Aunt Veronica Ch. 01


Leo hung up the phone silently. He almost wished they had never invented cell phones. No one would have found him in the days of landlines, at least the way his mother had stated it.

Now his mother was gone. His father died two years earlier. He was 20 years old and was without a parent. He would have broken down and cried, but he just felt shocked. He was also at a huge party to celebrate the end of the semester. He didn’t want to attract attention.

Heather gave him an inquisitive look. “I need to go,” he said. She persisted.

“What happened?”

“Not here. I need some time alone, but I promise to call, OK?”

He never did. He and Heather were simple acquaintances. He would have loved to date her, but she was way out of his league. They simply had been speaking when the phone call came.

On the way home he broke down. He had to pull over in order to let it all out. He couldn’t see or breathe. He loved his mother. Both of his parents were kind and well respected. Now he had no one. His grandparents were all dead. His father was an only child. His mother had a sister, but she had disowned the family and moved to Iowa or Kansas somewhere. No one had heard from her in over a decade.

He had no money for school now, either. His mother had a great job and kept putting money away to pay his tuition. Unfortunately, every semester the funds were depleted. He would be lucky if there was so much as $100 in the account. That wouldn’t even cover rent. He needed a job, or he would be homeless soon.

As he pulled into his apartment complex, he had a new appreciation for it’s quality. Winston-Salem wasn’t the safest area in the US. Drugs and gangs were everywhere. His fellow Demon Deacons often found themselves signing a lease they later regretted. His father had found this place for him just before he died. It was safe, and quiet.

Not that it mattered anymore. He couldn’t afford it even with a good job. He wasn’t into guns, but he might have to register the handgun his father left him for concealed carry. His next abode was either going to be the street or a rundown mess.

He entered his apartment and simply flopped on the bed. As upset as he was, he fell asleep immediately. He didn’t recall any dreams when the phone woke him up four hours later. It was 1am.



“Who is this?” he asked.

“It is your Aunt Veronica. I am sorry to be calling you so late. My relationship to the family left me out of the loop. I just heard about your mother. I am so sorry.”

He didn’t know what to say. He had never heard a kind word said about his lone aunt. All he knew is that she was supposedly very smart. She was a professor somewhere in the midwest.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Leo, I know you have heard a lot of bad things about me. I don’t want you to doubt them for a second. I’ve done a lot of mean things. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Now everyone is gone. Everyone but you, who I barely know. I want to say I’m sorry. You are alone as well. I just want you to know I am here if you need me. I live in a huge home with plenty of space and I can easily get you into the university and make sure you have the funds.”

“I…thank you, Aunt Veronica, but I will be OK.”

“You are afraid of me…”

Leo could hear it in his voice as well. He wasn’t really afraid of her, just the thought of making a big mistake by taking her offer.

“No, it is just a lot to think about. It hasn’t even sunk in what has happened yet. I will get back to you, I promise.”

“Thank you Leo. You are being more mature than your mother’s friend Deborah. She swears she will shoot me if I show up for the funeral. Don’t worry about the expenses, by the way, I paid them.”

He hadn’t even thought about that. “Um, thank you. Didn’t her insurance cover it?”

“Insurance is never what they claim. Have no fear, it will be beautiful.”

“Will you be there?”

“If you really want me to. I warn you, half of that town hates me. It will be a distraction to what should be a loving goodbye for your mother.”

“Perhaps you are right. It is up to you, of course.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said. Leo could hear her starting to sniffle. “Promise me you will call me regardless of your choice.”

“I promise,” said Leo.


The funeral was beautiful, as his aunt had said it would be. It was held at sunset, which was gold and spectacular. The flowers weren’t a mish mash of colors, but ranged from silvery gray to white. Everything reminded Leo of angels.

He had no idea if his aunt had come. There were a large number of people there. He also ducked out of the gathering afterwards as early as possible. He was tired of all the offers to do “whatever you need” that weren’t followed up by something tangible afterwards. At least his aunt had put forth something useful.

He tried calling her a couple times but never finished dialing. He had heard so many bad things about her. Backstabbing. Disrespectful. Only cared about herself. His father ultrabet yeni giriş also called her a slut. He claimed she would sleep with anyone to get what she wanted. He never said that to Leo directly, but he had overheard him say that to his mother.

Leo decided to try and make a go of it in the local area. It wasn’t going well. American Airlines had a large site where they made reservations, but Covid had devastated their business. Wake Forest’s hospital had merged with a large company that owned the hospitals in Charlotte. The job openings looked great. Most weren’t doing interviews for six months.

He had to go live with his aunt. He wanted to finish college. He hadn’t even decided on a major yet. He was leaning towards business, but he also loved law. Both would require postgraduate school to pay the bills.

He called her that evening. He still could hear the hesitancy in his voice. So could she.

“You still are wary of me, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Just the whole situation. It is a big change.”

“It has been changing for me for some time, Leo. I realize the mistakes I’ve made. Family is everything, Leo. I pushed them away, and now I regret it. I won’t ask you for forgiveness. I just ask that you give me a chance.”

“I will Aunt Veronica. I will see you Friday.”

He still had things to go through at his parents house. His aunt didn’t feel comfortable taking anything, but told him to bring whatever he wanted. The house was still in probate, but everything he wanted would be shipped and the house sold once it was over. She had a good point. That wouldn’t be long, and would allow him more options if he didn’t like how things worked out.

He found a few letters from her to his mother tucked away in a well hidden box in her closet. They were unopened. He didn’t feel it was right to open one, but curiosity got the better of him. It was not what he expected. Three words:

“Please forgive me.”

They were all the same.

He turned off the light to go to sleep. As he dozed off, he realized that he had no idea what his aunt even looked like.


Iowa City was very different from Winston-Salem. He could tell immediately that he would be a lot safer here. Maybe it was because they chose a bird for their mascot, rather than a demon. Maybe the town was just too small to attract as many drug dealers or gangs.

Not that there weren’t some shady looking characters walking around the airport. The first one he noticed wore a long, black leather trench coat and very dark sunglasses. She had on a black Trilby hat and wore black heels. Her calves looked muscular. She reminded him of the actress in the Men in Black movie, Linda Fiorentino. She also had a slight resemblance to his mother.

Was this his aunt? She looked rebellious. She looked untrustworthy. She looked hot!

She was holding a photograph and looked up at him. “Leo?” she asked.

“You have a photograph of me?”

She showed him the image and laughed. “It didn’t help much.” The image was of a four year old boy. His parents were also in the image, holding him by the hand. “It’s the only image I have of her,” she said. “Sorry if it is upsetting.”

“You act as if you cared for her.”

“I never stopped caring for her. Let’s talk more in the car.”

His suitcase barely fit in the car. It was a classic Porsche 911, in mint condition. Between the rumble of the engine and her legs sticking out of her coat, he was getting a warm feeling where he shouldn’t. She had on a black leather skirt that cut off mid thigh. While she drove, he saw a lot more than that.

“Ever driven a stick?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said sheepishly. Less than an hour with her and she had already caught him eyeing her up.

“I see, just watching which pedals do what in this classic?”

“I’m sorry.” He was sure his face turned red.

“I’m just busting you,” she said. “Don’t worry about it, I’m a doctor. A surgeon actually. I’m totally comfortable with the human body. They are nice legs, aren’t they? Too bad my profession means they go to waste. I don’t have time for a social life.”

“A surgeon?”

“Yes. Your jaw seems to have hit the floor. No female surgeons down there in the South?”

“I guess I just didn’t know. All my parents ever said was that you taught at a university.”

She laughed. “And I bet that is the only nice thing they said about me, wasn’t it? I teach at the Medical School. Another reason I have no free time.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You apologize too much. I love my job.”

They pulled into a very large house. Leo looked around and the next house over was far away. The double front doors opened and a burly middle aged man came out and took his suitcase.

“Leo, this is Gary,” said Veronica. “He helps keep any burglars from thinking about breaking in. Gary, this is my nephew Leo. He looks like he might be able to help out in that regard.”

Gary nodded and headed inside. Leo had to smile to himself. He had never been in a fight ultrabet giriş in his life.

When they walked inside Leo’s jaw nearly hit the floor again. The house was enormous, with high arched ceilings. It was filled with antiques. European antiques, mostly French.

A young woman walked up and started immediately talking to Veronica about schedules, meetings, and operating room dates. His Aunt held up a hand to pause her for a second. “Leo, this is my personal assistant Anna,” she said. “Keep your eyes off her, she is getting married in a few weeks. I’ve asked her to later on start teaching you some of what she does. You get to fill in while she is on her honeymoon. Wouldn’t want you to get bored now, would we?”

“Pleasure,” said Anna and immediately started back in talking as if he wasn’t there. Veronica nodded to a doorway. It looked like a kitchen.

Inside he found another young woman bent over a bunch of ingredients on the counter. She wasn’t as pretty as Anna, but quite shapely. He couldn’t believe his aunt was so wealthy. How much help did she have?

Leo’s jaw dropped completely to the floor. The kitchen had a view of the backyard. It was a full garden with a large pool. What had caught his eye, however, was parked on the helipad. His Aunt had a helicopter!

The young woman had turned around and noticed him standing there staring with his mouth hanging open. “Sometimes she needs to get to the hospital very quickly,” she said. I’m Mary, by the way. I usually do the housekeeping, but sometimes I help cook. You must be Leo.”

He pulled his eyes from the helicopter. “Pleased to meet you, Mary. If you don’t mind me asking, who flies the helicopter?”

“She does, of course.”

His Aunt was amazing. For a brief moment he wished he had known her earlier. Then he remembered he didn’t know her at all. He didn’t want to pry, but he was curious as to what had happened to cause her estrangement.


Anna wasted no time in finding him for his first lesson on being a personal assistant. As she had with his aunt, she spoke quickly and succinctly. Then she pointed out why. His aunt, like most doctors, dealt with information overload at all times. They needed specific information, quickly. That was one of the many reasons why they had such a high divorce rate. They were difficult to be around in a many settings. They got pushy and demanding.

Anna was very pretty, but rail thin. Her husband to be had no need to worry, he wouldn’t be looking to steal her. She was also impatient. If his mind started to wander she would snap at him to bring him back. It was difficult. They were in the kitchen. He kept looking out and imagined his Aunt flying the helicopter. He never dreamed he would think of a helicopter pilot being sexy. Times were changing.

Aunt Veronica thankfully rescued him before things got too late. “I have to steal him, sorry Annette. We hardly know each other. I want to talk with him.”

They entered a sumptuous den. The lights were dim and the AC was running full blast. That’s when he noticed she had no bra on. She still had on her leather skirt and a black blouse that was fairly transparent. Her nipples were poking through it quite far.

She had caught him again. Smiling, she said, “Look all you want. If you want to see them, just ask. We are all adults here. Do try to look me in the eye when we talk, however.”

He immediately looked her in the eyes. It was the first time he had really seen them. She had her sunglasses on before. She was quite pretty. She had a few crows feet, but they were hardly noticeable.

“I suppose we should address the elephant in the room,” he said. “What happened between you and my mom?”

“Straight to the point. Is that Anna’s teaching already or are you always like this?”

“A bit of both.”

“Have a seat. I only drink red wine, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Aunt Veronica, I am only 20.”

She looked him straight in the eye. He lost the staredown. They both started cracking up. She thrust the glass in his hand and sat in the chair next to him. “I’m glad to see college hasn’t changed,” she said.

He tried not to look at her legs stretched out before him. It was impossible. She caught him again.

“Leo,” she said, “did the college girls down south not interest you? You haven’t been able to take your eyes off of me. I don’t know whether I should cover up in a blanket or just strip everything off. As hot as this place gets in the summer, I’m tempted to do the latter.”

He gulped. Was she toying with him? “You are very…attractive, Aunt Veronica. I guess I wasn’t aware.”

She smiled, then reached out and gently took him by the chin. Her touch sent jolts of electricity down his spine.

“That’s very kind of you. I am your aunt, however. We share blood. You know what that means, don’t you?”

He nodded.

“Good, then look all you want. I am going to tell you what happened, however.”

Her look made it clear. Pay attention.

“My falling out was not ultrabet güvenilirmi with your mother,” she said, “but rather your father. He was a very nice man, but had some old fashioned views. So did my parents. Your mother decided to stand with them. Contrary to what they may have told you, I did not ‘disown’ them. They disowned me. I tried many times to reconnect with them. I was ignored.”

“Even by my mother?”

“I told you I made mistakes. I should have contacted her immediately after you father died. It was just the three of us then. I was too stubborn and too proud, however. She hurt me when she stood by your father. I didn’t let it go. I will regret that for the rest of my life.”

“What did my father do?”

“Simply stated his opinion. As did my father and my mother. Women shouldn’t be doctors. Men should do those kinds of things. Women might get pregnant, or have a fit of hormone rage.”

“Are you serious? He had a female primary care doctor for years.”

“And I’m sure he is out there somewhere stating that is why he is dead.” She saw his mouth drop. She reached out and put her hand on his leg. The electricity shot down his spine and up the shaft of his penis. He adjusted and pulled slightly away. She readjusted and held his leg firmly.

“Leo, I don’t mean to say bad things about your father. Like I said, he was a very nice man. You should also know that death is another thing that doctors are fairly nonchalant about. We care, we just see so much of it. Death, nudity, and sex are part of a doctor’s life every day.”


She laughed and swatted his knee. “You are just a little horndog, aren’t you? I don’t mean having sex, I mean talking about it. Some of it gets really weird, but someone has to. Can you imagine yourself asking someone if they have ever put a hamster up their ass and keeping a straight face?”


“It gets worse than that.”

“You really ask patients that?”

“It’s my favorite, especially with the old ladies.”

“Any of them ever say yes?”

“Just one, shall I leave her number?”

“Pass.” He was beginning to think that doctors were somewhat sick. Was this really the way they were when not in an exam room with you?

“There were other things too,” she said. Her look got more serious. “I’m sure your father and possibly even my father let slip a few insulting terms to describe my…behavior.”

“I did overhear my father call you a slut.”

“How kind of him!” she laughed. “I did get around a bit back then. Now I don’t have any time.”

Her phone went off. Anna came running into the room. “Sorry Leo, duty calls,” said Veronica. Anna handed her a jumpsuit that she started climbing into.

“Can I ride with you?” he asked, trying not to sound like he was ten.

She leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. “Sorry, not on official runs. I promise to take you up when we have time and will show you how beautiful Iowa looks from a few thousand feet up.” She grinned to indicate she was joking and was off.

Her scent tantalized his nostrils. This wasn’t perfume, shampoo or sweat. He didn’t think pheromones had an odor, but he was filled with the most wonderful scent. It went straight to his penis. He turned quickly so that Anna didn’t notice and headed out of the room.

Anna was fast as lightning. She caught his arm and said, “not so fast, this gives us more time for lessons.”

“Can’t I at least go pee first?” She looked down before he could cup his hands over himself and pretend to dance. She rolled her eyes.

“Take care of that while you are in there.”


“Oh please,” she said and rolled her eyes again. “Do you really think you are the first guy that got all hot and bothered over your aunt? You were blatantly obvious about it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Apologies aren’t how we do things around here. Go take care of it. There is lotion under the sink.”

“It’s no longer needed,” he said. He lifted his hands to show he no longer had an erection.

She shrugged. “On with the lessons then.”

He didn’t tell her that it was the thought of her and her lessons that had killed it.


He knew he would dream of his aunt that night. He figured it would be something like her jumping off of the chopper in the buff. He even tried to guide it that way, fantasizing about what her body would look like completely nude. It didn’t work. What he got was much better. They were lovers. They were in a resort where one end of the room was open to the sea. Warm air and the smell of sea spray filled the room.

He was inside her. They were intertwined and making love with a deep passion. It just kept going. She felt wonderful. He gazed down to look at her breasts.

There was a knock on his door. His door in real life. The room was completely dark. “Leo? May I come in?”


He turned to his side to hide his erection, only to find the sheets were down at his ankles. She had to have seen something, as she shut the door quickly.

“I was wondering if this might happen. I hope Anna wasn’t too hard on you. She probably got a kick out of it.”

“She told me that there was lotion under the sink.”

“Oh? She left that part out. She just mentioned that I was shamelessly getting you worked up. Was I?”

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