Give Then You Shall Receive Pt. 03


All characters are 18 years and over.

Six months later.

“Well well, good morning sexy.” Bradley said as he stepped into the room naked, he had a wooden tray in his hand, with a fresh cup of coffee, two pieces of warm wholegrain toast with no butter, only honey, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, sitting on top.

“Oh Bradley baby, is this breakfast in bed, oh it’s such a luxury.” she replied sitting up naked, as he placed the tray on her legs over the cotton sheets, he admiring her breasts as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

“Yep, just for you Bella.” Brad replied putting his hand on her knee over the sheet.

“Oh baby, you know that you are such a nice gentleman.” she replied leaning over towards him, as he leant in kissing her lips.

“Yes well only the best service for the beautiful lady.”

Oh freshly squeezed orange juice, I love it.” she said putting her hand on his cheek, kissing him again.

“Fuck babe you know, I really love your tattoos especially the devil on your breast, he looks like he’s going to pick up your nipple on his fork and eat it.” Bradley joked as he rubbed his finger over the tattoo, and down to her nipple.

Annabelle laughed looking at him, then she looked down flattening her breast, “Yes, that is exactly what Grant said.”

“Oh Anna, what on earth do you think Charlie would say, and think if he found out that his son did your tattoos, and on his step-mother, and especially in such intimate places.

“Yeh, I know, well we are not together anymore, so I don’t really care that his son has pretty much seen me naked, and I don’t really care who actually sees me naked, I have a sexy hot body, and if I want to show it off, I will.”

“You are a real MILF, Good for you.” Bradley said standing up and walking to the other side of the bed, he lay on his back and lifted his hands above his head, looking down at his cock that lay across his groin.

“A MILF that your fucking, Actually while we are talking about sex, Um…… so how are you feeling after our late night adventures last night?” she asked crunching down on her toast.

“Yeh I’m good, I’m a bit tired after you milked my balls, I think I lost count of how many times I cum.”

“Three times baby, once in my mouth after I sucked you, once on my tits after you tit fucked me, and cum over pour Mr Devil, and then you fucked me.”

“Oh ok, yes, yeh I’m ok I guess.”

“Well then Bradley, I really fucking enjoyed it.” she said looking at him grinning, as he looked up at her.

“You really do enjoy going out dogging don’t you?”

“Oh fuck yes baby, Oh I love other complete strangers watching me have sex with you in the car, and especially as you are my Nephew, and as they jerk themselves off. Oh I do, although I do think some dickhead did ejaculate over the bonnet of the car last night.”

Brad laughed. “Oh well, we’ll have to take it through a carwash before we return it. So what times our flight?”

“Um it’s 3 pm I think?” she said.

“Oh good it’s 8.27 so that gives us pretty much six hours to kill.” he said picking up his cock shaking it looking at her.

She glanced down at him. “Well the way that you pounded my pussy and my mouth last night, I’d think it needs a rest don’t you think?”

“What? Come on, It was only three times in two hours.” he said. “It was a bit of a quiet night for us by our standards, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I suppose but fuck Bradley, you seem to think that I’m your fucking cum dump don’t you?”

“I don’t hear you complaining Aunty Annabelle?” he said as he stood up stretching, her pussy tingled at the sight of his body from behind, his cute young arse, his young virile and masculine body, she loved the way he vigorously fucked her pussy, he had real stamina, she loved he could cum in her, and over her three times in such a short space of time, she was lucky if her ex husband could cum once a night.

“No, I didn’t say that I was.” she said, she felt really horny as he turned towards her, she looked down at his groin admiring his large cock.

“So then, How does it feel to be 56?” he asked her.

She sighed as she chew her toast then swallowed it, she giggled, that her Nephew was standing naked in front of her, her 24 year old Nephew asking her how it felt being 56, they had might as well be a married couple. “Yes, well another year of age between us for two months before you turn 25.” she replied.

“Yes, well, it makes it so much better.”

“You know baby, it was a really thoughtful nice birthday surprise, you bringing me away for a holiday, it’s being so great, so romantic, although the receptionist downstairs seemed to disapprove of our age gap.”

He knelt on the bed on his hands and knees leaning over kissing her lips, “Well she would have disapproved more if she found out that you were my mothers sister.”

“Ummm yes, oh the hotel scandal, the busy lunchroom gossip, I can see it now. ‘Oh do know that couple staying in Room 1006, they are not actually tipobet365 yeni giriş married, they are related, shes actually his Aunty and he’s her Nephew, it’s so so disgraceful.” Annabelle said sarcastically.

Bradley laughed. “Yes well it’s none of their fucking business is it.” he said kissing her lips again.

“Well if they knew about the great sex I was getting, they would understand.”

“Yes, but the sex isn’t everything!” Brad said.

“Oh, isn’t it, am I missing something?” she said finishing her toast she placed her coffee on the bedside table, and sipped her juice.

Brad moved the tray onto the floor kneeling between her legs leaning in kissing her breast, he kissed over the devil tattoo above her erect nipple. “So what do you think Mr Devil? Is Annabelle missing something?” he said twisting his head placing his ear on her nipple over her breast.

Annabelle giggled.

“What Mr Devil? Ask Mr Leprechaun, ok.” he looked up at her smiling, pulling the sheet down her thighs, he kissed down her stomach to the tattoo above her clit, he looked up at her bare breasts. “He’s too busy fishing for a nice wet incestuous pussy, Mr Devil……. but what? Ask him anyway?”

Brad kissed his lips over the tattoo of her Leprechaun, she moaned as she felt his warm breath on her clit, “Is Annabelle missing something Mr Leprechaun?” he said kissing over the top of her thigh twisting his head putting his ear to her belly button as she opened her legs, he glanced at her wet pussy moist between her legs. “Oh She is? What…..? So sex isn’t everything…..? What……..? Oh an emotional connection is important to, Mr Leprechaun? Ok hold that thought, I will tell her.”

He lifted his head kissing her belly button, kissing up to her breast leaning over her kissing her lips.

“So what did Mr Leprechaun say?”

“Well the wise Mr Leprechaun said, That sex isn’t everything, but there also has to be an emotional connection, that is important as well.”

“Oh well he’s very wise then, so in that case, why don’t you fucking emotionally fuck me and fucking show me.” she said sipping her juice.

“It will be my fucking pleasure, so close your fucking eyes, Mr Devil and Mr Leprechaun.” he said tilting his head kissing her lips passionately lifting his hand to her breast.

“Oh yes please. Are you sure you can perform after last night, your not to tired.” she said lifting her hands to his cheek, after placing her juice on the bedside table, sliding down the bed between his legs.

“Umm, let’s see, fuck it feels like group sex every time, and we are having a fucking orgy, having a Devil on your tit, and a Leprechaun on your pussy.” he said as he kissed her, her hands on his cheeks, his hand groping her breast.

“Umm, I sure do like the sound of that.” she replied opening her legs, as she lifted her knees, sliding her feet up the bed.


“Yes having a orgy with you, and the Devil and a Leprechaun.” she joked.

“Fuck Bella, you naughty slut.”

“Why don’t you slightly open the curtain a crack, in case anybody wants to peek in while you fuck me.” she suggested looking over at the curtain.

“You naughty slut.” Brad said as he stood and walked over to the curtains, he opened one of the curtains fully, then went back to bed and knelt between her open legs, she rolled him onto his back and straddled him, then slid her body down his, picking up his hard cock in her mouth, as she grinned at him, knowing the hotel on the other side could see into their room with the open curtain.

She slowly moved her mouth up and down his cock, tasting his morning pre-cum, she knew she could taste her pussy on him, they did shower when they got back last night, but the hard fucking they had being doing lately, she knew there would she would probably be a permanent taste on him.

She sat up and straddled his cock, smiling as she again slid down his hard shaft, moaning thinking about group sex, last night people just watching them, letting complete strangers have a grope of her tits through the open car window

She thought about it, as she rode him facing the curtains, she thought about those random cocks fucking her, each man take a turn in her.

“Fuck yes.” she said as the very thought aroused her, wondering if she could do it, as her breasts bounced, she threw her head back, moaning looking at the ceiling, her long hair touching her arse cheeks as it hung down her back, she loved that now she had long hair, not shoulder length hair, when she was with her husband.

He lay back holding her knees as she fucked him, riding his hard cock, she looked down at him listening to him moan, she had only now fucked three men, her husband and her first threesome with Brad and his work colleague.

Her husband just used her for his personal sex toy, it was just sex, no love, no emotional connection, she loved the sexual and sensual romantic connection with Bradley.

Now it was her turn to use Brad as a sex toy, an arrangement tipobet365 giriş that they both actually enjoyed, using each other for their own sexual gain and enjoyment, again as usual their morning sex involved her on top, a thing that he seemed to enjoy seeing his Aunty Annabelle on top of him, a thing that they loved, he thrusted up into her, his cock about to erupt.

“Fuck baby.” he said looking up at her.

“Cum sweetie, cum in me baby.” she moaned.

“Fuck, fuck Anny fuck yes.” he said pushing up into her.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, Oh Brad yes.” she said.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” he said closing his eyes, putting his head back thrusting in her.

“Oh yes cum, cum inside me baby.”

“Oh fuck yes.” she said as she collapsed onto him, as he still thrust one last hard thrust into her, “Oh fuck.” he said as he again exploded into his Aunty’s pussy.

“Oh fuck Bradley.” she said as he hugged her as they lay on the bed, they stared into each others eyes as they smiled.

“Your are the definitely the best sex.” Bradley said smiling at her.

“Oh, so better than Tegan?” she said smiling at him.

“Well lets just put it this way, that you both are great in different ways.” he replied.

“Oh, do you care to elaborate in how we are better in different ways?”

“Well, it just feels different, fucking you as my Aunty, and Tegan as my cousin, I guess we just fuck differently.” he said.

“Right!” she said kissing him and climbed off him and headed to the shower, Bradley followed her, they stepped into the shower, he hugged as the water fell over their bodies, she washed herself opening her pussy cleaning his cum out of her, as he washed his cock.

She thought about the night before in the car, being watched, people watching as she drained him of his bodily fluids, he seemed to reproduce semen so quickly.

They watched each other in the shower, washing themselves, she loved watching him wash his cock after it had being inside her, he loved watching her wash his cum from both of her holes, they had just started having anal sex, something she was quite hesitant about, but now she loved it, her arse seemed to be able to take his cock every now and then.

They both got out and both dried, heading into the room, Bradley opened the other curtain, both not minding being naked, in fact it turned them on, for Annabelle her husband had always been so worried that someone would see her naked, now she was with Bradley she could embrace her new love for exhibitionism.

She sat naked on the bed drying her long hair watching him get dressed into his board shorts and a label tee shirt.

“So what are you going to wear today?” he asked her.

“Well why don’t you choose something for me baby.” she replied winking at him.

“It will be my pleasure.” he said smiling at her walking over to her suitcase opening it.

“Just make sure it is easy to take off and put back on.” she said grinning at him, he loved she was so open about outdoor sex, getting naked in public, he loved seeing her reveal her skimpy underwear to strangers, flashing, his cock hard as she sat on the bed facing the window naked, her body exposed to the possibility of some guy or men looking over at her body from afar, a thought that thrilled her.

He looked through pulling out a pair of white lace open crotch panties throwing them at her, he then pulled out a white short dress.

“Nice choice.” she replied standing up walking up to the doors that lead to the balcony, standing naked looking out, he stepping behind her sliding his hands to her hips, kissing her neck.

“Think anyones watching?” he asked.

“Oh I hope so.” she replied reaching for his hands holding them on her stomach, loving being nude, standing in the balcony doorway that lead outside, semi private, and semi public.

“Me to.”

“Lets go find a nice semi secluded spot and get naked and fuck, and if we are caught, so what, I don’t really give a fuck these days.” she said feeling the cool morning breeze from their tenth floor hotel room on her naked body.

She turned to him kissing his lips, imagining some pervert with a telescope looking into their room, a thought that really aroused her.

He slid his hands to her arse squeezing her cheeks, pulling her naked body into him, she looked up and turned her head pressing it into his chest, he held her head kissing the top of it, she sighed.

“You ok?” he asked.

She looked up at him looking into his eyes, lifting her hand to his face, loving her naked back exposed to the world hearing the traffic driving past their hotel below. “When I first saw you in the bar, and we fucked that night, I never thought we would ever get this serious, and the fact that your fucking Tegan. Brad I’m falling in love with you, you have made me happier than Charlie ever did, I’m the happiest I’ve ever being baby, and it’s all because of you.” she said.

“Well, baby I feel the same way, I love you as well.” he replied.

She tipobet365 güvenilirmi sighed. “It’s just a shame that we have to be secretive.” she said.

“I know baby.” he replied.

She kissed him. “So I suppose I should get dressed and stop showing the world my naked arse, the arse that you so tenderly fuck every now and then.”

“Bad girl.” he replied slapping her arse as she broke their hug and stepped past him.

“Ow.” she squealed as the slap echoed around the room. Brad looking out seeing if he could see anyone.

She stepped over to the bed seeing her dress and panties, she picked up her panties and stepped into them pulling them up her legs over her hips, as he threw her a white lacy bra, she put on her bra and then slid her skater style dress over her head dropping it down over her body, the loose dress free around her hips, she did up the lace ties over her bust.

“Very very sexy.” he said stepping over hugging her, and kissed her.

“Well I suppose that we should check out and go for a drive, and see what mischief we can get up to, what do you think?” she said dragging her finger down his front to his groin.

“Well.” he said. “It would be nice seeing the dogging spot we were at last night in the daylight.” he replied.

“Yes it was certainly a very nice spot, we sure created some nice memories there.” she said kissing him and stepped away, she sprayed perfume on and tied her hair up into a ponytail.

“It’s just nice being away somewhere no-one knows us, so we can be a couple.” Brad replied zipping his suitcase up, the last day of their four day holiday.

“It’s being very nice, yes just the thought of us being away together, I love our relationship, I love exhibitionism, I love dogging, and being with someone who loves it as well and is supporting me makes it even better.” she said smiling at him.

“Yes, it would be boring doing it alone, I really love being watched fucking you baby.”

“Ummm yes, me as well, and being touched and played with.”

“Lets go have some fun then.” Bradley said lifting the suitcase handle, as Annabelle flung her handbag over her shoulder, she wheeled her suitcase walking next to Bradley wheeling his next to her as they walked out of the room, they walked down the hallway hand in hand, feeling like a couple, they waited as the lift came to a stop, the doors awkwardly opened, they stepped in, a single guy stood in the corner with a bag.

“Hi.” Annabelle said to him. Brad smiled at him as he entered both turning their backs to him, Annabelle felt a set of eyes gazing at her back, as he slid his hand across her hips.

“Ground floor baby?” Brad said pulling her in close, as he leant in pressing the big G button. “G for g-string, like the white lacy one your wearing.” he said loudly so the guy behind could hear.

“Baby.” she said as they waited as the doors closed, the sensation of the lift falling as it made it’s way down the floors, Brad slid his hand to her arse squeezing her buttock.

She moaned feeling so horny, she turned and grinned as Brad bunched her dress up in his hand lifting it, she knew that her arse was in view, the guy behind could probably see the lace g-string up her crack, as the lift stopped and the doors opened, Brad dropping her dress as they grabbed their suitcases and stepped out hand in hand.

They made their way to reception, a middle aged woman about Annabelle’s age greeted them.

“Good morning, how was your stay Mr and Mrs Edwards?” she said. Annabelle could tell she was just being polite, a false smile hiding the disapproval of the couple.

“Very good.” Annabelle replied. “My husband and I had a lovely stay, it’s our honeymoon actually, but that’s ok, some of our family members don’t approve of the age gap of our relationship either ” she said.

“Oh no ma’am, I wasn’t……. “

“It’s ok.” Annabelle said looking over at the guy that was in the lift. “We get used to it.” she said handing over the keycard, knowing the guy got a good view of her arse and lacy g-string, she stood on one leg, her other bent the high heel toe point resting on the floor.

“Look baby, I’ll go put the bags in the car.” Bradley said smiling at her.

“Sure honey, I will be right down.” she replied making a point of kissing his lips, proud and not ashamed to be with a guy half her age, she thought about their conversation in bed about, what their reaction would be if they found out that he was her Nephew, that thought made her so horny, she was beginning to wish she was married to him, wishing he actually was her husband, he made her so so happy.

“He’s very lucky being married to a very sexy woman like you?” the man said looking at her.

“Yes, he is, he’s so good, treats me like a princess, a lot better than my scumbag ex husband ever did, we love each other.” she said as she paid for the room.

“That’s so nice.” the receptionist said smiling as she gave Annabelle the receipt.

Annabelle put her credit card away with the receipt, putting her purse in her handbag.

“Thank you.” Annabelle said smiling.

“Have a nice day.” the receptionist said.

“Oh we will, thought we might check out some of the forest trails before our flight.” Annabelle replied.

“There are some good ones.” the man replied.

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