Adventures with Older Men Pt. 01


Ray and Jemma are neighbours of ours and have been friends with my parents for years. Ray and Jemma are in their late 40s. Jemma is good friends with my mother. They keep active by hill walking and are quite sporty. Jemma swims regularly and Ray is the club captain of his cricket team. They are both in good shape for their age.

I am 18 and don’t see so much of Jemma now since I stopped attending our local swimming club but I still see them about and say hello. I always remember coming back from a swimming gala trip once on the bus with the other boys teasing me because of them seeing my big, hairy penis in the showers. I’ll always remember Jemma overhearing their comments and looking around at me on the bus. I can still picture her to this day noting those throwaway remarks by the boisterous boys on the bus.

Jemma has phoned my mum and asked would I like to play for Ray’s cricket team at the weekend. It’s coming towards the end of the season and they are short of players. They need people to make up the numbers. I’m a keen cricketer and haven’t played since leaving school. I’m keen to help make up the numbers so I’m only too happy to agree to play for his team. Jemma suggests I call round to their place at 10am on Saturday and Ray can drive me to the match and leave me back.

I pack my bag the night before for the match and put in all the usual things including my cricket whites and bat. I’m always one for turning up early to things so I arrive at their house on Saturday morning at 9:30am. I ring their doorbell several times but there is no answer. I start to think I’ve got the wrong day. I ring again but there is still no response. I’m about to walk around to the rear of the house when Jemma opens the door. She looks flushed. She’s wearing a short, silk dressing down that leaves nothing to the imagination. She comments that I’m early but welcomes me into the house. I follow her into the living room with my eyes fixated on her short, silk dressing gown and I wonder what, if anything, she is wearing underneath. Probably süpertotobet yeni giriş not much I reckon.

We sit at the dining table and she tells me Ray is just getting changed and packing his bag. She says he’ll be down shortly. She heads into the kitchen to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. She moves to the kitchen, fills the kettle and chats about youth club, my studies and the weather. She’s a lovely lady. I watch her in the kitchen and see her reaching to the top shelf for something in her kitchen cupboard. She is slim and her hair is dark and short As she stretches up, her short dressing gown raises higher and I can see her bare ass on display. It’s a thing of beauty. Smooth, firm and pert. It’s a sight I’ve never forgotten. It’s on display for a few beautiful seconds. It is now clear she has nothing on underneath her dressing gown. My cock starts to stir.

She brings the pot of tea and some mugs to the table. She sits back down. There is no sign of Ray yet but I can hear him getting ready upstairs. He shouts down to say he’ll be down in a minute. Jemma reaches across to lift the kettle and pour me some tea. As she does that, her gown slightly opens and gives me a glimpse of her nakedness. My eyes are drawn immediately to her pussy. She has a full, thick, dark bush. A lovely tangle of pubic hairs. I look closer and also note that her lovely hairy mound has the extra attraction of beads of thick white cum on it. They have obviously been shagging and this is why they took so long to answer the doorbell. The thick white cream glistens as it sits beautifully on her mound. Oh, how I’d love to get on my knees and bury my face down there, drinking from her sex and cleaning up all of that creamy man juice from her hairy mound. Instead I pick up a biscuit and drink my tea.

Ray finally makes an appearance with his huge cricket bag over his shoulder. He’s just had a shave and looks like a man with a spring in his step. So would I if I’d had the chance to do what he’s obviously just been doing. He süpertotobet giriş sits down and we chat. Now it is me that has the flushed face.

I’m sitting in the car. Ray is driving. He’s talking to me but it’s not sinking in. He’s saying words but I don’t know what he is saying. My brain is focusing on what I have just seen. I simply can’t stop thinking about seeing Jemma’s bum and her hairy mound which had just been sprayed with Ray’s thick cream. I’m wondering what Jemma is doing right now. I know what she is doing right now. She’s going back to bed, disrobing and climbing into their warm bed which still has some of his juices on the sheets. She’s rolling around, smearing her ass into the wetness he has left behind on the bed. And then there is that small matter of his cream that still adorns her down below.

We arrive at the cricket ground and for a moment my mind is brought back to why I’m here. Ray introduces me to the rest of the team who are all in their 40s or 50s. We go into the changing/locker room. It’s ridiculously small and looks more like a broom cupboard. How on earth are eleven men going to get changed in here? We all find a peg to hang our stuff on and we start to get changed into our cricket whites. This is the locker room. The room where men are happy to strip off and be naked in front of each other. Most men are putting jockstraps on – the popular underwear choice I can see. There are bare asses on display everywhere. And cocks. Lots of cocks. Most of the guys are circumcised.

Ray is getting changed right beside me. I’m sitting down putting on my boots and he is standing over me getting changed. He is so confident about his body that he elects to strip completely before putting his cricket gear on. How brave. He’s now standing at eye level in front of me just wearing his pale blue underpants. His bulge is right in front of me. I can’t help but notice it.

I can see from the bulge that he looks circumcised. I can tell from that smooth dome that is forming in his underpants. süpertotobet güvenilirmi All smooth like a mushroom, pressing against the fabric. Next thing, he’s pulling them down and I am treated to the sight of his cock for the first time. He is indeed circumcised and there is a wild forest of pubic hair down there. He has one of the hairiest cocks I’ve ever seen. All that is visible out of this thick forest is a beautiful circumcised helmet. It’s a thing of wonder and it is now inches from my face.

He tosses his blue underpants into the bag and looks for his jockstrap. He steps into it with ease. As he turns around I see the straps hugging his bare backside. I think of Jemma again and how she must love this man’s body. He is toned and lean for his age. They must have amazing sex I think to myself. In the space of an hour I’ve seen both of their genitals and his spunk glistening on her mound.

I’m fielding out on the boundary. I’ve been put out here as it involves a lot of running and I’m 25-30 years younger than the rest of the guys. I’m trying to concentrate on fielding. My mind is on other things. I’m thinking I need Ray to see me naked in the showers. I know she will ask him later. She’ll mention the story about the boys on the bus and my cock size and she’ll casually drop it into conversation and ask him if it is true. She’ll ask him did i get in the showers and he’ll tell her he saw it (hopefully) and she’ll be even more excited than before. She’ll ask him to describe it to her as he’s driving his hairy cock inside her.

Back in the changing room after the game everyone is getting undressed. I peel off my cricket whites and strip out of my underpants. I’m naked and not covering myself with a towel. I’m next to Ray in the changing room so hopefully he’s checked out my cock by now. In the showers the steam is rising and there are bare buttocks and cocks hanging out and all are getting a good soaping. I stand next to Ray as he soaps his cock and balls and we exchange glances.

We get dressed and I wait for Ray at his car. As we put our bags into the boot of his car, he opens his bag and has a rummage around. He picks out a spare jockstrap and hands it to me. He asks have I got one? I tell him I’ve never worn one. He gives it to me and says I should have it. You sure could do with one he tells me.

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