Wait a Minute, What?


Mom walked up to me a few days after my high school graduation. She waited for a moment, but as usual I was completely lost in my book. I hadn’t really found much to do yet that summer, but hey, I had months to go, right?

I heard her clear her throat and say, “I need your help with something young man.”

I was engrossed in my book, so absently I asked, “What do you need Mom?”

“I want to fuck Chris.”

At least that’s what I thought I heard. Most people would have done a double take at that point, or jumped up ripping their clothes off. I didn’t do either, and for good reason.

I knew how my mind worked. And for quite some time I’d been hearing things that weren’t quite real. It always happened when I was distracted, like I was that day. One of my friends told me I was hearing what I wanted to hear, not what was actually said. So I didn’t fall over from shock that day. I just laid down my book and gave Mom my full attention.

“I’m sorry Mom. What was that again?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I want that truck. Your uncle’s truck, remember? We’re borrowing it today to get some stuff out of the garage? You said you’d go get it.”

“You’re right, I did.” I laid my book down and said, “I’m on my way. Be back in a bit.”

I grabbed her keys and headed out to the family car. As I got in, I smiled at what I thought I’d heard. Thank God I didn’t react any other way. That could have been really bad.

Driving to my uncle’s place, my mind wandered back to that moment though. It would have been interesting to say the least if that was actually what she’d said. Like most sons, I’d noticed my Mom was hot quite a while ago. She’d had a computer issue, and had me trouble shoot it for her. When I was in there, I checked her email account and saw she’d been emailing some guy. She’d sent a nice bikini picture to him, and described herself including her measurements. According to her, she was 38-24-36. The running joke between them seemed to be that she wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t mind at all.

Mom seemed to give up on the dating life after that, but I still had that mental image in my head. It didn’t help that she’d usually not wear a bra around the house. I hadn’t really looked before, but after that I was getting an eyeful every time she did. Just the thought of that got my motor running, and my right hand reached down to stroke my now hard cock gently. It would have been something if I’d heard her correctly.

I got to my uncle’s, and swapped vehicles with him. As I headed back, those thoughts were running through my head again. What would I have done if she’d actually said that? My mind had two answers for that.

The first of course was nothing at all. After all, she’s your Mom. You couldn’t, even if you wanted to. It’s illegal and all that.

The other thought was much more entertaining. That side of my mind told me I’d do her any way she wanted, and as often as I wanted. That side got me going again, and I actually stopped a few blocks from home just to clear my head, so I could get out of the truck without being embarrassed.

I backed into the garage area, stopping right out front. Mom must have heard me come home, because she came out a few minutes later to get started.

We were taking some of Dad’s old stuff to the thrift store to get rid of. Dad had passed away in an accident years before, and Mom hadn’t touched it since moving it to the garage. We needed the space for some reason though, so it was time.

I noticed what Mom was wearing right away. She had on a tight beat up pair of jeans, and one of Dad’s old t-shirts. It was a V neck, so I noticed cleavage right away. She was wearing it that day because it was one of Dad’s old work shirts, covered with grease and paint spots that would never come out. It was a bit big for her too, so I was hoping she’d bend over in just the right position and I’d get a show.

“I guess it’s finally time Chris.” She looked around sadly at the boxes piled in the garage. I knew she was thinking of the memories they contained, and as she stood there silently remembering, I told her, “Mom, we don’t need to do this today if you’re not ready.”

She tried to smile. “Thanks for that kiddo. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready, but it’s past time to take care of this.”

We grabbed a few boxes, moving them to the truck and packing them in the back. Mom seemed to slow down after a bit, almost like she was unwilling to finally get them out. I figured she needed a distraction, so I asked her a question.

“Hey Mom? Why haven’t you ever dated anyone?”

That surprised her, and she stopped and looked at me. “It’sa long story Chris.”

“It’s about time for a break. Tell me.”

Mom sat down on an old stool, and looked at me. Finally she said, “I guess you’re old enough now. I wasn’t ready for a while, and then I found out things had changed in the dating scene. People weren’t looking for dates anymore.”

She searched my face before she continued.

“All the places I found were looking for one thing really. All the guys on there klasbahis yeni giriş wanted was sex, and I guess I wanted more of a connection.”

I nodded. “There’s quite a bit of that out there. It’s even that way with some of the people I go out with. So I get what you’re saying.”

She nodded at that and said, “Don’t get me wrong. Sex would be great. Maybe I’m old fashioned though. I want to feel like we’re on the same page before we get to that. Do you know what I mean?”

I nodded, even though I really didn’t. An idea was forming in my head, and I knew what was going to happen if I didn’t pay attention. So I pushed the idea out of my mind, and concentrated on her.

“I hope you find what you need Mom. After all, in a few months I’m going to college and you’ll be an empty nester.”

“Don’t remind me.” She stood up then and said, “This garage isn’t going to clean itself. Let’s get back to work.”

We did, and the chore was actually enjoyable. That’s because I noticed something. When Mom bent over to pick up a box, if I was in the right position, I got a quick flash of those amazing tits, all the way down to the hard dark nipples.

The work was done too quickly for my tastes, given the fact I was seeing part of Mom I’d never seen before. When we’d finished, I got back in the truck and delivered all of the stuff there to the thrift store. It was a donation of course, and after that I went to get Mom’s car back.

On the way home, the idea I’d had came back and I worked it out. It was a long shot, but if it worked, my life might just become interesting to say the least.

When I got home, I went to a photo site and ripped off some photos of some guy in England. He was a bit older than me, and in great shape. I grabbed them all, including the nudes and set out to catfish my Mom.

I went to her favorite dating site, and created a profile for myself. It was a fake of course. I placed the fake in a town a couple of hundred miles away. That was far enough that Mom wouldn’t jump in her car some night to go find him. I did it with a fake email I’d just created, and set out to see what would happen.

I sent my first email from that account to her.

“Pardon me for being so forward, but I just had to email you. You’re an amazing woman, and if you’d like, I think I’d like to get to know you.”

Mom checked her emails once a day usually. I knew when she did, so after that time I went and saw there was a new one in my account.

It was from Mom. “Thank you, but I don’t think so. I’m not really the type that this site tends to cater to. But thank you anyway.”

So I replied. “You’re very welcome. I know what you mean about this site; it’s really become a meat market over the years. While that’s not really what I’m looking for, I guess it must work for some people. Thanks for the reply at least.”

Mom must have seen that one come in, and she replied again much to my surprise.

“You’re welcome. So you’re not on here just looking for Miss right now?”

“That’s a tough question. If it worked out that way, who knows? It hasn’t though, and to be honest, you’re the only person who’s really caught my eye. If you want to talk, I’m here. And right now, that’s important to me, not just hooking up with someone for one night.”

Mom replied the next day. “Ok, let’s talk then.” She told me everything I knew already. She talked about Dad’s death, and how lonely she was since then. She even talked about me, and how my leaving was going to impact her life.

I sent back a similar story. I told her my SO passed away in her sleep one night, leaving me alone and lost. I was a computer tech, and I threw myself into work after that to dull the pain. I finished that night by saying, “It’s refreshing to find someone who knows what’s happened in my life.”

Shortly after that, there was a tap at my door.

“Come in Mom.”

She did, and she had a question. “Chris, what’s an SO?”

“How was it used Mom?”

She told me and I smiled. “I’m betting they meant their significant other.”

“That makes sense. Thank you Chris.”

When I knew I had her attention, I kept going, emailing her daily. She’d reply every day, and became more and more open about her life. Finally one day she asked me if I had an instant messenger. What surprised me was the fact that she ended that with, “It feels like I’ve known you forever. I’d like to chat in real time if you want to.”

I knew which one she had on her phone, and I had gotten the same one with my fake account. So I told her what messenger I had.

“That’s perfect! I’m on that one too. Give me a minute.”

It was more like five minutes because Mom had to come and ask me how to find someone on it. I showed her, and when she left I waited. Sure enough, my phone chimed and there was a message.

“Hey there. It’s me.”

“Hey you. How’s it going?”

“It’s been a very frustrating day so far.”

“I think the kids today call that horny. Lol.”

“Lol. Ok, I can live with that. It’s been a very horny day then.”

“I klasbahis giriş get that. I have those daily usually.”

“You’re a good looking man. Why don’t you do something about it?”

“I don’t have the time usually. Then there’s the fact that I want a little more than just a one night stand. There’s another reason too.”

“What’s that? Oh God, are you gay?”

“Lol. Not even close. Never have been, never will be.”

“Well that’s good anyway. So what’s the other thing?”

“I’m rather dominant when it comes to matters of the bedroom. Finding someone that likes that isn’t really easy anymore.”

There was a long pause and finally Mom typed back, “What’s that entail? I’ve heard of it, but never, well, you know.”

“Never experienced it? I get that.”

So I went on, sending her some rather interesting instant messages. She kept questioning me about it. I was a bit surprised at that. My Mom was curious. Finally I came out and asked her, “Are you curious about this? You really seem to be.”

There was another long pause and then Mom sent back, “I don’t really know. It’s fascinating, and in my mood right now stimulating too.”

I looked at that for a minute, wondering what to say. Finally I threw caution to the winds and said, “Stimulating? Very interesting. I’m a very blunt person though. Are you saying it makes you wet thinking about it?”

After another long pause, one word came back.


“Mmmmm, now there’s a very pleasant mental image.”

“Oh really? Tell me, are you hard right now?”

Well well. Mom was interesting after all. I smiled and sent back. “Very. Would you like to see?”

Now there was a question. Let’s see how Mom handled that.

It took a while, but she finally responded. “Honestly? I’d love to.”

“You know I’m going to want the same from you. Or would you like me to put that in the way my dominant side would say it?”

“I’d love to hear that.”

“Then you will. First things first though.”

I threw my covers off, and slipped out of my shorts. I was rock hard from chatting with Mom, so I took my phone and shot an extreme closeup of my cock. I checked to make sure nothing else was showing that night tip her off, then I sent it to her.

She replied quickly. “My God, that’s huge.”

“9 inches long and thick enough to make you scream in pleasure. Now, let’s work on you. I’ve got a task for you.”

“What’s a task? I’m sorry, I’m new to this.”

“I’m going to tell you to do something, and you need to complete it. Got that?”

“I do. What do you want me to do?”

“Take your phone and walk into your bathroom. Everyone has mirrors there. Take off whatever you’re wearing, and take a picture and send it to me. Take several if you want.”

A few minutes later, my phone chimed several times. I picked it up, more than ready to see what Mom had sent.

In the first picture, Mom was standing there in her robe smiling nervously. The second one shocked me though. Mom was standing there and she’d opened the top of her robe, showing off those incredible tits. The next one had her robe completely off, and I saw Mom’s body for the first time. The last one was a great shot of her ass, and she was smiling in that one too.

She sent again then. “So what do you think?”

“I think I wish I were there right now to get better acquainted with you.”

“Lol. Me too actually. Sorry they weren’t that great quality wise.”

“That’s ok. As a matter of fact, that just gave me an idea. You have someone living there, right?”

“My son Chris. Yes I do.”

“Let’s explore your kinky side. Tomorrow I want you to go to him and tell him to shoot pictures of you. Tell him they’re for a dating site. Then have him photograph you, and do some nudes then too.”

Another long pause and then she sent, “I don’t know if I can.”

“That’s your task for tomorrow. Don’t let me down. I’ve got to go right now. I’ll be back tomorrow night.”

I downloaded the pictures, then jerked off to them, coming all over my hand. I got a shot of that, then signed back in and sent that to her.

“Just imagine what tomorrow’s shots will bring.”


I signed out again and went to sleep. The next morning came, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen that day.

Mom seemed distracted at breakfast, and at lunch. But she didn’t say anything to me. At least not until after lunch.

About an hour after lunch she found me and said, “Can I talk to you for a minute Chris?”

“Sure Mom.” I sat down next to her on the couch. “What’s going on?”

“I need a favor from you, and it’s kind of a personal one. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all. I’m happy to help. What do you need?”

“I need you to shoot some pictures of me for a dating site. And some of them, well, they’ll be pretty revealing.”

“How revealing are we talking Mom?”

She took a deep breath and said, “I need you to shoot some nudes of me.”

“Wow! That’s pretty revealing Mom.”

“If it’s too much Chris, I completely klasbahis güvenilirmi understand.”

“You just surprised me Mom.” I pretended to think then said, “I’ll do it Mom. We’re both adults after all. Look at it as good practice for me. Wait right here, I want to show you something.”

I went and got my laptop, and brought it back down to Mom. “Check this out Mom.”

The girl I was dating at the time was named Debbie. She was a short very busty blonde, and she’d gotten naked in front of my camera not too long before. I opened the file and showed Mom most of the pictures.

She saw the other folder in there and had to ask, “So what are those?”

“Those are some rather personal ones I did for her and a friend. They got a little crazy Mom.”

“Let me see them.”

I shrugged, opened it and Mom gasped. The first shot was of Debbie and her friend Nancy both naked and kissing. As you can imagine, they went on like that. But Mom looked at them all.

Finally she looked up at me and asked, “So how would you photograph me?”

Flat on your back with my cock buried in you came to mind, but I didn’t say that. Instead I looked her over and said, “Honestly, any way you’re comfortable with. I wouldn’t push you past your limits.”

She smiled slightly. “It seems I don’t even know what those are. So let’s get started before I lose my nerve.”

We went to her room and picked out an outfit. It was one I’d never seen before. It was a dress made completely of black lace, and Mom said, “I guess you don’t want me wearing the slip I always wear with this do you?”

We found matching panties and a bra, and she looked at me then. “Ok, go out while I get dressed please.”

“Mom, I’m going to see you naked anyway shortly. So why not get it over with and just change in front of me? You won’t be as nervous when the dress comes off then.”

It was a complete shot in the dark, but Mom took it seriously. “I suppose you’re right. Can you really see how nervous someone is?”

I had no idea personally but I told her, “Oh yeah. It comes right through in every picture I’ve taken like that.”

“Ok then. You’re the boss.” Mom took a deep breath and pulled the tie holding her robe together. She looked up at me nervously, then dropped her robe.

She looked even better in real life than she did in her pictures, and I was in awe. I couldn’t help but stand there staring at her revealed body.

Finally I heard her say, “Well? What do you think?”

“I’ll be perfectly honest Mom. I wish I was the person you’re going to send these pictures to.”

“Oh Chris! Thanks I think.” She started getting dressed then, hiding her body away for the moment at least. This was going to be interesting to say the least.

“So what do you have in mind Mom? How do you want to do this?”

“I really don’t know Chris. This is a first for me. What would you suggest?”

I thought for a moment until Mom finally said, “Let’s make it easier. What would you like to see?”

“I’ve got an idea. Let’s start right here. How’s that sound?”

Mom agreed, and I got a few shots of her sitting nicely on the bed. Then I upped the ante.

“Undo a few buttons Mom. I want cleavage and to see that bra. And spread your legs slightly. Let’s see some of those panties too.”

She did. Mom followed instruction very well, and before she knew it she was in just her bra and panties, and those were coming off soon.

“Take off the bra now Mom.” It slipped to the bed, and she faced me with those incredible tits showing. “Damn you look good.”

“Thank you Chris.”

I got several shots of her massive tits and hard nipples then said, “It’s time for the big reveal Mom. Turn your back to me.”

When she did I told her, “Now slide those panties off. Show me everything you’ve got.”

They slid off her ass, and I got that shot. “Town around now Mom.”

She did, and I got several full frontal shots of her. Then to her surprise I said, “That’s it Mom. Unless you have any others you want.”

She really didn’t know, and it showed on her face. Finally she asked, “What would you like to see Chris? Have I missed anything?”

“I’m the wrong person to ask Mom. I’d love to see a lot, but it’s going to push your boundaries a bit.”

“Push away Chris. We can always delete them, right?”

“Ok Mom.” I raised the camera again. “Okay with your tits. And don’t forget those nice hard nipples.”

Mom did, and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations. The pictures were great, I knew that. I decided to push her father though.

“One hand between your legs now Mom. And one on your tits.”

She did, and when I saw her fingers moving slowly, caressing her pussy, I had to get that shot. Finally she stopped.

“I’m sorry. I got a bit carried away there. What now Chris?”

“How would you feel about a faceless man joining you in the pictures?”

It hit her then. “You mean you? Chris, we can’t do that!”

“Mom, it’ll all be simulated. Nothing will really happen. And remember, we can always delete them, right?”

I set up my tripod, not letting her answer. Turning to her I said, “Let’s see you kneeling by the bed Mom.”

When she did, I set the camera on auto. It would take a picture every ten seconds that way. I stripped off my shirt, and went to stand in front of her.

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