The Limo Driver Ch. 06


She knocked at his open door holding a disc of some sort in her hand.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

“Sure.” He told her.

“I have something you might like to watch. But you may want to take off your pants first.” She told him. Okay, he thought, I’ll play along. Slipping off his pants he sat on the bed against the headboard. She unzipped her skirt, taking it off and pulled down her panties. Kicking them off, she took the disc and bent over to insert it in the player.

“I’m watching.” He said looking at her lovely round ass with just the hint of vagina poking out under it.

“Not me you fool, the disc.” She said laughing. She pressed play and joined him on the bed dressed only in a tight fitting top with no bra to hide her protruding nipples.

The video started. It was a woman standing, holding her skirt up with her panties and cameltoe on display. Another woman came into the shot and squatted in front of her to the side. She reached up and pulled the panties down. The standing woman must have kicked them off and spread her feet because her thighs parted. The second woman’s face came into shot. Hang on, he thought. I know that face. It was sitting right beside him, and he would recognize that chubby cunt of the woman standing anywhere. The woman on the screen started to lick it for a while and then when the pussy was obviously very aroused, she stuck two fingers in her mouth, wetting them and then slid them in between the soft pink lips and inside the awakened cunt.

By now on the bed, she was stroking his cock with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. He was already hard in her grasp. He didn’t know what to do, watch her rub her cunt or the scene on the TV. He chose the TV.

“Ooh, already hard. I’m wet too.” She hummed, slowly stroking him and rubbing her pussy. He watched as the woman started to finger fuck the cunt on the screen hard. Jesus Christ! He could see the wetness running down her fingers.

“It’s so fucking hot isn’t it?” She said, her breathing becoming heavy, her chest starting to heave a little. He hardly heard her, his eyes were glued to the TV, his cock already straining rock hard in her grasp. Fuck this was hot! He watched the chubby cunt cum and the scene transitioned to the woman next to him on a couch, legs spread wide, her chubby friend on her hands and knees between them, licking her. The view from behind of her open wet cunt made his cock jerk in the hand pulling it.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned, his throbbing cock aroused beyond belief. She was no better, moaning as she stroked her pussy, caught up in the pictures on the TV and recalling every second of it.

“You remember that sight don’t you?” she said “Her wet pussy from behind before you fucked it.”

“Fuck yes!” he croaked, his throbbing cock quivering in her hand, fit to burst, the head of it swollen and shiny with precum dripping from its tip.

Just then; the scene transitioned to her fucking that chubby cunt with a huge dildo. It was squirting as she rammed it into her and she finally came with shaking legs and a massive gush out of her pussy when she pulled it out. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. He didn’t want to waste his cum on his own belly. He wanted to fuck the pussy next to him and fill her to the brim with cum. She was the same, sitting with her legs wide apart, her drenched cunt on the verge, she daren’t touch it. She had already gushed, the covers of the bed between her legs stained dark with her wetness. Fuck it!, he rolled over between her legs, desperately trying to locate her opening, Finding it he pushed into and came in seconds, his cock squirting uncontrollably inside her. It didn’t matter, she had cum the moment his cock slid inside her and she felt the warmth of his cum filling her pussy just made her orgasm even harder.

“Oh God.” He groaned, rolling off her, his cum and wetness covered cock slipping from her pussy.

“I know.” She panted, one hand slowly pulling his slippery half hard cock, the other rubbing his cum leaking from her pussy all over herself between her legs. Neither had to say anything. It had been their fastest most intense fuck ever.

“So, you got together with her eh?”

“Fuck yes, now I see what you found so attractive about her pussy. It’s just so fucking nice.”

“Yes.” He said, lying back on the bed remembering how she tasted.

“When did you make that?” he asked.

“When you were driving my husband around the other day. She came over and well, one thing led to another”

“Put it on again.” he told her. Fuck adiosbet yeni giriş that was so sexy and he wanted to watch it again and fuck her delicious cunt.

She turned on the bed, onto her belly. Rising up onto all fours, she pressed play on the remote. He was right behind her, watching the screen and feeding his cock inside her. Fuck it felt good; that hard cock filling her cunt. Slowly, she started backing onto him, fucking his cock rhythmically as she watched the chubby cunt cum on the TV. He was pushing into her just as hard, fucking her wet pussy, wanting her to cum.

“Fuck my cock! Cum on it!” He groaned, ramming his cock inside her from behind while watching the open wet cunt on the TV.

“Oh God.” She yelled her pussy starting to cum. Oh fuck, God; her cunt was on fire, cumming; her legs shaking. Oh fuck, his thick cock inside her was driving her wild. She froze as her orgasm swept over her entire body in a wave of pleasure. Behind her he was slowly sliding himself in and out of her, milking the last drops of cum from his cock; her excitement had triggered his orgasm, his cock pumping cum deep inside her body as he watched a cunt being licked on the TV.

“That was so fucking sexy.” He told her.

“I know. I can’t stop watching it and masturbating.” She said, lying on the bed in front of him, basking in the feel of his warm cum leaking out of her,

“You have another private hire tomorrow.” She said. Is that what she was calling it now?

“Will I be able to see this one?” He asked smiling.

“Definitely.” She said.

Mrs. Richards, the woman he was about to meet as he drove up the drive to her house was one of the elder women he had seen at the drinks party. She had lost her husband and rather than look for companionship elsewhere, had used his employer’s services to satisfy her sexual needs and desires. He was looking forward to this encounter. He found that elder women often had a hidden sexuality that comes with maturity and something that younger women often lacked.

She greeted him at the door warmly. Blonde with a good figure, she had a sultry face that belied her age. Her clothes were conservative, a skirt and top that were in keeping with her maturity. No mutton dressed as lamb here. That pleased him. There was nothing worse than a woman dressing like someone half their age. She showed him into the living room and asked him to pour them a drink. Handing her a glass, he sat on a chair opposite where she was seated on the couch.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked him after the usual exchange of pleasantries.

“Sure.” He told her.

“Well, I have been watching a bit of porn lately. Yes, I know, a woman of my age and all that.” She laughed. “Let me tell you, I have a healthy interest in sex and quite an array of toys upstairs. Anyway, my question is, I notice most of the women have shaved pussies. Is that the norm these days?” Her candour took him by surprise and he found it quite refreshing.

“Pretty much.” He said. “Most of the women I know have shaved pussies of one form of another. Why do you ask?”

“Well, mines not shaved. I was wondering if you would tell me if it would look better if it was.”

“I’d have to see it first.” He told her.

“Sit over here.” She told him, indicating the other end of the couch from her. As he did, she turned on the couch to face him and putting one foot up on the couch, pulled up her skirt and opened her legs. To his surprise, she was not wearing panties. Staring at him between her open legs was a nicely trimmed short haired pussy. Hairy or not, it looked bloody delicious.

“Well?” she asked.”

“It’s lovely.” He told her, unable to keep his eyes off it. “But I think it would look better bare.”

“Would you like to shave it for me?” she asked. This was a first for him.

“Sure.” He told her.

“Let’s have another drink and then you can work your magic with my razor.” She said smiling. Walking across to the drinks cabinet, he poured them both a fresh drink. When he turned to return to the couch she had her skirt off and sat naked below the waist with her thighs slightly parted. He was tempted to say forget the shaving and fuck her right there and then.

“Later.” She said smiling at him, knowing exactly what he was thinking by the look on his face, not to mention the growing bulge in his pants. There was that mature sexuality, titillation and anticipation, not just going straight for the fuck. It was working; she had him dangling on a string. Although the teasing seemed all one sided, adiosbet giriş unseen to him, she was very wet between the legs. She had never seen his cock, just felt it in the dark and the anticipation of seeing it for the first time had her very aroused. They finished their drinks and made their way up the stairs towards the bathroom. Following her as she carried her discarded skirt, he noticed she had a nice firm round ass. Despite her age, she had really looked after her body. It was going to be very pleasurable fucking her.

In the bathroom, she removed the rest of her clothes and sat on the edge of the toilet with the cover down. Her breasts, although starting to sag a little, still had a great shape and nice long firm nipples.

“I think it’s time I got to see what I’m shaving my pussy for.” She told him. Slowly for her benefit, he stripped off his clothes, his pants the last item to be discarded, exposing his long firm thick cock. She stared at it hungrily. It was what she expected and more. Fuck she was going to enjoy feeling that fucking monster inside her. As he filled the sink with warm water, she placed one ankle up onto the vanity top, spreading her legs wide for him. Spraying some shaving foam into his hand, he spread it between her legs. It felt cool on her pussy. Taking her razor, he rinsed it in the warm water, knelt between her legs and proceeded to shave her. Starting at the top, he shaved off the short hairs and then, protecting her inner lips with his free hand, shaved down the outside of her outer lips. His touch was soft and arousing and she felt herself growing wetter by the second. Finished removing her pussy hairs, he rinsed the shaver and then ran a hand towel under the hot tap and pressed it between her legs.

“Oh, that feels so good.” She said, enjoying the warmth between her legs.

“Want to see?” he asked her. She nodded and he took a makeup mirror and angled it between her legs.

“My God! What a difference.” She exclaimed. “That looks so good.” She was right. It had transformed her pussy and it looked fucking good indeed.

“Just one test left.” He said.

“What’s that?” she asked. Dropping to his knees he bent forward and pressed his face between her legs, rubbing his mouth and cheek all over her pussy. She was breathless with excitement at the feel of his mouth pressed there.

“I think it deserves a little lick.” He told her, delving his tongue between her moist lips into the pool of wetness at her opening. She moaned as he licked upwards, his tongue finding her already aroused clit.

“Oh God!” she cried out, rolling her hard nipples between her fingers and thumbs as he lapped at her, his tongue massaging her erect clit and down between her slippery inner lips. She moaned even louder when he slipped a finger into her drenched opening, fingering her cunt as he lapped mercilessly at her throbbing hard clit.

“Oh fucking hell!” she cried, cumming hard against his mouth, her pussy gushing with the wave of pleasure surging through her quivering body.

“Fuck me now.” She begged him, still extremely aroused and desperate to feel his hard cock inside her. Rising off the toilet, she turned around and placed one knee up on the vanity top spreading hers legs wide for him. Under her rear, her pussy lips were parted and her saturated opening was ready and aching for his hard cock. Moving behind her as she braced herself against the wall with her hands, he guided his rigid cock into her, forcing her open as the swollen head of his cock slipped inside her delicious warm wet orifice.

“Shit!” she cried out, feeling the enormous cock filling her. Thrusting against her rear, he pushed himself deep into her throbbing cunt, the huge head and thick shaft of his cock rubbing the walls of her pussy as he slid in and out of her.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.” she moaned as his thrusts became harder and deeper, every inch of his cock filling her completely, hurtling her towards her climax.

“Oh God, yes!” she yelled in a quivering release, her pussy clenching his cock with the orgasm erupting inside her. Not wanting to cum, he pulled out of her. She removed her knee off the vanity and turned to face him. Reaching forward, she gripped his hard cock and started to stroke it, keeping him nice and hard and enjoying the feel of her hand sliding up and down the long shaft at the same time.

“There’s something else I want you to do for me.” She said looking excited.

“Follow me.” She told him, releasing his cock and walking into the bedroom. With his rigid cock waving in adiosbet güvenilirmi front of him, he followed her into the room. He watched as she straddled the padded arm of a chair and gripping the back of it, started to hump it. His hand was on his cock as he watched her from behind as she slid her wet cunt back and forth along the arm of the chair getting more and more aroused.

“Stick it in me.” She panted, sliding her cunt to the end of the armrest and leaning forward exposing it to him. Thrilled by the sight, he moved quickly behind her wasted no time in feeding his hard cock into her excited pussy. As he thrust into her, she rubbed her cunt on the chair, fucking him back at the same time.

“Oh God yes!” she cried out, humping the arm fast. “Your cock feels so good in there.” She panted.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” she yelled. He rammed into her as she dragged her clit along the chair faster and faster.

“That’s it, fuck my cunt!” she screamed. Grabbing her bucking hips, he thrust into her hard, driving every inch of his cock into her depths of her, frantically fucking her aroused cunt hard, desperate to make her cum again.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, her whole body shivering on the arm of the chair as her clit and insides came simultaneously. Behind her, his excited cock could take no more and with a hard thrust deep into her cunt and a loud groan he came, cum from his jerking cock filling her pussy. Both of them trembled, locked together until each of their climaxes subsided. As his softening cock finally slipped from her pussy, a stream of his cum ran out of her down the arm of the chair.

“Oh my God.” She said glowing afterwards. “I’ve tried that with my dildo but it’s nothing compared to your cock inside me.”

Taking her by the hand, he led her to her bed. As soon as he was hard again he wanted to fuck her the old fashioned way. She was such a sexy woman and he wanted to watch her face when she came with his cock inside her. She obviously had much the same idea for as soon as they were in bed; she was stroking and sucking his cock, gently encouraging it with her hand and her mouth, coaxing him back to hardness. At the same time, his fingers were on and in her slippery cum filled pussy, rubbing and finger fucking her back to a state of arousal with his mouth tugging at her long hard nipples. They both knew when he was ready again. She moved onto her back and he rolled over between her open legs. With his straining cock under him wanting her wet cunt, he sucked and tugged at her long nipples, teasing till they were hard and erect. Hearing her moans of pleasure, he rose up over her and guided his cock inside her. She groaned with pleasure as his thick cock filled her pussy. Slowly, his hips rose and fell, his cock sliding in and out of her. As his speed increased he watched her face turn from pleasure to want and then desperation. Eager to see her cum, he stabbed at her cunt, impaling her with every hard inch, pushing it as deep as he could. Her hand was between her legs rubbing her clit frantically when she came, bucking under him, and fucking him hard in her orgasm. Slowly, her face turned from screwed up agony to a look of sheer wonder. He had cum too, expending what little cum he had left deep in her body. They lay very still, locked together for what seemed like an eternity until he slipped out of her and rolled off her onto his back.

“My new shaved pussy would like to invite you for dinner.” She said smiling afterwards. Dinner wasn’t all she had in mind. After what she had just experienced, she was thinking more like all night. That big cock had felt so good inside her and she definitely wanted more of it. Maybe even in her ass too, although size may be an issue. She would just have to see how she felt at the time.

“You can tell your new shaved pussy I’d like that very much.” He replied smiling back at her, genuinely pleased at the offer and with similar thoughts to hers running through his mind.

Dinner had been a nice meal prepared by her cook and served by her housekeeper. She had teased him as they ate by reaching under the table and rubbing her newly shaved pussy, telling him what a good job he had done. It must have been because her fingers lingered between her legs for a little while longer than just a quick feel would have taken. The teasing had continued in the living room with little glimpses between her legs. She was keeping him on the leash and interested and doing a bloody good job of it too.

The last thing he remembered before falling asleep in her bed was her straddling him with his cock buried deep in her ass. She was riding him fast, her lubed ass tightly gripping the shaft as she fucked his cock and frantically rubbed at her pussy before cumming explosively with a yell, her bulging pussy squirting hard all over his belly.

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