Incestuous Longings


Swati was laying in her king size bed looking at the slow moving fan above her. It was not particularly hot in the room but she had turned it on. Its continuous whirr and slow rotation helped her to sooth her frayed nerves. She was in heat. But a fan was not in any way an appropriate remedy for that kind of heat. What she needed was a big hard cock to relieve her of the heat which was burning her insides.

She had taken off all her clothes in preparation of her nightly affair. Her hand went to her thick bush of curly hair. Swati was fed up of pleasuring herself with her own fingers dreaming about some non-existent lover whilst her six feet tall husband with a nine inch rod in his pants sat with his silly religious texts in the adjoining room.

She remembered the early of her marriage. He was so mad about her that he couldn’t leave her alone for a minute. And the result was two health robust grown-up kids. Richa, their daughter, the elder one was happily married and working in a prestige firm. The son had graduated from the university and was pursuing a carrier in business management. They didn’t have any immediate worries. They had their own house, heft bank balances and big insurance policies. The earnings were good and recently they had bought a good retirement plan. And she had never faltered in taking care of him and the kids. Then what had gone wrong? Why he has become like that? Was she not attractive to him anymore? It couldn’t be the case because she knew she had taken good care of her body too.

She jumped out of her bed and ran to the full length mirror stuck to their door of their wall to wall closet. She stood there for a few moments checking out her assets. Finding nothing wrong she walked back to her bed and dropped into it with a sigh. Her hand inadvertently went back to her crotch. She ran her fingers through the dense growth and the tip of her middle finger came to rest on her clit. It was minuscule like a small peppercorn. But she knew soon it will grow into a big sized Chickpea. She smiled at her choice of similes. What else a home maker could think of. She was well-educated. A graduate from the prestigious Punjab University but Arvind, her husband of 23 years, had never liked the idea of her working under some lecherous boss. So she had agreed to stay at home. And he had never let her feel bored or dumped. He would pop up unexpectedly, whenever he could find a sound excuse or even a lame one to get away from his office, to rip her clothes away and devour her and fuck her until she was totally exhausted. (That was of course in addition to their nightly sessions). And now? All her attempts to seduce him were being ignored. He was behaving as if she didn’t exist at all. I will bludgeon to death that someone who had sent his loving hubby down that path of religious fanaticism. She thought. But first she had to find out who it is. She cut the thread of her thoughts there and then. It was making her more disconcerted. Anger was a sign of losing control and lately she was becoming more and more irksome. She had a suspicion that her sister in law, Arvind’s elder sister Rani, was behind all this. She was the religious cow in the family. Arvind had always turned to her for advice. Is there something going on between the two of them? Rani was a spinster and lived all alone in a big Ashram just outside the city limits. She didn’t want to think about it. She herself had started having incestuous thought and she wanted to keep that door shut and double locked.

She brushed these thoughts away as best she could and slid her hand downwards to feel the moisture gathering in her hungry pussy. She tried to conjure up image of someone whom she will like to be the guest of honour tonight. Someone who was willing to spend the night with her, to take her lovely body, use it, enjoy it and at the same time makes her feel wanted, owned, loved and who could make her moan and scream with pleasure and longing. Who would make her leak and squirt. Someone rough, who would bite her full lips, slap and squeeze her big ass cheeks, maul her ample breasts and thrash her dripping pussy, making

No one came to her mind. This was another change in her usual behaviour. All her adult life she had thought of herself as someone who was in control of every situation she was put into. When she started this game of masturbation, of pleasuring herself a couple of years back she was always the seductress, luring the Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities into her web. But slowly the things had changed and now usually she saw herself as a submissive woman who was ready to submit to any one for a fleeting moment of contentment.

By now all her favourite celebrities, national and international had had taste of her pussy and had already fucked it as much as they had wanted, performing all Asaanas of kamasutra known to her.(in her wild kinky fantasies, I mean.) She had been fucked in every room of her house in every bed, chair and sofa, on a table, on the kitchen 1xbet yeni giriş shelves, on the floor, on the roof, in a car even in her back yard. She again went through the list to select who was going to sleep with her but she couldn’t focus on any one name.

Her thoughts kept on going back to two name she had hitherto kept blocked — Rajan her son and Vishu her Nephew, son of her younger sister. The two young studs she loved and who loved her back with the same intensity, the only two whom she could approach easily without eyebrows being raised. They loved her so much and she didn’t want to lose that affection and respect.

Rajan had grown up like his father tall and handsome. He had an instrument bigger than his dad. She had noticed it when one morning he was going to the bathroom clad only in his pyjamas. His pecker was making a big tent out of his pyjamas. Her mind had gone in over drive her pulse had raced watching it hard and erect. After that incident she had kept her eyes lowered whenever she found her son roaming around in his night dresses. Was it really bigger than her hubby’s? Or was it just her annoyance with her husband acting up? She would have given anything to get a peek at his dick in its full glory. And how she longed to take it in her hands, fell it caress it. She extracted herself from these dirty thoughts. But soon they turned to her crush number two – her nephew.

Unlike her shy son, he was a real McCoy, full of vitality and plucky. She was sure to get a hug or two when he was around and hugging her he will bring his face so close to her mouth that she was left with no option but to peck her clean shaven cheek. She always had to work up a restraint whilst muscles of her abdomen tightened in an instant spasm. She tried to remember more about him. She had once or twice felt his cock against her abdomen and the small of her back. She didn’t have the exact measure of it. But she was sure it was something massive and very veeeery hot. She had felt the heat.

By now her two fingers were deep inside her cunt and they were moving in and out slowly, going deep inside and then slowly retreating only to dip back inside again. Somehow thinking about her nephew seemed less incestuous and more pleasurable to her than thinking about her own son. Maybe those hugs had something to do with it. She had noticed on many occasions that he was very close to her daughter also. The two hugged each other a lot and didn’t shy away from kissing each other in front of others.

The memory of a certain kiss crept into her mind. She had nearly lost her restraint on that occasion and had kissed him so close to his lips that she had been able to take in his hot breath. He had turned his face towards her hurriedly in a hope to brush his lips against hers. But they had missed and she had immediately regained her self-control and moved away. Later, she had congratulated and lauded herself for prising that little moment of intimacy in front of everybody. The smell of his aftershave stilled lingered in her nostrils. She inhaled deeply and relived that moment of intimacy.

Her fingers were working faster. She knew she should stop thinking about Vishu. If she didn’t stop now she will be doing it every day, every night to be correct. She was sure she could never get bored of her handsome nephew.

She was having difficulty in reaching her orgasm for quite some time. But today she felt it coming. She wanted to stop. But she carried on in spite of herself. It was too late to change tracks. She had not felt so aroused and horny for a long time. I have not yet crossed even the first base with him yet. Visshuu…take me, me in youuur arms baby! Oh my god!

She tried to force her thoughts away. And image of her daughter kissing his forehead popped into her cerebral vision out of nowhere. A wave of jealousy flashed through her sub-conscious mind. Richa was older than Vishu by a year and a half. So a kiss on the fore head by an elder sister fell in the category of ‘platonic’. But was it? Vishu was much darker than Richa and her. She knew Richa was easily attracted towards dark men. Suddenly she was thinking of her daughter’s last visit. She remembered how Richa had crawled into her bed, moving behind her putting her arm below her boobs, while she lay in her bed half-asleep, half-awake.

She had hugged Swati tightly and her hand had gone on an excursion starting at her neck running over her breast and abdomen and sliding down to her pubis and veering still further down to the inside of her left thigh the tip of her middle finger just touching her cunt lip. She had lain very still feeling her daughters heart pounding somewhere near her shoulder blades and her hot crotch stuck to her ass. But when she had turned around to face her she had feigned sleep. She was sure she was putting on an act. Tired as she was, she had let it go. She had gone to sleep with Richa lying by her side with an arm around her mother’s bosom and her one leg 1xbet giriş wound around her abdomen.

In the morning both had woken late when Arvind had brought them there bed-tea. She was immediately conscious of wetness between her thighs. She had gone to the bathroom to find her panties and cunt lips soaking wet and her pubic hair matted with her juices. She had inhaled her own sex and felt aroused. She didn’t have time think about it in detail at that time. But now she started to analyse the whole episode.

She took out her fingers from deep inside her love hole and ran the wet fingers through her curly pubic hair to dry them. What had happened that night? Had she squirted automatically? It was true that they had gone on a shopping spree in the evening and were bone tired when they came back but she couldn’t have gone into such a deep slumber not to know if Richa did something to her. Richa’s behaviour that night was certainly extraordinary if nothing else.

Richa had left the same day and in the dreary routine of daily life the incident had been forgotten. Was she too having problems with her sex life? Is she as unsatisfied as herself? Did she want to convey something? If her proximity made her cum like that, what could happen if they actually started something?

Nobody was going to suspect anything with mother and daughter sleeping in same bed. Somehow making love to her own daughter failed to register as incest in Swati’s tangled train of thought.

Stop Swati! You don’t know anything for real. Maybe she didn’t have any such thoughts in her mind. May be this is just your sorry condition and the fear of never ever having real sex again acting up. The thought put a big damper to her near orgasm state.

She gave a rough hard squeeze to her one breast and played with it for some time. It did help her to get rid of the negative thoughts. She decided to shut her eyes and get some sleep instead of vainly trying to seek the pleasure which was not to be had.

She lifted herself to switch off the night lamp over head and flopped back on the soft mattress. The darkness was soothing. It hid the dark thoughts nicely. In this darkness, her dark skinned Vishu could easily creep into her bed unnoticed, the dark will hide him from the prying eyes. She was again thinking about Vishu. If she was right about Richa it could easily explain her attitude towards Vishu. There must be something there. If only she could catch them in some compromising position, then she could easily ask “IN”. And if she gets involved with Richa they can easily seduce Vishu. They could share; Mother and daughter sharing a lover. The idea got hold of her. Her fingers were back inside her and they were moving in great hurry with the thumb pressing hard on her chickpea.

All thoughts evaporated from her brain. She was frantically moving her ass up and down. Her lips were pursed. She was breathing hard and shallow. She started bouncing on the springy mattress.

“Take me, take your aunt, fuck…. Fuck…. fuck.

Her voice was loud but she was past caring.

She didn’t know when Richa will come visiting again. But I can always go to visit my kid sister whenever it pleases me. She decided she should pay a surprise visit to her loving sister and her handsome son and stay with them for a couple of days. She barely had the time to imagine Vishu’s bare hairy arm wrapping around her in a hearty welcome, when everything exploded inside her and her juices were copiously cascading down her vagina drenching her thighs and fingers. A cold sweat broke over her body. She kept on lying enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Suddenly her face turned red and she hid it under the pillow feeling ashamed of her thoughts. She tried to think of some tricks to entice her nephew slash would be lover, but was snoring before she could think of a single thing.


A few minute later Arvind entered the bed room noiselessly not to disturb his loving wife. He didn’t switch on the light but felt his was to the bed. The smell of his wife’s sex was in the air. She had been masturbating again he knew. He had a bad feeling which he immediately snuffed out. He moved to the closet placed his papers in the in-built cabinet, locked it and came to stand near the bed. He unfolded a bed sheet and covered Swati’s naked body with it. She moaned in her sleep. He touched his ears standing in front of her ‘begging her pardon’ and quietly left the room closing the door behind him.

He was M. A. in Sanskrit and taught in the higher secondary school. He had always secretly loved her elder sister. Three years back she had come to him with a request to translate a book of Shaloka’s( a form of poetry in Sanskrit usually used in religious verses) from Sanskrit to Hindi. “It would be a great service to the mankind and to the religion in particular.” she had said to emphasise her point. She knew that her kid brother won’t need any 1xbet güvenilirmi persuading. They had been always very close since childhood. He had never refused her anything. But there was a catch. NO Sex. He could not have sex with any woman for the time he was reading the holy book. He couldn’t even kiss or hold anyone.

Arvind thought nothing of it. He readily agreed. He thought that he will be able to do it in a couple of months. But the task was not as easy as he had thought. More than three years had passed and he had not yet finished. And he was stuck with his promise and the book of hymns. But his secret longing for his sister had kept him going. She was his first and last crush until he got married to Swati. He remembered how he had tried many times to have a peek at her from the key hole of the bathroom door but to no avail and how he used to steal her panties and hide them under his mattress to smell and lick them while masturbating at night. But Swati had made him forget her. Now that he was seeing Richa more frequently that attraction had again surfaced. He found himself thinking about his elder sister all the time.

Moreover it had become a challenge to him, translating the Shalokas in a simple language yet retaining their poetic form.

And it became even more interesting when he had once again sought his sister’s advice to find some solution to his continuous abstinence.

“You can masturbate.” His sister told him. “Rather you should masturbate occasionally so that yours thoughts were pure when you sat down with the holy book.”

So he had started masturbating secretly. But he too, like his wife, soon ran out dream girls and fantasies. Again his sister came to his rescue. He was again masturbating think of his sister. It was giving him a nice thrill. he will lock himself in his office and masturbate after every visit to his sister. She took every precaution that their bodies never touched when he visited her but there was always a strange tension in the atmosphere whenever they met at her ashram. Arvind felt that Rani was keeping him in the dark about something he should know.

She was not allowed to wear any undergarment under her saris so he was always able to get a good look at her cleavage and massive boobs, her shapely waist and flat abdomen. Every time they sat down to discuss his work he was rewarded with a few glimpses of her naked calves and sometimes even higher, of her solid thighs when she crossed and uncrossed her legs sitting opposite him on a high chair. It gave him new material for his fantasies.

Then a year or so ago they were sitting in her ashram talking about family when she had suddenly asked him how he was fairing with his self imposed asceticism.

“How often do you masturbate?” She asked. He was taken aback by such a question from his own sister.

“I do when I feel like.” He said. “It is not very interesting when you don’t have some real stimulus.” Like sniffing your panties or brassieres. He said to himself

“Oh! My poor baby! How bad I feel about putting you into such an impossible situation. I never knew it will take so long to translate a small book like that. I will think about it and talk to the spiritual guru.”

She got back to him in the evening the same day and came with an easy solution. He could not look directly at a naked woman. But he could look at her indirectly, at her refection, like in a mirror or water or these days, on a smart phone.

“And how am I going to ask my wife to pose for me naked while I masturbated. What explanation I could give her for my weird behaviour?”

That put an end to that novel idea. But Rani was not someone to admit defeat so easily. She called him again the next day at his office and talked to him for a long time before coming to the real purpose of her call.

“What would you say if I offer myself to be yours so called ‘stimulus’?” She asked him shyly, hesitantly, foppishly. “It is just to help you with your job.” She added immediately.

“What do you mean? Ha asked bewildered.

“If I pose for you? Be the so-called ‘stimulus’.

“Nude?” He blurted not believing his ears.

“How are we going to do that?” He had asked trying not to look very eager while fireworks where exploding in his heart. He knew his long time wish had come true.

“You won’t find it awkward?”

“Why? Actually I…” He stopped in mid sentence. He could not tell her that he had been longing for that very thing all his life.

There was a prolonged silence at the other end.

“You what?” She asked expectantly. “It is OK with me if it is ok with you.” She added hurriedly not to let the conversation veer away. “Though I am not as beautiful as..”

“Stop that sis.” Arvind interjected. “You are everything what a man…

“Ok! Listen.” She again cut him short.

And he shut his mouth. Words were not necessary.

She told him what he needed to do.. He was beside himself with joy. He had gone to the market the next day and bought a new phone with a bigger and wider screen. Their phone chats and phone sex started hesitantly at first but soon it gained momentum. Both of them where they were heading for but nobody wanted it to say it in words.

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