My Cousin Elaine


Ok, here goes, I’m fifty years old and married with three grown children. Sadly current medical issues hamper my sexually activities with my wife but we are still going strong thanks to toys and my talented tongue. While that is going on erotica has became a bigger part of our sex life. We read to each other. Which in turn got me wanting to write my own stories. I understand there is no excuse for poor grammar but I’m not a professional writer. I just enjoy writing smutty short stories.

With that said, here is hoping you enjoy my stories and that they get your juices going. I’d love to hear what you think about them beyond my poor grammar.

So here goes,

I’m doing quite well and have my own home, my mother, Karen lives with me. My father left us a long time ago and as far as I’m concerned doesn’t exist. My mother only had one sibling, a sister Laura. She died two years ago when she was fifty having never married even though she had a daughter, Elaine. Elaine has always been quiet and shy. Karen had Elaine move in with us after Laura’s fatal car accident.

As I worked from home a lot and had little change to my work after the coronavirus hit. Karen and Elaine lost their jobs and were home all the time.

Since I was a eighteen, I’ve had a sexual relationship with Karen. One night mom came home from a date that didn’t go as she planned.

When I asked if there was anything I could do to make her feel better?

She blurted out, only if you are up for give your old mom, the fucking tempobet yeni giriş she in the need of?

I stared at my mom, a little stunned, by what I had just heard.

As if she suddenly realized what she had said, Karen said, “Oh baby, I am sorry. I don’t know why I said that. I didn’t mean it.”

I stopped in her tracks when I said, “Don’t say that.”

“Say what?” she asked.

“That you didn’t mean it.” I replied, “Because I really want to fuck you, mom.’

“Well then, I guess, I meant it,” Karen said with a smile.

With that we moved to my mom’s bedroom, stripped naked, and I learned why they say incest is best. My mom’s pussy was the best thing I ever tasted and when I sunk my cock into her very wet, very hot pussy, it was like nothing I had ever felt. Hearing my mom moaning as I pumped my cock up into her honey hole was like music to my ears. When I finally climaxed it was the hardest I had ever cum in my life. We were both hooked from that day on, we were more than mother and son, we were lovers.

Even with Elaine living with us we still were able get a fuck in now and then when Elaine was working. Then COVID hit, and with us on lock down, Elaine was around all the time as well, getting together with Karen became near impossible. I was going crazy being around my mom all the time and not being able to touch her in the wicked way I wanted to.

Then one day Karen told me, I should bed Elaine and that way we could resume our normal routine.

To my surprise, tempobet giriş Karen said, she would even help me bed Elaine.

Stupidly I asked, “What made her think she could?”

She told me that she and Elaine were lay in bed watching TV the other morning while I was working in my office. After a pretty racy scene in a movie they were watching, Elaine without thinking started rubbing herself against this body pillow she was holding.

My mom said, “I suddenly realizing my niece was horny so I lent a hand so to speak and finger banging Elaine to an orgasm.”

Which is why Karen felt I should try and get into Elaine’s panties too, so we could go back to me getting into hers.

Karen said, “So far it had only been kissing and finger banging between the two of us but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to make things go a lot further between the two of us.”

Setting things in motion, Karen informed me of her progress. After a few days Karen moved from being able to fondle Elaine’s tits through her top to getting her top off to be able to fondle and suck on her bare tits. Once Karen had Elaine topless it was only a matter of time before Karen had Elaine out of her panties. This took a little effort. After the first time Elaine allowed Karen to pull her panties to the side so Karen could go down on her, Elaine was hooked.

Karen told me with a little pride, how Elaine couldn’t wait to drop her panties for her. Then Karen told me, it was time to come in, catch them and then join in.

So tempobet güvenilirmi that is what I did. Elaine was shocked at first getting caught naked with Karen licking her pussy. Even more shocked, when my mom told me to get undressed and joined them in the bed. I took over licking Elaine’s pussy as Karen moved up to sit on her face to both quiet her protest and get her pussy licked. Shortly after an orgasm hit her, Elaine gave in and began enjoying herself and that was when I mounted her. With Karen laying next to Elaine, kissing on her neck and rubbing her clit as I thrusted my throbbing cock in and out of Elaine’s tight twat. I fucked her until the point I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I didn’t even think about pulling out as my seed shot up from my balls through cock. after that, I found myself laying between my mom and my cousin holding both of them as my mom showed Elaine a few tricks to help me get back up for more fun. Once my pole was once again upright and rigid Karen climbed on and rode me for a bit. Then instead of just laying there I took over thrusting up into my mom’s wet hole. my rapid thrusts made my mom squeal in delight. I held out cumming until I felt my mom’s juice pour out and over my cock and balls to wet the bed under my ass then it was my turn to cum.

I found out later, I had been Elaine’s first real cock. She had popped her own cherry with a vibrator a few years earlier. From then on I had a choice of who I wanted to fuck. Though there were girls only nights now and then, I wasn’t invited to.

Well my continually filling Elaine with seed got her pregnant and so far tests say the baby is healthy. Karen is happy about soon being a grandmother and I’m happy with our arrangements and plan to continue it as long as possible.

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