My Sister and the Tenant Ch. 04


These stories are painful memories of what happened years ago. I’ve seen many therapists over the years but could never share this incident with them. Writing these stories here has helped me in ways unimaginable. So, here I’ll tell you more about all that happened between Kartar Singh and my sister, his unlawful wife.

Kartar Singh was a changed man after taking my sister’s virginity. He started treating her like most Indian village men treat their wife–rudely. He also started drinking a lot and ordered my sister around all day.

But she didn’t care. She loved him beyond doubt and was ready to sacrifice anything to be loved by him, to get fucked by him. She didn’t remove her wedding bangles and started wearing a bindi. Her everyday attire was that of newly-weds as she wore bright red suits and kept her head covered with a dupatta.

I casually asked her why she had changed her look so much. I did that so that she won’t be surprised at my lack of surprise. She teasingly asked me if I didn’t like it, to which I innocently said I loved it. The conversation ended there and she seemed to be convinced that I didn’t know anything about what was up. I kept spying on them.

One day, I returned early to my house and saw our neighbour uncle standing outside our house, perplexed. He saw me and questioned:

“Beta, is your sister fine? There’s some noise coming from your house.”

I obviously knew what was happening inside.

“Yes, don’t worry uncle. She has started working out recently so must be that noise.”

“Oh, okay beta. You should also workout. You’ve started looking so thin and weak.”

“I will uncle!”

The uncle went on, convinced by my answer. Little did he know that my sister was getting fucked by a man of his age.

I rushed inside, albeit quietly. There, I saw them at their wildest.

Kartar Singh had pinned my sister against the wall and was fucking her from behind. He had shoved her head against the wall and spanked her ass wildly. His knees were bent as his dick shoved my sister’s pussy. The room reeked of alcohol and a bottle lay empty on the table.

“Ahhh, Kartar ji! It’s hurting.”

But Kartar Singh was in no mood to listen. He spun her hair in a bun and pulled them hard. His grunts became harder.

“Oh my jaaaan, yes yes ahhh!”

The pain seemed to turn into pleasure for my sister. With the other hand, Kartar Singh grabbed my sister’s boobs and squeezed them hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me, love!”

“Arghhhhh!” Kartar Singh roared like a lion and fucked her faster and harder. Sloppy noise of his balls slapping my sister echoed across the room.

My sister tried to turn around to kiss him but he again forced her face against the wall. He pulled both of her arms behind her and made the deepest thrust yet.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Baby it hurts, but I love it. Harder!”

Kartar Singh then put his hand on her head and pushed her down. With the other hand he pulled her hips closer to him and started fucking her in a doggy position.

“Filthy bitch! I thought you’re just an innocent child. But look at you know!”

“Ahh ahhh, only your ahhh only your bitch…ummm oh gooddd!” She orgasmed.

“Hmpf hmpf that’s right! No one else can satisfy you except Kartar Singh’s lund!”

Saying that, he removed his dick from my sister’s pussy, turned her around and pushed her down. He came all over her face and breasts. Seeing the prettiest face in my town being spoiled by an ugly old man’s sperm made me want to puke. But my sister’s sensuous acceptance made me cum instead.

Kartar Singh emptied his ballsack on my sister and walked towards the bottle. He became furious on finding it empty.

“Go get me another bottle and soda!” He barked his orders at my sister, who lay naked on the floor, covered in her husband’s sperm.


My sister basically started sleeping in Kartar Singh’s room. She gave me an excuse that she will be sleeping in dad’s room for a while so she could study late in the night. Every night, they fucked like animals. Every day, I woke up with a swollen dick because of violent masturbation.

Kartar Singh had become an alcoholic by now. Thus, their sex became more violent, more passionate. They had become much bolder and I would catch them stealing glances and kisses even during day. On Sundays, I would make an excuse of going to play cricket and then sneak back home to see them having sex.

They were becoming more experimental with the positions and my sister had even learned how to ride a dick. She loved riding Kartar Singh’s fat dick as it stretched her tight pussy even further. She also loved it because that was the only time in their relationship that she was in control. Kartar Singh loved it as well as the sound of my sister moaning so loud and he bangles clanking made him go wild. But he loved fucking her from behind more. He was old fashioned that way and wanted his women to be submissive.

One Sunday, I sneaked adiosbet yeni giriş back home and was surprised that they weren’t in Kartar Singh’s room. I searched for them in the house and found them in the kitchen. The main slab of our kitchen was of waist-height and one had to stand behind it to cook. As I walked in, I could only see the upper half of Kartar Singh and my sister’s bodies.

Kartar Singh was behind her, nibbling at her ear and squeezing her boob. She was wearing a pink, satin suit with a dupatta on her head. As Kartar Singh seduced her she let out a sigh which made the dupatta fall around her shoulders. Kartar Singh then wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her. Her hand was busy stirring the pot but then she lifted it up to hold Kartar Singh’s dick.

My sister’s face was covered by her hair as she bowed her head back in lust. From my pov, I could only see her beautiful earring popping out around her ear as she kissed Kartar Singh with passion.

“Khaana toh banana do jaan!” My sister looked at him seductively and said at least let me cook first.

“I will eat you baby! Don’t worry.” Kartar Singh literally bit my sister’s lips and then bit her boobs from over the kameez.

While I was about to take my dick out to masturbate, I accidentally kicked a glass, probably left there by a drunk Kartar Singh. They saw me but I immediately looked away.

“Vikas, you’re home early!” My sister shouted, her voice still heavy with lust.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. I was gonna look for you in dad’s room.”

“I am making lunch!”

“And I am helping her!” Kartar Singh barked angrily. He had no shame at all and didn’t even move an inch. I could see my sister’s elbow pushing him away.

“Today, I will make you taste authentic Punjabi food.”

I saw my sister’s salwar drop at the edge of the slab. He was about to fuck her right in front of me!

“This was taught to me by my dadi. Aisa tikka nahi khaaya hona kabhi!” He tried to assure me that I would’ve never taste a tikka like the one he was cooking. He was drunk out of his senses and horny beyond measure.

“Vikas. Go freshen up. I will call you when the food is ahh ready.”

He had entered her. He had entered my sister while I was looking! The boldness of this old man was frightening. My sister tried hard not to moan but her sighs gave it away. She was not wearing any bra and the satin suit made her nipples look swollen.

“Wait. Vikas, can you smell it?” Asked Kartar Singh. Even though I couldn’t see it, I could make out that he was fucking her with small strokes. Her body trembled but I knew she was loving the taboo and the danger of it as she bit her lips while stirring the pot again.

“I, uh, I can a little bit.” I answered. I was in shock but I also wanted to masturbate badly. Shame, I didn’t have courage like the old bastard.

“Riya beta, make it spicier. Vikas doesn’t like it yet. Wait, I’ll put some more masala in it.”

Saying that, he started fucking her harder but not hard enough to make it apparent. My sister thought I was the most innocent boy in the world and she must’ve been sure that I couldn’t understand what was going on. But still, the thought of it made her go wild as her hand trembled on the stirring spoon.

Kartar Singh added some chilli powder to the pan and a stingy smoke emerged. My sister and I both started coughing and her eyes teared up as well. Kartar Singh used this occasion to fuck her faster and harder.

“Ahhh!” My sister screamed but instantly took her hand to her eyes to make me think that the chilli steam made her moan.

The whole scenario was too erotic for Kartar Singh as he came really quickly. I could see it on his face when he orgasmed but I had no idea if he shot his cum inside my sister or pulled out. Clearly, she didn’t orgasm.

“Go now, Vikas. Get ready for lunch.” Kartar Singh ordered.

No sooner than I turned my head that I started hearing my sister’s moans. Kartar Singh returned the favour as her loudest moan made it clear that she had cum as well.

I went to my washroom and masturbated twice, all while sneezing and getting stingy tears in my eyes.


A few days later, it was Kartar Singh’s birthday. As a loving wife, my sister made the entire day about him. I had anticipated that this day would be special and hence woke up early to spy on Kartar Singh’s room.

They were still sleeping. My sister woke up first and looked at Kartar Singh lovingly. She removed his arm from over her and got off the bed. She was just wearing a gown. She gazed at her husband for a while and smiled. Slowly, she removed her gown and took the blanket off of Kartar Singh. She unzipped his pyajama and took his cock in her mouth. His morning boner was raging and my sister’s mouth made it even harder.

He woke up and saw her. A fair young woman sucking your dick in the morning, it’s the perfect birthday gift for any husband, let adiosbet giriş alone this ugly old man.

“Happy birthday, husband!” My sister looked at him with puppy eyes and got back to sucking him. She sucked on it like candy making slurpy noises.

“Umm, Kartar ji, it’s your birthday but your wife is getting this present.” She squeezed his hairy balls and licked the tip of his penis.

Kartar Singh was now sitting upright. She stopped sucking him and went over to give him a long passionate kiss. Then, she adjusted her hips on his dick and took him in her pussy.

“Happy birthday the love of my life!”

“Thank you, meri jaan!”

My sister jumped on Kartar Singh’s dick while hugging him tightly and kissing him. She held his beard and kissed her naughtily.

“Ahh, I love your dick in the morning. I love you!”

They kissed again as my sister neared her orgasm.

“Riya, wait, get off!”

“Nooo, not today! Ah, I’m about to cum!”

She slowed down her jumps but took Kartar Singh deeper into her pussy.

“Kartar jiiiii!”

“Ahhh, beta ji, ahhh!” In that moment of ecstasy, Kartar Singh referred to my sister how he usually used to. As beta, a kid. And then he shot hot cum inside her as she moved her hips to squeeze it all in.

“Happy birthday, uncle!” My sister teased him and gave him a wink.

“Let’s get ready. Today, I will make sure it’s the most special day of your life!” She said as she finally got up and kissed him.


My sister spent that entire day at the parlour getting ready. She told me to get ready by the time she gets back as we’d be going to a restaurant to celebrate Kartar Singh’s birthday.

She came back after a few hours and looked nothing short of a goddess. She had brown highlights on her hair which hung long across her side, curling before they reached her breasts. Her face was adorned with gorgeous make up of which her lipstick stood out the most. She wore a green bindi that made her look like the most dolled-up newly we ever. On her ears, long and dazzling earrings dangled.

Below that, she wore a red sleeveless and backless blouse which was draped by a green and red saree. It was a new saree and looked highly expensive. She added more bangles to her arm which clinked as she gracefully tucked a strand of hair from her face behind her ear. The pallu of her saree rest on her arm.

“Vikas, you’re still not ready. Go and get ready soon. I’ll see if Kartar ji is ready or not.” She scolded me and walked towards Kartar Singh’s room. Then I saw he golden sandals as she tip-toed on her heels.

Naturally, I didn’t go to my room and followed her instead.

“How do I look, husband!” She asked him, seductively and with her eyes wide open.

Kartar Singh’s jaw dropped. He got up, enraged with lust, and attacked my sister’s boobs. He tried to pull her into a kiss.

“Not now, jaan! Don’t ruin my make up, we have the whole night for that.”

But Kartar Singh didn’t listen. He turned her around and held both of her boobs in her hand. He started rubbing his dick on her ass. My sister’s mouth opened in lust but she stopped him again.

“Not now, baby. Control!”

Sensing that nothing major was going to happen, I went to my room to get dressed. In those days, there were only 1-2 high class restaurants in Lucknow and we went to one of those after booking a taxi. All the way, Kartar Singh’s eyes were fixated on my sister. The car was filled with the smell of my sister’s enchanting perfume and a musky odour coming from one of the male’s precum. Even the cab driver was staring at my sister in the rearview mirror. How he would have hoped to be someone worthy to woo her. Little did he know that she was already wooed by a man at least two decades older than him and much lower in class.

When we reached the restaurant, we behaved like two kids out to celebrate their guardian’s birthday. But that changed when Kartar Singh drank 3 pegs of an imported scotch. The man who had only tasted cheap liquor was relishing the taste of scotch, on my father’s hard earned money.

We were sitting on a sofa with me in the center. He then asked me to go fetch ice. When I got back, he got closer to my sister and I noticed that even she had drank a peg. He asked me to sit on the other side and shifted my sister in the center.

“Don’t tell it to papa, Vikas. It’s just for today.” My sister drank another peg in front of me. I gave an assuring nod.

After that, my sister wrapped a shawl around her because we were sitting in an open air restaurant and it was still peak winter. But I knew what that shawl was for.

The entire restaurant was checking out my sister, even the women. While all eyes were fixated on her, Kartar Singh fixated on her pussy. I saw his hand from over her shawl as he fingered her gently.

“Ahhh ahem! Vikas, can you go and ask the waiter to bring our food. Let’s eat and leave before it gets late.”

I obediently adiosbet güvenilirmi agreed. When I got back, the scene was bolder. The shawl now covered both of them as my sister’s hand had reached Kartar Singh’s dick. They were giving hand jobs to each other while the entire restaurant watched. Of course, they couldn’t tell. But I’m sure a discerning few would’ve noticed the expressions and the strange ‘closeness’ between an ugly old man and the most beautiful girl they’d ever seen.

My sister also seemed drunk by now and boldly kept her head on Kartar Singh’s shoulders. Her perfume was driving him mad as he restlessly moved about in his seat.

“Let’s go home. I want to fuck you so bad.” He whispered but I could hear.

“Soon! Fuck me all night today, please.” My sister replied.

We ate our meal hurriedly and called another taxi.

“Vikas, sit on the front seat, beta. My head hurts sitting there.” Kartar Singh ordered with strange politeness.

“Riya beta, can I put my head on your lap till we get back? Please massage it also.” Kartar Singh said that loud enough so the driver could hear.

“Of course, uncle.”

The poor driver had no idea what was going on and he totally ignored the conversation. I, on the other hand, knew exactly what these lovebirds were upto. I had to focus a lot in the side mirror but I managed to see most of it.

They had continued the handjob they were giving each other in the restaurant. Kartar Singh had now taken his hand inside my sister’s saree and was fingering her wildly while kissing her naked navel. My sister had her hands inside Kartar Singh’s underwear and was stroking him.

“Is it better, uncle?”

“Yes beta, keep massaging.”

The sound of her bangles got louder as she masturbated him.

“Yes beta. Massage harder.”

“Okay…ahh, okay ahhm, uncle.”

“Sorry, just a little sleepy!”

“Oh ahhh, thank you beta, feels so much better now!”

“Ssshh uncleee, rest, rest till we get home!”

They both orgasmed.


“Vikas, go to sleep. I’ll drop Kartar ji to his room and study in papa’s room for a bit.”

“Okay, didi!”

As they were both so drunk and horny, they didn’t even wait till I walked away. My sister started kissing Kartar Singh’s face and left marks of her lipstick all around.

“Happy birthday baby. Unwrap your present now and fuck it. Hard.”

She tried to remove her saree but Kartar Singh stopped her.

“Leave it on ji!”

They then kissed passionately for a good 10 minutes. Kartar Singh had waited all day to devour those lips and devour them he did. But his usual violence was missing so far. He kissed her like a boyfriend, rather than an abusive husband.

But that changed soon. He grunted and choked my sister’s neck. Then he threw her on the bed and stared at her angrily. He removed his clothes and his dick popped up. My sister tried to get up to take it in her mouth slowly but he literally shoved it in.

“Suck it hahaha. Beta? Haha. I’ve turned you into a whore.”

“You were so innocent just a month ago. Look at you now. You were born to suck dick.”

My sister kept sucking without saying anything.

“Haha your poor father. He doesn’t know his daughter is a whore.”

This seemed to make my sister angry as she stopped sucking and tried to speak. But Kartar Singh slapped her face and filled her mouth with his dick again.

“You want me to tell your dad all about you?” Kartar Singh pulled her ear and fucked her mouth. She nodded a no.

“Then suck it like a good bitch!”

My sister started crying but kept on sucking. Her tears ruined her make up as a blackish red liquid rolled down her cheeks.

“Stop crying!”

But tears kept rolling down her face.

“Stop crying, I said!” He removed his dick from her mouth and puller her hair.

“Do you want me to stop fucking you?”

“No!” My sister replied meekly.

“Then beg for it.”

“Fuck me, Kartar ji.”

“I love you, baby. Fuck me, fuck your wife. Please, please, please!”

Her tears dried up as she tried to lift herself to kiss Kartar Singh. But he threw her back on the bed and climbed in behind her. He made her face the side towards the door, where I was standing, hidden. I could see sadness on her face but more lust.

Kartar Singh kissed her neck and back and removed her panties. Then, he lifted her saree towards her stomach and asked her to get in the doggy position. She instantly agreed and lifted her ass to give him easy access.

“Enter me, baby. I have waited all day to feel your lund inside me.”

Kartar Singh entered her in one stroke.

“Ahhhhhh. Ahh my love. Muah muah. Fuckkk!”

“Say I am a little bitch who loves this old uncle’s lund!”

“I am a little bitch who loves this old uncle’s lund!”

This was the first time I had such a clear view of my sister’s face while getting fucked. She really loved the old man’s dick. Her eyes were rolled in ecstasy and her make up ruined. But she still looked so pretty wearing that saree, her bangles clanking and her hair falling down the edge of the bed. Maybe she loved the violence or maybe she was just ignoring it out of love, but her face just had lust.

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