Blackmailing Your Step Sister


“You’re back late!” Justin said as his step sister practically fell through the front door.

“It was a heavy one,” she said and slammed the door behind her.

“I bet it was,” Justin replied and switched off the TV. He turned to Chantelle and regarded her. She was wearing less than her usual attire. Tiny hot pants sat just below her hips showing off the full length of her tanned legs. A little crop top showed off a toned stomach. Her long black hair hung elegantly down each side of her face.

She smiled at him as she plonked herself down beside him. “Why you up so late bro?”

“Don’t play dumb,” Justin laughed. “I know where you’ve been.”

She blinked, and looked shocked. “what do you mean?”

“You’ve been stripping,” he growled at her and shoved a hand down her top pulling out a big wedge of cash.

“I haven’t been stripping don’t be stupid!”

“Then what’s this then?” He shook the money in her face.

She sighed. “Fine, I’ve been stripping. What’s it to you anyway!”

“Nothing to me, but mom and dad wouldn’t like it I don’t think,” Justin grinned.

“Yea so, they ain’t gonna find out are they?” She hissed at him and snatched the money back artemisbet yeni giriş out of his hand.

“Tell you what,” he said. “I’ll hold off telling mum and dad if you do something for me!”

She eyed him suspiciously. “What do you want? Money?”

“Money,” Justin laughed. “Show me your pussy!”

“What!! No way your my brother.”

“Step brother!” He corrected her then ran a hand up her bare leg. “Show me your pussy!”

Chantelle rolled her eyes then leant back on the couch. She wriggled her hips as she squeezed her hot pants down her thighs and kicked them off.

“Wow you weren’t wearing underwear?”

“Course not.” She grimaced at him. “This is sick you know?”

“I know,” Justin laughed. “Now open up!”

“Really?” She gasped and spread her legs wide. “Happy now. Can I go?”

Justin shook his head. “No way, not yet.” He reached in and ran a finger right up the center of her smooth slit. Chantelle shut her eyes and let out a soft moan.

“Happy now?”

“No,” he grunted and quickly unbuttoned his trousers. His cock popped out.

Chantelle snapped her eyes open just as he closed in on her. “What!!! Wait no!”

Before artemisbet giriş she knew what was happening Justin had pulled her by the hips right onto the full length of his cock.

“Oh god,” she gasped as his cock slammed into the back wall of her pussy. “What are you doing you sicko!”

“What does it look like!” He grunted as he began sliding himself in and out of her.

“Fuck!” She gasped. “You’re my brother!”

“I know, does that turn you on?”

She gasped and closed her eyes again as the full force of his cock slammed into her. “I’m wet aren’t I?”

“Yes, you are. I’ve wanted to fuck you for years,” he whispered in her ear.

Chantelle bit her lip and groaned as a wave of pleasure emanated from her pussy up to her tits. “Well, you’re lucky I’m having fun right now!”

Justin started to pound her harder. His cock filled her completely, stretching her walls wide. Each thrust into her sent her firm tits jiggling up and down in front of hip. He wrapped his lips around her hard nipple causing her to groan louder.

“Fuck me brother!” She whimpered and gasped for air. “Mmmmm I’ve spent nights dreaming about this, but I never knew artemisbet güvenilirmi it would feel so goooood!” Her last weren’t burst from her lips with a cry as her pussy tightened around his shaft.

Justin knew she was ready. He bit down on her nipple as hard as he could as she bucked her hips and squirmed underneath him. Her cries grew louder. Her breathing get heavier. She spread her legs wider letting him dig inches deeper inside her.

Suddenly her body started to thrash around in front of him. Her mouth opened wide and let out a huge groan as her pussy exploded over his.

“Fuck meeee!” She groaned as he slid into her harder. “Fuck me little brother. Violate my tight little cunt!”

“Oh god!” Justin exploded in her, filling her till she couldn’t be filled any more. She squirmed underneath him trying desperately to eek out every last ounce of pleasure from his huge cock inside her tight little cunt.

Then the pleasure subsided, their movements got slower and her groans turned to gasps. They collapsed on each other breathing hard and fast.

“Mmmmm,” Chantelle groaned.

“I won’t tell anyone about your stripping!”

“Thanks, I won’t tell anyone you fucked my brains out, and I loved it!”


“Nobody can find out,” Chantelle said in matter of fact tone of voice. “especially not our parents. If they do, you won’t be able to fuck me again tomorrow afternoon!” She winked at him then got up and left the room.

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