A True Bisexual First

Black Dress

I was taking a drive on a clear summer day, the type of drive where you don’t know or care where you end up as long as you have the windows down and a good song on the radio. I pulled into the small town of Scituate, Massachusetts; a town known for its picturesque quality, where the shops are small and pricey and a car costing under $30,000 is rarely seen. I maneuvered my beat up old car through the immaculately kept streets of the town suddenly feeling a bit out of my element within its boundaries.

It would not be the only new boundaries I would cross that day.

I parked my car in front of a little bookstore and ventured inside, not looking for anything in particular but that’s just the kind of day it was. I browsed and struck up a conversation with the shop owner about the writing craft and mentioned that I was interested in writing for children (stories much different than this one, I assure you). He gave me directions to another bookstore two towns away and gave me the name of a man who could help me. The town was a long way away but I knew the drive would be nice so I didn’t mind.

I got back in my car and went sailing over the roads, the directions in my hand and the tunes blaring in my ears. I arrived at this new bookstore within a half hour and was greeted at the door by a kind man in his early forties. He introduced himself as Bob (I will omit his last name since he is a published author and married) and informed me that he was the owner. I told him why I had come and who had recommended me to him. Bob smiled and I noticed a gleam in his eye. In hindsight I can guess that the man who had directed me here was aware of Bob’s bisexuality and had sent me there to be seduced.

Bob told me all about his writing career and showed me some books he felt could help me in my own pursuits. Whenever he would bring a book to me he would open it up so we could both read it and place his hand on my shoulder while discussing its contents. I admit that in my twenty years I had no sexual experience with men aside from the usual teenage curiosities – playing strip poker with the guys or being drunk and getting naked on a dare. But Bob’s hand on my shoulder was sending chills though my body. Of course, men had put their hands on my shoulder before, teachers and other authority figures, but I never felt this kind of excitement from those touches. Only years later when my naïveté had become slim did I understand that he had been sending me vibes.

When Bob brought the third book to me and placed his hand on my shoulder it didn’t stay there. He gently and slowly moved his hand down my back then up to my shoulder again. He repeated this a few times while discussing the book, though I assure you I wasn’t hearing a thing he said. After a while we both realized that the discussion had stopped and all we were doing was staring at the same page while he slowly grazed my back and shoulders with his fingers. At this point a customer entered the store and the hand left my shoulder. Bob handed me the book and tended to the woman and they talked for a while.

I was confused about my feelings and with the fact that the front of my jeans felt tighter now. I wasn’t gay and felt no attraction to this man, yet I couldn’t deny the pleasant sensation I received from his touch.

I roamed the small bookstore and glanced at the contents of the shelves, not willing to admit to myself that I was secretly hoping the woman would leave and Bob would approach me again. My patience was rewarded when I heard the bell above the door chime signaling that the woman had left.

I was in the new grandbetting yeni giriş age section, which was slightly elevated from the rest of the store when Bob came up to join me. I opened the book we had been discussing earlier and feigned an interest in one particular section. He came to my left side to read the page with me and put his right hand on my shoulder again. It didn’t stay there at all but immediately began to caress my back. Bob put on a good show of pretending to have a conversation as his fingers glided along my shoulders and grazed the back of my neck. At one point his hand flattened against the center of my back then moved down to my lower back. My excitement grew when I realized his hand wasn’t stopping. It slid down past my waist and grazed the top of one my jeans pockets. This man’s hand was almost on my ass and I was reeling. I can’t be sure but I think I even swayed on my feet because the feeling was so intense. Neither of us spoke. Then his hand went lower and cupped one of my ass cheeks. My eyes closed.

Then the bell above the door chimed.

My eyes flew open and I saw another woman enter the store. I expected Bob to remove his hand immediately but he didn’t. I realized that from her perspective she could only see our heads above the rows of books, not our hands. Bob called to her and said that he would be right with her. The woman smiled then moved to another part of the store. Bob was openly moving his hand around my ass. Here I was, a straight guy getting felt by an older man with a woman standing only twenty feet away oblivious to what we were doing. I had never been so excited in my life. He asked if I wanted to stick around. I heard my voice – quiet and shaky – say “sure”. Then his hand grabbed my other cheek and squeezed. Again, my eyes closed. Then his hand was gone.

The woman stayed for longer than the last and I was surprised to find how frustrated I felt. I wanted her to leave. She did finally and I approached the counter where Bob was doing some work. We struck up a quick conversation and he asked me if I had a girlfriend. ‘No’ ‘Why not?’ And so on. He told me he was closing early today, now in fact, and was wondering if I wanted to continue our conversation about the art of writing. I said yes, and the part of me that couldn’t admit I wanted this man’s touch satisfied itself with the idea that we would only be discussing writing and nothing more.

Bob closed the store and instructed me to follow his SUV. We drove a few miles to a secluded spot on the edge of a small nature preserve. There was a small dirt area for parking and three paths leading into different parts of the park. Only one other car was parked nearby. Bob lowered his tinted window and invited me into his SUV so we could talk. I walked around to the passenger side and climbed up beside him. Bob pushed a button and his window went back up. We were now alone and close. Butterflies swarmed my stomach and the front of my jeans felt tight again.

Bob pointed to the park just outside and began telling me a story about a time he had been walking one of its paths and had come across a couple having sex in the grass. He described everything in vivid detail and the bulge in my jeans grew. The couple had noticed him standing there and asked him to join them. At this point I should have known the story was bogus and that Bob was just trying to turn me on, but I was too naïve too realize and too excited to care. He described in detail about how he had joined in and fucked the girl while she sucked her boyfriend’s cock. After a while the boyfriend removed grandbetting giriş his cock from her mouth and held it in front of Bob’s face. He stopped fucking the girl and looked into her eyes. She smiled sexily and told him to suck it.

“What did you do?” I asked Bob.

Bob looked me in the eye and said, “I sucked his cock.”

My bulge grew to a full hard-on when I heard those words. I was flushed and excited. Bob’s hand moved over and rested on my leg. I looked down at it in a daze. Then his hand moved closer to my bulge. I didn’t stop it. His thumb and two fingers now rested on my inner thigh and his two other fingers touched my cock. After a moment they began to move, down and up, stimulating my inner thigh and my cock. My breathing became heavy. Bob moved his hand up and covered my bulge entirely. He squeezed hard. I didn’t want to moan but I couldn’t hold it back. He squeezed again. I moaned and squirmed in my seat as he continually squeezed my cock through my jeans. He had me. This man had deliberately set out to seduce a straight young man and now he had succeeded. I was his.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of voices and my eyes snapped opened. Two women had parked beside us and had gotten out of their car. I grabbed Bob’s hand to stop him, afraid that we were going to get caught, but he only smiled and assured me that the windows were tinted and that no one could really see what was happening. I was suddenly startled by a tapping at my window. One of the women was there, her face smiling up at me, waiting for me to lower the glass. I wouldn’t… so Bob did. The window came down but his hand stayed on my crotch. I was terrified. Then I realized that at the height I was sitting the woman could only see me from the shoulder up. This was going to be a repeat of what happened in the bookstore – fondling me with the risk of someone catching us – accept this time he was squeezing my cock instead of my ass. The woman asked a question about directions to which Bob leaned over me to answer. More of his weight was applied to my cock and still he squeezed. He carried on a short conversation with this woman who was clueless to the fact that my cock, only inches away, was about to explode. It took everything I had to keep from moaning and giving us away.

The woman thanked Bob and walked away with her friend. Bob pushed the button on my door and my window went up. But he didn’t sit back behind the wheel. Instead, he leaned in, grazed my ear with his lips and said, “I want to suck your cock.”

Up to now this had been the most exciting thing to ever happen to me and I was close to coming, but there was still a part of me that knew I was straight. I told Bob I wasn’t gay and that I don’t want to be with another guy. He said that I didn’t have to reciprocate in any way, he just wanted my cock in his mouth. My insecurity flared and I informed him that I wasn’t well hung (no, I don’t have nine inches of horizontal fury, this is a true story after all). He asked me how big it was. I said six inches. To which he replied, “Prove it.”

I think that in my mind I reasoned that if I pulled out my own cock for this man it would mean I was gay, so my hands stayed where they were. I guess Bob sensed what I was thinking. His other hand joined the one already between my legs and together they unbuttoned my jeans. He grabbed my zipper and slowly pulled. I always went commando back then so as he pulled the zipper down and the head of my cock came into view. It was throbbing and glistening with pre-cum. The rest of my zipper came down and the full length of my cock grandbetting güvenilirmi stood hard before him. He mentioned that I had a lovely cock then brought his hand to it and gently stroked the shaft. His thumb circled my cock head and spread the pre-cum around – pressing and rubbing and sending my mind into orbit. My eyes were closed when I felt his tongue on my shaft. It went up and down while his thumb pressed and circled the head of my cock. His other hand reached through the opening in my jeans and pulled out my balls. First he cupped them, then his fingertips gently grazed them as he stroked and licked my shaft. I heard him take a breath, then felt wet warmth around the head of my cock. I moaned and squirmed with a feeling I had never experienced. This was not the first time my cock had been sucked but it had never felt this good. This man was manipulating my cock better than I thought possible and I was already close to coming. He sensed it and began breathing hard through his nose while his mouth picked up pace. He buried his face and engulfed me whole and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried out and came more intensely than ever before. His mouth never left me and I shot straight down his throat. One of his hands stroked my balls while he sucked and I kept coming. I could hear him swallowing, and the idea that I was shooting my load down a man’s throat made me cum even harder.

After a blissful moment that seemed like forever I began to relax. My moaning eased and Bob lifted his head from my cock. He asked if I liked it. All I could do is nod and try to catch my breath. Then he placed his thumb against the head of my cock and pressed. My eyes widened and I moaned in surprise and ecstasy. His thumb began to move in circles and my mind left me. I never knew that such a sensation could be felt after orgasm. I was putty in his hands. Bob lifted my shirt and played with one of my nipples. I moaned again. Then he brought his head forward kissed my nipple. I never knew a man could be sexually stimulated by having his nipples manipulated but this was one more thing I was learning.

Bob’s thumb was circling the head of my cock and his mouth was licking and sucking one of my nipples. My body writhed and I moaned louder than ever, not caring if anyone heard me. Bob sensed that I was about to come again and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and sucked. I yelled and blasted another smaller load into Bob’s mouth. He sucked it up greedily. A minute later he took his mouth away and my wet, spent cock flopped against the outside of my jeans. I caught my breath, looked into Bob’s satisfied face and told him how incredible that was. He simply smiled and said he was glad I enjoyed it but that next time I would have to suck him.

Bob kept his word that day and didn’t demand that I reciprocate. It was the most intense sexual experience of my young life and I knew that I would want to experience it again but I was afraid of what it might mean about me if I sucked another man’s cock. That fear kept me from returning to the bookstore and exploring further. I did return to the bookstore years later when my fears diminished somewhat and was sad to find that it had been replaced by a coffee house and there was no sign of Bob. Now I think about Bob a lot and fantasize about what it would have been like to suck his cock right there in the SUV. I have sucked one cock over the years and it was a mind-blowing experience. Oddly enough it belonged to another man working in another bookstore, though not the proprietor this time. But that’s another story.

Thanks for reading this long but true story about my first bi-experience. I’ve enjoyed reliving the memories of Bob and only wish he were here right now so I could repay him for the experience he had given me.

I think that very soon I will take a long drive and see just how many small-town bookstores are out there.

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