The Marine Ch. 07


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I settled into my new role and I realised rather quickly that, when the United Kingdom wasn’t in a major conflict, it was never boring, but compared to all the training I’d been up to for so many months, it was a change in pace. Each morning I’d rise, do all my exercises with the men, then we’d chow down for breakfast. There was usually plenty of paperwork and orders given to keep the men occupied, though Royal Marines don’t need micro-managing, they know what’s expected of them on a daily basis. After lunch, it would be more training or lessons. I made sure to remain sharp with my weapons, and took on further lessons, particularly interested in languages, as I figured they’d come in handy should shit hit the fan.

I remained in barracks despite Hannah moving down to Bristol. That delighted me, the fact she wasn’t too far away. It resulted in me buying a car so I could drive there most weekends, enjoying the fact that it was a Monday to Friday job, at least for the time being. She rented a small apartment near the city centre, amused that it was full of students, and that we were still young enough that we could mix with them easily.

We never discussed the future too often, instead focusing on the next week or month at most. I think it was easier for both of us. I’d already received word I would be sent to Norway for cold-weather training by the end of the year, with further opportunities to head to the United States for further training and liaising with our American counterparts. There were also possible trips to Europe, training alongside our European NATO allies, in particular Special Forces battalions from France, the Netherlands and Germany. Then there were the usual exercises to keep us on our toes.

The men under my command were a brilliant bunch. There was the usual good natured ribbing of the wet behind the ears officer, but there was also immediate respect, as they knew I’d been through sixteen months of ball breaking training to get to my position. Becoming a Royal Marines Officer was a position well and truly earned. Even royalty couldn’t just walk in and ask for a green beret. They earned it like everyone else.

Most of them were family men, with young families dotted around in the surrounding villages. Somerset was quite picturesque in general, Hannah and I taking opportunities during the weekend to get in the car and spend a Saturday night somewhere different. A little B&B or small family run hotel, not a big chain. Usually with a full English for breakfast the next morning. And after a day of something fun, we’d enjoy a Saturday night eating a fantastic meal at a small pub, a couple of drinks, before returning to our room to make love all evening.

During the evenings, I could always go to the officer’s mess, but I did prefer hanging out with the men, and I wasn’t the only one. When off duty, we were just Royal Marines, though they still called me ‘sir’ simply out of respect.

“So where do you disappear most weekends, sir?” Wilson wondered. He was a colour sergeant.

“Good question. You do return on a Sunday night, generally with a grin on your face, sir,” Jones added, a lance-corporal.

“Got yourself a woman, sir?” Phillips asked bluntly, one of the privates of the troop.

Clearing my throat, I figured a little honesty wouldn’t be wrong. I had their files. Knew most were in at least a relationship. Some of the older men were married with children. “I have a lady friend who lives in Bristol,” I replied.

There was plenty of cheering at that. “How do you know her, sir? You’re obviously not local. Meet her here?” Wilson asked, one of my warrant officers.

“Well, truth be told… er…”

There was more laughter. “She your sister or something, sir?” Thompson asked, the rest laughing away.

“No, not exactly. Fuck it, you’ll already probably learn eventually. She’s my cousin.”

Someone immediately started the duelling banjo’s music from the film Deliverance, but it led to a surprising conversation. “Cousin? Fuck, I’ve got a couple of beauties in my family, sir,” Wilson admitted.

“Want to fuck ’em, eh Wilson?” Sanders teased.

“Hell yeah! Threesome, mate!”

More laughter. “Anyone remember hearing some of the shit that went down in their schools?” Jones wondered, “I remember the rumours about more than one pair of siblings.”

“Seriously?” Thomas asked, but in addition to laughter, there were quite a few curious pairs of eyes around.

“Yeah, just at my school alone, there were rumours of at least three brothers and sisters hiltonbet yeni giriş sleeping together,” Jones said.

“No shit?!” more than one person exclaimed.

“Nothing more than rumour, but I do know one pair ended up living together,” Jones explained, “Bought a house and everything. Everyone pretty much assumes they’re fucking but, without evidence, it’s just rumours. Apparently the sister even ended up pregnant once but terminated. Guess they’re willing to fuck but not have a child.”

“Got that beat,” Stevenson said, “Knew a kid at my school who was reportedly fucking not only his mother but also his aunt. What makes it even more sordid is that both husbands were still on the scene. Thing is, this kid was six foot something and fifteen stone at a young age. You just didn’t fuck with him. No wonder his mum and aunt wanted to fuck him. Saw his package while changing more than once. He would have heard no complaints.”

“Heard anything about him since?”

Stevenson laughed. “Apparently both women divorced their husbands and the three disappeared. Apparently living it up in the south of Spain.”

I couldn’t help chuckle. “And here I thought this type of thing was just… well, the stuff of wild imaginations.”

“I reckon every school, in every year group, has at least one pair of siblings who are fooling around, and there are plenty of young men who love their mothers in a certain way,” Wilson suggested.

Jones snorted. “Reckon there are far more men fucking their mothers than anyone would admit. Look at the divorce rates, the unhappy marriages. Women will then look at their sons, usually see someone they hope to have raised right… one thing leads to another, the son replaced the father in the marital bed.”

“Would you fuck your mother, Jones?” I wondered.

He laughed. “Not a chance. Just spitting ideas, sir. Not saying my mother isn’t a lovely woman, but she’s happily married to my father.”

“Well, glad me fooling around with my cousin isn’t such a big deal. It’s not illegal, but some people wouldn’t understand,” I admitted, as it was something that always did worry me. Not everyone was understanding.

“Honestly, compared to some of the shit we’ve likely heard, you banging your cousin is well down the list, sir,” Wilson said, “And if she’s the one keeping you in a good mood, we can all suggest you only keep visiting her!” That led to more cheers and laughter.

“I’ll take that idea under advisement, sergeant.”

Still, it was nice to know that they simply didn’t give a shit, and it seemed that kinky, taboo shit going on between people was more prevalent than I realised. I remembered hearing rumours back in school about brothers and sisters, mothers and sons getting it on. Even aunts and nephews. Whether there was any daddy-daughter or uncle-niece action going on, we never really heard.

The very next weekend, I left on Friday night as soon as I could get away, arriving outside Hannah’s apartment building in double quick time, only slowing down in residential zones and whenever I knew there was a speed camera. As soon as she opened the door, I was all over here, making her laugh, ensuring the front door was shut until I practically carried her to the bedroom.

“What’s got into you?” she asked, though she was busy helping me undress.

“Well, I haven’t seen you in a week.”

“Is that it?”

“I’ll tell you afterwards.”

I made sure we were both naked before getting onto her bed, kissing her deeply for a few seconds, our tongue playing before I explored her mouth, only pulling back so I could meet her eyes. Her face broke out into a broad grin. “Well, I’m glad you’re so pleased to see me, Nate.”

Kissing her softly on the lips, I moved down her neck, earning a gasp as I knew that always excited her, down over her bountiful breasts, slowly kissing down her soft skin, fairly sure she’d already showered as I captured the fruit scent of her body wash, before arriving at her pussy, her legs already spread as she knew that was exactly where I wanted to be.

“Thought about doing this every day since last Sunday,” I said softly.

“Certainly left me with a fond memory to get me through the week, Nate. How long did you eat me out for again?”

“At least a couple of hours.”

“Sure you don’t want your dick sucked too?”

“I’m eating you out, Hannah, then we’re going to make love. After that, I’m taking you out for dinner.”

“This is why,” she said softly.

“I know. Starting to finally fucking realise that.”

Savouring her taste just to start with, I took it nice to slow, provoking plenty of gasps and moans, her body moving in a manner I recognised. Her scent drove me wild, my cock an iron bar as always, whenever I ate her out. She knew I’d happily do it all night with barely any reciprocation, though she happily blew me whenever she had the desire to.

I loved teasing her, licking her luscious lips and in between, more fluid on my tongue as her excitement grew. While hiltonbet giriş I did that, I’d occasional tickle her little rosebud, as although she did enjoy anal occasionally, she loved a couple of fingers in her arse from time to time when I was eating her out. Heightened the orgasm, and sometimes that led to more bum fun for her.

Once I knew she was ready, I gave her clit some attention. Already rather sensitive, the moan she released suggested she was going to last long, sliding my fingers inside her pussy instead.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned.

Her body was soon gyrating as my fingers found that spot and focused on it, my tongue gently flicking at her clit. Only when she was on the finishing straight would I change, letting it slowly build to a crescendo otherwise. “Nate,” she breathed, “What the hell you do to me sometimes…”

“Love you,” I whispered before I upped focus on her clit. That earned an immediate low moan that told me she was reaching the crest of that wave about to course through her body. Feeling her start to squeeze my fingers, she moaned again. Back arching slightly, the focus changed, upping the tempo of both tongue and fingers.


It was quite an intense one. Usually she’d love me to keep going. This time, she whispered for me to stop, though always loved me kissing back up her body until she could cuddle me properly. We made out again for a few minutes before once again just gazing at her. After only being surrounded by men all week, having her soft body to look at certainly put a smile on my face.

No surprise she reached down to guide my cock inside her, groaning myself as I slowly buried it completely. “There we go. Now it’s home again,” she said with humour.

I didn’t last all that long, slowly thrusting into her, enjoying the warmth and tightness of her pussy far too much. She didn’t care how long I lasted, two, five, ten or thirty minutes, as she knew I’d cum and recover rather quickly. Glancing to see her spread her legs even further, I met her eyes as she raised her eyebrows, a subtle suggestion.

Upping the tempo, I fucked her harder for all of two minutes before I exploded inside her, feeling her legs immediately wrap around me, fingers caressing my back as I rested my head next to hers. “Far more enjoyable than with my hand in a single room,” I joked.

She giggled, feeling her legs get tighter around me. “You watch porn while doing that?”

I met her eyes again. “Nah. I’ve discovered erotica. You know, stories and stuff. And I obviously read stories about a certain subject.”

She giggled again. “Lots of stories out there?”

“Fucking loads of them, Hannah! It’s ridiculous.”

Pulling out, she eagerly knelt between my legs, her mouth around my shaft, looking up into my eyes as she would have tasted herself and my cum at the same time. As soon as she felt I was rock slid again, she wasted no time sliding down my cock and just riding away. Apart from giving her breasts some attention, I was content to lie back and just watch her. She was utterly beautiful, completely mesmerising.

Rode herself through a couple of orgasms before leaning forward to rest on her forearms, kissing me deeply before moving her lips down to my ear. “Pound my pussy for all you’re worth, Lieutenant,” she breathed.

One hand slapped her left arse cheek. One hand slapped her right arse cheek. She met my eyes and smirked as I shuffled, getting comfortable. “Ready?” I asked.

“You totally have to pound my arse again sometime soon. Been too long, Nate. When you’ve got that certain look in your eyes, my pussy practically gushes…”

My cousin found herself fucked just as hard as she wanted. I thoroughly enjoyed it too, Hannah hanging on for dear life at times, eventually just giving up and resting on my chest, whimpering with desire at how much she just wanted to feel me cum in her again. No idea how long I lasted, but by the time I did cum in her again, she was moaning about already feeling rather tender. So I suggested a long shower before we dressed and headed out for dinner.

Bristol was nearly always a cracking night out. We’d been out plenty of times already and found a few pubs and bars that we’d like. Some would serve good pub grub, occasionally we’d find a little restaurant instead. I’d eat just about anything while Hannah wasn’t too finicky either, so it was more a case of agreeing on what to eat, rather than suggesting either of us didn’t like something.

“Your friends going to come down and visit?” I wondered as we tucked into a plate of steak and chips each.

“We discuss it, but my apartment isn’t big enough to host more than one or two of them, and accommodation isn’t cheap unless booked well in advance. It’s honestly worse than London at times. So I’ll head there more often than not. Better one person going there than all of them coming to see me.”

“Hmmm. Not sure I’ll be heading to Manchester except for the major holidays.”

“But you’ll keep venturing up to Bristol?” hiltonbet güvenilirmi she asked hopefully. The hope was unnecessary. She was the only reason I visited.

“Of course, Hannah. The only times I won’t be here is if I’m on exercise or overseas. Or if we’re together up north with the family.” I took a bite of steak before chuckling. “Speaking of family, I let the guys know who you are, as apparently I return to base on a Sunday with a ‘big stupid grin on my face’, according to nearly my entire troop.”

“How did they react?”

I chuckled again. “Apparently incest takes place far more regularly than I realised. The number of stories I’ve been hearing from people about siblings getting it on, but the surprise is the number of mothers and sons, if the stories are to be believed.”

“Told them about Amy?”

“No. Part of me would like to, simply to see the reaction, but it’s illegal, Amy. I admit that, I’d be thrown out immediately. Then probably charged, though I guess without evidence… But they’d have a confession of sorts. No, you being my cousin is enough. One or two jokes from time to time, nothing more than that. Some people find it weird, but we’re not doing anything wrong, legally or morally, and fuck what society thinks.”

“I love you, Nate.”

“I know.” She kept looking at me so I added, “Love you too, beautiful.”

Her face lit up as always. Whenever I called her ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘sweetheart’, or any other little pet name. She’d told me more than once she’d been left with self-doubts from harsh comments left by previous boyfriends, just because she wasn’t stick thin. Far as I was concerned, my cousin was a little fucking hottie, and I was delighted to have her on my arm when in public, and in bed with me in private.

After dinner, we bar hopped through around four or five, drinking slowly, chatting away about our lives otherwise. We’d reminisce about previous trips I’d taken with the family, and the fact I’d been oblivious to her affections, particularly the third trip. I admitted I’d found her just as attractive, but she was my cousin and I wasn’t sure at the time.

She also loved hearing stories about Amy and I, no longer surprised that it turned her on. Then she said, “Shame Katie didn’t take the leap when she was here.”

“I think she wanted to but her boyfriend was at home. And I wouldn’t have allowed her to cheat on him. If Amy had been with her fella, I’d have done the same thing.”

“Even if you walked in to find Katie spread-eagled on the bed, begging for your cock?”

“I’d be tempted. Incredibly tempted. Might even tease her, not touching her, before assuring her that I’d always love her, but I couldn’t do it. I might not know the guy but I’d feel terrible for him. And I also know my sister is a better person than that too. What we did was mostly innocent, a brother and sister just cuddling. If we were not siblings, then people would definitely think things.”

That earned a kiss on my cheek and a snuggle into my side. “Amy told me that Katie is also in love with you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. But, like Amy, she knows your life is now over here, so unless she wants to pack up and head over here, they’re just going to eventually find someone they fall in love with and move on.” That made me sigh, Hannah kissing my cheek again. “Miss them?”

“I miss all of them. Sitting down with dad to receive advice. Mum and her cooking. Plus, nothing better than Mum hugs. Amy and… well, our relationship. The sex brought us much closer. And my relationship with Katie in those last 18 months or so had never been better. I had a little sister I just absolutely adored, and her feelings for me, while not obvious… I figured she had a crush on me, at least.”

She leaned up to my ear. “Ever wanted to fuck your mother?” she breathed.

I almost spat my beer all over the table before coughing a few times. Hannah laughed her arse off though was polite enough to gently pat my back. “Fucking hell, Hannah. A little warning next time.”

“Well, have you?” she asked a few seconds later.

I gave it some though. “Well, I’ve seen her naked more than once. Completely by accident each time, but she never over-reacted. I’d usually be surprised, she’d just be embarrassed, then we’d laugh about it later. I’d usually just be left thinking my father was a lucky man.”

“So you think your mother is pretty?”

“Of course. But sexually desirable? I can honestly say I haven’t really thought about. If I thought about anyone in our home, it was Amy. Guess she figured it out, which is why she offered when she did.”

“Never regretted it?”

“Not a chance. The only thing I regret is that… well, I guess we were fooling ourselves by thinking it would only ever be about sex. We already loved each other, so adding sex to that simply made that love grow deeper.”

“Want to go back to mine?”

I met her eyes, not surprised she had that look in her eyes I now knew very well. We sculled our drinks and she practically dragged me outside, hailing a cab to take us the five minutes back to her apartment. She was undressing up the stairs, kicking off her heels and carrying them up, while I was in a state of undress by the time she’d unlocked and opened the door.

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