A Strange Man and A Curious Boy


It was a boring Saturday morning only a few months after my 18th birthday when it happened. I was reading a book, sitting in a little coffee shop on a busy shopping street not minding anything but the words of some story I’ve already forgotten about.

There really wasn’t anything worth mentioning going on. Until I felt the gaze of someone. Both curious and slightly deranged like one often feels when they are ripped out of a story after some intense reading, I looked up and met the eyes of an incredibly tall and equally incredibly broad-shouldered guy.

In fact, he was so tall and just big all around that I, even though I was 6’2″ tall myself, knew without standing up that I was just smaller in size. Of course I really was more of a skinny guy but it wasn’t often the case that I felt as small as in this very moment. “Excuse me?” I asked slightly awed, since the tall man was still just looking at me. His appearance rather intimidating.

He wasn’t just tall and obviously muscular, but was also wearing a anthracite colored suit and a black dress shirt that made his piercing blue eyes even more, well, piercing. Unnervingly enough, he didn’t reply but continued to look at me. I coughed a little, closed the book in my lap and looked back up. “Er… Can I help you Sir?”

As I said this, he reacted. He raised his eyebrows and turned around, wandering away without turning around again. Although this was certainly weird, I was even more concerned by the fact that started to follow him, without really deciding to do so.

I followed him for awhile, he was certainly easy to keep in sight, even through the masses of shopping people, until we reached a black car, at which he waited for me. Standing in front of him I was able to take a better look at how tall he was, guessing him at around 6’9″.

He also was almost twice as broad as me. I looked at him in some weird kind of anticipation, still wondering why I even followed him. Continuing his silence, he opened the door behind the front passenger artemisbet yeni giriş seat and indicated me to get in. Curiously enough, I followed his mute order again. Taking a deep breath as he walked around the car to get to the driver seat, I realized that I had no idea what was going on, but also, that I definitely wanted to find out.

We started to drive in silence as I looked around the, due to toned windows, dark car, trying to find cues about this strange man. After some time I realized his piercing blue eyes, observing me through the rear view mirror. There was an amused kind of expression to his eyes as he raised his eyebrows. And I understood that he wanted me to get naked. I stared back into those piercing eyes for a moment, until I felt like I couldn’t stand it any longer and looked at my knees.

Interestingly enough, I realized, I wasn’t very alarmed by this very strange thought, this knowledge that he wanted me to strip my clothes off. Even though I wondered why that was, I started to obey this non-spoken order, and unbuttoned my shirt. After exposing my chest, I moved on to my shoes and socks, unbuckled my belt and started to pull down my pants. Only as I was left in boxer briefs, I came to some of my senses and wondered again. “Why was I doing this again?”

“Wait a minute, I’m not gay… Am I?”

Questions raged inside of my head and left me clueless. In fact I never had any sexual experience with men, but here I was, stripping for some guy I had just met, not even thinking about it. I hesitated, looked up again and saw his eyes and felt a weird kind of encouragement.

As I looked down at my briefs, grabbing them on either side of my hips, I noticed my hard cock straining against the fabric and with a swift motion I pulled those underpants down and left myself completely exposed. My 6.5 inches jumped free and stood slightly away from my belly as I set back, my clothes now spread over the seat next to me.

I didn’t dare look up again until we artemisbet giriş halted and as I looked out of the toned windows, I found myself on the driveway of a rather large house, maybe even a mansion, obviously relatively remote and circled by trees which stretched into a forest basically right at the houses yard. The strange man opened his door and stepped out of the car, walked around it, and opened my side.

I looked up, entirely exposed and considered covering myself but thought better. Again, he indicated me to follow, and again I did. No thought wasted on my left behind clothes, and the sun was pleasantly warm on my skin, making me strangely comfortable, especially considering my situation. I follow the suited man inside the house, through a bit of an entrance hall and into a large living room with a n incredibly beautiful view on the forest right outside.

The man seated himself on a white leather couch and looked, now for the first time, up at me. With no indication what to do, I stood in front of him, completely naked, rock hard, and waited. I wasn’t surprised when he pointed between his knees. In fact, I was almost there before I quite realized what he meant me to do. And it wasn’t a big step from kneeling naked between his legs to him opening his pants, and pulling out a hard cock.

For the second time that day, I felt dwarfed. I had never felt inadequate about my cock size, I actually thought it was pretty decent, but he was so ridiculously big compared to me that I wasn’t sure if it was real for a moment. I knelt there, my eyes locked in awe at this beast of a cock in his hand. A dick probably 8.5 inches long and close to being as thick as my wrist. There was dark pubic hair over his shaft, but his balls appeared to be clean shaven. I realized that my mouth was watering, and blood rushed to my cheeks, yet we both knew what was going to happen next.

I had my hands on his thighs as my mouth first touched his cock. I reservedly kissed the lower part of his shaft, artemisbet güvenilirmi his balls touching my chin, and then something switched on inside of me. I arched my back more and pushed my ass out as I leaned forward to get better hold of his dick, my right closed around his shaft, holding it up so I could better reach his balls as I sucked on them.

I heard a deep groan escape his lips, encouraging me, as I licked from his balls up his shaft and finally reached his tip, my hand know at the very base, holding him in front of my face as my tongue twirled around that big pink mushroom head, that filled my mouth almost entirely.

Some pre-cum leaked into my mouth and as I first tasted his salty, sweet flavor, I knew I was lost. I started to work his cock into my mouth, only a bit more than the tip fitting inside, and started to bob up and down on it, trying to play my tongue around, his moans spurring me on.

I started to jerk him at the base to compensate for my inability to take him whole and kept working his head like this for a while until I let him pop out of my mouth with a satisfying noise, threads of saliva and pre-cum connecting my lips to his cock. I looked up, obvious arousal and obedience in my eyes, and saw him, leaning back with his eyes closed and a strange pride swelled inside of me because I gave him this pleasure.

I kept working him like this for a while, switching between jerking him slowly while playing with his head and trying to take him as deep as I could, and licking along his shaft, spreading saliva all over his cock, my mouth and chin. His tip was in my mouth again, my tongue right on the underside of his head as I heard his moans change, he grabbed the back of my head and forced me deeper on his cock, face fucked me even until I gagged slightly and he let me off again.

I still had his tip on my tongue as he exploded into hot spurts of cum coating my inner mouth, lips, chin and cheeks. He stopped holding my head after a moment, and again I knew what to do without really thinking about it. My ass still sticking out, my back arched and my hands between my knees, I presented my first cum load to him. He looked down at me with a grin on his face, patted my cheek as I swallowed, raising himself in his seat.

“Good boy.”

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