Ideal Suburbia Ch. 11


This is a series of stories that are a sort of sequel to two text-adventure games. Each installment is a complete story on its own, but for a full understanding, the reader may want to start with Chapter 1.


Charlie left me by the clubhouse after our lesson on the driving range. The caddy carried off our bags to storage, and I took a moment to enjoy the view as Charlie walked away. She had on a shorter than normal skirt, in white, and it had some pleats to give it a flounce. I had found no way to repeat the insane encounter we had had in a rain shelter during a raging storm a while back, but I didn’t think it was because she was actively avoiding it. The opportunity just had not come up. Regardless, wow did she have amazing legs, and I wondered if she was now wearing these shorter skirts on our lesson days just for me.

I grabbed a quick lunch and took the time to talk to a few of the members at Winding Hills where my boss had provided me guest privileges while I learned the game. I had begun to realize that I was catching the bug for golf, despite my determination not to get drawn into this giant time suck. And I was catching it not just because it meant an hour a week at least with Charlie and her tight, athletic body. It really was a good game, goddamn it.

The problem was there wasn’t a single private club on my side of the city, just one truly shitty public course where even the driving range was somehow lame. I was amazed at how many of the members at Winding Hills were from the west side like me, including my boss Cathy.

I looked around and for the first time truly realized how much money was being left on the table because of the lack of a good private golf operation near me. I might be selling custom fabricated materials, and doing very well at it, but my college degree was in leisure management after all. Wheels suddenly were turning and I was seeing all sorts of angles.

I resolved to give some thought to what building and developing a club would take.

I had taken to leaving work early on Wednesdays when I did not have a dinner with clients. It is the sort of thing you can get away with at a good company when you work so many hours otherwise and your numbers are as good as mine.

I was lounging on my couch, reading a book on construction costs and making some notes, when my doorbell rang. I looked up and saw Samantha, my nearly middle-aged neighbor from a few streets over, waving thru the window beside my door. I smiled, though I was little irritated to be interrupted. The ideas were flowing.

I rose and answered the door. Samantha looked over her shoulder before slipping inside swiftly. She placed a quick peck on my cheek as the door closed. Her lithe, still shapely body brushed against me as she did so. I idly realized that Sam was an ideal person to refer to Courtney, my personal trainer.

“I was free for a bit, and realized we hadn’t chatted in a while,” Samantha said as she bustled into my house.

Chat? Yeah, that was what we did… for certain values of “chat”. She had introduced herself shortly after I moved in, and in a series of conversational accidents, I had become her informal therapist. By that I mean, I was always very impressed by whatever she told me about what her child did, and very sympathetic about what, and who, her cheating trash husband was doing. She ‘paid’ me in kind for this therapy with some fairly impressive sex.

It was an occasional relationship, but we both got what we wanted out of it.

That Wednesday, the chat was centered on her boy, but surprisingly brief before she was crawling over me on the couch. I realized that for once, Samantha wasn’t visiting me because she was feeling insecure, but because she was just simply horny.

Very horny, apparently. In no time, my fly had been undone, my pants removed, and she was giving me her usual enthusiastic and pretty damned skilled best at oral right there on my great room couch. Samantha knew how to employ fingers, palms, lips, and tongue to comprehensively stimulate every single nerve ending in my junk. She had settled down to a gentle rhythm of soft strokes along my shaft combined with almost idle kissing and licking of my glans that had me groaning quietly almanbahis yeni giriş with pleasure but not rising to climax. Today, Samantha seemed intent on making this blowjob a marathon, not a sprint.

I relaxed back on the couch, wondering what village I had saved from marauders in a previous life to deserve my current existence. I though it odd that I had another married neighbor, Linda, who rather than suffering with an outright cheating husband, instead enjoyed an almost completely open marriage, and she seemed thoroughly happy. Maybe I’d suggest the arrangement to Samantha. Her marriage sucked so much, it couldn’t hurt.

Suddenly my front door slammed shut. I had been so occupied, I hadn’t heard it open. Another Neighbor With Benefits was standing across from us in the middle of my living room, glaring at Samantha. “What the fuck?” she growled.

“Not yet, but that was the plan! What are you doing here, Blanche?” Samantha was glaring right back, having yanked her mouth off my member, thankfully not dragging her teeth across it as she did so.

I made a panicked noise and grabbed a pillow to cover my still very erect penis. Both women looked at me briefly, though neither of their ires seemed aimed at me. I had certainly made it clear to each that I had a lot more women in my life than them. Amazingly, they seemed to have internalized that. “You, uh, you know each other?” I asked, very confused. Their smiles disappeared as they looked back at each other

“This woman,” declared Blanche, pointing an accusing finger at Samantha, “is one of the bitches that slept with my husband before I divorced him!”

“Wait,” I tried to process that. “You, Samantha, slept with Blanche’s husband?”

“Wait,” shot back Blanche, irritated with me for the first time. “Are you saying that you’d have expected ME to sleep with HER husband, but not the other way around?” I smiled back weakly and shrugged.

“It was a reasonable question Blanche. After all you’re the only one of us with a Reputation,” hissed Samantha.

“Are you jealous of how I earned my reputation, or jealous that I’m divorced and allowed to have one?”

The two of them had drawn close to each other, staring each other down. My instinct was to intervene, but I was caught with no pants and my dick waving around, with nothing but a pillow to cover me. In fact, my cock was getting even more enthused, if that was possible, and I thought that just might be a bad thing right then.

“And it wasn’t like I tried to take him away from you, Blanche,” added Samantha, a little defensively now. “He caught me in a moment of anger and weakness. I was happy to give him back to you.”

“Ha! No returns on him!”

The two of them looked at each other for a moment. “He really is useless in the sack isn’t he?” said Samantha said with a wry smile, and both nodded their heads ruefully.

“Always was,” added Blanche.

My mind raced at this momentary truce. The opportunity was incredible here. Blanche should be easy. Her particular turn on was role-playing porn movies. If this little scenario wasn’t straight out of a porn trope, nothing was. How to approach Samantha? Fuck it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“Guys,” I said, struggling to my feet while leaving the pillow behind. “Please don’t fight. You’ve each had some bad experiences. You should both move on!”

The two of them were stunned at the balls on me, literally and figuratively. My cock was swaying before me, clearly the most enthused participant in this scene.

I could see Blanche smirk as the potential here sank in. She looked over at Samantha speculatively.

Sam, however pointed at my cock and declared, “I was having a pretty good time ‘moving on’ already when SHE showed up!”

“Well,” said Blanche, suddenly kitten-like. “Go back to moving on. I don’t mind.”

“In fact, I’ll watch,” she added.

Samantha looked at her defiantly, then at me. Then she pushed me back down on the couch and resumed her unsolicited blowjob, but now with even more flair. Showy flair. Excruciatingly awesome showy flair.

Blanche did indeed watch. Briefly. Then she slid next to me on the couch and began to kiss me. Samantha saw this and took more of almanbahis giriş me into her mouth than she ever had before. I gasped happily around Blanche’ mouth and tongue, “Oh god, Samantha! That is fucking fabulous!”

Blanche responded by slipping her blouse over her head. As usual, she wore no bra. Blanche had bought herself a nice pair of tatas as her divorce present, and they bounced free as the shirt pulled away. They were slightly incongruous two year-old tits on a late thirties body, but I could not conceive of complaining. She leaned them forward to my face and I sucked on them happily as Samantha likewise sucked on my cock. But Sam saw Blanche’s maneuver and whipped off own her shirt as well, pausing my bj. She did have a bra on, a nice little lacy thing, in fact. But she swiftly discarded it as well, before diving back to my cock. As she slid my member in and out of her mouth, she looked up at Blanche as if to say, ‘It’s your move now!’

Blanche slid to the floor beside Samantha, who drew away, which sadly suspended my blow job again. I briefly reflected that Blanche was cramping my enjoyment here, until she leaned forward and licked me from base to tip, then sat back and looked at Samantha. Sam arched her eyebrows and then leaned in to do the same thing to me. In a few moments, they were each leaning in close, licking my length or sucking the tip in turn.

Samantha suddenly narrowed her gave as she watched Blanche take a turn. “Oh come on, Blanche!” she exclaimed. “That’s not quite the best way to do that. Look,” she instructed and took her turn. She did essentially the same thing Blanche had just done to me, only much better. I wasn’t surprised at this. It had always been apparent that Sam knew her way around giving head, while fellatio was not Blanche’s strength. But now I suddenly found myself an instructional aid!

Blanche looked up at me at one point while Samantha was taking a turn. “She really is a lot better at this than I am, isn’t she?” Her voice was more surprised than resentful.

“You are fantastic, Blanche,” I reassured her happily, my cock still buried in Samantha’s mouth.

“Ha!” Blanche snorted. “Just not as good as her. Not at this,” she added with some bravado. “Sam,” she asked, grasping my cock and tugging it gently out of Samantha’s mouth, “how on Earth did you learn to be this good?” Blanche took my glans in her lips and suckled gently on the tip, teasing it with her tongue as Sam had shown her minutes before. She actually look up at Sam as she sucked me, genuinely interested in the answer.

“I was popular in college,” replied Samantha drily.

“I’ll bet… you… were!” said Blanche around the cock in her mouth.

Samantha laughed earthily and lowered her head below Blanche’s to suck my balls into her mouth. Their two mouths on me at one time was sudden heaven.

“You suck their balls too?” asked Blanche in surprise, lifting her head free of me.

Samantha also straightened but made sure to idly stroke my cock so my enjoyment wasn’t interrupted. “Sure,” she shrugged. “At least when a man is so very considerate as our friend here to keep his ‘area’ totally shaven. It is fun, and they love it. Give it a try!”

And with that, I now had Blanche tentatively, then vigorously sucking and licking my balls, while Samantha was taking more of me into her mouth.

I was getting lost in the moment, when they decided to have another conversation! At least this time, they both idly caressed me while they talked.

“I do have to admit,” Samantha told Blanche, “today is new for me, too. I’ve never had a sidekick for sex.”

“Sidekick? I’M YOUR sidekick?” scoffed Blanche. “Do I look like a sidekick, Sam?” she asked, straightening up and waving her hands to direct attention to her impressive, expensively enhanced torso.

Samantha just smiled, said nothing, and bent over my cock, sliding almost my entire length smoothly into her mouth and throat. I could not contain a groan of ecstasy at this sudden deep-throating.

Blanche just stared. “Okay. In this, I AM the sidekick….”

After a few more moments of wild stimulation, Samantha pulled herself free of me and gasped deeply. “There is a trick to it, Blanche. Want to learn almanbahis güvenilirmi it?” She asked playfully.

Blanche looked at my nearly eight inch robust cock with a leery expression. “Not today, Sam. And not on this monster cock.”

Sam just shrugged and laughed, “Okay. We will figure out an opportunity.”

These two women had just made plans to suck some other, less well-hung guy’s cock together, right in front of me. My mind boggled, but I was hardly in position to be jealous. I chose to ignore the whole thing. That was very easy as they both bent to torment my cock some more. I relaxed and ran my fingers through their lovely hair.

As they continued Blanche’s fantastic education, they each accidentally decided to lick up my shaft at the same time as the other. They both jerked back because they practically ran into each other. I just murmured happily and gently pushed their heads back toward each other and my cock. They rolled with my desire, and soon both of them had their tongues on my shaft simultaneously. This situation had gone from scary to amazing in minutes.

My hands slipped down along both of their bodies and cupped a breast of each. Two different mounds, both delightful. Their tongue-lashing grew more enthusiastic, and soon their lips and tongues were brushing against each other almost as much as they caressed me. I tilted forward on the edge of the couch to point my cock straight out horizontally. I guided their heads together along the shaft and they each opened their mouths to kiss it. I rolled my hips ever so slightly, sliding my cock between them. Almost in unison, they both opened their mouths and the tips of their upper and lower lips met above and below my cock.

Both of them sighed at this new erotic situation and I slid my cock between their mouths gently. First Samantha, then Blanche slid forward their tongues to add their moist caress to the passage of my cock along their mouths. It took every ounce of self control not to just wildly thrust away.

Suddenly, Blanche rose to her feet, pulling Samantha up with her. She undid Sam’s pants and pulled them to the floor, along with her panties. Samantha, stepped back and out of her pants, standing there in her naked glory. Blanche looked at her and murmured, “very nice!”

I agreed.

Sam preened a little bit at the novel attention. Then she reached out and tugged Blanche’s skirt down. I had never seen Blanche wear underwear and this was no exception. Did she never wear any, or just when she planned on jumping my bones?

The two stood there, staring at each other, then at me, in silent tableau.

“So, Sam” Blanche asked her conspiratorially, “Which do you want? Tongue or cock?”

Samantha just answered by pushing me down to lie on the couch, then she suddenly straddled my face, facing down along my body. My tongue headed out to brush against her, and she wriggled happily atop me. Just then I felt Blanche take a hold on my member as she straddled me. She tilted my cock against her and sank down to impale herself on me completely. I was shortly in heaven as Blanche, whom I could not see, slid up and down atop me and Samantha seemed to ache with desire for my tongue.

I pushed up slightly on Sam’s hips. First, so I could breathe better, and second, so that I could adjust to get the best angle to lavish my tongue on her clit. Meanwhile below, Blanche was now humping up and down along my shaft so hard I could hear her big boobs flopping.

I was honestly having a hard time trying to figure out how to balance these competing assaults on my senses when my cock chose for me. My knees jerked up hard as I emptied myself into Blanche, hips thrusting upward and practically knocking her off me. She held on and cried out in response, gasping as she kept riding me through several waves of orgasm wracking her own body. Before she was even finished, I regained enough brain power to renew my efforts to pleasure Samantha. She was staring straight at Blanche screaming happily atop my cock, and must have found the sight a turn-on, because between that and my tongue, she too was coming, loudly and extensively.

We held the tableau for what seemed forever, then they both almost simultaneously released me. I sat up between them and they each cuddled against me. Somehow, each had a hand find its way to my cock, and they stroked it together in sudden comity.

“Alright ladies,” I panted. “So who want to have sex first?”

I was suddenly being pummeled by pillows from both sides.

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