A Night Full of Surprises


We were already tipsy when my husband David and I crashed giggling through the front door of Charles and William’s Laurel Canyon bungalow. No, on second thought, we were drunk. It had been the night of the company Christmas party. Having moved to LA only two months prior and knowing almost nobody in the city, I had to drag David along with me. He was, understandably, unenthusiastic about a night spent at his wife’s office party where he knew not a soul, but being the good husband that he is he acquiesced. At the beginning, the party was indeed stuffy and not a great deal of fun. We were amongst the youngest people there and were having trouble finding conversations to connect to. That’s when Charles and William showed up, fashionably late.

Charles was, at 33, a few years older than us. He was a fit and handsome man who ran the sales department. At work I had always found him a bit stiff but here he was witty and charming and a breath of fresh air for the staid party. William was his younger boyfriend. A tall 24 year old black man with broad shoulders and a Cheshire Cat smile, you could tell he enjoyed a good time the moment he walked into the room.

From the moment we exchanged pleasantries and introductions with them, we were attached at the hips. It turned out that Charles grew up a town over from David in Western Massachusetts and soon the two were engrossed in animated discussion of the many shared characters and hangouts of their youths. For his part, William was a warm and funny conversationalist quick to share stories of his many travels as a photographer. Easily one of the most traveled people I had ever met it was hard not to envy his life of adventure as we talked the rest of the party away. As things wound down it was also hard to say no to their invitation to come up to their place in the canyon for another drink or two.

Once we were all in the door, Charles quickly popped open a bottle of red while William showed us around their small but lovely home. We ended up outside on their back patio where I snuggled up to David to fight the slight chill in the air while we talked and sipped our wine. A quiet man under most circumstances, he was chatting away with an animation (and a slight slur) that he only exhibits when drunk. As I finished my wine, Charles reached over to refill my glass. I put my hand over the top of the glass. “I think I’d better take a breather,” I said worrying that one of us had better have the wherewithal to figure out getting home. After a little light ribbing, William stepped in and proclaimed, “then a break it is. But the party must go on, so…hot tub?” His gesture took our eyes over to the tub at the edge of the patio.

“Awesome,” David exclaimed and started to rise.

“Honey, we have no suites.”

“Ah, it’s fine. Just jump in your underwear,” he retorted as he pushed the cover off the tub and put his hand in the water. “Feels great!”

Charles and William, amused by David’s enthusiasm for the idea, quickly finished uncovering the tub and soon all three of the boys were down to their boxers and sliding into the water. Initially I was hesitant. I had worn a backless dress to the party and wore no bra. In the end though, after murmuring, “fuck it,” to myself I unzipped the dress and let it slide off, exposing my breasts to the group. They were gay, after all, I thought to myself ignoring the rather open manor in which William was watching me climb into the tub covered by only a small pair of panties. My nipples hardened as I escaped from the slight chill in the air and into the warmth of the water.

The water felt amazing. The contrast between the chill air and the hot water was perfect. Charles, of course, soon talked me into another glass of wine. I suspected there would be regrets in the morning. Next to him, David had a glazed look in his eyes. He would most definitely have regrets. As the group carried on I found myself feeling farther and farther away from it all. As my eyes began to close I realized that the combination of the wine and the heat was making me light headed. Worried I might soon pass out, I lifted myself out of the tub.

“Excuse me, I need to splash some cool water on my face,” I let them know.

“Feeling alright,” William asked.

“I’m fine. Just a little light headed,” I explained as I walked towards the house, feeling all of their eyes follow me to the sliding glass door.

In the bathroom, I cooled myself down and looked myself over in the mirror. Yes, I had to concede that I looked a little drunk, but other than that I looked damn good. My face looked flushed from the steam. My perky 26 year old breasts were crowned by lovely rock hard nipples from the cool air. Below them my stomach looked flat and toned before sliding down to my barley cover crotch, the wet panties doing little to cover my nicely groomed pussy. Nearly see-through, you could easily make out the thin strip artemisbet yeni giriş of hair leading down to my bare, slightly puffy lips. I’m not normally one for vanity, but I felt and looked sexy that night.

Opening the bathroom door, I slid quietly through the dark house. I reached for the sliding glass door before stopping dead in my tracks, my breath catching in my throat. There, sitting on the edge of the hot tub, was my husband of just over one year. His head was tipped back, his mouth open, his abs visibly clenching and unclenching. Most importantly, his thick seven inch cock was exposed, straining, pointed straight up into the night air. It looked slick, the head was flared out. This cock, the one that had been fucking me and only me for the past three years, was now held in the grip of Charles hand. As I watched, transfixed from the doorway, he stroked it while lowered his mouth down and sucking the angry looking head into his mouth.

My mind raced as he worked David’s cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. Deeper than I had ever gotten it. From his face, I could tell David was in ecstasy. What did this mean for us? For our marriage? Had Charles been planning this? Had David? I thought back to the glazed look in his eyes just before I left the hot tub. Was it the alcohol and the heat, or was it something else? Charles had been sitting right next to him. Was he jerking off my husband right there in front of me? Could David be gay?

I found myself thinking back on our vigorous and varied sex life as I watched David grab Charles by the hair and start fucking his mouth. Could it have been a fake? A disguise? That just seemed impossible. He had been insatiable ever since our first night together. I’ve given him everyone one of my holes. I’ve fucked him everywhere and every way he has ever asked me for and he has never seemed to grow tired of it.

As I tried to process the scene unfolding before me, to process the moans of my husband as another man was bringing him ever closer to orgasm I became aware of two things. One was just how conflicted my feelings were at that moment.

On one level, I was wounded, angry, repulsed even. On another, I was…incredibly aroused. There was something intensely erotic about seeing my husband in a deep state of sexual bliss with another human being. About knowing the intense pleasure he was experiencing and knowing it was not coming from me. That is was, in fact, coming from another man. In a matter of seconds, my pussy had become flooded with own arousal. My clit was throbbing.

The other was that I was not alone.

“This night is full of suprises, no?” I heard William whisper from behind me.

He had been watching me as I watched Charles and David. He glided over behind me. I barely took him in. Took in how his still wet body glistened in the moonlight. How his wet boxer briefs clung to his penis; massive even in it’s semi-flaccid state. My eyes never left David. His ass clenching as he thrust his manhood into Charles. His eyes growing large as Charles began working a finger into his ass.

I didn’t really look away until I felt William touch me. He put one hand on my hip, pulling my ass against his growing erection. His other hand slithered around me, finding the top of my underwear and, after a moment’s hesitation at this border, sliding underneath. I looked down to see his black hand pushing in and a moment later wrapped one arm around his neck as his fingers found my clitoris.

My pussy was already soaking wet, so he needed no lubrication to start sliding his fingers along my slit. He explored for only a moment before he began stroking my clit in earnest. A sound came out of my mouth that I can only describe as guttural. My legs threatened to give way, but he used one arm to hold me up against him while the other did its work. With his cock thrust against my ass, his hand pleasuring my cunt, and my eyes fixated on Charles finger fucking my husband’s asshole I came.

I came loudly. I came explosively. My whole body tingling as William brought me to orgasm. For a few moments I thought I would lose consciousness all together. As it ended, I found myself leaning against William for strength, my knees weak, my thighs wet from my own juices.

With my chest still heaving, William gently pushed me away from himself. He slid his underwear down his body as I braced myself against the couch, then turned and stood before me. His cock, his ten inch black cock, jutted out obscenely before him. He moved in, gently kissed my lips as his large, purple, plumb shaped cockhead nestled against my pussy and whispered to me, “let’s go join the party.”

With that, he casually strode out the glass door and over to the hot tub with his member leading the way. As I struggled to stand up on my own two feet he pulled up next to my husband with a sly smile. David looked up at him with lust-dazed artemisbet giriş eyes and, after a brief moment, brought his focus down on the truly impressive penis just inches from his face. He hesitated for only a moment before opening his mouth and taking the head inside. I watched as he circled the knob with his tongue before jutting it out to lick the sensitive underside of William’s penis. William smiled and grabbed onto David’s hair before he gently started thrusting into his mouth.

I stepped out of my panties as I approached the hot tub. For a moment I stood there just behind William as David sucked his cock. David seemed completely unaware of my presence. Then I dropped down to my knees and, as William pulled the head of his cock out of David’s mouth and slid the shaft against his lips I moved in and ran my tongue along the other side.

Slowly, David’s eyes began to focus on me. When they did, we were staring deep into each others eyes as William’s thick cock pulsed between our lips. I pushed it away for a brief moment and kissed my husband deeply and passionately before pulling it back down to my mouth. I pushed the head into my mouth, sucking it and running my tongue around the slit before popping it out and offering it to David. He did the same and as he sucked it into his mouth I whispered to him, “let’s take this inside. “

At first, no one moved. David must have been so close to cumming. He was loathe to leave, so I reached down and grabbed Charles’ hand. He had two fingers buried deep in my husband’s ass. Slowly I pulled them out. As I did he let David’s cock slip from his lips. I bent over, kissed him deeply, and pulled him out of the hot tub. Next I pulled William’s cock from David’s mouth. Kissing my husband, his mouth tasted strongly of precum and cock. I grabbed William by the cock and started dragging him by it towards the house.

“I think you’d better come with me, honey. I think you’ll want to watch as I fuck this one.”

David lay there at the edge of the hot tub, precum oozing from his cock, his strong chest heaving, as I led the two men inside. After only a moment, however, he gathered his strength and followed inside.

Once inside I shoved William down on the couch. I turned to David, “get him nice and wet for me.” David fell to his knees and began sucking, pulling as much of the big stick into his mouth as he could. As he did this I straddled William’s chest. I fed him my tits as I listed to David slurping below. Grabbing his hair, I turned to William and asked, “are you ready to watch this thing fuck me?” He grabbed the cock by its base and held it upright. Even as wet as I was, it was going to be a challenge.

I felt an intense pressure as I brought my weight down on the bulbous head. For a brief moment, I didn’t think it would fit in. I can’t imagine how Charles could take this monster up his ass. But then, with a pop, the head pushed into me. I gasped as it gained entry, and held myself in place trying to keep the rest of it at bay, but then I felt first two and then four hand grab onto my hips and slowly begin to push me down.

I looked back at David. “I’ve never had anything this big inside me,” I whispered with no small amount of fear in my voice.

“I know,” he replied before doubling the pressure and, in concert with William, pushing me further down.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh, my god,” I kept chanting as inch after inch slid into me. I felt William slowly begin to rock his hips up and down as I engulfed more and more of his cock in my sopping wet vagina. As I passed the halfway point I began mewling uncontrollably until, finally, I felt my ass come to a rest on top of his large, heavy testicles. Bottomed out, we sat there still for a long moment. I began to sob, “Oh god, it’s so big. It’s so much.” My cunt was pulsing around it. I could feel him flexing it inside me. Then from behind me I heard my husband say firmly, “fuck her.”

He lifted me up and slammed me down on his cock. I exploded. I instantly began cumming all over his cock. A big, messy cum. Pussy juice flooded his lap. Tears flooded my eyes. I was gasping for air as he powered it in and out of me. In the back of my mind I wondered if my pussy would ever be the same for David again.

Soon, my orgasm subsided and I began to take a more active role in the fucking. I grabbed William’s hands and pulled them off my hips. I shoved them up against the back of the couch and began riding his cock, slamming down on it with all my weight. Behind me I felt David spread my ass cheeks open. He bent down and began vigorously licking my ass, fucking the hole with his tongue. It drove me wild. As the pleasure became more and more intense, I looked over and saw Charles, nearly forgotten for a moment, feverishly jerking on his own cock. It was a nice one. Maybe seven inches, a little narrower than David’s but cleanly shaven.

Underneath artemisbet güvenilirmi me, I could hear William’s breathing becoming ragged. At this point I was pulling myself up all the way until only the head was still in me and then slamming down until all ten inches of him were buried inside of me. David was making an admirable attempt to keep eating my ass while I got fucked but it was becoming impossible as our fucking became more frenzied. With one last deep stab into my asshole, he withdrew his tongue but stayed kneeling under us, watching William’s giant black cock stretch me out. I could feel him under me reaching in and fondling William’s balls as they started to pull up tight against his body.

Somewhere, deep down inside, I knew what I should be doing then. I should be pulling off of William, grabbing his cock and guiding it so he could spray all over my mouth, or my tits, or my ass. I knew that that was what I should do. It wasn’t what I wanted to do.

As William’s thrusts grew ever more frenzied. As David’s hands gripped his balls and his eyes watched his cock impaling me, I shoved myself down as hard as I could and held myself there. I reached under his ass and held him in place inside me. I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth and there, with my tongue in his mouth, my fingers pushing into his ass, and his cock shoved up against my cervix, I felt him explode.

It shattered me. His cock erupted with a force I’ve never experienced. I could feel his asshole clenching and unclenching around my fingertips. I could feel his balls pulsing against my ass as they unloaded their contents. I could feel his cock swelling and jerking as it spit his cum deep into my womb. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. It was more than my husband, expert though he was, had ever given me. My entire body convulsed atop him.

And then I blacked out.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. At some point William had pulled himself out from under me. He sat in a chair across the room from me. His softened cock lolled out in front of him, a little bigger even soft than David is hard. Underneath me, the couch was soaked, covered in the mixture of his and my orgasms which continued to leak out of me. I heard a slightly pained groaning and focused my eyes on what was happing next to me on the couch.

David was lying with his back on the couch, his ass at the edge of the cushion, and his lovely glistening cock standing proudly at attention. Charles was on his knees, with his heavily lubed up penis lined up at David’s asshole. As I watched, Charles pushed forward, the head of his cock disappearing into my husband. David grimaced, and Charles eased up on the pressure. I reached out and grabbed my husband’s hand, smiling sleepily at him. “Shhhh, baby. It’s ok. Push out for him. You need to open up and let him in.” I leaned in and kissed David passionately. He tensed up again as Charles began to move into him. I watched his abs tensing up and then, as I kept telling him it was going to be ok, he relaxed. Charles sucked his breath in between his teeth as he broke through the ring and his cock slowly eased into my husband.

Charles began with a slow, steady rhythm, fucking my husband almost tenderly. He would pull his cock all the way out of David’s asshole, let it start to contract for a second before pushing it back into him. Soon, however, his speed began to pick up. David’s entire ass and genitals were covered in lube. I ran my hands up his cock just once, to get them slick and then began kneading and rubbing the area around his genitals, careful to never touch his cock. Charles thrust faster and faster, picking up speed as I ran my hands around David, rubbing his pubis, his perineum, occasionally reaching down to feel Charles’ cock pushing into him. David began to moan openly, his cock straining and bright red as his ass got fucked with ever greater intensity.

For a moment, Charles began to ease up on the intensity, but David reached down and pulled him into him. “Fuck me,” he gasped. “Fuck me. Just please, keep fucking me. Never stop fucking me.”

Charles started to slam into him like a man possessed. The sound of his balls slapping against my husbands ass filled the room when David suddenly let out a strangled cry. His cock, jutting out above their fucking, not being touched in any way, began to spew cum straight up into the air. It exploded out of David with an intense force. Landing all over his face and chest. I pulled myself over to him and kissed him as his cum rained down on us. I didn’t look, but I could hear Charles gasping behind us and knew he was close. He slammed into David three more times and then held himself there, buried to the hilt inside my husband. David’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt Charles unloading into his ass. Charles came for what seemed like ages, before slowly pulling his cock out. I sat up and watched is it slid from my husband, still pulsing, while Charles’ cum lazily spilled from David’s asshole.

I looked down at David and smiles as, in the background I heard William say, “a night full of surprises, indeed.” I whispered I love you into David’s ear as William’s laughter filled the room.

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