Josh, Greta, Ted and Carla Ch. 03

Big Cock

Another part to the continuing saga, likely the last of the series. As always totally fictional and all characters are well over the age of 18. Proofed and edited by software by the author who had only one semester of English in high school. So if you are looking for perfect grammar and punctuation, I would skip on to another story. Comments on the story are always welcome, enjoy.

Greta and Ingrid’s mom Britta called and broke the news to Greta that her dad was having surgery, and she was going to need help when he is released from the hospital or rehab. Her sister Ingrid has just started a new job, and did not want to take off any more time other than during the actual surgery, they would both be visiting of course.

Greta was pretty upset when she hung up and told me. She was not just worried about her dad’s surgery the next week, she had a divorce she has been handling that was going to trial that week and would be in the same boat as her sister. She is not in a law firm, so she would have to pretty much give the case to someone else, and although that is hard to give up the billable hours it’s not so much of a money thing with her, it is a matter of loyalty to the client. In this case, it was a woman that has been through a lot, and most of it with her on her side, and feels she needs her support. The woman’s husband has done everything to make things harder for her, even hiding money with a cousin.

Greta’s big worry was her mom not having support there during this ordeal, and since my schedule was flexible I was willing to help. I decided that I could work out of their house and could keep my travel schedule down to mostly overnights in my business. I agreed to take on the task as long as I would not have to be a nurse to my, you might as well say, father-in-law Bjorn even though we have not taken vows, we are legally married.

I packed a bag and made sure I had my laptop, and paper files ready for when the surgery was over and I could head there to support her mom, yes my mother-in-law who I have to say I have come to think of as a mom, mine was kind of cold to me.

I got the call, and we all were there for the surgery that went well, but he was going to have to go to rehab, they planned on stints, but had to do a bypass and more than one, it turned into a triple. He is a strong healthy man, but much older than mom.

Greta agreed to spend the night at the hospital with mom (Britta), and I took Ingrid to her mom and dad’s place, as even though she was driving now, it was late at night. Ingrid was upset about her daddy. I let her put her head on my shoulder and cry it out when we got back. She then went to bed to try to get some sleep. I had been worried that Ingrid and I’s past would make us being around each other difficult, but these were unusual circumstances and I felt safe comforting her.

I woke up early despite the late night and went down to get some coffee and maybe take a quick swim. Ingrid had beat me to it, their family lives in the water, so it did not surprise me to see her out the sliding doors in the private pool area. She was naked of course, none of her immediate family ever wears swimwear when it was just them, and I guess I am part of the immediate family now. It’s something I do now, as I would feel worse being the only one in a suit, I have learned to just try to enjoy it. I sat and drank my coffee, and watched her. She had trimmed down a little from the last time I saw her, mostly from exercise I think.

It was all I could do not to jerk off as I watched her dive off the board, in such beautiful form, something my brother taught her when they were at my place together for a few days. It was only fair he did, he was a virgin, and both Ingrid and Greta enjoyed his huge cock, and gave him sex lessons in return.

She had quite a crush on me that visit after Ted left and she stayed. Well, I guess I returned her feelings, at least the sexual ones. Yes, just like Greta and Ingrid could not resist fucking my brother, Ingrid and I became carnal with each other as well. She still calls me Daddy to get my goat. I both hoped that she got over the crush, but also wanted her to still find me desirable, don’t we all want to be to the other sex. I have been good at controlling myself, but this new body of hers, one I did not think could ever get any better had me excited.

I was turned on and enjoying the view, and figured at very least I would be jerking off later in the day when she left.

When she got out and used the towel to dry her hair, I realized that although her breasts seemed a little smaller, her better shape overall more than made up for it. She reminded me of a young Nicole Kidman, like early in her career in the movie Dead Calm, she had one of her most sizzling hot nude scenes in it. She put her robe on just like Nicole did in the movie, a short one that still showed some of her naked ass, and of course just like Nicole, did not bother to tie it right away, giving me a view I could not 1xbet yeni giriş resist. Closed just enough to tease me with the partial view of her breast, but wide enough below to give me a good view of her bald pussy.

I started that day with a hardon, then I made her breakfast while trying to hide it from her, and keep from staring at what she was showing to me, her breasts were so perfectly shaped, and she did not have her legs all the way together, or her robe tied as she sat across from me to eat. I did not want to get anything started again, even though she turned me on to no end. I could not wait until I could work out the feelings she caused me to have.

She was horny, there was no doubting it, I was cleaning off the dishes in front of her, when she turned, just letting her robe open up even more. She was pretty much naked and right there in front of me. She saw my bulge, and knew she was the cause of it, and just reached out, pulled down my shorts, then stood up letting her robe drop. Even though I claimed to not want this, I was so happy she did it. I just was not looking forward to telling Greta about it like I always do. Greta and I try to be honest about what we do with others, it keeps us together in the long run.

We ended up in an embrace, our naked bodies pressed against each other she said, “I see, but more than that I can feel that I still turn you on!” Her naked perfect body felt so good against my not as fit one. I just plain wanted at least something from her. She put her hand down and between us and started jerking me. Her explanation was, “I need a stress reliever, and you are going to be spending time with mom, so you are going to need one too, so how about us just getting each other off?”

She sat back down and was so fucking hot as she put her chair in front of mine, jerking me with her legs spread wide. The hand job turned into a blowjob as she took my cock in her mouth. I thought I might just fix her breakfast again if this was going to be my reward. I soon was reaching down and feeling her breast as she worked my knob. She had me going when she stopped suddenly to say, “Not sure I want to start my day with a tummy full of scrambled eggs, and then brother-in-law spunk added to the mix. I am going to need a stress reliever too, so a change of plans, instead of fingering or eating me, let’s just fuck, it will save time.”

With that, she took got up while taking my hand to join her, then leaned over the table, reached back and spread her ass cheeks to make it easy for me to enter her, and told me, “This is what I really need, but we better hurry, I need to get back to the hospital for a short visit and update before I have to go to work.”

It taking too long was not a problem for me, the excitement of having her made me think I might cum before I even got my cock in that wonderful pussy of hers. She was just as tight as I remembered, it felt so good fucking her, I had not had anyone but Greta for quite a while, and they say variety is the spice of life.

She soon contradicted herself on the hurry part saying, “Oh Fuck Yeah Daddy, I missed your cock, I know I am a slut who has fucked a lot of guys, including your hung brother, but you are still a favorite, I am jealous of my sister for getting more of your cock than me.”

I took that statement as never mind, you don’t have to hurry, and especially the next one that was similar, “Oh Daddy, make me cum please, just fuck me hard, I will rub my own clit.”

I did my best to hold back and get her off, well, I did manage it, and then she just said, “Go for it, but cum on my ass!”

I did, I pounded her as she struggled to hold on to the chair and table, her getting off did not make her rush me. I felt so good in her, and I was going to fuck her until I could not hold back anymore. It did not take long though, and I followed her instructions and came all over her ass. We kissed, I cleaned up the bulk of what I gave her, and she headed to shower and dress, so did I.

She drove to the hospital on her own, and later I went to relieve Greta, so she could go back to Mom’s house to rest up for her drive home, the trial was starting the next day. I was going to be on my own when I got back, so I decided to pop in to see dad while Ingrid was still there but getting ready to leave, so mom went to get a quick breakfast.

Ingrid and I were alone a few minutes and said, “I guess you are going to have your hands full with Greta and two female in-laws?”

She was baiting me, she knew her mom liked to flirt with me, but I think most MILF moms do that with their daughters’ boyfriends, or even husbands that I guess was now my status after 8 years as a couple. In 8 years her mom never did anything but flash me, or flirt with me. So I just moved the conversation in another direction, as it was not long until she had to leave for work.

Greta left to go back to the hospital, and the trips to the hospital were our routine for a while until dad got 1xbet giriş to a step-down room and then mom was spending less time there. She and I had bonded over the years, and we were getting even closer. I think although still worried about dad, she was having fun being with her young son-in-law, we have always got along so well. Dad had been bedridden for a while and I guess flirting with me helped her fill her needs as a middle-aged woman. I am pretty sure I heard her working herself in her room one night after we got home.

Swimming naked with her, just the two of us became a routine. Mom has no hangups about her body, and she shouldn’t, she was in pretty good shape. As time went by her flirting changed to teasing me, showing me her naked body not just in the pool, but in the house on her way to swim. It did not bother me too much, but I did still see her in a different light than I did her daughters, more like a mom as mine was so cold to me.

Mom seemed happy to see me naked so much, and I would give her a little whistle sometimes when she was walking down the hall that way. I wanted to make her feel good about herself. I guess I understand, and it’s not that I think I am some super hot guy. I also understand that to her I am a young guy with a cock that seems to be hard when I am naked around her and her daughters. At some point, I have gotten used to it and don’t try to hide my erections anymore. That makes mine a dependable hard cock to look at I guess. If it makes her feel better seeing it that way, then so be it.

Even though we had been swimming this way a while, she still looked thrilled to be able to see me and to be seen naked when we’re swimming, and I would walk up to the diving board naked my dick sometimes sticking straight out in front of me and dive in. Yes, I admit to posing for the old gal, especially when I was erect, I like the adoration.

She got bolder as time went by and just came out and told me that she could not help getting turned on seeing a cock and balls other than her grown son’s or husband’s for a change. She told me she hoped I did not mind her staring at it especially when it is hard. Yep, she talks like that, Greta and Ingrid got their candidness about their sexual desires honestly.

One night after us swimming and drinking a little wine she ask me, “You know how much I like to see your cock when hard, could I be so bold as to ask if I can play with it a little to try to get it that way?”

I was not sure it was a good idea, well, to be honest, I knew it was a bad idea. But I was only getting occasional sex from Ingrid, and only weekends from Greta. Having any women’s hand on it as I looked at her big breasts, and bald pussy could not be bad. I figured if she even wants to jerk me all the way off, that is not that bad of a thing to do.

I let her of course, and it was great having her admire and play with it, and of course, there was the taboo feeling as well from being jerked off by someone I call and think of like a mom. It was surely not something I ever expected to happen. I can’t say I was in any way turned off by the view she was giving me either. She had me hard but did not stop, meaning I was misled by her promise to mostly just look and play with it a little. She transitioned her play and observation into a just plain handjob session.

She had her legs spread so wide as she did it, I guessed that meant she would like a little help too. She was using both of her hands on my cock and balls, and I figured her legs so open was an invitation, so I gave her some pleasure with a couple of my fingers, and found a way to work her clit with my thumb as well. I got her off once, and then she held my balls as she finished me, and I shot a pretty good load for her. She just pointed my cock at her chest and I covered her tits with warm cum she seemed to enjoy. She did not seem to think much of it, so that made me less guilty for doing it, I just hoped it lifted her spirits, and that she kept it to herself.

Greta was inquisitive though, she wanted to know all when she called and would ask me if I fucked her sister yet. I had already told her about the stress-relieving session in the kitchen, and that her little sister said she wanted this daddy’s cock. Greta laughed, but when I told her I leaned her over and fucked her hard and long, giving her a complete description she quit talking and was then moaning herself, I am sure she was ready with her vibrator when she called.

Greta kept asking every time she called, I guess she was horny too, and think she looked forward to something else happening so we would have something to get off with. I guess it is just the Scandinavian thing, they are just not uptight about nudity and sex, although I always figure they must at least have some boundaries when it comes to performing it. I was glad she did not ask me about her mom, I guess I would have told her.

Ingrid and I still had feelings, and I think it had to show to others even clothed, 1xbet güvenilirmi like at the hospital. I have to admit to it, I never thought she could get any hotter but losing just 10 lbs has transformed her from just regular hot, to super hot. I just did not want her to go back to the place where she thought she was in love, as it scared me that I might start to feel the same way, I am happy with her sister and the freedom I have with her.

One night mom and I were playing around in the pool, she was getting pretty touchy feel-ly with me again. I guess once I gave her permission to touch it, she no longer asked first. But what could I say, I let this all get started with the handjob. I was afraid she wanted my cock in her mouth or pussy, but this time she just wanted to masturbate together. I chalked it up to stress relief, so I let her watch me jerk a load off as I watched her finger herself to orgasm.

Ingrid came to the pool it seemed right after we got off, I am not sure how much she saw, but she had to know something happened, some evidence was still floating around us. She had dove off the board and came up from the water right in the middle of some of the cum floaters and in front of where we were sitting on the side of the pool. Me with a still dripping hard dick, her mom kind of flushed from making herself cum. She asked, “Can I join this party? Don’t think I don’t know what you were doing, your dick is dripping Josh and mom, you look a little flushed, are you going for the trifecta Josh? Mom is the only female in this family you have not fucked, unless you already have, have you?”

Well, I had nothing to say, mom did, she is sharp and had a retort, “We were just watching each other get off to relieve stress, although I would love to show him how well a grown woman with years of experience can please a young man. I know I could do a better job than both you and Greta, yes I know you two have had sex, I can tell the way you look at each other.”

“Don’t let me catching you at it stop you,” Ingrid said, then added, “I am pretty sure Greta would be OK with it too.”

Mom did not back down, she slid down in the pool, licked the cum off of my cock, then started sucking it in front of her, even though I just jerked off. She did it right in front of her daughter, my sister-in-law. It was pretty fucking weird, yet hotter than hell. It was more exciting to me than when I had fucked Ingrid on a path as a couple of strangers watched from a short distance. She worked it a long time as I had already came once. She was right about the experience thing, I was overwhelmed with how good she was, she even swallowed it in front of her.

Just when I did not think it could get any better, they each had a leg and were spreading me like a wish-bone, each taking a side of my cock and balls and working on it. I was the “M” in the middle of an in-law threesome. I could not imagine either of them fucking me in front of the other though, I figured that would be over the top. They did finally get me off again, finishing me with their hands, and then we all three watched the cum ropes float away this time.

We just continued our swimming and goofing around. Ingrid was all worked up from getting me off with her mom, and asked me if I would fuck her? Mom was on a lounger and said, “Go ahead Josh, give me something to masturbate to. I just was not sure I could pull it off after cumming twice, so I ate her out instead, as mom masturbated. I had to wonder if Greta would have objected or just joined in our threesome if she was in town? I was finding out a lot I did not know about this family I had married into.

I told Greta that the three of us were fooling around in the pool and that later Ingrid jerked me off in front of mom, I did not lie it was Ingrid that did the finishing strokes. I admitted to eating her out but did not mention mom watching. She was fine but made me describe it while she relieved her stress from the trial she was into. Things got crazy after that episode. They wore me out, tried to anyway but it was all oral or handjobs from mom. I would fuck Ingrid, and I think mom felt left out.

Mom was not herself the next evening, the Dr told her that dad might need at least a stint in an artery that still had a partial blockage, it was not close to the heart and was missed on the scans before surgery, and it would pretty much get him back to normal, but his recovery would be longer. She does really love him, and it showed, and she was really upset so I comforted her. She calmed down and asked if she could at least see my cock hard again and that she would not attack, or even touch me.

I obliged her, and stripped, she had that puppy look on her face, so I asked her if she would like me to fuck her tits so she could see it close up.

She is a wise MILF, she knew that most tit fucks don’t end there, my cock ended up in her mouth. She striped then too, and took my cock swallowed it until I could not take it anymore, then later swallowed my load, and was better at just plain sucking than either of her girls. I did not tell Greta, but she did not ask, she always just ask about me and her sister. I did not know what I would do if she asked, tell the truth I guess.

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