My Cousin Tove


It was in end of summer and I spent last of the break from university at our summerhouse. There were two houses on the lot and our family had one house and the other was used by my grandparents. It was only me and my mum out this week and my grandparents had my cousin Tove as a guest. She was 3 years younger than me and just turned 18 this spring.

The day before my grandfather suggested that I should take my cousin in our small boat and enjoy a day in sun, swimming and relax on a nearby shore. I thought it was cool so we went off and find a private place on a nearby island. This was in late 80s so when Towe decided to be topless I was not surprised. She had a short slim body and perky breast with small areolas and nipples. She had no tan lines so it was not the first time she was without a bikini top for sure.

I had brought a floating bed and Tove went on it and float away laying there on her belly, She had some small bikini bottom on and a very tight small ass, not yet develop the full women body. After some time in the sun I then decided to jump in to the water and I could not resist swim up to the bed and tip her in.

This started a fight for the madras asyabahis yeni giriş where we wrestled and fight for the madras, in this fight our bodies touched, so her ass pressed against my cock, my hands slightly ran over her breasts and nips, the touches was only for seconds but it was thrilling and I become aroused. Looking at her she also was aroused or just cold, her nipples was rock hard.

This wrestling came ended quickly when I made a jump up to the madras at same time Tove tried to stop me by grabbing me and instead my swim shorts went completely off. I sat on madras showing my fully erected cock and in water stood my cousin between my legs staring at it. We froze both of us and then she asked;

– Can I touch it?

– Yes, I said relieved she did not scream. She reached out and grabbed my shaft gently, she looked up at me with a smile and very mischievous look.

– It’s nice, I did not think it would feel so warm. Did I make you this hard?

– Yes, I said didn’t know what else to do. Her small hand around my cock felt very good and the sight of her standing in the water with her perky breast naked and delicious was asyabahis giriş so good. I reach out my hand and touched the breast and nipple. That made her sigh. She moved her hand around my cock but as she was beginner the grip was a bit to hard so it did not feel so good, which was good since I probably would have cum if she know how to.

– Mm, my breasts are very sensitive, I like when you play my nipple.

– I like to touch them and kiss them but let us move to shore.

We went to shore and she laid down on her back on the madras. I sat on my knees beside her and gently run my right hand over her flat belly and up to her breasts, the nipple was so hard and fent wonderful under my hand, between my fingers and as she moaned. I was sure she liked it. She closed her eyes and I bent down and kissed her breast, belly and then took her breast in my mouth. My right hand on her belly touching edge of her bikini.

– Wait! she said and broke the moment. — Let us both get naked, I want to see your cock again.

I took of my shorts and she slipped her bikini bottom off. My cock stood right up against my belly as I saw her little pussy, she had asyabahis güvenilirmi a thin layer of blonde pubic hair and a cute pussy with no outer lips. She kept laying down but got her hand around my cock, my hand went between her legs, feeling the hair, feeling her pussy under my palm of hand. I could feel her wet and imagined it was not only from the swim. I pressed hand and grind against her and my finger went between lips. She moved hand on cock and after I asked her to lose the grip. I started to get really excited. I could tell she also got excited, she parted her legs more and started to move against my hand so my finger went a bit deeper in her pussy. I bent down and took her nip in mouth and sucked hard. This started her moan even more and then she wanted something else.

She told me to lay down on my back on madras and then she sat on me. Her hands on my chest, my cock grind towards her pussy. She started to move her hips and rubbed against me, she was all into the lust, eyes closed clit rub against me shaft and as I placed my hands on her ass she started to move faster and moan. She teased me good and I was feeling the balls ready to shoot and when I could not hold it anymore, I heard she made also a final sigh of relieve and pleasure.

We lay still like this for a while, the sticky sperm between our bodies, her breast against my chest my hands on her ass. Until we get up and went into sea to get rid of all the sperm…

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