Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older.

* * * * * *

My name is Hank, I’m a Driver at Large, at least that’s what I call myself. I make my money by transporting people, mostly long distance. 100 and up to 2000 miles, sometimes. On some of those long runs, that may take 3 or 4 days, my passengers normally pay for accommodations, for both them and myself, and meals are Dutch treat.

Quite often, arrangements for these trips are made a few days in advance, of course the profits are better if I have a ride waiting on the other end going somewhere. I was contracted to pick up someone in Sarasota, Florida next Monday that was going to Chicago, a good money trip.

It was mid-November and we were experiencing a few days of cold rainy weather here in the Mid-Atlantic region. I had just delivered a passenger to Baltimore today, Tuesday, and was on the way to my home in Southern Virginia. About 6:00 PM I pulled into the rest area just south of DC on Interstate 95 to relieve my bladder and there he was!

He was about 5’1″ maybe 5’2″, slight of build, and had the face of a 14 year old boy. I might have guessed him to weigh about 100 pounds, soaking wet, which he was. His pleading eyes met mine and my heart melted. I went into the men’s room and took care of the reason I had stopped.

Walking back out I stopped and looked down at him. He was somewhat sheltered from the rain, sitting on his backpack in the entranceway, a puddle of water surrounded him that evidently had dripped out of his soaked clothing. I extended my hand, he took it and I pulled him to his feet, water still dripping from his clothes.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Adam,” he said.

“I’m Hank, how did you get so soaked?”

“I’m trying to get to Florida, and I was on the ramp, trying to hitch a ride. The state police told me I couldn’t hitchhike there, and I walked down the side of the highway, about two miles, to this rest area. Trucks and cars passing me were spraying water on me.”

I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around him and hug him, but he was soaking wet and I was nearly dry, and preferred to stay dry. I’m trying to figure out a way to help him without the water in his clothing soaking into my passenger or back seat. I can get this young man to Florida, I think!

“Adam” I asked, “how old are you?”

“I know I don’t look it, but I’m 21, and I have ID.” That’s a relief!

“Adam,” I said, “I’m going to help you, just stay where you are for a couple minutes.” He nodded, and smiled weakly.

I found the maintenance guy, an older black man. I asked him if he could spare me a couple of those large trash bags.

“I can,” he said, “you gonna hep that boy?”

“That’s my intention,” I answered, “How long has he been here?”

“Not sure,” he said, “Ise been ere fo bout four ars, an he was ere wen I come. No one want hep da lil bro! Mista, God’l bless ya.”

I took the bags, opened one and pulled it over the back of the passenger seat, spread one on the seat, and placed one on the floor in the back. I went back and got Adam, told him to put his backpack on the floor in back and sit up front, on the plastic bags. I pulled out onto 95 southbound.

“Hank, where are we going?” Adam asked.

“Right now we’re heading to my home, in Southern Virginia, in a couple of days, Florida. When is the last time you ate?”

“Somebody gave me an Egg McMuffin this morning,” he said, “I’m so hungry I’d eat dog food, if I had some.”

Grinning, I said, “You’re SOL, I’m fresh out of dog food, would you accept some fried chicken in place of it?”

Adam, snickering, “That’d be awesome!”

Pulling into a Bojangle’s, we drove to the drive-in, and I ordered two 3-piece dinners. “Adam, what sides?”

“Macaroni and fries,” Adam said.

“What sides do you want?” the voice said.

:Mac and Cheese and fries on one, coleslaw and dirty rice on the other, and two medium Cokes.”

“Your total is $13.71, please drive around.”

We got the food and pulled into a parking spot to eat. (I detest trying to eat and drive at the same time)

“Adam,” I said, “Take off that wet denim jacket, you’ll be dripping that nasty water in your food!” Grinning, he wiggled out of the jacket and dropped it on the floor, and I handed him his dinner.

We pretty much ate in silence, I was hungry too, but probably not nearly as hungry as he was. We finished our meals, and I threw the trash into one of the trashcans. At this point I only know his first name is Adam, he’s 21 and wants to get to Florida. I’m certain I will learn much more over the next few days.

I so much want to hold him in my arms and love him. I almost wish he wasn’t so damned cute and attractive. Sleeping arrangements haven’t been touched upon, but I fully intend for him to sleep with me tonight. I don’t have a spare bed anyway. He seems quite willing to follow my requests. I’ll see how he responds when I do his laundry tonight. I doubt he has anything pinbahis yeni giriş clean, even in his backpack, which is soaked, like everything else.

I was surprised that Adam didn’t fall asleep in the car after dinner, but he stayed awake for the remaining two hours of travel. We arrived at my home in Prince George about 10:00 PM. I told Adam to get his stuff, which was only his jacket and the backpack, and come on into the kitchen. The laundry area, washer and dryer were right between the kitchen and the bathroom. I started the washer and told Adam to give me all his outside clothes, the denim jacket, jeans, shirts and I put them in the washer. He hesitated a little when I asked for the jeans he was wearing, but then slid them off and handed them to me. I checked the pockets and pulled out his wallet, the only thing in his pockets.

“May I see your ID, I asked.” He pulled it out of his wallet and handed it to me. It was a Florida issued ID, and clearly stated that his 21st birthday had been about 2 months ago, and his name was Adam Cortez. His last name surprised me, as I hadn’t thought he looked at all Hispanic. Adam explained to me that his mother had married his stepfather, who was Cuban, about three months before he was born, so they gave him his stepfather’s last name. Now I understand!

While we were waiting for the first load to finish washing I asked for his wet sneakers, and placed them on top of an oil filled electric heater. I told him they would be dry by morning, and they will be.

The first load of Adam’s clothes finished, and I put them in the drier, and started to fill the washer again for the rest of his clothes. He emptied out the backpack and I put everything in the washer, underwear, t-shirts and socks.

Pointing to the boxers that he was wearing I said, “Them too.”

Adam kind of looked around, as if looking for a hiding spot, and finally slid them down and off, exposing his genitals, and handed them over, I dropped them into the washer and then sat on one of the barstools in the kitchen.

Adam was definitely not well hung. In the flaccid state it was about four inches, and probably about an inch and a quarter in diameter, with a tapered head that was a bit smaller than the shaft. I have never been a size queen, and in my opinion, anything more than a mouthful is a waste. I had an urge and desire to fill my mouth with Adam!

“Come over here, Adam.” I said, and he approached me. I wrapped my arms around his torso, caressed his back and slowly ran my hands down his back to his buns, then, using one hand on each cheek, gave his cute buns a loving squeeze.

Adam responded by hugging me, and resting his head on my shoulder.

“Are you OK, Adam?” I asked.

“I’m fine, Hank,” he said.

The drier buzzed, and I went to unload it and fold Adam’s clothes, then I put the clothes from the washer into the drier and started them to dry.

“Adam, we can take care of the underwear in the morning, are you ready to go to bed?” I asked.

“I feel I need a shower first, if I may?” Adam asked.

“Of course,” I said, “Want some company with that?”

“Maybe,” Adam said, “am I sleeping with you?”

“I was hoping you would want to,” I said.

“Then,” Adam said, “we can share the bed, after we share a shower.”

Adam surprised me. I adjusted the temperature of the water, stepped into the shower stall, and Adam came in right behind me. We both shampooed and rinsed, and washed our faces. Adam soaped up a washcloth and started to wash my back, ribs, underarms buns, and then the backs of my legs. He then turned me so I could rinse, and started washing the front, my chest stomach, abdomen and genitals, causing me to become partially erect.

I then took the washcloth and returned the favor. The one thing I did differently, was to give the head of his beautiful little prick a kiss, and he grinned. After we got dried I turned the bedside lamp on, and came out and turned the kitchen and laundry lights off. He followed me into the bedroom. Adam was already in the bed and I slid in beside him. I reached over and turned off the bedside lamp, leaving the only illumination in the room, the dim light in the hallway by the bathroom.

Both Adam and I were lying on our left sides, and my right arm wrapped around his torso, feeling his nearly hairless chest, and running my fingers over his nipples. He shifted a little, snuggling his back against my stomach and pushing his butt against my hardening cock. Not a word was spoken. Adam took my hand and guided it down onto his abdomen then even further, into his bush.

I was trying to move slow, not wanting to scare Adam, or turn him off. My fingers investigated every nook and cranny of that sweet piece of meat and lightly massaged his sack and balls. My finger ran over the pee slit, sliding in the precum. I wanted nothing more right now than to taste Adam.

“Hank,” Adam very softly asked, “are you planning to do something to me?”

“I’d like to see how this” squeezing his pinbahis giriş cock, “would feel in my mouth.”

“You’ll never know,” Adam said, “if you don’t try it.”

Adam rolled onto his back, almost like an invitation, and slid his body toward the head of the bed, and then spread his legs apart, anticipating that I might need a little more room. I got onto my knees, placed my right knee between his calves, and lowered my mouth onto his sweet cock. Now erect, he probably had about five inches or a little more. The salty sweet taste of his precum was enticing, and only caused me to hunger for more of him.

Adam’s smaller than average cock felt wonderful in my mouth, he was just small enough that I could very comfortably take all he had to give without stretching my mouth and without gagging. I gently worked his cock with my mouth, and he periodically leaked a little more of his tasty precum.

Pulling off for a minute, I asked him, “How are you feeling?”

Grinning, he replied, “I’ll give you all night to stop doing that!”

I went back to nursing on that sweet little cock, and Adam started to caress my upper back and shoulders, and stroked my neck tenderly. I continued my slow and steady assault on his cock for about five or six more minutes. My own cock was rock hard and begging for a little touch, which was all it would have taken for me to cum.

“Hank, if you don’t want something in your mouth, you might—oh shit—I’m about to blow!”

Adam tried to push my head up, but I wasn’t giving. He gasped, held his breath and I felt his cock start to pulse, the first spurt hit my throat, then about four more filled my mouth. I pulled off, holding Adam’s ejaculate in my mouth and savoring the flavor. Adam sat up and reached down to my throbbing cock and started to stroke it. I couldn’t say anything, as I still had a mouthful of Adam’s juice, and even though Adam was slowly stroking I knew I couldn’t keep from releasing my own load. I couldn’t recall the last time I was quite this hot! A few seconds later I released and the first spurt landed right on Adam’s face, the rest was mostly on the sheet or on Adam’s hand. I finally swallowed Adam’s cum.

Adam, grinning, and looking at his hand, “What does cum taste like?”

“I can’t think of anything to compare it with,” I said, “it just taste’s like cum, but some guys cum taste’s different than others. Your cum is right tasty, and I know two things about you, from the taste of your cum, you’ve never tasted cum? Not even your own?” Adam shook his head.

Adam’s curious now. He gingerly stuck his tongue out, and licked a bit of my cum from off of his hand. He kept it on his tongue for a minute, deciphering the flavor.

“It feels funny,” Adam said, “but it doesn’t taste bad. So what did you learn about me, from my cum?”

“I know you haven’t drunk beer lately, and you don’t do pot.” I replied, as I pulled a tissue out of the box and wiped that glob of cum from Adam’s face.

Adam, grinning, “I’ve never tried pot, and I don’t like beer. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash my hands, I’ll be back in a minute.”

When Adam returned from the bathroom, he also brought a warm, wet washcloth and wiped that cum from my body, and then carried it back.

The second time he returned he slid into the bed, pulled the sheet and blanket up around us, and cuddled up to me. I turned out the bedside lamp, wrapped an arm around him and we fell asleep about 2:00 AM.

* * * * * *

Neither of us woke up until about 10:30 AM Wednesday morning. It was another cold and rainy day, and Adam was the first to awaken. I was vaguely aware that he was awake, feeling him exit from the bed and head to the bathroom. I was right behind him, also needing to relieve my bladder. We both washed our hands, and Adam sat on one of the barstools while I started some coffee brewing. I poured us each a cup, and sat next to Adam on the other stool.

“Hank,” Adam lamented, “I need to set something straight, I’m not gay. You gave me some greatly appreciated assistance, but I can’t be your gayboy, and I feel like you led me on, you told me you could get me to Florida.”

“Adam,” I said, “I am gay, and I was not leading you on, I fully intend to get you to Florida. What city are you going to?”

“Tampa,” Adam said, “I have family there.”

“This could work out very well,” I said, “let me explain what I do.” I took a few minutes and explained how I support myself, and that I had a contracted party to pick up in Sarasota on Monday. I continued, “Sarasota is right across the bay from Tampa,” I told him, “I’ll drop you off in Tampa Sunday night, and pick up my client in Sarasota Monday morning, and it won’t cost you a dime!” Adam smiled.

“Hank, could you promise me something?” Adam asked, frowning, “Please don’t penetrate me?”

“Adam,” I explained, smiling, “I’m 45 years old, and I’ve been gay since I was old enough to know that I was gay, but I’ve never been attracted to anal sex. I’ve been fucked, three, maybe four times, pinbahis güvenilirmi but I’ve never fucked anyone. I’m a bona fide Cocksucker! In the last 25 or 30 years I’ve probably sucked over 200 cocks, and yours is one of the nicest I ever had. I can promise you I will never penetrate your ass!”

Adam got up and stood behind Hank, surrounded his neck with his arms, and his semi-hard cock tickled Hank’s buns. He leaned in and kissed Hank’s neck, and cheek.

“Hank,” Adam said, smiling, “last night was only about the third or fourth time I’ve ever had a blowjob. It felt really, really good and exciting. You can play with my cock anytime you want.”

“Thanks, Adam,” Hank said, “I’m gonna hold you to that, and I’ll do my best to keep your balls drained!” Adam giggled, and just the thought of Hank’s mouth on his cock again caused him to bone up.

“It’s a bit late for breakfast,” Hank said, “how about some brunch?”

“Sounds great,” Adam replied, smiling.

Hank opened a can of corned beef hash, and put it on the stove to heat, then fried some eggs and made toast. The two men sat naked on the stools and enjoyed brunch together, then Hank refilled their mugs.

“So,” Adam inquired, “when are we actually leaving for Florida?”

“We’ll leave early Saturday morning,” Hank stated, “it’s a good two day trip, and we should be in Tampa by Sunday evening around five or six PM. So we’ve got today, Thursday and Friday to just fuck around.” Adam smiled at the connotation.

“We need to get dressed and go do some grocery shopping,” Hank said, “we definitely don’t have 3 days worth of food in this house.”

Adam got the socks and underwear from the drier, and sat on the bed trying to find a pair of socks that didn’t have more than one hole. Hank noticed, but said nothing. Both men dressed in casual clothing, aka jeans and t-shirts, Adam pulled on his nearly threadbare sneakers that were now dry, and put on his denim jacket.

It was raining lightly, Hank put on a water-resistant jacket and pulled the plastic trash bags out of the car and tossed them in the trash. They headed to the shopping center and Hank parked the car in front of a Target store, and they walked inside. Hank went to the shoe department and Adam followed him.

“Adam,” Hank commanded, “find a pair of sneakers you like that fit you well.”

“Hank,” Adam said, “I don’t have money for sneakers.”

“Adam, please don’t argue with me, just do it!” Hank said.

Adam grudgingly tried on 3 or 4 different pair, finding the right size. Hank put them in the cart, and led Adam to the sock department, and they selected a six-pack of crew socks, and added them to the cart. Hank then pushed the cart to the grocery department. He picked up a couple of T-bone steaks, some produce, some chicken, cold cuts and bread, then they went to the checkout. The total was a little over $200 and Hank paid with his debit card.

Adam helped Hank load the purchases into the car, and they headed toward home.

“Hank,” Adam asked, on the way home, “Why are you so hell-bent on doing all this shit for me?”

“I’m just fulfilling a commitment.” Hank answered.

“What commitment is that?” Adam asked.

“Adam, when I picked your soggy little ass up at the rest area last night, I made a silent commitment to help you, in any way that I could. I’m just fulfilling that obligation.”

“Now I feel obligated to you,” Adam remarked, “How can I ever repay you?”

“Pretty simple,” Hank said, “just commit to being my friend and companion, until I can deliver you to your family on Sunday night.”

“I can commit to that,” Adam remarked, ” and that’s a commitment I can keep! Adam smiled at Hank.

They returned to Hank’s house and took the merchandise in. Hank put away the groceries, and started to prepare dinner for Adam and himself. It was still raining, so Hank decided to do the chicken tonight, and save the steaks for tomorrow, hoping that the weather might be better and they could cook them on the gas grill. He placed the chicken leg quarters in a baking dish, sprinkled some seasoning on it, and put it in the toaster oven to bake.

“Adam,” I said, “I think its time for us to get a little more comfortable, we need to shed these rags.” We went into the bedroom and got naked, except for socks and shoes, and returned to the kitchen area. Adam sat on one of the stools, as I prepared to boil some potatoes.

Adam, grinning, “Hank, I think you just like to see me naked.”

“No, Adam,” I responded, smiling, “I don’t like to see you naked, you’ve got a beautiful little body, and I LOVE to see all of it, uncovered!” Adam smirked.

I walked around behind him, and placed my hands on his shoulders, gradually running them over his chest, then down his ribs, over his hips and down to his knees, then wrapped them around him, giving him an affectionate hug, and a kiss on the back of his neck. I can’t help it, I absolutely adore this little man! I then returned to the chore at hand, preparing our dinner.

“Hank,” Adam said, “I would normally feel very uncomfortable and scared, being naked, alone in a room with a gay man, but with you I somehow feel quite comfortable, and even somewhat secure. I’ve developed a feeling that I can trust you, and I have no fear of you.”

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