Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 13


The morning after my encounter with Eric, and facing the reality that Ava and I were not as camouflaged as I originally imagined us to be, I felt stagnant. My eyes had been opened. I thought that I had understood the responsibility that I had taken on; but my night with Eric showed me that I didn’t fully comprehend how expansive this responsibility was. My mind was swirling with this revelation.

Ava was understanding. We had a quiet morning. She fixed us breakfast. I could tell Ava could tell how overwhelmed I was because we spent any moment that we didn’t need both of our hands to do something, then we would reach out for each other. We ate our breakfast holding one another’s hands.

After breakfast I dropped her off at home. Ava leaned over to get a goodbye kiss, but I moved away. I couldn’t. Even though I saw how it hurt Ava. We were out in the open, and I now knew that we could take no chances. No matter how much I wanted to show her my affection. I held her hand and reassured her that I would be picking her up next weekend to take us on our New York Trip. She smiled when she knew I hadn’t rejected her advances because I didn’t want her affection.

I made sure to text and call Ava every day that week to reassure her that I still very much loved her. Our last text was the morning I was to pick her up for the trip. I had instructed her what to wear. I was a bit nervous that I hadn’t received a reply. There was a nagging fear that she had changed her mind and decided not to go. I pulled into the driveway and sighed in relief seeing Ava waiting for me on the front steps. Her duffle bag was next to her packed to the brim. We had told our parents that Ava was coming with me since the company had given us tickets to The Lion King on Broadway. Ava had always wanted to see it, so I actually got us tickets to the show.

I had to control myself from licking my lips when I saw that Ava was wearing exactly what she had been asked to. I could see her low-cut shirt hiding underneath her jacket. Her legs were covered by a pair of black tights. They were shown off by the short maroon skirt and black heels she was wearing. I actually wasn’t very particular about what she wore for traveling, I just wanted to test the waters. I wanted to see if she still would listen to my instructions after last weekend. I was still insecure that she was upset at me. By her smile, and the way she bounded up when she saw me pull into the driveway, it didn’t seem like she was. I was getting out of the car when I saw Ava bending down to get her bag.

“I got it Ava; you can get in the car.” I told her. I took the bag from her and put it into the trunk. Ava was already seated and waiting patiently when I got back in the car.

“How was your week babe?” I asked her as I pulled out of the driveway. She reached over and took my hand that was resting on the shifter.

“I have been looking forward to this all week. I missed you.” I kissed the back of her hand as I we sped down the road. It was calming to know that we both intended to have a pleasant weekend. At the train station I got our bags. Ava offered to help but I wanted to carry it for her, let her know that chivalry isn’t dead.

The train pulled into the station and I let Ava in first. We sat in our seats, Ava next to the window, and me against the aisle. We were comfortably silent. I enjoyed knowing that Ava was happy to be close to me. Ava leaned in close and kissed my cheek. I looked down and saw her seductively smiling at me. I saw the love and excitement in her eyes. It caused a physical reaction in me that I had to keep under control.

“How long is the ride?” I knew Ava was making an insinuation that made my slacks tighten escort izmir again.

“We will be there before you know it. But I was thinking, maybe we could go explore the city after dropping off our bags. We can get some dinner.”

“That sounds fun, but I want to go to bed early for tomorrow.” I raised my eyebrow at her second insinuation. She just kissed my cheek again and settled into her seat. Much to my surprise, Ava fell asleep in her seat during the trip. I decided to let her rest, after all it would make her more active tonight. I only gently shook her awake when we were pulling into Grand Central Station.

“Stick close to me. I don’t want to lose you in here.” I told Ava as we disembarked. As usual, the New York City terminal was bustling with thousands pushing weaving through the crowds. My hands were full with our bags so Ava looped her finger around one of my belt loops on my pants so it wouldn’t be so easy to separate us. I found it cute. Once we were out on the street Ava was able to hail a cab for us.

I put our bags in the trunk of our cab, then joined Ava in the back seat. Ava had unzipped her jacket showing off her low-cut shirt, and I noticed how the driver was staring lasciviously at her. To send a message, I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She was practically in my lap. Ava must have known what was going on because she kissed my cheek and leaned into me.

When we pulled up to our hotel, I pushed Ava out of the vehicle and paid the driver. I grabbed our bags before pushing her into the building. Ava watched our bags on a small couch while I checked in with the clerk. Before long we were heading up the elevator to our room. I gave Ava her own key in the elevator so she could open the door for us.

“Aiden! Isn’t this a little too expensive?” I threw our bags on the bed.

“The company paid for a plaza king room for the conference for the employees. I paid for an upgrade to the Tower Room. I thought you would like it.” I snaked my arms around her. The best way to explain the room was elegant. There were crystal chandeliers, gold fixtures and the main piece that made this room special was the brick laid turret that was above the circular bed. The space was intimate and luxurious.

“I wanted to fully enjoy our first trip together. Nothing is too much for you.” She turned in my arms and put her hands on my face.

“I’ll have to make sure to pay you back.” She smiled and kissed me. I picked her up mid-kiss and twirled us around.

“Help me unpack so we can go explore the city?” I asked her not wanting to get lost in our kiss so that we never left the room. She nodded and went to open one of the bags. I stopped her before she could reach the zipper.

“Not that one.” I told her. I picked up the bag and put it at the top of the closet.

“What’s in there that I can’t see?” Ava’s curiosity was peaked. She reached for the bag again playfully. I picked her up and carried her away from the closet.

“No way, you’ll see it eventually. Let’s just leave it then. I want to go out on the town with you.”

“You know…Time Square will be there tomorrow.” Ava put her hands on my chest and pressed up against me. She was doing an impeccable job of seducing me. I let her pull me closer to the bed getting lost in her sultry gaze. She almost had me, but I caught myself. I held her wrists together in one of my own. Ava submissively melted into the gesture.

“Where did this temptress come from? I said I wanted to go out and enjoy the day. If you are really so desperate to stay in, we can, but don’t think we’ll do what you are looking for.”

“I’m sorry Master. I will behave.” I kept a hold of her wrists escort izmir and reached around to slap her ass once. I decided that the small punishment was enough. We left the hotel shortly after. We explored the shops, went to the Wax Museum and finished at decided to have dinner at Carmine’s.

We had finished dinner, and were waiting for desert when I slid the paper and pen, I had asked our waitress for to Ava.

“What is this for?”

“You’re going to write down what you want to do tomorrow. Just so we are clear, I am not talking about sightseeing. The party starts at five; and I plan on spending the day with you…in our room. I am giving you the opportunity to tell me just exactly you would like to do with that time.” She looked around at our public venue and I could tell she was going to say that she couldn’t do it in such a public space.

“It was not a request Ava.” I told her. “I want a well thought out letter; and you are going to start it right here and now.” She picked up the pen. I couldn’t help but smile at how cute she was. It looked like she was writing down her bank account information the way she was using all of her body to hide the paper she was writing on. When the waitress returned with our desserts, she quickly hid it under the table like the woman was a super spy. When she was done, she turned the paper over and slid it over to me.

I thanked her for it, then folded it up and tucked it away in my pants pocket. She relaxed as she enjoyed her dessert now comforted to know that no one could see her inner thoughts. After dinner we returned to our room. I told Ava to get cleaned up for bed. I went to go get some ice from the machine while she did. I returned and found her sitting on the bed in a peach baby doll lingerie with floral prints. She looked delicious. Her legs were shining showing off how smooth they were, just asking me to touch them. I walked up to Ava and took her face in my hands to kiss her. I pulled the paper out of my pocket and opened the fold with a flourish.

“Read it to me dear.” I handed it to her. I knew that Ava was embarrassed, but I wanted to build her confidence. I wanted her to openly tell me what she wanted, without prompting from me. I needed this for the health of our relationship. Ava looked at the paper but didn’t start reading aloud.

“I am either going to hear what you wrote; or I am going to hear you begging for a second change. Which is it going to be?” She looked at me to gauge my seriousness. When she saw that I wouldn’t back down she cleared her through nervously, and started to speak.

Dear Master,

I don’t know why you are asking me to do this, but I trust you. You asked me to write down what I want to do tomorrow. Honestly, all I want to do is spend time with you. Anything else that you choose to do to me, or with me, will be what I want to do. I know that is not the answer you are looking for. So, I think I’ll just share a fantasy of mine. You do not have to fulfill this tomorrow. Like I said whatever we do, I will be happy.

Master, I know you have seen how much I greatly enjoy being used. A fantasy of mine is to shed my humanity for a day. A day where all I am is a sex toy; your sex toy. Instead of Ava the submissive, I want to be Ava the cum dumpster. Part of this fantasy includes not knowing what will happen to me. Again, I know that is not very helpful so I’m only going to give you ideas of what you could do.

A toy doesn’t move on its own. So, if I become your toy, I want you to take away my ability to move. Not only so that I can’t move, but so that I can freely give myself to you. Use me however you want; anywhere you want. By the end of tomorrow I hope that you have use me in every way, in every corner of our room. Use me, then ignore me, or any other way you see fit. I want to give up what make me, me. I want every thought in my head to only be about you.

I know that I will make noises of both pleasure, and pain. Knowing that, I think it is better to muggle me with a gag so that my sounds do not detract from your pleasure. By using a gag, I will more readily remember my place as a toy. As a cum dumpster, I have no right to object, beg or scream unless you have told me to do so.

There is one final thing. This is not something that many people are willing to try; so, I understand if you don’t either. In my list of experiences and interests I listed golden showers. This act is something I find both degrading and exhilarating to experience. In my previous relationship it was something that we intended to explore, but never did. I have the same desire to accept your piss.

This is all I can think of to write. I hope it has given you what you were looking for. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I will never forget this trip. I will always hold this weekend close to my heart. So please, keep me close to you as well.

Your Ava

She finished reading the page and put it down. Listening to it made me hard as a rock. Not by what she was depicting, but her openness to me. To me it was so sexy when Ava let me in to her innermost thoughts. It was an unimaginable turn on to be a guest in her fantasy. I kissed her deeply in thanks for sharing with me.

I continued to kiss her and lay her gently down on the bed. I planted kisses on her neck. My hand slid up her thigh feeling that smoothness of her legs. She put both her hands on my face and kissed me again. We were so lost in one another that when the phone began to ring it startled us. I reached over with a huff to check the caller ID. It was our mother, so I had to answer.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” I answered. As I spoke to her Ava behaved waited patiently underneath me. She put her arms around my neck to remain closer.

“Just wanted to check in on you two. You didn’t text or anything when you got there.”

“Mom, we are adults.” My mother could be overprotective. “We’re fine. We got here a couple hours ago. We were enjoying the city.” My mother rambled on about things I could care less about. I rushed to get off the phone with her. Ava was making it difficult as she started kissing and groping my chest.

“Mom, we’re heading to bed. Ava will talk to you tomorrow.” I rushed off the phone. When I finally got her to hang up, I threw the phone onto the nightstand. She giggled at my impatient behavior. That laughter soon turned into moaning as I started to explore all the parts of Ava’s body. Ava started to pull off my clothing. She focused on my pants so that my dick could start rubbing against her pussy.

I pushed myself up on my hands to look down at her. Ava spread her legs wide for me. I pushed the head of my cock into her entrance; then pulled out. I did this a few times before sliding into her completely. I stilled inside her. Ava rolled her hips to stimulate herself. She wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me into her kiss. I held her face in my hands and started pounding into her.

We sensually made love. We rolled into several different positions before I blew my load into her mouth. I rubbed Ava’s clit to her own orgasm. Ava gasped as her body convulsed against my own. When Ava was done, we rolled over so that I was on my back and Ava was on top of me. I put the blankets over both of us and held her close.

“That was wonderful.” Ava told me with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“I plan to be even better tomorrow.” I teased.

“I love you Aiden.”

“I love you too, now sleep.” I kissed her forehead and listened to the sound of our breathing before falling asleep myself.

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