Executive Decisions Ch. 04 – Scouting


Joanne awoke with a start to the sound of a semi trucks honking horn, glancing at the bedside clock, it displayed 6:15

She flopped back down and pulled the plain white comforter over her head.

2 minutes passed…

“Urgh…. I’m up now!” she grumbled, as she whipped the sheets off and swung her long shapely legs over the side of the bed and sat up. Joanne yawned while scratching her head, ruffling up her long blonde hair, she stood up and made her way to the bathroom and closed the door.

Turning around towards the tub and shower, she saw her dress pants hanging on the shower curtain rod and her mind instantly flashed to the previous night’s adventure. Joanne felt the slightest twinge in her vagina as memories of her fingers, 3 knuckles deep, rushed into her mind. She reached up and tossed the muddy and cum stained pants into the sink, pulled the curtain across, reached down and turned the water on.

30 minutes later Joanne emerged from the bathroom with her hair blow dried and tied up in a loose messy ponytail, and her make up done subtly. She pulled the black lace bra and thong out of the drawer and first pulled the thong on, adjusting it just so, then hooked her bra up, pulled it around and flipped it up over her large D’Cups.

Retrieving her slim, tight fitting skinny jeans, and red stretchy lycra top, she sat down on the edge of the bed and first pulled her jeans up each leg then stood and wrestled the zipper and button closed, then pulled the red top over her head and then walked over to her shoes and slid her bare feet into the 3″ stiletto heel pumps. Grabbing her purse, Joanne set off across the parking lot towards the diner.

Joanne opened the door and walked in to the sound of a small door chime. Her heels clicking loudly as she strutted across the floor and up to the counter and sat down.

“Good morning May” Joanne cheerfully said as she sat down.

“Good morning. Can I get you anything dear?” May replied.

“Just a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin, please and thank you May.” Joanne said. May came over with a mug and the pot of hot coffee, placed the mug down in front of Joanne and filled the mug up, then returned the pot to the coffee maker and brought the muffin.

“I see someone was gone for a few hours last evening.” May said inquisitively. Joanne could feel the warmth of her blood fill her face as she blushed.

“Yeah I went for a little drive last night just to see what I could see. Very beautiful area here.” Joanne responded. Just then a few patrons came in and May went out to serve them.

“Perfect timing… I can sneak out of here and head off and check that spot out.” she thought to herself.

Joanne left a $10 bill under the mug and quietly slipped out. She quickly made her way across the parking area to her car parked beside her cottage, tossed her purse in and slipped into her seat, and was quickly off toward her destination.

Fifteen short minutes later Joanne was rolling up to the very pathway she was stuck in just weeks earlier. Dried muddy wheel tracks still marked the road from that night. Joanne pulled in and stopped well short of where she got into trouble the last time. She was not having a repeat of the night before. Joanne exited her BMW and carefully walked in. It was still just as muddy as that night, and her heels started to sink in easily as she continued to walk into the field. This spot was a bit different than the west side. The west side was a lush green grass meadow type of thing, however the east side was basically just a farm field with no crops growing in it.. just 8 to 10 inch tall pasture type grass. It was extremely muddy and only appeared to get worse the further she walked.

“There is no way I’m coming in here.

It’s no wonder I got as stuck as I did and so quickly… this is in horrible condition.” she said out loud, then thought….

“I wonder if there is another isvecbahis yeni giriş pathway over here that I missed.” Joanne slipped and sunk her heels as she slowly made her way back to her car.

She stopped to check her shoes before getting in. They were well coated in muddy soil and the heels had clumps actually stuck to them.

“Dam, it’s muddy here.” she complained as she scooped up a rag she kept beside her seat and proceeded to wipe her heels off as best as she could.

Joanne got back in the car and reversed back out onto the road, turning to face the washed out bridge and slowly coasted along, scanning the road side for another pathway. Sure enough. there was another one located on the opposite side of the road about halfway to the barricade.

It was very overgrown with tall weeds right by the road, so anyone could miss it totally if they weren’t looking right at it. From what Joanne could see, it looked to be in decent condition so she opted to just drive in without getting out to check. The pathway went in about 25′ then gently turned to the right slightly and the dirt and gravel gave way to lush green grass about 6″ long. It looked very much like the beautiful spot on the west side. Joanne guided her car off into the grass and turned to her left to turn around. As she did this her steering wheel went loose and sluggish in her hands and immediately knew she had driven into a bad spot.

“Oh no….no no….no!” she said instantly becoming nervous and scared. She hit the brakes and stopped.

Joanne swung her door open and looked out. Everything appeared normal.

She unbuckled her seat belt and got out. Looking at her back tire, she noticed nothing.. It looked fine. Then her attention turned to the front tire. It had locked when she hit the brakes but had only skidded on the damp grass.

“This doesn’t look bad..” Joanne said as she made her way around the back of the car to the passenger’s side. This side was much worse. Her front tire had sunk and dug down a couple inches and she could see mud pushed up in front of it. The back tire had just started to spin when she let off and hit the brakes.

There was a shiny moist band of mud 3/4s of the way around the tire and almost up to the rim.

“Oh shit!!!” she cursed aloud. Joanne took two steps towards the front of the car but instantly stopped as mud was now cresting over the top of her pumps and was just starting to touch her bare foot.

“Ewwww… Dam it!… Not another pair!” she protested, as she quickly withdrew her foot and started back to the driver’s seat. Joanne got in and slipped the shifter into reverse and said to herself…”Come on baby, you can do it, come out for momma!”

The right wheel quickly broke into a wet hissing spin as the car inched back slightly then settled into a rhythmic rock as the TC system started dividing power back and forth between the wheels. She could hear her left tire break into a brief spin, then stop and then start again, all the while the right wheel just helplessly spun in the soft wet grass.

“Dam it!” she cursed, slapping the wheel.

Selecting drive, Joanne cautiously pressed the gas. The car shuddered causing an immediate arousal between her legs. Her hands were becoming sweaty and there was that now familiar tingle in her vagina. The car edged forward about a foot then just spun in place, rocking up and down as she pumped the gas. Joanne stopped and got out, accidentally leaving it in drive. She heard a slight low steady hiss as she rounded the back of the car. She gazed in horror as she watched her rear tire just spinning all by itself in the now deeper and much muddier rut.

“OMG!…. How am I gonna get out of this. This is NOT the way this is supposed to happen!” she quietly cooed under her breath. She was startled out of her gaze of horror by a familiar sounding voice…

“I told you to be careful venturing isvecbahis giriş into these places with this car.”

Turning around suddenly, Joanne stumbled backwards a couple steps and both her heels ended up in the deep spot she first stepped in, making her almost fall.

“Bruce!…. What are you doing here?” Joanne said with alarm and surprise in her voice, as she scampered for balance.

“May told me you were up early, in for coffee then quickly took off in this direction. It seemed like you wanted to check out these places.” Bruce responded as he quickly moved to grab Joanne’s arm before she fell. “Good thing I showed up when i did too, cause you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a pickle here. Told you not to trust the ground around here.” he continued as he guided her from the mud and out behind her car.

“Well thank you Bruce but I think I have things under control here. I can…..” she responded before he cut her off..

Dear… you’re stuck, plain and simple.

You ain’t getting outta here without a pull from another vehicle.”

Joanne looked at him, then her car, which was leaning pretty badly to the right now, then thought about the worsening tingle between her legs. The arousal had started, and she wanted to act on it but there was no way with Bruce there.

“Yeah I guess your right. I need help.” she softly responded.

“Ok, let’s get you out of here.” Bruce said as he turned around and started back towards his truck that he left back out on the road. Joanne stood at the back of her car and watched him back his truck down the pathway to the edge of the grass and stopped. He retrieved a long section of heavy rope from the bed of his truck, hooked one end to his hitch and stretched it out. The rope ended about 4′ feet short.

“Huh… this might prove to be an issue.

I’m gonna have to come out on the grass a bit and that’s gonna make this harder.

You’re gonna have to help me by trying to drive out as I pull.” he said, while turning back towards his truck. Bruce backed out the required distance and returned.

“Your car has one of those fancy loops you thread into the bumper does it not?” Bruce asked Joanne, as he pointed to the pop out that hides the pull hook receiver

“Oh yes. it’s here in the trunk.” Joanne responded as she opened the truck lid and bent over to retrieve the loop.

“My god! Would you look at that behind hers. It’s near perfect.” Bruce thought to himself. Then his stare went down her firm shapely legs, her jeans hugging her legs tightly, then finally her trim ankles and feet. Her shoes, while quite muddy, were still very elegant and sexy. She had to stretch down into the spare tire compartment to get the loop, and in doing so, her stretchy red top pulled up slightly and Bruce caught sight of the top of her sexy black lace thong appear above her jeans.

“Dam this woman is sexy!

If only I was 30years younger.” he thought just as she stood up and handed him the tow loop. Bruce carefully popped the cover out. She was standing right beside him and the scent of her perfume was intoxicating almost to the point of distraction, but he managed to screw the loop in, then hooked up the tow rope.

“Ok Joanne, go get it and when I signal, you give it gas… ok.” he instructed, turning back towards his truck.

She did as instructed. Hitting the button, she lowered her window to better hear things, and placed her car in reverse. Bruce pulled ahead till the rope started to tighten up and he gave his horn a quick honk. Joanne pressed on the gas with her muddy shoe. The TC light started to flicker as the tires spun to action. Bruce pulled, which caused her car to move a little bit backwards but she stayed firmly stuck in the rut. Bruce’s truck began spinning its wheels on the damp grass.

He stopped and backed up to repeat the process. The tingle was now becoming more prominent between isvecbahis güvenilirmi her legs as she pumped the gas. Bruce pulled again causing her car to jerk sideways a tiny bit in the rut. Joanne kept pumping and spinning. Bruce repeated the process again. Every time the rope came taught, it rocked her car making her sway in her seat, her breasts now swaying in her bra.

Joanne closed her eyes as the process continued. She was becoming very aroused, and could feel her juices begin to seep into her panties.

Joanne could feel the car inching backwards with every jerk of the rope, and her arousal growing with every jerk.

Finally after a dozen jerking pulls, Joanne’s mired BMW was free.

She guided it backwards to the safety of the gravel, stopped, got out and walked to the back of her car. Bruce was already there unhooking the rope. He looked up at her and noticed she seemed almost distracted and there was a faint damp spot in the crotch of her jeans, and her nipples were fully erect and protruding against the clingy material of her top.

“Hey kiddo, you ok?” he asked standing up and placing his hand on the side of her shoulder. Joanne was in a bit of a daze and his touch sort of snapped her out of it.

“Huh…. oh yeah…. I’m ok. Just kinda off in lala land there.” she replied, starting to chuckle.

“Why are her pants wet?” Bruce thought to himself confused, while looping the rope up into his hand and tossing it in his truck.

“Did Bruce notice my jeans?” she thought as she nonchalantly moved her left hand over her crotch to hide the very apparent wet spot.

“Obviously he noticed something.. questioning if i was ok like that.” her thoughts carried on.

“Did you see what you wanted to see?” Bruce quizzed.

“Well not really.. I got stuck just as I pulled in here. ” she replied.

“Do you still want to have a look? I’ll walk with you… those are not the most appropriate shoes for walks in the country you know.” he said, pointing to her now muddy black pumps.

“That is nice of you to offer Bruce, but I best be getting back to my cottage.

My friend is due in mid afternoon and I want to be ready.” Joanne replied slyly.

“Alright. You kids have fun then. And keep your car off the grass young lady.” he said in a fatherly manner.

“Yes sir!” she replied, chuckling.

Bruce got in his truck and left. Joanne did take a quick look around but left her car right where it was. She spent about 15 minutes taking a quick look around, noticing several places that would suffice nicely for her planned adventure later that day, but getting her car too far from the safety of firm ground was a bit of a concern for her.

Joanne returned to her car and left. She made the same trip she made the night before to the carwash and got her BMW ready for action later that day. She rolled back up to her cottage around 12pm.

Joanne went inside and kicked off her muddy dirty pumps, pulled on her white anklets, her pink runners, tied the black wrap she had in her car around her waist to hide any evidence of her arousal, and took off across the parking lot towards the diner for some lunch.

Joanne walked through the door and up to the counter.

“Good afternoon dear. What can I get you?” May cheerfully asked.

“A glass of iced tea, and a tuna salad sandwich to start with, and an order of fried chicken, some salad, and two pieces of your famous apple pie to go.” Joanne replied.

“Oh yes, your picnic. You obviously found a good spot for it then?” May asked.

“Yes I think I did.” Joanne replied.

“That’s wonderful dear, I’m sure he’ll love it. I’ll get your order right away, and have the rest ready to go by the time you’re done.” May said and turned toward the kitchen.

“Thank you very much.” Joanne replied.

Her thoughts turned to her plans. She began going over every step in her head. Her outfit, where and how she’d get stuck, what she’d say to him.

Joanne finished up her lunch, said her goodbyes to May, grabbed the requested take out order that was ready as promised, and returned to her cottage to begin getting ready.

She was already nervous for what would happen….

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