breathing gets faster and her moans become higher-pitched as she continues to grind against me.

“Is it good?” She asks in between breaths.

“Perfect.” I groan out. Her pussy wrapped around my cock, and it felt like nothing else in the world, while her breasts rub against my chest, her hard nipples becoming even harder with arousal.

My fingers travelled to Léa’s clitoris, going through the tight space between our abdomens. My fingers rubbed her clitoris gently, and she squealed out in surprise and pleasure, grinding her hips faster.

Léa reached orgasm first. Her body shook intensely against mine while the walls of her pussy closed around my cock. I continued to rub her clitoris, prolonging her orgasm as she cried out in pleasure.

I lost control next, spurts of cum shooting out into her womb, and painting her insides. The tightening walls of her pussy milked even more cum out of my cock, which filled up her womb and leaked out onto her inner thighs.

As our orgasms died down, she rested her head on my shoulders, and both of us tried to catch our breath. My cock slid out of her pussy with a ‘pop’ sound and more cum leaked out of her pussy.

Her fingers wiped up the cum, and she put the finger in her mouth, sucking up my cum.

“It tastes surprisingly good,” she said. “You wanna try it?”

“No!” I laugh.

“I love you, Ryan.” She said softly into my right ear, her head still resting on my shoulder.

“I love you too.”

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