Emil has “Special Needs” Ch. 10


At Michael’s small apartment, the three college friends were sitting in front of his big screen TV, elated beyond recognition. Countless beer cans and bags of chips had made a mess of his living room.

“Our team killed it, man! Shit, I didn’t think it would actually happen!” stated an incredulous Mike, shaking his head.

“Tell me about it, dude. Finally… it’s about fucking time!” added Ben excitedly, taking a sip of his lukewarm beer.

“We gotta go out and celebrate, man!” Jeff chimed in happily.

Ben offered, “Hey, let’s take the girls out Saturday night; we’ll treat them to a fucking good time, all in the name of victory! I’m in a freaking generous mood, y’all!” This was a departure from the norm, as Ben was not known for being a big spender. On rare occasions, though, his enthusiasm propelled him into a bit of grandstanding, albeit on behalf of his buddies as well as himself.

“Yeah, Bro’s treating Ho’s”, Jeff said with a guffaw.

“Don’t let Karen hear you talk like that”, Mike nudged his buddy conscientiously, if not facetiously, as the boys remembered they had to mind their manners in the mixed company of the Gang of Five.

“Are you kidding me, man?” Jeff then playfully made his voice high like a girl’s and turned his nose up in an exaggerated manner. He was imitating Karen’s uppity tendencies, “You’ll never hear me disrespecting females in front of the ‘Princess of Prada’!”


It was nearing time for the whole gang to step out on their special night. After dinner at their favorite Italian, they would head out for drinks with the objective of celebrating their team’s win, and celebrating it to the hilt. It was also a thinly veiled excuse to get plastered.

When they got to Molly Malone’s, they were met with a sign out front written on a piece of cardboard, “Closed for repairs; will reopen soon”. Apparently, a brawl had broken out during the big game a few nights earlier. Bottles and chairs had been thrown about, imposing considerable damage on the whole establishment’s interior; it was, in fact, this very reason that Mike, Jeff, and Ben decided to watch the game from the convenience and safety of Mike’s apartment.

“Aw man!” quipped Jeff. “Now what?” he asked, shrugging his shoulders in disappointment.

“Hey guys, what about the new club a few blocks from my place? It’s probably open for business by now. From what I hear, it’s supposed to be really roomy, like 3 floors or something. At this hour, we could still get a good spot in their lounge. And it’s reasonable walking distance from my apartment, so we can get as wasted, as late as we want”, Karen suggested, offering a solution to their favorite bar being tempobet yeni giriş closed.

“Great! That way, we won’t have to mess with parking and valet”, answered a happily convinced Mike.

Karen tried her damnedest to resist rolling her eyes, still lamenting the fact that her precious designer high heels had been scuffed due to Mike’s chintzy ways.


Not exactly what they had hoped for when arriving at the swanky new club, as it happened, as the gang had to share their lounge seating area with another young group. They ended up sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers. Not that the boys complained. Having to rub elbows with warm soft bodies of hot girls they didn’t know… hmm….it wasn’t exactly the biggest drag.

As usual, Mike seated himself next to Karen. Before long, though, she got up to go to the ladies’ room, accompanied by Lara in usual group female fashion. To his chagrin, however, when Karen returned, she re-situated herself between Jeff and Ben. Taking special note of this, he tried to act nonchalant about what appeared to be a snub, from his love interest, no less.

Alas, he ended up sitting next to a husky guy from the other group, as well as next to Lara, for the evening. It was a departure from what he initially had in mind for the night. His preferred choice had been his blond goddess.

Within minutes, the cocktail waitress came over to take the group’s orders. As was the current trend, the boys ordered their favorite brands of spirits for the occasion: Jack Daniels, Bacardi, and Hennessy. Lara opted for a Shirley Temple, and Karen went for a sassy Cosmopolitan, inspired by the Sex as inconspicuously as he could.

He slowly began to finger her pussy, fingering her moist swollen clit. In fact, he was relentless in pleasuring her, slowly but surely, until she reached orgasm.

If he had been as stealth as a ninja in teasing her wet cunt, then she was equally as stealth in cumming to his stimulating fingers. Indeed, she did not utter a peep when she reached violent climax. Only her rapid breathing and intense eyes betrayed her otherwise calm state.

Satisfied with himself, Mike stood up and got off at the next stop.

The girl had stayed glued to her seat. After her fingerer disembarked, however, she looked out the window, only to find him staring emotionless at her, from the sidewalk.

He then casually walked away, quickly disappearing from view.


It was a dream Mike remembered having had more than once, actually.

Still cozily snuggled in bed, his cock was now fully erect, insistently waking tempobet giriş its owner from peaceful slumber. Lying sideways, as was his usual sleeping position, Mike instinctively reached down to stroke himself.

The girl in his bed slowly became aware of his hard bulge on her ass cheeks. She wriggled around to rub against the throbbing organ imposed upon her. Her actions actually pulled the penis out of the boxers through the crotch’s opening. Now, the pre-cum on its tip made the cock slide effortlessly up and down her butt crack. She let out a low, pleasurable moan. She sounded like a cat purring.

“Oh Michael, you’re finally gonna fuck me…” she sighed in sweet contentment.

Mike’s dream was now taking a turn for the unexpected. He had a lot of cum built up from the start of the evening, not least of which from the numerous times Lara brushed her big jugs against his arm, while they were sitting at the lounge.

Now, Lara turned around to lie sideways facing the young man next to her on a stranger’s bed.

She wanted badly to kiss him, to savor the taste of his lips, like there was no tomorrow. She had been yearning for it.

“Oh Michael, I’ve been wanting this for such a long time, you don’t even know…”, she revealed.

Mike finally regained consciousness. Suddenly, he jerked back violently, “Shit, Lara! What the hell are you doing in my bed?”

“This isn’t your bed. We’re in Karen’s apartment”, she pointed out with a sheepish grin.

“Oh Christ!” Mike now rubbed his eyes profusely, trying to figure out what on God’s Green Earth was happening, “Lara, what did you just say a minute ago?”

“That I want you to fuck me, Michael. I want you to fuck my brains out. And you want the same; don’t even bother denying it…” she said smugly. Then she sat up and took off the nightgown she had been wearing. Then she slid off her panties, revealing her neatly trimmed bush and pink pussy lips, not to mention those amazing full tits. Everything now appeared surreal to a dumbfounded Mike.

“Jesus Christ, what the fuck’s gotten into you? Do you even realize what you’re saying, what you’re doing? I’m your fiancé’s brother, remember?” (Mike was now wondering if the “Virgin” Shirley Temples Lara had ordered hadn’t mistakenly been interpreted by the waitress, or by the bartender, as “Dirty” Shirley Temples). He then took a whiff of her breath and thought he smelled vodka.

“I don’t fucking care about anything right now. Don’t you ever think about me, at all? Tell me you don’t want to fuck the shit out of me right now”, she dared, simultaneously taking his left index finger and slowly inserting it into her mouth. She began gently licking it, then sucking it, all the while looking deeply into his tempobet güvenilirmi eyes.

Mike’s cock was throbbing mercilessly now, perhaps wishing it were the body part currently in Lara’s welcoming mouth.

“Shit, Lar…” was all he managed, gazing into her big brown eyes.

Lara’s tongue was going to town teasing Mike’s poor finger. After a minute, she took his entire hand and gently put his fingers on her left nipple. The pale bud felt so soft and tender, so sensitive to his touch.

“Fuck Lar!” Mike exclaimed, fighting the urge to lean in and put his mouth on both her breasts, to suck, tease, and taunt the hell out of them. Truth be told, it was an urge he fought to suppress every time he looked at Lara’s huge tits, ever since they first met, in fact. After she and his brother became a couple, in particular, he had been fantasizing about eating her out, despite telling himself otherwise. In the past few days, he had even started ogling pix of her on his laptop. He had actually begun jacking off to his brother’s girl.

“Come on Michael, don’t run from it. We both know you wanna fuck me. And I’ve been wanting to suck that cock of yours for a while now”, she calmly stated.

“Then why are you with Emil? Why aren’t you with me? I’m confused…”, Mike finally blurted out.

“Because we both know you’re in love with Karen. And I’m no tall blonde model like she is. Oh, Michael, you’re so clueless! I’ve wanted you this whole time, don’t you realize that?” Lara finally admitted.

He went quiet. He couldn’t believe what he just heard.

She was hoping he would pounce on her then and there, but Mike was still staring at her, speechless.

She started again, “Alright then, let’s just pretend… you can pretend I’m Karen. But with me, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, or pretend you’re a successful smart-ass executive prick. I’ll still wanna suck your cock. Oh Michael, I can’t wait for your dick to explode inside my mouth. I’ve been curious as hell what your cum tastes like, and how it’ll feel smeared all over these tits..”

Mike was in shock. It was too much information for him to process.

She continued, “and I’ll pretend you’re Emil. Just for tonight. You know, it’s funny. Sometimes when your brother’s deep inside me, I’ll close my eyes and pretend it’s you. Didn’t know that, did you?”

He was now convinced that Lara had ingested alcohol, because the normal Lara would never talk so brazenly and sexually to anyone. It was the alcohol; he was now sure of it. No wonder she never drank with their group. The booze loosened her tongue like a dam being busted open.

“Lar…. What about Emil?” He had posed the question in a serious, sensitive tone, though his cock remained as hard as fuck. In fact, it was now dripping pre-cum.

“I don’t give a shit about anything, do you hear me? I just want that cock of yours rammed deep inside me.”

“This can’t be real… Lar, you’re practically my sister”, he reminded them both.

“Then come fuck your sister…”

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