Best Buddies Ch. 05


With a closed loop relationship in place, the fun begins in earnest. This is a work of fiction, and all characters are eighteen years of age. This story has been approved for use in Masturbation by The Triad (Alexa, Siri, & OK Google) “We know what you’re doing!”


“You want us to strip?” Mac inquired.

“Or are you going to undress us?” Greg asked hopefully.

“No, not this time,” Judy replied.

“Ooh, ooh, undress each other. Take turns, ooh and go slow,” Linda squealed.

Judy smiled, “Love it, Linda!” Then to Greg, “Please spread that raggedy quilt out. We don’t want to have to clean up later.”

The boys spread the quilt out and then looked at each other and motioned for the other to go first. Mac relented and walked up to Greg. He unbuttoned his polo shirt and quickly pulled it over his head. Greg flexed for the girls, showing off the results of his arduous work at the gym.

Linda clapped her hands, but complained, “You’re going too fast. Go slow and be sexy!”

Judy made a heart sign with her fingers, “Yes, take your time. Savor the moment.”

Mac had a button-up shirt and Greg stood behind him to unhurriedly undo each button. With the top button undone, he slowly revealed Mac’s muscular chest. After dropping the shirt on the floor, he rubbed his hands up and down Mac’s chest. He licked his fingers and made circles around Mac’s nipples, which elicited some ooh’s and ahh’s from the girls.

It was Mac’s turn, he unfastened Greg’s shorts and allowed them to slide to the floor. Greg stepped out of his shorts and stood beside Mac. He rubbed the front of Mac’s shorts until there was a noticeable bulge. He slipped the shorts down over the tented briefs. Mac stood proudly, hands on his hips, with his bikini briefs barely containing his erection. This drew applause from the girls.

Mac pulled Greg, who now only wore his briefs, in front of him. He cupped Greg’s balls with his left hand and used his right to rub Greg’s cock. An erection began growing in Greg’s briefs. Mac pushed the briefs down enough to show the base of Greg’s cock. He then turned Greg around and slipped the briefs down to fully expose his ass.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” cheered Judy.

Greg flexed his glutes, then he alternated muscle flexing and made his butt jiggle. Linda clapped her hands. Mac turned him around again and began stroking his cock through the thin briefs. Greg leaned his head back on Mac’s shoulder.

“Sexy, damn hot and sexy,” Judy said and then cleared her throat.

When Greg was fully erect, Mac pulled the briefs down quickly. The cock popped out and smacked into Greg’s stomach.

“I liked the sound of that,” Linda giggled. So, Mac did it again… splat!

With Greg sans clothes, it was his turn to separate Mac from his briefs. He turned him so his butt was facing the girls. Then he got down on his knees. Using only his teeth, he pulled Mac’s briefs downward. He kept pulling down, as his nose slipped through the crack of Mac’s ass. He let go when all of Mac’s butt was exposed. He moved to the side, smiling, and reached up and smacked Mac once on each cheek. Without moving he turned Mac around. The briefs were barely keeping the erection from freedom. Greg released it by pulling down. As the briefs slid below Mac’s knees, Greg grabbed the swinging cock with his lips and drew the wet head into his mouth. Mac was again holding Greg’s balls in one hand and the other was stroking Greg’s cock. As he slurped, his head was bobbing up and down rapidly.

Mac spoke up, “You led off the first time. I’d like to take the lead first this time. Can I run my hands over your body? Explore a bit?”

Greg answered, “I would like that. Can I lay down?”

“Of course, and let me know if anything feels weird.”

While Greg was lying down on his stomach, he asked, “Weird as in scary or weird as in sexual?”

Mac said, “Shut the fuck up dumbass. Just let me know if you want me to stop.”

When Greg had settled, Mac started at the top of his head. He ran his fingers through Greg’s hair, massaged his shoulders, and traced a line down his spine with a finger. At the point the spine disappears into butt cleavage, Mac placed fingers on both butt cheeks and massaged down to Greg’s upper thighs. He worked down both legs to the feet. Mac had a lot of experience massaging feet. Linda has low arches and working as a hairdresser stresses them. Sometimes only a good massage can help. He looked up to Judy to ask for some lotion, but she had anticipated the need and had a bottle of flavored massage oil available. She tossed it to Mac. He put the oil on Greg’s left foot and worked away.

Linda sighed, “Magic fingers.”

Mac smiled and continue to work, moving over to Greg’s right foot. When he had finished with that foot, he moved up the right calf. With the oil he was able to exert more pressure while massaging. As he moved up to the thigh, Greg spread his legs a little bit. Mac could see Greg’s balls, almanbahis yeni giriş but not his anus. When he reached the top of the thigh, where the butt cheek begins, he dropped back down to the left calf. While he was slowly working his way up the thigh, Greg moved his legs further apart. Mac could now clearly see the top-most part of the back of the scrotum and the area known as the perineum. That is the space between the top of the scrotum and the anus. It has a bunch of nerve endings and is a highly erogenous area that few men know about. Mac dripped the oil down Greg’s butt crack, and it ran over his scrotum. He moaned and spread his legs further.

With Greg’s body language inviting additional exploration, Mac moved up between Greg’s legs. He reacted by moving them widely apart. Mac put his hands side-by-side with his thumbs touching and placed them in the small of Greg’s back. He then pulled his fingers over Greg’s cheeks, while the thumbs slipped into the crack. Greg moaned and shivered slightly. Mac did this several times and then added more oil. Reaching under Greg’s balls and up to his belly, he found the cock. He gently pulled the partial erection back until it pointed down or back towards Mac. Greg lifted up to assist with this realignment. Mac began running his fingers through Greg’s crack from top to bottom, touching his anus, the perinium sweet spot, balls, and cock. After a few minutes, Mac began putting more pressure with his fingers as they slid down the crack to probe Greg’s anus. He felt the sphincter muscle loosening. He was also encircling Greg’s cock and gripping tightly as his hand slid past.

“I want to see this. Let’s move over there,” Judy said. Greg had laid down parallel to the sofa and they couldn’t see everything Mac was doing with his hands. Judy dragged a couple of small chairs up and they sat behind Mac with a full view of Greg’s most intimate parts.

Linda whispered, “Wow! That is just too hot. He’s so vulnerable and I don’t know… open.”

Without moving her eyes, Judy nodded. “So vulnerable and trusting.”

Mac had worked his index finger just inside Greg’s sphincter. He wasn’t actually finger-fucking him, but he was really turning Greg into an orgasm waiting to happen. Greg was moaning and constantly lifting his ass up to try and get more of Mac’s finger inside him. The girls were leaning in expecting Greg to pop any second. Mac said, “OK, let’s do the front now.”

The girls exhaled in unison. They realized they had been holding their breath in anticipation of Greg’s imminent orgasm.

Greg groaned, “You’re killing me Bro. I was on the edge.”

As soon as Mac was out of the way, Greg rolled over on his back. When his weight was off his cock, it slapped back smacking his stomach. It sounded like someone had thrown a raw steak on a tile floor. Greg didn’t look at the girls, but quickly settled back with his eyes closed. Mac poured oil all over Greg’s stomach, cock, and groin. He then straddled Greg and sat down on his cock. After oiling his hands, he placed them on Greg’s pecs. But instead of moving his hands, he began sliding his butt back and forth with Greg’s cock caught in the crack. It looked wickedly hot to the girls who were still sitting near Greg’s feet. They clearly saw Mac’s balls dragging back and forth across Greg’s cock as it lay trapped between the cheeks. When Greg’s moaning reached a peak, Mac would stop and play with Greg’s nipples. Once Greg quieted down, Mac would start sliding back and forth again. This went on for a while and Greg’s legs were shaking, his toes were curled up, and he was continuously moaning.

Just when Judy whispered to Linda, “Your husband is going to kill mine,” Mac lifted himself off Greg. He turned around, facing the girls, and took Greg’s cock in his mouth.

“Ummm, mint. The oil is mint flavored.” He then began licking the oil off Greg’s cock and balls. Once he had completed the cleanup, he began sucking Greg in earnest. Holding the cock steady with his left hand, he used his right hand to massage Greg’s balls and slip down to penetrate the nether regions.

“Oh my God! Mac don’t stop. Holy Mother of pearl, that feels sooooo good!”

Mac was swallowing increasingly more of Greg’s cock. When he was able to take the entire member in his mouth and throat, his nose was buried in Greg’s balls. As he came back up Greg arched his back and unloaded. Mac pushed his right index finger into Greg’s asshole, while his lips locked on to the cock and swallowed most of the spewing cum. He had missed the first shot and it landed on his forehead. Mac could feel Greg’s anal contractions around his finger.

Judy and Linda stood up whistling and clapping. Greg drifted out of his post-orgasmic haze. He sat up and pulled Mac backwards. He allowed Mac to roll off him but grabbed him again face to face and gave him a huge cock-to-cock hug.

“That was mind-blowing Bro, absolutely, fuckin’ mind-blowing. How did you learn to do all that?”

“I thought since we had been fairly almanbahis giriş vanilla the first time, we should step it up a bit. I decided what turns me on would do it for you. And I looked at some gay porn.”

Greg was still holding on to Mac, although now at arm’s length. “Well, you’ve blown my mind. I know I’ll never forget it.”

The girls noticed the boys’ cocks were rubbing against each other, like a sword fight. Judy said, “Let’s get you two hydrated. Linda and I need to change our panties. We’ll do round two in a half hour or so?”

“That sounds like a plan,” Greg said. “I’m going to take a quick shower, would either of you two ladies care to join me?”

They both giggled. But Mac answered, “I will.”

Judy added, “Shower like you’re at the gym. Leave the sex play out here.”

“Yes ma’am! Clean your own body, not your friend’s,” Mac responded.

When the girls were alone together, they hugged in agreement that this was an ‘enormous turn-on’ and looked forward to round two with extreme excitement. In a half hour both guys were freshly showered. Everyone gathered back in the living room.

Mac was nonchalantly sporting a hard-on — like having a stiffy was normal for an evening with friends. Greg was slowly building a boner but had a way to go. The awkwardness of a week ago was gone. Mac was slowly stroking himself as he steadily looked at Greg’s naked body. Greg smiled and asked, “May I give you a hand?”

He took Mac’s manhood in one hand and cupped his balls with the other. After fondling both for several minutes, Mac was steel-hard, and Greg was standing up fully. Still holding Mac, he leaned in and whispered, “I want to taste you… every inch of your body. I’m going to drive you crazy.”

Linda complained, “No whispering. No secrets.”

Mac smiled, “He said he was scared shitless and planning to run out the door.”

Greg replied, “I’m not going anywhere. I am going to give you what you asked for.”

He pushed Mac to sit down and moved to his feet. The girls immediately went from the sofa to the two small chairs. Neither one wanted to miss anything this time.

Greg pushed Mac’s legs apart and leaned in to put his hands on Mac’s hips. He slid his hands down the legs to the feet. He then backed up on his knees, picked up Mac’s foot, and sat down. It looked initially like he was going to massage the foot, but Judy didn’t hand him the oil. She knew where this was going. Greg brought the foot to his face and inhaled deeply. In the instant before he brought Mac’s foot to his mouth, Judy felt some discomfort… a bit of jealousy. She was aware of Greg’s foot fetish and in the past, it was her feet that fed that need. Watching him open his mouth to nibble Mac’s toes, she thought, ‘You’re supposed to suck his cock, not love his toes!’ She smiled widely at the admittedly stupid idea.

When Greg’s tongue touched Mac’s toes, he pulled his foot back and sat up on his elbows. “You can’t do that. I’m ticklish.”

Grabbing the foot back and pulling it to him, Greg replied, “I know you’re ticklish. Just shut up and lay back down. You’re going to enjoy it.”

But before he could put tongue to toe, Mac pulled his foot away. “I’m not kidding. You would have to tie me up to do that.”

“Have it your way Mac. Judy, would you please get that sleep mask out of my bedside table? Linda, you know where our junk drawer is in the kitchen. There is a pair of big scissors in it. Would you please get them? Mac, you stay right where you are and close your eyes.”

Greg went out into the garage to retrieve some small diameter cotton rope. He had some stronger hemp, but it was prickly. When he got back to the living room the mask was on Mac’s face. Linda was gently fondling Mac’s balls. Judy was ready with the scissors. There were two large wingback chairs back up against the wall behind Mac’s head. He tied the end of the rope to one of the chair legs, then unraveled rope while he walked back to Mac. Judy cut the length. Linda watched with interest but continued to idly cup and pet Mac’s sack. Greg spread Mac’s legs apart and bound them to the chairs the girls had been sitting in. He then realized that Mac could probably pull those chairs over with his legs. He went back to the garage and retrieved an old rake handle. Working quickly and using his Boy Scout training, he lashed the underside of Mac’s calves to the handle. This kept Mac’s legs separated and if Greg sat on the handle, he couldn’t pull it away. It might also keep the girls from having their chair pulled out from under them.

“I’m going to have my way with you now, Mac. Be aware that your legs are tied to the chairs your wife and Judy are sitting in. If you pull back too hard, you will dump them on the floor.”

“That’s not fair Greg. I can’t help being ticklish.”

“Just grin and bear it Mac. Oh, silly me. That’s all you can do. If you make too much noise, I WILL gag you too.” With that said, Greg sat on the rake handle and bent over to take in those delicious toes. almanbahis güvenilirmi He put all five in his mouth and sucked on them. Mac wiggled a bit but didn’t try and escape. Greg took each toe separately and suckled it. He turned to look back at Mac and saw he was smiling, and his cock was still stone hard. Greg lifted his weight off the handle and dragged his balls down the leg.

Mac chuckled. “Now that feels really weird.”

Greg shot back, “Weird as in scary or weird as in sexual?”

Mac laughed at the callback from earlier in the evening. “Sexual man, really sexual.” Greg interrupted his tongue work and straddled Mac. On his knees he dragged his low hangers slowly up Mac’s chest.

Linda freaked out, “Look at the size of those things!” Judy smiled.

When Greg was astride Mac’s neck, he slapped Mac’s chin and lips with large nuts.

“You keep hitting me with those monsters and I’ll bite you!” Mac Threatened.

“Don’t make threats, you aren’t planning to back up,” Greg said, while dropping his nut sack over Mac’s mouth.

Mac opened his mouth and grabbed a mouthful. He then bit down. Greg groaned with pleasure, but Mac spit his nut out. “You’re supposed to be doing me, not getting your nuts washed,” he said with a big smile on his face.

“Sorry Bro. You’re right.”

Greg returned to bathe the left foot with his tongue, avoiding the inner sole. That seemed to be Mac’s ‘can’t stand it’ button. As he did with Judy, he rubbed his cock against the foot also. After several minutes he moved to the right foot. He spent several minutes lavishing attention there.

“Judy, can I please have the oil?” She tossed it to him.

Greg oiled up Mac’s feet (especially the soles.)

“You’ve been such a good boy. I’m going to take off the handle and loosen the rope so you can put your feet together.”

He moved quickly. Judy knew what was next on Greg’s sexual agenda and again brushed aside the tiny bit of jealousy she felt.

Greg pulled Mac’s oil slicked feet together and slid his cock through the gap. Linda was intrigued and moved over to the side to get a better view.

Mac asked, “Is that what I think it is?”

Greg was humping furiously and grunted, “If you think it’s my cock, it is what you think.”

Mac said, “That makes no fuckin’ sense.”

The reply spoken by a wilding humping Greg, “It does to me.”

Greg knew he was close and had to stop. He wanted to shoot his load and watch it cover Mac’s feet. He also knew it wasn’t his turn and he needed to focus on Mac. He let go of his ‘foot pussy’ and caught his breath. “I’m going to untie your legs now.”

“What about my hands?”

“I like the look of your hands tied up. What do you think girls? Should I untie his hands?”

They responded in unison, “No!”

“I guess your arms stay tied, Mac.”

“OK, at least it was a democratic process. My current position would have not been possible if it weren’t for the support of my dear wife.”

Linda giggled.

Greg licked, stroked, and caressed his way up both of Mac’s legs. Each time he worked his tongue just shy of Mac’s package. At one-point Mac tried to push his cock towards Greg’s tongue, but Greg pulled back.

“All in good time Bro. Enjoy the ride.”

The next thing Greg did astonished everyone, including Greg. He asked Mac to bring his knees back. Putting his hands behind the knees, he pushed Mac back up on to his shoulders and moved his body up against Mac’s back to support his position. When they were stable, Greg began licking and kissing all around his puckered brown eye. Mac was ecstatic and mumbling words of encouragement. Judy and Linda stood up and moved closer to get a better view. When Greg penetrated Mac’s balloon knot, the girls gasped. Mac cried out, “Oh my god, Greg. holy fucking jesus!”

Linda frowned, “Gregory Fergus McDonald, uh, Mac, you know I hate it when you take the Lord’s name in vain!”

“Sorry honey, but I don’t think Greg’s doing the Lord’s work! Sucklefragalsizzlesticks! That is fucking amazing.”

Judy looked at Linda and winked, “Magic tongue.”

Greg continued lavishing oral attention on that general region, including Mac’s balls. Pre-cum was leaking out of Mac like a faucet with a bad washer. Greg had his arms wrapped around Mac’s waist and felt the pre-cum dripping on his wrist. That gave him some lubrication to work with, so he started collecting pre-cum on his fingers and then reached back over Mac’s upside-down cock and smeared it in and around Mac’s balloon knot. It was getting really slippery with the pre-cum and saliva, making it easy for Greg to insert his tongue or fingers.

After an extended period of ass play, Mac complained all the blood was rushing to his head. Linda sarcastically replied, “No honey, it’s rushed to your purple cock. I’ve never seen it this color before.” As if to illustrate, she took him in hand and pulled it up. “Judy, does this look healthy to you?”

Judy laughed and said, “I don’t see how any blood is getting to his head.” They all laughed.

Mac thought, ‘This is surreal. My best friend is tonguing by asshole and my wife, and her best friend are discussing my cock, like it’s a banana at the grocery store. And yet I don’t feel embarrassed. I feel like a sexualized Energizer Bunny.’

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