Lessons Ch. 03


After a quick clean up we drive to the diner. We sit down in the booth, Laine and I to one side and Hayden by himself. I can feel Laine’s annoyance with me and start to feel guilty. He is her brother and our room mate. I watch as Hayden lazes against the wall and leans his arm over the table eyeing me with warm eyes. Is he mad? I wish we could have talked before anyone found out. Maybe he didn’t want anyone to know, it’s not like I’m a catch.

He starts toying with a silverware roll and I have an insane urge to reach over and grab his hand, wanting some comfort because my friend is mad at me. Would he like that? That’s too clingy. We never talked about the after. Fucking doesn’t make you his girlfriend. Do you even want to be his girlfriend? Does he even do the girlfriend thing? I feel Laine elbow me and look up to see the server waiting for an answer. “Uh,” I didn’t even look at the menu. “I’ll have a black tea, and water, please.” I wait until she is behind the counter before asking Laine to let me out of the booth. “If she comes back I want everything in my omelet besides sausage and my hash browns extra crispy.” I rush to the bathroom and dab cold water on my face suddenly feeling so flustered. Such a stupid girl. I sigh, chuckling at myself in the mirror, before smoothing my hair and leaving the restroom. I see Laine and Hayden glaring at each other across the table and rush outside heading for the car, not sure what my plan is. I don’t want to come between them or mess up our living situation.

“Is there a reason why you’re running?” I falter when I hear him behind me, refusing to turn around with a shrug. “It’s gonna be a little awkward for a while. Do you wanna talk about it?”

I sigh and lean against his SUV. “I don’t know.” I huff again. “I don’t know what I’m doing. What this is or how to do any of this.”

“Any of what?” He leans next to me.

“I didn’t want to hurt Laine.” I groan. “And I don’t want to be that stupid clingy virgin you have pinbahis yeni giriş to tell to get lost. I don’t want to overstay my welcome.” I chuckle.


I blush and shrug again. “I-” Sighing, I make myself say it out loud. “I wanted to hold you hand in the diner, but I don’t know if that’s allowed.” I don’t have to look at him to know that he’s trying to resist laughing at me. “Like I don’t know if you’re okay with some PDA or if you just want this on the down low. Is this,” I gesture between us. “Even a thing? What about Laine?” I groan, throwing myself against the side of the SUV knowing I sound ridiculous.

“We’re adults, Laine will have to find a way to get over herself.” I shrug back unsure while he wraps an arm around me and pulls me close. “So you want some PDA, huh?” He presses himself behind me.

“Yeah, but only if you want it too, not just because you think I’m pathetic and are taking pity on me.” I pout.

He chuckles, grinding his hips into me. “Want to see how much I enjoy some PDA?” He places my hands on the window.

I gulp and look around. “We can’t do anything here.”

“We can, if you promise to be extra quiet.” He raises my skirt up so it’s just below my ass. “Yes or no?” I listen to the traffic drive by on the street just on the other side of the parking lot. I look around not seeing anybody in the parking lot and I can feel his erection growing and pressing against me through his jeans. How can I resist? “You can always change your mind later.” I nod in agreement already wet at the thought of how risky this is. “Keep your hands on the window.” He buries his face into my neck. He bunches my skirt around my waist keeping himself pressed against me to shield my backside before sliding his hands around to my front. “No panties and getting wet already.” He clicks his tongue. “Dottie does have a naughty side.” I sigh as he starts rubbing my clit. I can feel a slight breeze and it makes me more aware of how pinbahis giriş turned on I already am, how hot I’m already burning when the air hits my wetness. “Stay quiet.” He reminds me as I start grinding my ass against him.

Hayden slides a hand under my shirt stopping just below my breasts. I squirm against him trying to get him to at least slip a hand under my bra. He grazes his teeth on the side of my neck and I can feel him smiling, knowing he’s teasing me. He grips my hips so I can’t rub against him anymore and I let out a pouty huff. The hand he had under my shirt slowly lowers to my thighs he gives a squeeze and an appreciative grunt before he starts to trail his hand up toward my center. He pushes two fingers into my hole, letting out a breathy moan. “Feel how ready you are for me.” I drop a hand to my pussy feeling how slick I am. “Keep that up, baby.” I hear the clank of his belt buckle and zipper.

I can feel his erection prod me in the ass while he kicks my feet apart so my legs are wider for him. He grabs my hips again pulling them back so my ass is out before he positions himself behind me. “We’ll have to be fast.” He presses his tip into my entrance pushing into me slowly. It feels so different, him taking my pussy from behind. He feels deeper and I let out a whimper, my hand turning into a fist against the window. He stills himself, holding me close while I play with my clit, readying myself for him. It doesn’t take long before I’m panting and pushing my hips back to take more of him.

“You’re perfection Dottie.” He groans as he starts thrusting into me. He’s all around me, pressing me against the cold car, holding me up, warm arms holding me in place, breath on my neck, grunts in my ear. I moan and he grabs my throat, cutting me off. “Gotta be quiet or we’ll have to wait till we get home.” I nod the best I can with his hand around my throat and grind my hips into him needing more. He nips my neck and keeps thrusting. “You like when pinbahis güvenilirmi I fuck you like this? Where anyone could see us together?” He murmurs in my ear. “You want people to see that you’re mine?”

I bite my lip to quiet my moan. “Yes.” I hiss back.

Hayden grabs my hips pulling me back to meet each of his thrusts. “You’d like people to know this pretty pussy is all mine?”

“All yours, Hayden.” I whimper and neither of us is being quiet anymore as he pistons into me from behind. I cry out every time our hips connect and I know I’m supposed to be quiet but he feels too good.

“Fuck!” He groans and grabs my hair, pulling out of me. He spins me around and grabs my thighs lifting me up and pinning me between him and his vehicle. “You suck at being quiet.” He pushes into me and crushes his lips to mine. I throw my arms around him, needing him closer and almost wishing we had gone home so I could feel him against me. We kiss sloppily, panting in each other’s face while thrusts into me.

“Oh.” I bury my face into his neck and nip at his collar bone. “I’m so close, Hayden.”

“Me too.” He grunts. “I’m going to fill your pussy up again.”

“Your pussy.” I gasp. “This is your pussy.” He moans and his movements become frantic and unsteady and I know he’s going to come soon. I press my lips to his and moan into his mouth as I climax loving how he pushes deeper into me as he cums. He groans and leans into me, nipping my neck as he presses me harder against the car for balance. I cling to him, too shaky to use my own legs.

He kisses me softly before helping me to my feet. “Let’s get some breakfast.” He kisses my forehead before pulling his pants up and helping me readjust my skirt and hair. He grabs my hand as we walk back to the cafe together.

Laine eyes us as we near the booth. “This is what I get to look forward to now? You two sneaking off for a quickie and ignoring me?”

The food has already been served. I start to slide into the booth next to her but Hayden grabs my shoulder and directs me to his side of the booth. He slides in next to me and throws an arm over my shoulder. “Maybe on occasion.” He stares her down as he pulls my plate to me. “Try not to be too big of a bitch about it.”

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