A Summer Life


I remember the last time I came inside her.

It was a hot summer’s day in the city, the windows were fully open and a cheap standing fan blew humid air throughout the baking apartment. There were no plans to have sex but our two year old was finally taking a nap and the sight of my wife’s body as we lay on the sheetless bed sweating and naked had made my balls swell and my cock harden.

I’ve always found my wife beautiful. Pregnancy and giving birth had only made her more so. She lay with her eyes closed, small beads of sweat gathered under her eyes. She had just come out of the shower, an unsuccessful attempt to cool down, her hair was wet and her cheeks already flush from the heat. I noticed she had shaved and the skin around her pussy looked smooth and inviting.

With high-stress jobs and now a small child, sex had become the exception not the rule. Even before, her libido was always a bit lower than mine, though when we did have sex it usually did not disappoint.

I knew that today was no different and that she likely had no thought of sex on her mind whatsoever. So despite laying next to her, my cock throbbing, and my balls starting to ache, I simply watched her. She was beautiful. The midday sun shone through one of the windows. It cut a streak of sunlight across her hips casting shadows that emphasized her smooth mound and hip bones. Her breasts, natural, not large but not small, and still pert and full. Her flat tummy, wide hips and long legs… and though I couldn’t see it, her pussy, oh her pussy! So beautiful, soft and inviting.

“I wish you would be naked more often.” I said quietly.

Her eyes opened and she looked at me with a slight smile. Without hesitation she looked down. “You’re so predictable.” She said. Someone slammed a window outside. A pigeon flapped it’s wings.

“I can’t help it.” I replied.

“I see you shaved too. Are you expecting something?” She said.

I paused for a moment and of course she knew the answer before I said anything.

“Alright, but quickly before you-know-who wakes up.”

It felt a bit awkward — the exchange of permission to have sex — even though I had mostly grown used to it. I wiped my brow of sweat and moved, kneeling between her legs and pushed her legs apart slightly. She had never really been in to foreplay since having a child and preferred to just get it over with. I stroked my cock in my hands, precum was already dripping from me.

“I forgot how asyabahis yeni giriş handsome you are.” She jested, sitting up for a moment and running her fingers down my chest and abs.

I pushed her back and then knelt over her, kissing her gently on the lips, then the cheeks, her neck and breasts, tasting the salt of her sweat. She kissed me back and reached down to take my throbbing cock in her hand. She stroked it as I kissed her, thumbing the end of it, slippery in precum.

“You’re so easy to please.” She teased.

I moved one of my hands to her pussy and lightly traced a finger around her clit, eventually running it down and pushed it slightly inside her. She was already wet.

Her hand moved from my cock to squeeze my balls. The feeling was oddly one of relief. They hung low in the heat and weighed down by an ever increasing amount of cum that I felt was flooding them with every passing second. “I do love when you keep your balls smooth.” She whispered in my ear as she pulled on them. “I can feel how full they are.”

“Well it’s been a while.” I whispered back. Sparrows suddenly flittered to the window sill and squabbled before flying off.

She pulled my balls even harder and I realized she was gesturing me to sit back and enter her. I kissed her neck and her lips once more before sitting on my heels. I took my cock in my hand and gently pressed it against her clit, rubbing it for for a few seconds before pushing it slowly inside her.

She let out a small gasp, and lifted her legs up to my shoulders, allowing me to push my cock all the way inside her until my swollen balls pressed against her ass. I started to gently rock my hips forwards and backwards, feeling the warmth of her wet, tight pussy wrapped around my pulsing cock. I ran my hands down her thighs, up her stomach and caressed her breasts. She closed her eyes and held my arms with her hands. I leant forward, pushing her legs to her chest, and kissed her. My cock sunk even deeper. This time, I pulled out and started to thrust longer, deeper thrusts, each time my balls pressing hard against her. I wanted to savour the feeling, not knowing when I would get the chance again. Her pussy was so wet now that my cock slipped in and out with ease. The heat was intense and the exercise was only making our bedroom feel more and more like a furnace.

Yet the feeling of being inside her was amazing. We hadn’t had sex for weeks, and even just the thought asyabahis giriş of being deep inside my wife was enough to make me explode. Within moments, I felt it. The feeling of cum surging from my balls. A relentless, unstoppable feeling. I felt disappointed that I couldn’t last longer, but impatient to fill her pussy at the same time. I started to thrust even harder.

“Are you going to cum?” She asked with a surprising hint of eagerness.

“Yes.” Was all I could muster.


And with that I thrust once more as deep as I could. She moaned, and immediately reached around her leg and started massaging my balls, helping my cock to pump more and more cum into her. I kissed her neck as my cock pulsed, filling her. She wrapped her legs around my lower back, pulling me closer.

After a few more kisses she released her legs and I sat back on my heels again and pulled my cock out. It still throbbed uncontrollably and my cum, thick and white, suddenly began pouring out of my wife’s red, but beautiful pussy.

Unusually, I still felt hard, and even though my cock was sensitive, I didn’t want to waste the chance and pushed it back in, continuing to slowly thrust.

“Again?” She asked. “I don’t think we have time.” Betraying the thoughts still on her mind.

“I want to fuck you again.” I said. The tone sounding a bit more harsh than I had intended. I felt horny, very horny. My balls still felt full and having after so long finally got a taste of her body again, I wanted to completely empty them in her. I pulled out of her again.

“Turn over.” I said. She was still looking at our bedroom door, waiting for our son to walk in. “He’s still sleeping. We’ll hear him if he wakes up, we always do.” I said trying to calm her and catching myself feeling irritated.

She ran her fingers over her pussy, gathering up my cum that still dripped from her. “It’s a lot… I don’t think you will cum again.”

“How often am I still this hard after cumming that much? I will.”

“You’ve said that before.” She said unconvinced.

“And you’ve said before that you would like me to me more assertive during sex, so here I am. Turn over.” My frustrations was rising.

She somewhat reluctantly obliged and turned over. She clearly was losing interest. I was lucky she even agreed at first, but the sight of her — the woman I have known for over a decade — as beautiful as the day I met her. I simply couldn’t resist.

She asyabahis güvenilirmi knelt on all fours and I pulled her ass towards me, pushing my cock back inside her. It slipped in easily, and I felt my cock displace more cum inside her that dripped out of her, down my balls and onto the sheets.

Her pussy around my cock, the feeling of my own cum pouring out of her and my hands holding her hips in place made some primal feeling burst from me. I started to thrust again, but this time even harder. My balls hung so low they slapped against her clit each time.

“Oh god, that actually feels really good.” She said, biting the pillow.

I ran my hands down her back and she buckled her arms, laying her chest on the bed and arching her back.

“Fuck me harder.” She said. She never said these things. Ever.

My hard thrusts from frustration with her immediately gave way to harder confident thrusts.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned. She never moaned, not like that.

And again, I felt it. No, I thought not now. Not before her. I slowed down, trying to draw it out. The feeling subsided.

“No, don’t cum yet.” She said realizing I was on the edge.

And immediately I lost control. Fuck it. I continued to thrust into her quickly as I felt my cock forcefully pump cum into her pussy again. I held her hips and pulled them to me. My cock continued to convulse deep insider her until I pulled out again, watching another batch of my cum pour out of her beautiful pussy. My balls finally felt relieved but almost immediately I also felt terrible.

“I didn’t make you cum again.”

“It’s fine.” She said dutifully. She had stayed on her knees for a moment and was gently feeling again the cum that dripped out of her. Beads of sweat glinted off her back. “I’m glad I helped you empty your balls. Looks like you really needed it.” She smiled, collapsing onto the bed. She always looked even more beautiful after sex, her face flush and filled with some sort of new sense of vigour. “But what a mess, it will be coming out of me for days. I definitely think he will wake up soon.” Her mind suddenly shifting again to our son. “Are you going to have a shower first or me?”

I had a nagging feeling of selfishness hanging over me that robbed me of enjoying the moment. I had just filled the pussy of the woman I loved, twice. But I knew she had been mostly distracted, and that any pleasure she felt was fleeting compared to the feeling I had. I hadn’t managed to take her away from reality and life as a parent for more than a few fleeting seconds. Looking at her pussy, cum dripping from it, made me feel like I had just once again used her for my own pleasure.

I was determined that next time, it would be different.

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