Alex Is Caught Cheating


Alex felt the guilt building inside of him. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He rubbed his hands across his face.

His hands shaking, he paused at the door before silently turning the handle until he heard the click. He pressed the door open with his foot.

“Alex, so nice of you to come home this evening,” Linda motioned at him to come into the room. “We have so much to talk about.”

She leaned back into the overstuffed chair, her arms draped over each rest. She crossed her legs and stared up at him with her deep blue eyes.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” she asked him, pulling some of her dark hair from her eyes so she could look at him better.

Alex felt his body shake uncontrollably. Did she know? She couldn’t know, no one knew except for him. He thought back to the people he had seen that night, none of them stood out.

No one knew, he kept thinking to himself. Except her, she knew.

“I don’t understand Linda,” he stammered. “I don’t know what you mean.” He looked at her fearfully. She couldn’t be so clam and know all that happened, he thought to himself as he looked at her casually sitting in the chair.

Linda shifted herself more upright, straightening out the creases in her blue skirt.

“You’re not sure I know are you?” she looked up at him. “Believe me I know what you did. I know everything you did. I can see it written in your face but I have more proof.”

Linda reached over to the table on her right and pulled up a piece of paper and a pile of photographs.

“Let me see here,” she looked down at the piece of paper, “do you want me to read them all off?”

Alex fell to the floor, his legs giving out. He felt bad enough about what had happened, but how did she know? He felt his stomach tighten into a knot.

“Answer me,” she looked down at him on the floor, “would you like to tell me or should I tell you?”

Alex felt his body wrench with nervousness, his mind racing. What was he going to do, he couldn’t tell her everything, what did she already know? He reached out and put his hand the floor to steady himself.

He felt like he was going to throw up, his stomach churning on itself.

“I’ll tell you,” he finally managed to speak. “I’ll tell you.”

“Well go ahead then,” Linda put the paper into her lap and looked down at him.

Alex felt his body stiffen as he tried to talk.

“I, well,” he paused. “I’m sorry,” he looked up at her.

Linda laughed.

“You’re sorry? That’s what you did? Come on and tell me,” she shifted her legs enough so he could see up her skirt.

Alex turned his head away afraid.

“I’m sorry,” he started again, “I was with someone else.”

Alex felt his nervousness begin to subside at the revelation. He felt better having said it, not living with the fear that she’d find out.

“Someone else?” she questioned, “that’s very vague. I was looking for more detail.”

Linda picked up the piece of paper and looked down the list.

“Let’s see here,” she ran her finger up and down the piece of paper. “It looks to me like a lot more than just ‘someone else’. How else do you explain the five hundred dollars for the ‘honeymoon suite’.”

Alex griped at his stomach as he felt his body convulse. She knew about the room. Where else did he spend money? He couldn’t remember. Why did he not pay cash? He felt his stomach wrench again.

“Oh but that’s not the least of it,” she looked at her list again, “not at all. Let’s see you got a blow job, I see that’s on the list.”

Alex looked at the floor. She could be bluffing he though. Of course he got a blow job, every guy wanted a blow job. He looked up into her eyes scared but defiant and began to stand.

“Oh and let’s see, a rub down with expensive oils, and you watched the poor little girl play with herself for over a half and hour,” Linda continued. “And there’s more, should I continue.”

Alex fell back to the floor.

“No, please, this is crazy Linda,” he pleaded with her.

Linda tossed one of the pictures at him.

“The way I see it is that’s ground for divorce and while this state has community property laws, I believe I can convince everyone that you cheated on me,” she looked at him. “And then I don’t just get my half, but I get your half too.”

Alex looked up at her and felt like he was ready to cry. How did he get himself into this mess?

Linda stood up and walked over to Alex laying on the floor.

“Alex,” she reached down and rubbed her fingers through his blond hair. “I agree with the law. I agree we should split thing 50/50.”

She let her fingers drift to his chin, pulling his face up to look into her eyes.

“The tempobet yeni giriş way I see it is that we have two options. We can divorce and I can take everything, or I should get to have a night where I get to do whatever I want, no questions asked.”

Alex was confused by the sudden change in events. He felt himself sick inside at the thought of his wife being with someone else for the evening.

“I, I don’t understand,” Alex felt comforted by the feel of Linda’s hand gently caressing his cheek but still frightened by her proposition.

“I want to have a night were I can do anything I want,” she looked at him lovingly but at the same time with anger. “I want you to agree that you will let me do whatever I want this evening.”

Alex was still confused. What was the offer she was making to him. Was she going to leave him and go find a man? Did she want him? He couldn’t tell and his stomach was lurching its way into his throat.

“Whatever you want? I don’t know what you mean,” she was up her skirt and noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I mean,” she shifted her legs wider apart as she noticed his eyes peering up her skirt. “I mean that you will do whatever I ask or I will take this house, our cars, our kids and your damned noisy stinky dog and a very hefty portion of your paycheck.”

Alex felt her grip tighten on his chin.

“Do you understand?”

Alex bit his lip and nodded yes. He felt his head drop to the floor as she let it go.

“The way I see it is that you took something away from me,” she turned and started walking away, “so I want to take something from you.”

She opened the door and peered around the corner.

“Come in,” she waved her hand.

Alex watched intently, not understanding what was happening, as a man with dark hair slowly walked into the room.

“Alex, this is Tom,” she let her hands drift all over Tom’s body.

Alex felt his body sickening again, watching his wife touching another man. He watched as her hands drifted from his chest to the bulge between his legs and pause.

“Boys,” she looked at both men, “I would like you to undress for me.” She sat down in her overstuffed chair and gently rubbed her breasts and waited for them to undress.

Alex was slow to get up, but he managed to. He looked up at Tom and then Linda, what did she want some sort of threesome? She had never talked about this before.

He reached his fingers into his pants and slowly pulled the polo shirt over his head and looked over at Tom. He felt like he didn’t want to get his clothes off before Tom did.

“No Tom,” Linda sense Alex’s apprehension. “I want Alex to undress first.”

Alex let the shirt drop to the floor and closed his eyes. He hadn’t been naked in front of another man for quite a while. Not since his college days at the gym. He felt embarrassed as he stripped his pants down to the floor and pushed them aside.

As Alex felt his cock twitch in the cool air he wanted to cover himself up with his hands but he felt that would be even more embarrassing. He looked over at Tom, his muscular arms and chest bare, his pants still on.

“That’s nice,” Linda stared at her naked husband. “Now why don’t you go and take off Tom’s pants Alex.”

Alex violently shook his head no before he even realized it.

“I can’t do that,” he looked at Linda who threw him another picture. “You can, and when you’re done I want to see you do that.”

Alex looked at the picture of the woman he had been with earlier on her knees in front of him, his cock deep inside of her mouth.

“I won’t” Alex began to scream. “I can’t.”

“Whatever I ask,” Linda just looked at him and smiled and waited patiently.

Alex felt the tears dripping down his cheek to his chin. He had almost forgotten that he was standing in the middle of his bedroom naked as he walked over to Tom and began to unbutton his pants.

“Kiss his chest honey, make him know you love him, tonight you’re newlyweds,” Linda let her words soften as he finished.

Alex felt his world crashing around him, he apprehensively pressed his lips against Tom’s chest and drifted down to his knees. He thought back to how good it felt to have the same things done to him, and how demeaning it felt to do them.

He could feel Tom’s cock as he pulled apart the snap at the top of his jeans. Slowly he pulled the pants down, the cock springing free and hitting his face.

“That’s my girl,” Linda called out from across the room. “Now I want you to stroke him, lick his balls.”

Alex winced at the sound of his wife’s voice, his hand slowly encircling Tom’s swollen cock. It felt stiff yet soft. He hadn’t really thought tempobet giriş about how a cock had felt before. He felt his own cock twitching between his legs. He was getting excited and it scared him.

“You feel good,” Tom finally said spoke as he let his fingers drift through Alex’s hair.

Alex felt Tom strongly pulling his head towards Tom’s cock.

Alex let his mouth open as the cock pressed against his lips. He felt the heat of the shaft fill his mouth, run across his tongue, as it went deeper and deeper into his mouth. He didn’t feel Linda coming up to him and kneeling beside him, her hands gently rubbing his shaft from between his legs.

“You’re such a good little wife,” Linda whispered into Alex’s ear, her hands gently rubbing his ass. “Why don’t you show me what you had that girl do for you next?”

Alex felt a pit in his stomach. He was certain that she knew everything that happened, everything. He pulled Tom’s cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he slowly pressed his hands against Tom’s hips and turned him around.

“I bet you really liked it when she did this, didn’t you,” Linda whispered into Alex’s ear as he leaned forward, pulling Tom’s cheeks apart.

Alex swallowed apprehensively as he leaned his face closer and closer to Tom’s ass. He felt his abdomen tense as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into his crack. Finally his tongue brushed against Tom’s anus and he heard Tom let out a moan.

“Oh god that feels good,” Tom reached his strong hands around his back and pressed Alex’s head into his crack.

Alex felt sickened as his tongue spread the anus and explored Tom’s cavity. He gasped for air, his head so tightly pressed against Tom that he could barely breathe. Alex felt his cock stiffening as Linda reached down and squeezed it in her hand.

“I bet you really enjoyed it when she did that for you didn’t you,” Linda whispered in Alex’s ear. “I see that your husband enjoys it too.”

Linda grabbed Alex’s hand in hers and gently pulled it towards Tom’s cock.

“Rub him while you do it, I bet he’ll like that,” Linda whispered in his ear.

Alex felt Tom’s ass suddenly tighten around his tongue as he rubbed his hands against the hard shaft. He tried to pull his mouth away, however, Tom had tightened his grip on the back of his head. Alex felt his head pressed even deeper inside of Tom’s ass, his hand still sliding up and down the hard long cock.

“What was next,” Linda whispered in his ear questioningly. “Didn’t you make her play with herself?”

Alex felt his cock stiffening remembering watching the girl, dressed in only her lingerie, on the bed for what must have been an hour. How she did anything he asked. She should have for what he had paid her.

Alex slowly pulled his head out from between Tom’s cheeks, the strong odor and taste spread over his face, and looked at Linda and nodded his head yes. She led him to the bed and handed him a bag.

“These are for you, use them,” she smiled.

Alex looked at her shocked and reached his hand into the bag. His face dropped when he felt the feel of the silk panties and bra. He pulled them out and looked at his wife.

“You can’t be fucking serious,” he exclaimed.

“Oh no, the fucking comes later, there’s more,” Linda broadened her smile. “Put them on or it’s over.”

Alex felt the tears dripping down his face as he reached behind his back and snapped the bra on. He reached into the bag and pulled out the large hard plastic vibrator.

“It’s the same one you made her use, I thought it was only fair,” Linda walked over to the overstuffed chair and sat down.

Alex looked away and slowly pulled the silk panties over his hips. He felt his cock stiffen at the cool feel of the cloth against his skin. He reached into the bag for anything else.

“What are you looking for,” Tom had silently slipped into the bed next to him.

Alex looked at his wife across the room, she had spread her legs and was gently touching her thighs.

“Honey, you didn’t give her anything else did you?” Linda bit her lip.

Alex looked at her as he turned the vibrator on low, slowly lowering it between his cheeks. His cock stiffened as he felt the cold plastic pressing in towards his anus.

“Turn over and face Tom honey,” Linda coaxed Alex, “tell him the things you made her tell you.”

Alex felt rolled over and looked into Tom’s eyes. Who was this man? What did he want? Alex didn’t know. He felt at the mercy of the situation, lock in a hotel room with a stranger who was making him do anything he wanted, like the woman he was with. Only this was his house, his wife.

He rubbed the vibrator around his ass and tried to relax. tempobet güvenilirmi He felt Tom gently caressing the side of his face before lowering, their lips pressed together.

“Tell him how much you love him,” Linda called out.

Alex felt the vibrator break inside of him and let out an uncontrollable moan.

“I love you,” he looked up into Tom’s eyes as Tom’s tongue pressed open his mouth, exploring him.

Alex felt his entire body being to shake, the vibrator sending waves throughout his body. He moaned uncontrollably as he felt Tom’s hand take his cock through the silk panties and rub it. While Tom’s other hand reached behind and pressed the vibrator deep into his ass.

“Oh god,” Alex moaned trying to get him to stop, but he kept pressing it deeper and deeper.

Finally Tom let his hands go and moved a little further away.

Alex felt his body exploding with new sensations. He writhed on the bed, the vibrator pressed completely inside of him, only a small string hanging out. His cock twitched and stiffened as his body slid up and down against the bed.

Alex spread his legs and rolled onto his back, letting the vibrator explode deep inside of him. He didn’t know what came over him at that moment but he felt so good.

“I think your new wife enjoys it,” Linda looked at Tom and then at Alex writhing against the sheets. “I think it’s your turn now.”

Alex felt his body snap back. Your turn, what did she mean? He looked at Tom who was now sliding closer to him.

“Take that out now,” Tom rolled Alex onto his back.

Alex felt like he was going to come, his cock pressed against the bed. He groaned as he reached to his ass and slowly worked the vibrator free.

“Turn him to face me, I want to see his face,” Linda looked up at Tom who quickly picked Alex up and turned him around.

Alex tried to mouth something but couldn’t get it out. Linda stared into his eyes.

“What is it?” Linda asked Alex.

Alex didn’t answer, he felt the hard head of Tom pressing his ass cheeks apart. He let out a gasp as Tom’s cock opened his anus and pressed inside of him. Tom’s hands were strong, and he was pulling Alex’s hips farther and farther over his cock.

Alex felt the heat of the cock fill him for what felt like forever. Slowly sliding deeper into him. He felt the stiffness pressing against his belly, the twitching against his anus.

“Tell him you want him to fuck you, fuck you in the ass,” Linda smiled. “Isn’t that what you said to her?”

Alex moaned, the tears streaking down his face.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” he said quietly before bellowing out a huge scream as Tom quickly pressed his cock the rest of the way in.

Alex felt like his ass was ripped in half. He gripped onto the comforter to brace himself as Tom repeatedly pulled his cock in and out of him.

“Don’t scream honey,” Linda walked over to him and rubbed her hands through his hair. “We’re at home remember, you wouldn’t want one of your daughters to see you like this would you?”

Tom reached under Alex and rubbed his hands on the silky bra.

“You’re so hot honey,” he leaned over and whispered into Alex’s ear.

Linda reach down to Alex’s cock.

“It’s all soft,” she squeezed it until it started to stiffen.

Tom pulled Alex’s hips tightly into his and moaned. Alex felt his cock stiffen like a board inside of him.

“Oh I want to come in your ass,” Tom moaned, pulling Alex even harder against him.

Alex felt his stomach wince again. He quickly started to talk.

“Please don’t, please,” he begged, just as the woman had begged earlier. He felt the cock hard inside of him. “Please don’t.”

Tom looked down at Linda.

“No, he came in her mouth,” Linda slowly stepped away.

Alex felt his body go almost limp as Tom pulled his cock out of his ass and turned him over.

“A wife who swallows, I got lucky,” he laughed, his cock pressed against Alex’s mouth.

Alex closed his eyes and opened his mouth, as the first spray of salty juice came from the cock. He felt Tom’s hand rubbing at the silk bra while the other hand pulled his head over the draining shaft.

“Oh god, you’re hot,” Tom moaned, leaning his head back.

Alex swallowed quickly, trying to get a breathe of air. Tom’s cock filling his mouth so full with his juices that they dripped down his chin to his chest.

Finally Tom pulled his softening cock from Alex’s mouth and fell back on the bed.

Alex put his head into his hands and began to cry.

“How did you know?” he asked between the sobs.

Linda through his driver license at him.

“Your little prostitute gave this to me and told me you didn’t give her a tip. Apparently she was mad.”

Alex looked at the driver’s license and fell to the bed.

“Guess what honey,” Linda walked over to Alex and rubbed her hand through his hair. “That tip is going to cost you for a very long time.”

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