Cousins at the Pool


My cousin and I had just come out of the pool.

She’s gorgeous. Barely 20 years old with long, blonde hair and a cute, round face complete with big, blue eyes and full cheeks. She had a pear shaped figure with small tits but she made up for it with her wide hips and her big, to die for ass. She came out wearing a bikini, the bottom half is only able to cover half of each of her massive ass cheeks and her bra pushes her tits together making them look bigger.

It doesn’t matter though because she removes the top and comes over to where I am seated on a bench in the backyard.

She straddles me as I take my dick out. It’s painfully erect as I’d been anticipating this all day. The 2 of us had started fucking recently and we went at it every free moment we had alone together. She sits on me as the 2 of us make out. I grip her closely and pull her towards me. Without, pulling my mouth away, I pull her close and slowly slide my hands down her smooth, back and into her bikini bottom and grope her ass. I slide them back out as she slowly gets off me to get on her knees.

She starts to give me a handjob, her soft and delicate hands slowly stroking my dick. Her pace accelerates. She flashes me a big grin, I can tell she’s excited to get to the good stuff. After a little bit of that, she supertoto yeni giriş removes her hands and replaces them with her mouth.

She moves her mouth up and down the shaft, coating it with saliva, but never quite makes it to the base. Saliva drips out of her mouth onto her tits and I can feel her tongue licking the head. Once I feel I’m close, I grab her by the hair and pull her all the way to the base, she twitches and gags as I feel my cock hit the back of her throat. I keep her there, she looks up at me and tries to pull away until eventually, I shoot a large load in her mouth. I let go and slowly she gets her mouth off me. She opens her mouth and see it still filled with my semen. She closes it, swallows and says, “I hate it when you do that. You KNOW I hate the taste!” I smile at her innocently and I can see she forgives me. She knows I only do it for fun.

Eager to get back to it, she removes her bottom, tosses it aside, and pounces on me again. She looks into my eyes, both of us desperate with anticipation. I rub her smooth, pale stomach and move up to her tits to fondle them. Her nipples are hard as a rock as I trace my fingers along the side of her breast. I can feel her pussy starting to drip a little onto me. Eventually I let go and she brings herself supertoto giriş up and slides back down, so that my dick slowly enters her pussy. She smiles widely as joy and pleasure take over her as she rises and falls again and again at a slow pace, moaning every time she goes down. The wet, warm feeling of her pussy surrounding my cock feels wonderful.

After a while, she gets up and sits back down, this time her back is towards me. She continues her slow and steady pace. I watch her great ass bounce up and down, jiggling every time she comes down. I give it a light spank, she turns and looks at me a little confused, but continues to ride me. Then when she goes up again, I grab her hips and drag her down quickly, she lets out a short, high pitched yelp. I get up, which puts her onto all 4s. Then I start ramming her at a breakneck pace. My dick going all the way in each time. Her pussy makes it harder to pull out as it tightens itself every time I thrust.

The intensity has her yelling and screaming with pleasure for the whole neighborhood to hear. “Oh FUCK ME! F U C K ME! I loooooove it when you do this!” she yells. She starts shaking as she squirts hard onto the ground and she slumps down into a ragdoll state. My hands are the only thing keeping her waist up. I pull supertoto güvenilirmi out and ejaculate on her back and let her waist fall. I lay down next to her, and although we were both tired, we smiled at each other in an odd mix of familial, cousinly love and a passionate romantic and sexual love.

Bonus ministory:

My cousin lay in her underwear, half asleep late at night. I creep into her bedroom and lay next to her. She moves in closer to me but still facing away me.

I remove my pajama shorts and my dick rubs against her ass, kept apart only by her thin underwear. She slowly removes it and grinds on me. I hold her close to me as she keeps going, my dick gradually getting harder.

In one quick movement, she’s on her back and I’m on top of her. She looks at me with excitement in her eyes, I don’t hold back, I ram my dick straight into her. She lets out a slight yelp and does a slight jolt upward. I keep slamming into her, she leans up and the 2 of us kiss as I continue to thrust. Her pussy clamps down on my dick with every thrust as I continuously hit her womb with the head of my shaft.

She keeps moaning, she looks at me and repeatedly says, “I’m cumming, oh my gosh, I’m cumming!”. She puts her arms around me and pulls me close as we both reach the edge. She bounces and shakes with every thrust. With one final thrust, I hit her womb and ejaculate deep inside her as she crosses her legs behind me. A minute passes before she loosens her hold of me and I lay on top of her, both of us exhausted but laying still, enjoying the feeling of the other.

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