My Sweet Nephew


My sweet nephew

Hi friend, I was alone at home for the last one week as my husband had gone abroad with my son for his admission to tongue, the UK. I am a thirty-five-year-old married woman with a flat and curved belly, fairly large sized breasts with a deep valley in-between the two mounds and busty ass cheeks.

I have a deep ass crack in my ass melons and my pussy is really deep and slippery, ideal for a long and plump size dick. The size of my breasts is 36 C, the waist above my pussy is 28 and my round ass is 38. I enjoy exposing my torso, waist, belly button and even my legs if an opportunity exists.

I feel thrilled to create a stir in people’s trousers when they watch my exposed figures with lusty eyes. My husband has made me a slut as he himself is very horny and always prefers anal fucking over my pussy.

He licks my both anal and pussy holes with one long stroke of his fleshy tongue, thus creating eternal pleasures in my love holes.

I, too, into the canal, squirt ferociously when his long meatloaf pumps my slippery anal hole while he keeps on pinching and squeezing my pussy lips and clit with his fingers.

After fucking my deep anal canal, he licks and eats my pussy lips and clit so passionately that I squirt my love juice like a jet pen into him, his mouth. He is too hot and I even once caught him eating my sister’s pussy, but instead of getting annoyed with him, I became horny and joined them in a threesome.

This developed more sexual understanding between me and my husband and I even allowed him to enjoy protective sex whenever and with whomever he feels, especially when is abroad.

He too allowed me to have body massage from she-males who are available in the nearby massage centre with home service facility. I like Reshma the most as her fleshy dick dangling between her legs is so plump that it gives me ultimate pleasure when I eat it or take it out of my two holes.

She cums double than my husband’s and fills my every hole to the maximum of my pleasure. However, for the last seven days I was alone in my bed and was starving for sex as Reshma was on leave and my husband was out of country.

I wanted someone, anyone, entering his dick in my pussy and then squirting his love load in my anal canal. Although I had been masturbating regularly in the afternoon and at night before sleeping, experimenting with different artificial toys and elongated vegetables like cucumbers and carrots etc in my holes, yet I was starving for the actual penis.

And then the lady’s luck became nice to me as my brother called me that my nephew would come to me in the evening for a week to spend his summer vacations with me and my son Amar. When I told him about my husband and son, he got a little upset as Amar and my nephew were very close.

Both were 21 21years old.

However, when I told him, he will enjoy his stay with me, he got relaxed. I was thrilled and was turned on by the thought of seducing innocent looking boys.

I knew how to allure and seduce them. I wore a low neck and see-through mini skirt without my braziers but with a contrasting undie (Chuddi or underwear) and kept my top unbuttoned, exposing half of my breasts and cleavage. When the bell rang, I received my nephew in the corridor with a big hug and a kiss on his cheeks, crushing my fleshy breasts against his chest and pressing my throbbing pussy against his crotch.

I kept him squashed in my arms until I felt him pulling his thighs nervously away from me as the meatloaf dangling between his legs started swelling. I was really amused by his nervousness.

I made him sit on the sofa, offered him snacks, and sat on the opposite chair. He was a little sad when I told him that his cousin was out of the country. But queenbet yeni giriş I told him I would make his stay here as thrilling and memorable as he might have thought.

Seeing his juice glass empty, I took the juice cane and started re-filling while bending in front of him and exposing my breasts to the maximum. I could see a shine and innocent lust in his eyes and a small jerk in his trousers where I had my interest.

Throughout chatting, I could see his eyes staring at my naked creamy legs and the deep cleavage between my fleshy breasts.

At night, we went to the kitchen and started eating. While filling his plate intentionally with small servings, every time I bent to the maximum to show him my assets, and was always amazed to see a lust in his eyes and a small bulge jerking in his trousers.

While refilling juice, I intentionally dropped the glass on the table, which not only spoiled my skirt a bit, but also the marble floor. He immediately took a tissue roll and started cleaning the table. I too dried my skirt with tissue and then took a long piece of tissue roll for cleaning the floor. He came to my side for help and offered to clean it. I told him not to worry and bent on my knees on the floor, intentionally keeping my back towards him and started cleaning the floor slowly.

My ass was lifted sufficiently up and towards him and I knew he could see part of my ass cheeks because of the mini size of my skirt, with no fear as he was standing behind me.

While sitting at my knees, I pulled the stripe of my undie covering my ass crack towards one side and I felt a wave of cold air from the bracket fan at my buttocks and in my ass crack, which meant my ass was completely naked.

I opened my legs a little apart, not giving him any clue of my intentions so that he could see my womanhood and my clit with no hindrance.

I kept cleaning the floor slowly and continuously kept talking to him about his activities. I lifted my eyes a little up and through the huge wall mirror on the opposite side could see his penis swollen in his trousers and his eyes glued to my heavenly parts.

I twitched my pussy twice to show him how hot I was and a few drops of my pre-cum dribbled out of my pussy lips. I didn’t know whether he saw my juice, but I could see continuous jerks in his trousers and he was trying to cover his dick with his hands, making a sort of cup.

After the dinner I took him to the living room with a cup of coffee in our hand. He sat on the sofa and I sat on the opposite chair. After sometime I lifted my legs up and placed my feet at the seat, exposing my inner assets covered in sleek undie (Chuddi) as if it was all unintentional.

I again pulled my chuddi towards one side to give him an unrestricted view of assets. I avoided direct eye contact with him, giving him maximum uninterrupted opportunity to watch and enjoy what a desirable woman has between her legs. It was 10 P.M. when he wanted to have a rest. I took him to the guest room but when I switched on the air conditioner it didn’t work; (only I knew why, as I had already pulled the fuse out of its bracket). I told him he could sleep with me as he was just like my son and he conceded happily.

I told him to change into his shorts and shirt and I also went to my bathroom and removed my undies.

Virtually I was wearing nothing under my skirt. I switched off the light except for the zero watt bulb on the table lamp and started waiting for his snoring. About twenty minutes had passed, but I didn’t hear any snoring from him. I took some courage, lifted my one leg and placed it at his thigh while crushing my breast against his arm.

Seeing no movement, I pulled my leg a little apart and placed the upper part of queenbet giriş the inner thigh at his dick. My goodness, it was rock hard. He didn’t move. I moved closer and placed my arm around his waist, crushing both of my melons against his body while breathing hot at his face. I could feel twitches in his balls and jerks in his dick pressed under my leg. I gently rubbed my naked inner thighs against his naked legs and felt my pussy getting wet.

He turned his face towards the other side to hide his fully erected cock. I placed my arm around his waist and intentionally let my hand touch his meatloaf. He didn’t move.

I cradled his penis in my hand and wrapped it with my palm. My goodness, it was like an iron post, elongated and plump. I squeezed it and felt a jerk in his penis. I touched its mushroom and felt it a little wet with his pre-cum. My pussy also twitched, and I felt a droplet of my heavenly juice dribbling out of my pussy petals. I pulled the elastic band of his shorts and it easily slid down. I took his plump meat in my hand and started rubbing it gently.

It started throbbing and dribbling pre-cum into my hands.

“Hey baby, turn your side up if you want your aunt to make your stay thrilling and memorable,” I whispered in his ears and he turned his side facing up with his eyes still closed.

His rock hard penis was erected like a mast. I massaged it gently while adjusting my position between his legs. I took his cock in my hand and started licking his mushroom and all along its length, down to his shaved pubic area and clean balls. It was pulsating in my hands. I started eating it passionately.

“Hay baby, open your eyes if you love what aunty is doing,” I whispered again, and he opened his eyes. I unbuttoned and removed his shirt.

Then I removed my skirt, let my pointed tits touch his chest, parted my legs and let my pussy touch his cock while inserting my warm tongue into my nephew’s mouth.

He hesitantly opened his mouth, but soon started reciprocating with his tongue. We explored each other’s mouth for over ten minutes and I started eating his dick again. His whole body started shuddering.

“Hey baby, I am missing Amar (my son)” I said while chewing and kissing his lips.

“You are also like my son; would you like to call me mom till the time you are with me?” I added, and he said “Yes mom”. That gave me amazing pleasure and unimaginable feelings. Actually, I wanted to teach him that love with mom is also possible if both agree and I think I succeeded as he started calling me mom.

I took his penis in my mouth and started eating him with genuine passion and love. The taste of his pre-cum was so nice that I wanted to eat every drop of it.

His whole body squirmed with a heavy shudder. I increased my eating and squishing speed to give maximum pleasure to my newly found sex partner, my nephew; who was just like my son? He lifted his ass up, and I could feel that he had reached his climax.

“Okay honey, cum in your mom’s mouth. Mom will eat every drop of your love with passion and motherly love,” I said, while squishing and squeezing his shafted tongue. He squirted his love juice on my face and I took his mushroom into my mouth.

He dribbled every drop of his load into my mouth until he felt dry and emptied. I kept eating him until his rock hard cock turned limp and again started turning hard. I wanted him to remain involved, so I parted my legs wide and started sitting on his cock vertically while opening my pussy lips with my fingers.

His cock slid in my love canal and I started rocking up and down, involved, sliding his cock deep down into my pussy. I am very hard to cum and take hours to reach orgasm with my husband, but when it is unexpected and queenbet güvenilirmi particularly incest relationship, I can not hold longer and explode in minutes. But I tried to hold myself as I wanted to cum with my nephew at the same time. Since he had squirted a few minutes earlier, I could feel he was taking time to concentrate.

I lifted my ass a little up and his cock slipped out of my juicy cunt. I held his shaft in my hand, kept it upright, and adjusted my anus’ hole right at the top of his mushroom.

I put the weight of my ass on his dick, and it started entering my anus’ canal. I started moving up and down to give him a sliding effect, but he himself started pumping in minty anus. I was amazed to see the way he was doing it.

“Hay baby, you are so good in anal fucking, where did you learn it?” I asked him he, but he didn’t reply.

“Have you experienced anal fucking before, my baby”? I asked again while smiling and he, too, smiled.

Later he told me that my son Amar and he had been doing it with each other since long. Their anal sex is a regular part of their friendship whenever they meet each other. They are not gays but do it only for enjoyment.

His cock was pulsating in my anus, but I pulled it out and turned into 6/9. We started eating each other passionately. I could smell the aroma of my anus at his shaft, but believe me, the taste of licking his penis coated in my anal aroma was amazing.

His penis was now dribbling his hot juice in my hands and mouth. My pussy was also throbbing with drops of my hot juice mixed with his saliva, which was sliding along my legs. I then lay on the bed facing up with my legs lifted and he came between my legs. He ate my pussy for ten minutes, but before I could explode, I stopped him and I guided his cock into my wet pussy. We started rock n roll, and he started hopping on my pussy with his cock perfectly sliding along the inner walls of my pussy.

We were moaning with ecstasy and heavenly pleasure. “Oh my baby, Oh my son, oh my lovely little baby, oh ohhhhh, oooooh, cum in your mom’s heavens, squirt your entire love load in mom’s heavenly hole, ooooooh mom will take and preserve every drop of my son’s love in her pussy,” I was moaning loudly. “Oooohhhhhhh, oohhhhhhhhh, oh mom oh mom,” he started crying and moaning loudly like me. Soon I felt his body spasm and shudder. His balls twitched and his penis jerked in my heavens.

My pussy was also throbbing. I took his soft ass cheeks in my hands, pressed his buttocks, pulled him between my legs fiercely and inserted my leans wet finger in his twitching anus hole where my son had entered many times.

We enhanced our pumping speed and soon we reached our climax. I put my breasts in my nephew’s mouth to control his loud moans and wrapped my legs around his thighs to have the maximum push of his cock in my starving pussy. His cock was now pulsating and rubbing against the inner walls of my pussy and then I felt a jet of his fountain exploding in my pussy. I, too, had reached my climax and started having intense orgasms in my life for weeks.

I kept twitching my pussy lips and my clitoris until I felt the last drop of my love juice squirting out of my heavens and my nephew also emptied his huge cock load in my womb.

I could feel a stream of our mixed juices entering my ass crack and making my anus further wet. Even after having squirted and emptied our love organs completely, we kept lying in the same position like mom and son and he kept playing and licking my tits like my baby.

He was still twitching his cock in my pussy and I was still squeezing my pussy muscles as if I was still in need of another mom and son love session and maybe many more.

The entire week we spent was like being in heaven. And when my son came back after the tests and I had a threesome with my son and nephew and also watched them having anal fuck in front of me is another hot experience of my life.

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