Learning about Susan


My sister’s lips were a tight oval as her hot mouth slid down my cock again. I loved watching her suck me. It never failed to fascinate me, and on top of that she was one hell of a cocksucker.

I could feel her tits on my thigh too. Those wonderful C cups were pressed flat against my leg as she bobbed up and down my length, taking me deep each and every time. Her pussy and ass were right within reach, and my right hand slid over to caress that tight little ass before my fingers plunged into her.

It was wonderfully simple to get my sister to put out. I’d found out years before that she got turned on by a strong wind. Yeah, that’s an old joke but in her case it was true.

The first time happened when I was just 21 and she’d just graduated high school. I’d heard some rumors about her from some guys I knew, but it didn’t really register with me. I wasn’t the typical fuck your sister type, but with Susan things just happened.

I was having a suck ass Summer at that point. Pretty much all of the people I’d known before college had beat feet and got the hell out of the trap that was my small town. When the fact that I was 21 and could drink legally didn’t help. The pickings at the local bar were pretty slim. Even staying until close hadn’t gotten me anything at that point, and I was more than frustrated.

I rarely had more than one beer when I was out and about, simply because I was blowing off curfew that summer. Getting blasted didn’t help my ability to sneak in, so I simply didn’t do it.

I was completely silent sneaking back to my room. It probably wasn’t necessary because Mom and Dad went to bed about 10 every night, but at that point it was a game for me. Sneaking down the hallway silently was difficult to do, and I’d mastered it by then.

That night it payed off. As I crept down the hallway, I noticed two things. First of all, my sister’s door was cracked open, not shut tight like it usually was. And secondly, she had a light on so she was still awake.

I glanced over at the crack in the door and realized I could see in her room. I was going to pass it up, but I heard a light buzzing sound and a soft sigh. That was too much for my curiosity, so I peeked in to see what was going on.

What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Susan was buck naked on the bed, She was completely focused on a magazine in her left hand while she slid a long black vibrator into a cleanly Shannen pussy with the other. I could see the lust on her face as she picked up speed, fucking herself harder with that toy.

It was the first time I’d seen my sister nude, and of course the first time I’d ever seen her doing that. I recognized the magazine as one of mine from my porn stash. That was fascinating to say the least.

I finally crept into my room when her body started shaking and she came. Seeing my 18 year old sister like that was going to be the basis of a lot of jerk off fantasies. I knew that without a doubt. I stripped naked myself and climbed silently into bed.

My trusty right hand had traveled up and down my rock hard 9 inches a few times when I heard Susan’s door open. That’s when an idea hit me.

I threw back my covers, exposing my hard cock. Then I closed my eyes, pretending to sleep.

Sure enough, Susan walked into my room. She glanced my way and froze in her tracks. I could see her staring at my exposed body for a good long time. Finally she moved to my porn drawer and silently slipped the magazine back into it.

She turned her attention back to my naked body then. She had a great view in the dark room. The light from outside came through my window, lighting up my exposed hard cock. She walked over to the edge of my bed and I heard a soft, “Damn!”

I almost smiling at that, but I kept still faking sleep. I was curious. What would she do with the real thing right there and all ready to go?

I didn’t have to wait too long to find out. She stood there for a moment, taking in the view. Then, must to my surprised, I saw her undo the belt on her robe.

As she stared down at me, she let one hand roam over those nice full tits of hers. If I hadn’t been rock hard already, that sight would have done it for me. I watched her squeeze those mounds, then tug at her nipples. She gasped softly as she did that, then she kicked it up a notch.

My sister dropped her robe right there, revealing her body in the dim light. She looked up at my face again, but my eyes were just slits, open just enough to see but not to be seen. Satisfied I was dead to the world, she knelt next to my bed.

Once she was satisfied I was sound asleep, she turned her attention to my cock. Her left hand slipped down her body as she stared at my rock hard 9 inches. I saw her arm start to move, and I could just imagine what was going on right then. I knew Susan’s fingers were playing with her wet little pussy, and her eyes closed briefly at she got into it. She reached a point where she obviously couldn’t resist anymore, and after a glance back up at my face, her adiosbet yeni giriş right hand was on the move.

It slid across my bed, stopping next to my hip. She waited there for a moment and then reached out. I saw and felt her hand softly wrap around my shaft, and that was almost enough to make me cum right then and there. I managed to hold off though until her hand started moving gently.

Now you and I both know that there was no way I could possibly be asleep with that going on. Susan obviously didn’t though, and as she jerked me off I kept my eyes closed just enough to make her think I was. I noticed something right then. With the way my body was turned and the angle she was stroking me at, I was going to cum on her body when I finally got to that point.

It wasn’t long before I reached it, and I never even gave her a heads up. I just let my load fly, surprising her when it did.

One thick rope of cum streaked across her face before she pointed my cock at her chest, taking the rest of it right there. I covered her throat and tits with my seed that night, and Susan pumped my cock until she got every drop of it.

When she let go of my shaft I could see the look of amazement on her face. She hadn’t planned that obviously, and it shocked and surprised her. I could tell from the look on her face. She enjoyed it too, that was plain to see. Susan turned her attention from me then, looking down at her cum covered hand and tits.

I saw her bring her hand to her face, and then her tongue slid out as she tasted my cum. I must have passed the taste test because she quickly sucked her hand clean, then started scooping my cum off her body, sucking that down too.

After every drop had been swallowed, she smiled slightly and I heard her softly say, “Just wait till tomorrow night big brother.”

With that supposedly unheard promise she stood up and wrapped her body up in her robe. With a final smile at my sleeping form, she headed out quietly back to her room.

The next day was interesting at my house. Susan decided to go braless that day, and I was driven to distraction by those hot hard nipples bouncing under her shirt. I’d decided to have some fun too, so I went commando under my shorts. I noticed her looking my way more than once, but I did my best to not return her looks. At least until she sat down to pump me for information.

“So what do you have planned for tonight Chris? Anything exciting?”

“Not really. I’ll head uptown to the bar probably.”

“Why do you go there every night?”

“Honestly? My summer has been so boring so far I’m looking to get laid. That’s pretty much it.”

“How’s that working for you?”

“It hasn’t actually. But hey, at least alcohol makes me sleep like the dead. So there’s that I guess.”

“Good luck anyway I guess. That would frustrate me.”

“It does me too actually. That reminds me. I have to make a trip today.”

“For what?” She asked casually and I was glad she did. I was testing a theory, and my answer would lay the groundwork for that.

“I’m making a run for some more porn. It’s time for some new stuff.”

“What is it with guys and porn?” Her words didn’t match the look in her eyes. I saw them light up the moment I mentioned porn. I shrugged and told her, “We’ve got to have some way to get off I guess.”

Susan smiled as she stood up in front of me and stretched. I could see those tits pressed against her shirt as she did. She knew exactly what she was doing right then, and finally she told me, “Have fun. I think I’ll take a nap.”

I headed to the bookstore with one thing in mind. They sold big packs of porn there, and I had a specific genre I was looking for. The guy behind the counter recognized me and greeted me.

“Hey buddy. What’s up today?”

“I could use your help today. I’m looking for something specific.”

“Sure. What are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for a pack of amateur brother sister porn.”

“Ooooo, incest huh? Very nice. That’s a popular one around here.”

He led me over and we picked out a pack that contained a bunch of magazines and books of letters. “This should do the trick.”

As he rung me up, I couldn’t resist. “I hope so. It’s actually for my sister.”

“Nice. You’ve got a kinky slut at home then.”

“I’m hoping so. We’ll find out I guess.”

As I drove home, my theory was running through my head. The theory was that porn made my sister crazy, and that she’d look at these new magazines and feel the urge to live it out. It was only a guess at that point, but if it worked I was going to be the luckiest guy around my small town.

I got back to my room and unwrapped the package to put it in my drawer. I put it in a specific order, giggling at a couple of the titles as I did. The magazines were old; I actually found a girl I’d gone to school with in one of them. That was interesting to say the least, and if she’d still been around the area, I’d have looked her up.

I made sure the adiosbet giriş magazine that I thought would interest Susan was a couple down, and then slid my drawer shut. The trap was set. All I had to do was wait until that evening at that point.

When I left that night my sister smiled and told me, “Good luck.” I thanked her of course and headed out for another night of frustration and one beer.

Naturally that night I almost got what I wanted from that place. I ran into one of Mom’s friends there, and I knew when I saw her what she was looking for. She’d done the usual cheating wife thing; a bright white tan line on her finger told me she’d removed her wedding ring that evening. She was surprised when I bought her a drink, but accepted it and came over to talk to me.

The subject of her missing wedding ring came up after she’d had more than a few and she told me straight out what she was looking for that evening. About half an hour before close, we were the last two people there still talking. I decided to give her a shot so I told her, “My cars just outside, parked in a very dark corner of the lot. Would you like to see it?”

She looked around the bar and then nodded almost imperceptibly. I told her to give me a minute and then to meet me there. I said goodnight to the bartender and headed out to wait.

She walked out a few minutes later, heading directly for my car. After she climbed into the passenger seat she leaned over and kissed me, sliding her tongue right into my mouth.

Minutes later her shirt was wide open, showing me a wonderful set of tits. My hand was on them as she stroked me through my jeans. When she unzipped me and reached inside, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Once my shaft was out of my pants, she leaned right over and sucked me right down. I watched that head as it bobbed up and down my shaft. I was playing with her tits as she brought me to the edge and beyond. I pumped a load right down her throat there in my car. She gulped it down happily and then told me what she wanted.

Her husband was leaving the next day on a business trip and she wanted to fuck. I knew where she lived of course, so I agreed to be her boy toy that Summer. That was a bit more than I was looking for, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

At the time the bar closed I started the car and headed home. The house was dark as usual, and as I made my way down the hall I could see Susan’s door was closed. I got into my room and closed the door, but not tight. That was my usual.

The first thing I did was to check out the porn drawer. Sure enough, the magazines were out of the order I’d had them in, with my personal favorite on top. I smiled to myself and made a little noise as I got undressed and in bed. I wanted Susan to know I was home.

I climbed into bed and pulled my cover up so it barely covered my hard cock. I waited then to see what would happen.

About half an hour later I heard Susan’s door click. That meant she was coming out, So I quickly shut my eyes to wait. They were still barely open, and I saw exactly what I expected that night. My door swung silently open, and my sister walked in dressed in her robe.

She walked across my room and smiled down at the tent under the edge of my blanket. I saw her reach down then and pull my blanket down slowly, exposing my cock.

She dropped her robe again, and I watched as she played with her body briefly. I could just barely see her fingers slide into that hot pussy before she changed it up and knelt beside my bed.

She reached out and slowly stroked me again before kicking it up a notch. That night I saw her lick her lips and then lean over to take my shaft right into her mouth.

Her lips were stretched wide as she showed me she had a real talent there. It was only two or three strokes later when she slid all the way down, swallowing me completely. It felt as good as it looked to me, and when her head picked up speed, I knew I was going to blow my load deep in her hot little mouth.

It took her about ten minutes or so, but finally my cock throbbed and I started pumping my load into her mouth. I could hear her swallowing it all, taking every drop into finally I was finished.

She stood up then, caressing her body while staring at my still hard shaft. It was time. I couldn’t resist anymore myself. So quietly I told her, “Go ahead Susan. Climb on and take it for a ride.”

Her body jerked at the sound of my voice, and she looked panicked as she looked up at my open eyes. “Oh fuck me! You’re awake.”

I nodded and smiled. “I have been both nights. Now it’s time for you to get a little satisfaction. Go ahead and climb on. I want to see you take your brothers cock.”

I figured she was going to bolt at that point, but she didn’t. She smiled at me and threw her leg over me, straddling my thighs. I left her in control, watching as she finally reached down and wrapped her hand around my shaft. My slut of a sister slid my hard cock up and adiosbet güvenilirmi down the length of her soaking wet pussy a few times before she took a deep breath and started to slide down my shaft.

I felt the head pop into her, and as she started down my length I could hear her moan softly. She captured my entire length, stopping to get used to the feeling.

“How’s it feel Susan?”

“I’ve never been stuffed this full before.” Her hips started moving then, riding slowly up and down my shaft. She leaned up over my body then, giving me access to those wonderful tits as her hot pussy slid up and down my length. My tongue went to them, licking and sucking them as she started riding me faster and faster. She finally came all over my cock, gasping for breath as she did.

I gave her a few minutes to relax, and then rolled her over on her back with my cock still buried in her. I saw her eyes close as I started fucking her hard and fast. A few minutes later I got what I wanted. My load coated the walls of her hot pussy as she shook in orgasm yet again.

After we both caught our breath, it was time to talk.

“So Susan. I assume we’re going to do this again aren’t we?”

“Hell yes! Are you kidding? I’ve got a big cock just feet away from my room. I’m not going to pass up no strings attached sex when it’s available like that.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear it. Just so you know I plan to cum in and on every inch of your body.”

That was pretty much my Summer with her. Fucking and sucking each other every single day kept both of us satisfied.

We both went to college in the Fall, and that’s where things ended sadly. We got together a few times after that, but she met someone and came home not too much later to tell the family she was going to marry him.

She dropped out of school and I graduated, finding a good paying job in my field right away. A few years went by after that without much contact with her. That changed one Winter night though.

My cell rang, and when I answered it I heard Susan’s voice. “Chris?”

Something was wrong. She’d been crying; I heard that right away. “What’s wrong Susan?”

“It’s my husband. He’s left me.” She started sobbing again then, and I knew talking wouldn’t help.

“Susan, I’m on my way. I’ll be there in five hours or so.”

I threw everything I needed in the car, and emailed my boss telling him I had a family emergency and had to take a few days off. Then I hit the road.

I pulled into her driveway about one in the morning that day. Unlike every other house on the block, hers was lit up. Susan was obviously still awake.

When she let me in I could see something was wrong. There were things missing from the house and I realized that they were her husband’s stuff.

I saw a packet of papers on the dining room table and glanced at them quickly. He’d filed for divorce. She wasn’t wrong about that.

I sat her down on the couch and asked her, “So what’s the story? Why the divorce?”

“It’s his fucking assistant at work. She’s tall and blonde with tits out to here.” From her gesture, the girl was obviously a lot bustier than Susan was. “Long story short, she looks like the trophy wife he wants, so he’s going after her.”

That sucked, and I told her that. “So what are your plans now?”

“I don’t know. I can’t afford this place on what I make. So I’ll probably have to sell it and move back with Mom.”

Going back to a small town after the city was a fate worse that death. I put my arms around her and told her, “Let me see if I can come up with something different, ok?”

She nodded gratefully and showed me to the guest room. I got ready for bed and headed down to the kitchen for a snack. Coming back I heard soft noises coming from her room again.

I opened the door to find Susan crying, sitting on what was obviously her side of the bed. “What’s the matter Susan?”

“I just found out I can’t sleep without him in bed with me.” She looked up, tears streaming down her face. “It just gets worse Chris.”

I walked over to his side, and climbed into bed with her. I pulled the blankets up and turned to her. “Then I’ll sleep here tonight. That way you’ll get some sleep.”

She thanked me and then I heard her giggle. When I asked her what that was about she replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in bed wearing pajamas before.”

I laughed. “Naked would be more fun, but that’s not what you need tonight.” I turned out the light and told her, “Go to sleep. We’ll talk more in the morning.”

She nodded, snuggled into my side and was soon asleep. I was awake for quite a while that night, thinking of a way to help my sister out. I’d just started to form a plan when I drifted off myself.

I woke up the next morning to a strange sensation. There were fingers softly tracing the outline of my shaft through my pajamas. I finally remembered where I was and my eyes opened.

Susan was laying there with her fingers gently tracing the outline of my now hard cock.

“What the hell are you doing Susan?”

“Just reliving some old memories I guess.” She smiled up at me. “Besides, I wanted to thank you for last night. You coming to my rescue and all.”

“Well that feels great. I can’t imagine a better thanks.”

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