A Run to the Restroom

Couple Swap

My girlfriend and I were having a drink at a small Asian restaurant the other night when our conversation turned to the topic of homosexuality. She knew that I had no problem with gays, but that I was straight.

“They say that everyone has some kind of homosexual experience some time in their life, you know, I had a girlfriend that masturbated with me once,” she said. “Did you ever have something like that?”

I told her no because I was afraid to tell her that in fact I had one gay experience. It was when I was in high school, and it was an experience that I never forgot.

I took the train to school, and one day I was using the train station’s restroom and could not help but read the walls. There were all kinds of drawings, and offers of oral sex. Some of the pictures were graphic illustrations of guys fucking women doggy style. At 18 years old, this naturally led to a raging hard on. I was “taking care” of it myself, when I noticed that there was a small hole torn through the wire mesh that ran from the floor to the metal partition. And right now, there was a small index finger beckoning me through the hole.

I did not really know what to do, but my breathing was fast, and I slowly lowered myself to the floor and carefully inserted my hard cock through the hole. Wire strands forming the edge of the hole barely touched my balls, which felt strangely adiosbet yeni giriş very pleasing. I could not believe the next feeling that I felt. My cock entered a warm, wet mouth with intense pleasure. I pressed myself against the metal wall flush, my arms rose up as high as I could, palms flat against the cold metal. I remember saying “Oh my God!” out loud before I came (almost immediately). It was my first blow job, and no woman ever gave me one that equaled it! The person on the other side quickly got up and left.

That one experience left me curious, but I had never acted on that curiosity. I guess I was lost in a trance which was broken when my girlfriend started talking about something else. I knew that our dinner order would be coming soon, so I excused myself to go to the restroom.

As I was entering, I bumped into an older man who was hurriedly closing his pants and leaving. He looked very flushed I thought as he raced past me. The bathroom was small, with one stall with a metal partition that had a urinal to the right. As I stepped to the right to approach the urinal, it felt weird because the stall “wall” formed a tight hallway leading up to the urinal. I stepped up and undid my pants. As I was just finishing, I was startled when a black haired man popped up above the stall’s wall and waved a $20 bill over the top of the stall.

“Is adiosbet giriş this your $20″, he asked waving the bill close the metal pipes that supplied the urinal’s water supply.

I instinctively reached up to the money, and started to say no when the man’s right hand moved in a flash to capture my wrist with one end of a handcuff. He clapped it around my wrist, and then grabbed my other wrist when I tried to stop him. Quicker than anything, he had both hands clasped with the chain wrapped around the pipe.

I was at his mercy.

He exited the stall and approached me as I strained to look behind me. He pulled my pants to the floor, and then spread my legs apart. Kneeling behind me, his clutched my balls with his left hand, his fingertips pulling down on my nut sack. And then he pressed his face between my ass cheeks and began tonguing my ass hole.

The feeling was overwhelming; his hot wet tongue went right up my virgin ass and felt so good. My cock hardened instantly, and I could do nothing but allow him more access. His right hand reaches around and grabbed my hardening shaft and began to slowly pump. He continued to wet my ass hole as I fucked his tongue by rocking my hips.

He stood up and I heard the tell tale sound of his metal belt buckle hit the floor and he pressed close to me, his hard thick cock pressing my butt cheeks. adiosbet güvenilirmi He left hand went up my shirt and tweaked my nipples, his hot breath hissed around my ear as he kissed me lightly

“You’re a little slut aren’t you?” he whispered into my ear and then tweaked my nipple. His hand continued to slowly pump my cock.

“Yes” I whispered back.

“Tell me you want it,” he whispered again as he pressed his cock against my puckered hole.

“I want it” I could barely form the words

“Louder you faggot”, he pressed harder and then clenched my balls

“I want it, please, fuck my ass” I screamed

He thrust into my ass and I screamed in pain. He pushed in and all of sudden I felt so full. I pushed back and began to hump his cock as he thrust into me. He pumped my cock again and I was moaning louder and louder, mumbling words, saying what a slut I truly was.

I felt him stiffen and then begin pumping my cock even faster as I began to cum. This in turn tightened my anus and he started screaming as he thrust into my ass. His hot seed was burning as I spewed cum out with each thrust from my cock.

After a moment, he subsided, and then he reaches up and unlocked my handcuffs, and then stuffed the $20 bill in my shirt pocket.

I turned to him and he gave me a wet, deep French kiss…and then smiled, “you better get back out there to that little girlfriend of yours…you little slut” and he walked back into the stall and shut the door.

I pulled my pants up to leave and was surprised to see a man walking in. A bit flustered, I shoved my shirt into my pants and squeezed past him…

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