Miracle Cream Ch. 02b


Thanks to WAA01 and Killerarmyguy for the edits


“Cory? We’re here,” Jairo said, nudging his son awake.

“So soon?” Cory groaned.

“Sorry, I know you were enjoying your sleep. C’mon, once we get you settled in your room, you can sleep all you want,” Jairo said, unbuckling his son and helping him out of the SUV due to his grogginess and the influence of that powerful pain killer.

“Is he okay?” Dayana asked, in a worried tone.

“Yeah, the meds are keeping him pretty sedated,” Jairo said, shouldering his son’s weight.

“Dad? Who’s that?” Cory asked, when he was seeing five of the same person in his haze. “Did you bring a pretty lady home with you?” he mumbled almost sounding drunk. Not seeing how red Dayana’s face was becoming when he was referring to her as the pretty lady.

“That’s Dayana, you goof.”

“Oh. Still the statement holds true,” Cory spoke bopping his sister’s nose as he passed.

“Am I not a pretty lady, Cory?” Celeste asked, from behind her son.

“Yep, pretty hot yourself, right…”

“Whoa! Don’t you pass out on me now, son, we’re almost in the house,” Jairo grunted catching the dead weight of his son.

“Right,” shaking his head trying to dislodge the cobwebs, “House. Bed. Pee,” Cory nodded.

“Just not in that order,” Cassy said, resting Cory’s left arm on her shoulders as she helped to shoulder his weight. She was going do a lot more when she was a nurse, so she knew this would be a good way to practice what she would be doing once she got her license.

“You smell nice,” Cory mumbled.

“Thanks, although I would say the same if you hadn’t just left the hospital,” Cassy said, feeling how weak his body was under the pills’ influence. “I got this, you two go on. Let me handle the rest, he’s going to have to get used to me helping him when you’re not around,” she said, once they reached his bedroom.

“You sure, he’s pretty out of it?” Jairo asked, with more than a bit of concern.

“I’m sure,” Cassy nodded.

“Alright, you call us if you need help.”

“I will,” Cassy said, reassuringly.

“I have to pee, like right now,” Cory warned, thankful Cassy got the hint and he made it to the bathroom without incident.

“What’s wrong?” Cassy asked, seeing him shaking his head.

“Can’t focus.”

“Okay, you just brace yourself on the wall and I’ll handle the aiming. I’ll tell you when you can pee, alright?” Cassy stated pushing his shorts down. Peeking around making sure his cock was pointing at the bowl of the toilet. “Go ahead, Cory.” Hearing his sigh of relief once he released his hold on his bladder. “All done?” Seeing his nod, giving his cock a few shakes. “Do you want your shorts on or leave them off?”

“Off, in case I need to use the bathroom again and…”

“I understand,” Cassy said, her eyes glancing at his hands. Smiling to herself knowing she was going to have her hand on his cock a lot in the next few weeks. “Carefully step out of your shorts, there you go, I’ll take your shoes off when I get you settled on your bed,” she spoke yet couldn’t take her eyes off that soft cock of his. “Cory?”


“How big are you?” Cassy asked, low.

“Over twelve inches,” Cory stated matter-of-factly as Cassy eased him down onto the bed. Not seeing her shocked eyes when he said that.


“You think so?” Cory mumbled. Not really understanding what he was saying. In his mind he was still half asleep.

“I do, I’m going to take your shirt off so the cotton or lint doesn’t get into your wounds. Can you lift your arms?” A smile formed on her lips hoping that it would always be this easy. “There we go,” Cassy uttered when she slipped his left shoe off. Only to find herself face to face with his cock. Taking a dry swallow as she peered at the monster before her in its slumber. Glancing up, seeing Cory nodding off. Knowing she couldn’t take advantage right now. No matter how tempting it was. “Cory?” Her breath was hot in his ear. Her tone had a seductive cadence to it. Her touch was light but alluring upon his back. “I’m going to help you lay down now,” she said, gently leaning him down and lifting his legs as he pivoted on his ass. “You comfy?” Cassy asked, only to find Cory had already fallen back asleep.

“How is he?” Celeste asked, hearing Cory’s door closing.

“Sound asleep, you wouldn’t have a throw blanket around here? I kind of left him naked on top of the bed. But I want to keep his wounds as uncovered as I can. It will help to keep them from getting infected,” Cassy said, trying not to let on, on what was playing inside of her head right at that moment.

“Yes, of course let me…”

“I got it Mom,” Zoe said, bounding up the steps, running into her room, and grabbing the folded blanket she’d placed on the foot of her bed. It was her own one she had brought from home. Just in case she needed an extra one during their stay. Her feet danced down the steps. Holding the blanket out to Cassy.

“Thanks, did the grandbetting yeni giriş doctor prescribe antibiotics?” Cassy asked, looking at Celeste and Jairo.

“Yes, I was going to run to the store and get them filled once we had Cory settled,” Celeste stated.

“Good, he’s probably going to have to eat something before taking them. You do that and I’ll see to Cory and make sure his wound isn’t festering.”

“Can… it’s…”

“The first day is critical. The spleen is a pretty big part of his immune system. Why the doctor prescribed the antibiotics. But don’t worry, I’m just a worry wart. I like to have my bases covered,” Cassy said, lightly touching Celeste’s arm.

“Alright, I’ll…”

“I’ll go, you go take a nap, I know you probably didn’t get much sleep at the hospital,” Jairo said, knowing that to be true as he placed a kiss on his wife’s cheek.

“You’re so good to me,” Celeste cooed, lightly kissing his lips.

“I’ll be back soon,” Jairo said, heading for the door.

“Let me go get him covered before he gets chilled,” Cassy said, turning and heading back to Cory’s room. Biting her lip as she slipped back into the room when her eyes fell upon that soft cock of his. Wondering what it would look like in its full glory. Folding the blanket in half and laying it gently over his legs. Her eyes getting one last look at his manhood before it too was covered by the blanket. Turning her head when a soft knock came on the door.

“Can we help?” Dayana and Zoe spoke softly so not to wake their brother.

“Sure,” Cassy smiled, happy to spend time in the same room with two hot women. “One of you run and fetch a wash cloth and put some ice in it,” she directed.

“Why?” Zoe asked, perplexed.

“It will help take down the swelling of his eye. The cold will slow down the blood flow to the injury,” Cassy said, in a clinical voice. Seeing Zoe dashing off and Dayana walking towards his bed.

“What are you doing?” Dayana asked low when she noted how Cassy was digging in her bag.

“Going to put some antiseptic ointment on his lip, check his wounds, listen to his chest to make sure the stitches they used to sew him up didn’t pop, I’m sure they haven’t, but like I said, I like covering my bases, and get my own readings on his blood pressure and heart rate. So if something changes I’ll know it,” Cassy said, looping her stethoscope around her neck, pulling out a small notebook, a blood pressure cuff, a bottle of ointment and a sterile Q-tip. “Can you hold his head still?” Seeing Dayana nod and placing her hands lightly on the side of Cory’s head. “There, that should do it,” Cassy stated once she had applied the ointment.

“I got the ice, now what?” Zoe uttered as she walked into the room.

“Dayana hold it on his eye for twenty minutes and off for another and repeat,” Cassy directed, as she closely studied Cory’s wounds making sure they haven’t begun to redden. Pulling out her phone and snapping pictures of them just in case so she could compare later. Blowing on the metal part of her stethoscope and rubbing it on the palm of her hand so the coldness of it wouldn’t startle Cory in his sleep. Listening around the knife wound pleased that whoever operated on Cory was good at his job when she didn’t hear the sound of blood pooling in the empty cavity. Pumping up the cuff, resting the metal disk on the nook of his elbow. Counting the beats of his heart as she watched the timer on her phone. Quickly writing down her observations in her little notebook, she was going to make sure Cory got better without any difficulties. It was the least she could do for what he did for her mother.

“Hey, sleepy head,” Zoe cooed down at her brother as she peered at him as his right eye fluttered open when Cory woke back up at four in the afternoon.

“W-what are you doing?” Cory asked, the pain finding its way into the tone of his voice.

“Holding some ice on your eye so you’re eye doesn’t swell so much. Cassy’s the one that suggested it. Is it too cold?” Zoe asked, going the extra step to see to his comfort.

“A little,” Cory admitted.

“Okay we’ll leave it off for now,” Zoe said, placing a kiss on his forehead. She still couldn’t believe her brother went through all this just to keep those men from knowing where she and Dayana were. “I’ll be back,” she said, scooting off the bed.

“What’re ya doing, Pixie?” Cory asked, when Cassy rose from the seat she was in after cutting off her phone.

“Going to check on your vitals,” Cassy answered grabbing the blood pressure cuff and her stethoscope.

“Why?” Cory inquired, as he watched as she wrapped the cuff around his left arm.

“Well,” ignoring how he’s yet to call her by her real name, “I need a baseline for when you’re awake, I have one for when you’re resting. I do plan on taking care of you as my patient.”

“Does that include sponge baths?” Cory uttered seeing Cassy blushing.

“Maybe, maybe not, depends on if you’re a good patient. If not grandbetting giriş I’ll just hose you down,” Cassy said, bringing her stethoscope to her ears. Writing down her observations in her little notebook and putting them away. “Do you need to use the restroom?”

“Yeah, but I got this one… I think,” Cory said, unsure if he could wipe his own ass or not. He sure as hell wasn’t going to get Cassy to do it.

“Number two I take it,” Cassy mused, nodding in understanding and walking towards the door. “I’ll just be right outside. If you can’t handle it just yell.”

“Right,” Cory muttered, easing himself up. Holding his hand against his chest hoping the pain would fade in a few days. It was difficult to manage but he did it without Cassy’s help. Even making sure he wiped rather well since he was going to lay back in bed.

“Don’t,” Cassy spoke walking back into the room when she saw him getting ready to lay back down on his bed.


“I know you might not be hungry but you need to take your meds, and you need to have food in your stomach when you take it,” Cassy said, taking his shorts from earlier off the dresser. Squatting down so he could step into them, yet her eyes watched the sway of his cock. Pulling his shorts up his legs, smirking seductively at him as she eased his manhood into it. Feeling her face burning when Cory uttered the phrase: ‘You keep caressing it like that I’m going to count that as foreplay.’ “No shirt, I don’t want lint or anything infecting your wounds at least for a week,” Cassy stated in a clinical tone.

“You sure this isn’t about you wanting to see me in as little clothing as you can?” Cory spoke teasing the hell out of Cassy who rolled her eyes.

“Go on,” Cassy said, pushing him out the room.

“Cory?!” Celeste surged from her seat on the couch and rushed to his side. “How’re you feeling?”


“Give him half a pill, that way he isn’t totally zonked out after he eats,” Cassy said, coming out of his room. “And the other half if he really needs it.” Seeing Celeste nodding in understanding. “I’ll be ready at eight, I’m gonna run to the house and take a shower,” she spoke looking at Zoe and Dayana who uttered an ‘Okay, see you then.’

“I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll check on you before we head out and when we get back,” Cassy said, lightly laying her hand on Cory’s upper left arm. “Look at your left palm,” she whispered into his left ear. Waving to them as she walked out the back.

“What was that about?” Cory muttered.

“We’re going out tonight. We spotted a little club when we were shopping,” Dayana said, trying not to let her eyes fall on his wounds.

“Ah.” Walking into the kitchen, not realizing how he was on the pills and returning to the distance between them. Looking at the palm of his left hand as he did, only to be stopped in his tracks when he read what she wrote: ‘Cassy, the hot punk chick that’s going to suck and fuck that cock aka Ms. Pixie Queen. I’m stealing it!’ Quickly lowering it when he heard someone coming up from behind him.

“How about I fire up the grill and cook those hot dogs?” Jairo spoke lightly placing a hand on his son’s shoulder.

“Sure,” Cory muttered reading the prescription bottles that the doctor had prescribed to him.

“Cory, I know you can’t eat too much, but we have some leftover coleslaw if you’d like to have some?” Celeste asked, seeing that same demeanor as before. Wondering what it would take for them to return to the way he was acting from before without the aid of narcotics.

“Did you make it?” Cory asked, looking over at her, given that hers and his father’s coleslaw where on two different levels.

“Yes, honey,” Celeste answered with a smile when he nodded.

“Mom, why are there two different pain killers here?” Cory asked, looking over at her. When one said, Oxycodone and the other Demerol.

“Oh?! I asked the pharmacist that too. He said the Oxycodone was when you need the relief right then, the Demerol is a time release one, say for when you go to bed,” Jairo stated as he grabbed the bag of charcoal.

Handing his mother the bottle that held the Oxycodone in it. Leaning on the counter to take the stress off his staples and brace his trembling body on.

“Cory… is it bad?” Dayana asked, in a concerned voice seeing how his legs were shaking. Her eyes took on a look of sorrow as that swollen eye, and busted lip turned to peer at her. How she wanted to rush in there when she noted the pain in his right eye.

“Here, Cory,” Celeste said, gently laying her hand on the middle of his back and laying a glass of water before him. Reading the label before undoing the top and placing a pill in her son’s hand. Watching it quickly disappear into his mouth. “How about we get you settled on the couch while you wait for the pill to kick in,” she spoke in a motherly, worried tone. How she just wanted to take all his pain away.

“Let us help you, Cory,” Zoe stated, slipping her hand around grandbetting güvenilirmi his upper left arm when he reached them as Dayana did the same on his right side. Seeing how his good eye was searching her face for something that she couldn’t say. Helping Cory down onto the end of the couch. Looking to her sister when they heard his wince of pain as he did. “Is there anything I can get you?” she asked, lightly touching his shoulder to which Cory shook his head.

“Well… my phone if it isn’t dead yet,” Cory said, looking up at his sister.

“Okay,” Zoe nodded before returning to the kitchen knowing her mother was the last one to have it. Who stopped in her tracks when she noticed her parents were in the middle of a discussion as she peered at them through the glass door as her father prepped the grill. Knocking on the glass to get their attention.

“What is it Zoe?” Celeste asked, when she opened the door.

“Where’s Cory’s phone?”

“In my purse I meant to give it back to him, why?”

“He was asking for it,” Zoe stated, nodding when her mother told her where it was. “Sorry, Cory, but its dead,” she said, when she came back down from her mother’s room. “I can get your charger for you?”

“Nah, its fine, just plug it in for me, will ya?” Cory asked, watching Zoe’s ass as she walked to his room. Looking over when Dayana poked him in the arm.

“I want you to stare at my ass, too,” Dayana said, in a little pout. “After all, you did call me a pretty lady,” she quickly added to herself.

“Oh? But not at your tits?” Cory asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Y-you like them better then Zoe’s?” Dayana stammered.

“Yeah, they’re different, Zoe’s are like Mom’s, well… she’s sort of like a copy of Mom in a sense,” Cory said, seeing her eyes luster when he said that.

“But I still want you to look at my ass,” Dayana said, with a firm nod.

“Thought you were getting a new boyfriend?”

“Why would I?” Dayana asked, with a tilt of her head. “All I see are boys there, not a man among them,” she stated firmly. Noting how Cory was looking at her confusingly. “Now hush, lets watch this show,” Dayana said, snuggling up to her brother and tucking her legs beneath her ass. Resting her head on his shoulder as they watched some reality TV show she was into. “Has the pill kicked in?” she asked, feeling his body starting to relax after ten minutes.

“Yeah, must be fast acting,” Cory stated feeling some of his pain being dulled.

“Good,” Dayana cooed, gently rubbing his arm. “I don’t like seeing you in this much pain.” Not seeing the look Cory had on his face when he looked over at her. Then seeing Zoe nodding along when she sat beside Dayana.

“Didn’t stop you for five long years, did it?” Cory mumbled aloud.

“We’re going to do better; I’m going to do better. I can only make up for my mistakes. I was stupid and arrogant to think what we were saying wouldn’t hurt you. I should have known better. I’m your big sister. I should have stopped it. But I didn’t. I know you told me after five years it’s too late to say I’m sorry but I’m going to do it anyway. I’m so, so sorry that we made you feel like this. I don’t want you to die. I don’t want to see what I saw last night ever again!” Dayana said, tears reaming her eyes as she stared at her brother. “You were so pale, there was so much blood. I thought you were going to die!” Her grip on his arm tightened as her voice began to tremble. Not seeing Zoe nodding along behind her. Unaware that Cory did die for about fifteen seconds before doctors got his heart beating again when he was in surgery. “Please, just give us the chance to make this right between us.”

Cory remained silent, turning his attention back to the TV. Unsure what to say to what Dayana had just spoken. Then looking down at his hands, his chest, wondering why he had done it. He knew the reason he told himself when he defied that man. Yet, was there a deeper meaning to it? Did he do it out of love or some twisted sense of family obligation? Honestly, he wished he knew the answers to those questions. Even if he hated them, he wasn’t just going to give them up to those men just so they could be raped repeatedly. He wasn’t that damn cold hearted. Watching Dayana’s hand reach across his face and come to rest lightly on his cheek and turning his head to look at her.

“All we ask is for a chance. One chance. Is that so much to ask for?” Dayana pleaded, brushing her thumb along his cheek bone.

Again, Cory remained tight lipped. He knew he should say something, yet after the past five years he’s became rather wary of their overtures. He didn’t know if he had it in him to do what they were asking.

“You don’t have to answer right now, that isn’t going to stop me from proving to you that I can change. That I can be a better sister to you. I know you probably are thinking on whether or not you could trust what I’m saying. I can’t fault you on that. We’ve made it rather difficult for you to do that. So you listen up Cory Dilan Miller, the sister you knew is dead. A new one is going to take her place. A sister that’s going to make sure you never feel suicidal again,” Dayana said, with conviction. Her eyes darted towards the kitchen when she heard more than just their parents’ voices coming from its depths.

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