Mike’s Estranged Sister


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.


“Why don’t you just come move in with me?”

That something that Mike never expected to hear from his little sister. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his little sister, just that they hadn’t been close in a long time. They had been inseparable growing up, that tends to happen in abusive households. Their estrangement though started back when they were in their early twenties. Sarah had come home early from work one day to find her soon to be ex-boyfriend in bed with her soon to be ex-best friend. Sarah then showed up at Mikes place in tears. Dinner and a bottle of rum later they wound up spending a night together that neither of them remembered that well.

When they awoke in Mike’s bed the next morning naked and unable to deny what had just happened, they figured the worst had already happened and then it happened again. And again. And it kept happening every day, usually several times a day, for the next month. It had been an incredible time of exploring each other’s bodies and needs, both of them doing things for the other that they had never considered doing for another person before. All good things had to come to an end though, and one day Sarah realized she had missed her period. A pregnancy test confirmed their worst fears.

Sarah had asked Mike what she thought she should do. Mike panicked and said she should get rid of it. He quickly realized that what she was actually asking was if he would help her take care of the child. It was too late though, the damage was done and Sarah walked out of his life for the next few years. She had tried to tell her ex that it was his, but he was infertile, so she had to fess up that she had had a one-night stand with someone after she found him cheating. Naturally their dad refused to let her stay at home, calling her “a good for nothing whore, just like your mother!”. Thankfully their mom’s sister out in California let her move in with her and helped Sarah find a job.

Mike’s niece Emily was three before he finally met her when Sarah relented and came home for a visit. There was no doubt in Mike’s mind that Emily was actually his daughter, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. When Mike had found time to talk with Sarah in private it became apparent that it was easier for Sarah to forget about what had happened between them and simply believe the lie she told everyone, including herself. It was then that he knew that he had to get his life together.

Mike went to school at a culinary institute a few hours away and eventually became head chef at the only decent restaurant in town. It was a good living, and he genuinely loved the work, it was just exhausting and didn’t leave him much time for anything else. Mike was tall, blonde, good looking with a lean physique and a ton of tattoos, so he never had trouble finding a girlfriend when he wanted one but none of them lasted long. Sarah, for her part, had gotten her real estate agent’s license and was doing well for herself and her daughter. Mike didn’t see either of them again until their father died of a heart attack when Emily was seven. With dad out of the picture their mom softened a bit and Sarah started coming back to town a couple times a year. Sarah and Mike also started talking and texting again on a regular basis. Cancer took their mom a few years later and though they always said that they would spend more time together, the last time Mike had seen either Sarah or Emily was at their mom’s funeral.

Ten years had gone by and though they kept in touch, Mike and Sarah lived separate lives 1000 miles away. And then Covid happened. Mike lost his job when he got in a fight with the owner who was refusing to take it seriously. It wasn’t the first time Mike had gotten heated about things over the last few years, so when word got out that he wasn’t going to be quiet about this he was blacklisted from the other restaurants in the area. Word travels quickly in small towns. As things dragged on, more restaurants closed down and very few were hiring. Unemployment benefits helped, but Mike couldn’t really do anything but watch his savings slowly dwindle.

Sarah and Mike were catching up on a call when she suggested he move in. “Seriously, you can’t find a decent job out there, mom and dad have been gone for a while, what do you have left keeping you there?”

Mike started to give a half-baked excuse but gave up. “You’re right. You’re usually right.”

“Usually? Try always bro.”

“Not always. If I remember correctly you tend to have awful taste in men.”

“Yeah… Usually… But not always.” There was a small smile in her voice. “So, you’re going to move out here?”

Mike sighed. “Yeah. I’ve got to fix up a few things around here if I’m going to sell my house, but I’ve got nothing else going on so it shouldn’t take long. You’ve got a spare bedroom for me, right?”

“Yep! I’ll let Em know that you’re coming to stay, I’m sure she’ll love to spend artemisbet yeni giriş time with you.”

Things moved quickly from there. In just a few weeks Mike had gotten some advice from a real estate agent, done some landscaping and refinished the deck before packing what he needed to take, moving his stuff into a storage unit and throwing out the rest. A few days later he was knocking on the door of his sister’s home in a small coastal city in California. The door swung open, and Mike got a shock when his niece jumped out, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “HEY UNCLE MIKE!” She looked exactly how Sarah had looked back when she was her age. Exactly the way Sarah had looked when they fucked like mad for a month straight.

Mike pulled back from the hug, grinning from ear to ear. “Holy shit Em! Who let you get so big? Turn around let me get a look at you.” Emily laughed and twirled around. Her hair was shoulder length, braided on the sides and was dyed shades of blue and green. It was a hot day out so she was dressed in a white tank top and jeans cut off so short that her tiny pockets poked out the front. Emily’s small breasts and firm body made it apparent that she worked out daily. Emily’s tiny frame suited her 5’2″ height and her slender legs were topped by a taut, peach shaped ass. “You look JUST like your mother.”

Emily rolled her eyes. “Everyone says that, but mom says I look just like you.”

Mike chuckled. “Might be the eyes. But maybe you’ll take after me some more if we get some ink on you.”

Mike held his arms out, showing off his full sleeve tattoos. Emily’s eyes lit up as she ran her fingers along the designs. Sarah rounded the corner, shaking her head and laughing. “Oh no she doesn’t. Maybe you can be a degenerate, but she doesn’t get any tattoos that she can’t cover up. Emily hasn’t finished college and I’m not going to let her ruin her career this early.”

Mike saw his sister for the first time in over a decade and the sight made his heart skip a beat. She was a little heavier than Emily but it just made her curves even curvier. Sarah’s breasts had grown a cup size when she was pregnant, up to a C and had never gone back down. At 5’2″ like her daughter they looked enormous. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a low ponytail, and she was wearing a simple cotton sundress. There were a few more lines around her eyes than he remembered, but otherwise she looked just like how he had fantasized for all those years. Mike shrugged and picked up his bag. “Hey, there’s plenty of jobs out there for weirdos. Good to know you think I’m a degenerate though.”

Sarah came in and hugged her brother close. “I missed you Mike. And yes, you’re a degenerate, deal with it. Now let’s go put your stuff in your room.”

Sarah gave Mike the tour of the house. There were five bedrooms across two floors, living room, two car garage and a large backyard with a patio and pool. Mike had heard a little about California real estate prices from Sarah and knew it had to be worth at least a couple million. “Jesus Christ, I can’t believe Aunt Val left this place to you.”

Sarah shrugged. “I think it was mostly just because she loved Em so much. Anyway, what do we have to do to get some cooking out of you?”

Mike rolled his eyes and chuckled. “I figured that was coming. Let’s take a look at what kind of kitchen I’m working with here.” The appliances were brand new, or at least were hardly used. As he rifled through the cupboards Mike quickly realized that the kitchen was almost entirely for show. “Do you two ever even cook here?”

Sarah and Emily looked at each other guiltily. “We make breakfast every now and then.” Emily shrugged.

Mike shook his head and grabbed a notepad by the fridge. “Ok, well we’ll have to get some actual equipment in here if I’m going to cook on a regular basis, but I’ve got enough to put something together for tonight.” Mike scribbled down a quick shopping list. “Here Em, could you go out to the store and pick these up?” Emily nodded and hugged Mike, took the list and Sarah’s credit card and headed off to the store.

Mike found an old bag of flour, some eggs and a bottle of olive oil and got to work making some pasta. Sarah poured them a couple glasses of wine as Mike formed a pile of flour on the counter, cracked a few eggs into a divot in the center and beat the eggs with a fork. As he gradually worked the dough into a firm ball Mike and Sarah made small talk and caught up. It was when he went to wash his hands that Sarah finally asked the question she had been wanting to ask for years. “So why haven’t you ever gotten married?”

Mike froze briefly but regained his composure and dried his hands. “Are you sure you want to know? I mean, I could ask you the same thing.” Sarah looked at Mike over the rim of her wine glass as she took a sip and nodded, smiling. “Alright, fine, here’s the truth, I could never get over you Sarah. I’ve tried dating, but I never felt anything for artemisbet giriş any of them the way I felt about you.”

Sarah drained her glass and smiled sadly. “I know how you feel. I’ve tried too but…”

Mike refilled her glass. “But?”

“You’re gonna make me say it?”

“Yeah. I think it needs to be said.”

“OK. I love you. I’ve always loved you, but after that first night I realized I was in love with you. And that never went away. Not really. But then Emily happened, and I guess I had to face reality. So I did what I thought I had to and I ran. I’m so sorry.”

Mike stepped in closer and hugged his sister, looking deep into her eyes. “No, I’m sorry. I should have been there for you, maybe I couldn’t have been Emily’s ‘real’ dad, but you needed help and I just wasn’t there. It took me way too long to get my shit together.”

Sarah looked at her brother, his lips inches away from her own. “You’re here now…” and suddenly the dam burst. Decades of pent-up longing and need released all at once as Mike leaned in, pressing Sarah against the counter as their lips met. Sarah’s tongue darted between their lips and into Mike’s hungry mouth. He could taste the wine lingering on her tongue. Sarah groaned as she felt Mike’s hardening cock pressing into her thigh. Sarah pulled back and put a hand on Mike’s chest. “God I’ve needed this. But we can’t.”

Mike grinned. “Says who?” Mike kissed his sister again and he could feel her resolve break. Sarah pulled her brother in again and guided his hand under the hem of her dress. Running his hand up her thigh Mike felt his way towards his sister’s pussy and, pulling her panties to the side his fingers brushed against a dripping wet bush. Mike chuckled. “Haven’t shaved in a while?”

Sarah turned beet red. “I, uh, didn’t think this would happen so soon.” Mike didn’t say anything, he just grinned, kissed her neck and knelt on the kitchen floor. Sarah’s eyes went wide as she realized what was happening but quickly wrapped her fingers in his hair and guided him in. As soon as the tip of Mike’s tongue touched her pussy Sarah gasped and gripped the countertop as a jolt of electricity through her. Mike groaned as he tasted his sister’s pussy for the first time in decades. She was just as honey sweet as he remembered. Mike traced long, slow lines with the tip of his tongue along her inner and outer lips, wanting to make it last as long as possible. Sarah groaned and gasped as she ground her hips into her brother’s face. “FFFFFFUCK! GOD! NO!” Sarah pushed Mike away. “You need to stop. God I don’t want you to, but Emily’s going to be back soon.”

Mike stood up and kissed Sarah again, giving her a taste of her own wetness. Eventually they broke the kiss. “Later then?”

Sarah straightened her dress and ran her fingers over the conspicuous lump in Mike’s pants. “Definitely. Tonight. After Em goes to sleep.” Mike grinned and unbuttoned his jeans, before taking Sarah’s hand and guiding it in to feel his cock directly. Sarah’s fingers glided over the length of his hard shaft before finding the ridge of his head. Sarah found a spot of wetness at his cockhead and brought her fingers up to her mouth, glistening with his precum, and licked them clean. “Later.”

Surely enough, Mike had barely had time to button his jeans and wash his face before they heard the car pulling into the driveway. Emily brought the groceries in and set them on the counter as Mike finished rolling out the pasta dough with an empty wine bottle since his sister didn’t have a rolling pin. A few more moments of boiling, sauteing and tossing Mike had managed what he felt was an acceptable Cacio e Pepe which he served along with a light salad.

Emily’s eyes lit up as she took her first bite of the pasta. “OH MY FUCKING GOD! That’s the best thing I’ve EVER tasted!”

Mike chuckled as he slurped some peppered pasta and washed it down with a nice Moscato. “Oh I can do way better than this. I need actual tools though, I figured I’d find a restaurant supply outlet nearby and do some shopping tomorrow. If you’re not doing anything, do you want to come with? I can teach you a bit about cooking.”

Emily looked at her mom for approval and Sarah nodded. “I think it’d be a great idea for you two to spend some time together. Don’t worry about me. I’m sure your uncle and I will have plenty of time to catch up.” Emily cheered and poured herself a second glass of wine.

With dinner over a second bottle of wine was opened as they headed off to the living room to find a movie to watch. The second bottle eventually turned into a third and by the end of the movie Emily was passed out on the couch as Mike and Sarah chatted quietly. As the credits rolled Mike noticed his niece snoring gently and pointed this out to his sister. Sarah grabbed a blanket out of a nearby chest and tucked Emily in, letting her sleep it off on the couch before she turned back to her brother, a wicked smile on her face. “I think we’ve both waited long enough. artemisbet güvenilirmi Follow me.”

Mike stood up, his cock already hardening as he followed his sister back to her bedroom. He had barely gotten past the doorway when Sarah pushed him onto the bed and closed the door behind her. Bunching her sundress at the sides Sarah pulled the dress off over her head and let it fall to the floor. Mike unbuttoned his jeans and lifted his hips as his sister helped him slide the pants and underwear off his legs. Mike’s six-inch cock was standing at full attention, the bulbous head already throbbing purple. Sarah knelt onto the bed, biting her lip before she ran her tongue around the crown of his cockhead, giggling. “God I’ve missed this.”

Mike smiled and put his hand under Sarah’s chin gently pulling her gaze up to meet his. “I’ve missed you too sis.” Sarah smiled sweetly and kissed the tip of his cock before opening wide and taking the whole length of his cock in her throat in one smooth motion, maintaining eye contact the whole time. Mike gasped and threw his head back. “OH FUCK! You’ve picked up a few tricks sis.” Sarah winked and pulled back slightly to take another breath before burying his cockhead in her throat and moaning. The vibrations of her moan traveled straight through his cock and up his spine making Mike’s head swim as his sister gave him one of the most intense sensations he had ever felt in his life.

Sarah pulled her head off her brother’s cock with a long slurp and slowly stroked his slippery shaft. “It may have been a few years since I’ve been with anyone, but you weren’t the last person to have me bro. Ever since you agreed to come out here, I’ve been fucking myself senseless thinking about the things I wanted to do with you.” Sarah kissed her way back down Mike’s shaft before gently taking one of his balls and sucking it into her mouth. With one hand Sarah continued to stroke her brother’s cock and with the other she guided his hand to the top of her and let him get a grip on her ponytail. Sarah flicked her tongue across Mike’s balls one last time before pulling up and putting her lips just at the tip of his cock. With a grin Sarah slid the tip of her tongue across Mike’s slit, tasting the precum that had leaked out and mixed with her spit. “I want you to fuck my face Mike.”

Gripping his sister’s ponytail firmly Mike pulled her face down until her lips were on his hips. After several seconds of Sarah twisting her tongue around his shaft and darting out to run across his balls Mike pulled her head back, letting her breath. Her breath was cut short though as he shoved her head back down again without warning. Mike groaned as his cock slid effortlessly down his sister’s throat. Convinced that she wouldn’t gag like she used to Mike started to fuck his sister’s face for real. Instead of gagging Sarah moaned and slid a hand down between her legs, her other bracing on the bed as her brother used her mouth and throat like his own personal fucktoy.

Memories came flooding back to Mike of how when they were younger Sarah would try to deepthroat him and would get upset every time she gagged. Outside of the bedroom Sarah was a firebrand and would stand up to anyone. In the bedroom though she just wanted to serve. The Sarah he knew from all those years ago was a submissive slut who just wanted to be used. Mike wondered how much of that had changed. “You like that cock in your throat you little slut?” Mike held Sarah’s head firmly in place and though Sarah tried to mumble a response she also nodded. Mike pulled her head off with a wet pop.

Mike grinned at the spit-streaked face of his little sister. “You like it when I use your holes?”

Between ragged gasps Sarah managed to respond. “Y-yes.”

Mike slapped Sarah’s face lightly. “Speak up slut.”

Sarah, her eyes shining, practically yelled. “YES! I love it when you use my holes!”

“Good girl. Now who owns those holes?”

Sarah smiled contentedly as she kissed Mike’s cockhead again. “You own them. My big brother owns me and my slutty holes.”

Mike pulled Sarah gently up to kiss her. “You’re damn right I do. Now take a seat little sis. I want to feel that hot little pussy again.” Sarah kissed Mike, letting their tongues explore each other’s mouths as she lifted her hips, pulled her panties to the side, and guided his cock to her pussy lips. Sarah sighed into her brother’s mouth as she felt his cock enter her for the first time in over twenty years. A blissful look washed over her face, and she shuddered as she felt her hips meet his. Sarah hung her head and gripped Mike’s shoulders as Mike felt her pussy clench onto his cock, Sarah’s slick juices dripped from her lips and down his thighs.

As the wave of her first orgasm washed over her Sarah sighed again, she unhooked her bra before flinging it to the side. Mike gripped his sister’s ass and guided her into a smooth rhythm as he gently fucked into her from below. Leaning up he took one of Sarah’s nipples into his mouth and bit gently on the pink bud. Sarah moaned again and began to ride Mike’s cock faster, her hips grinding down into the bed. Mike groaned and reached up to grip Sarah’s hair again. Pulling her head back Mike growled in his sister’s ear. “Where do you want your brother’s hot cum?”

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