Joey Finds a New App Ch. 17

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Chapter 17

Joey when downstairs after his rinse and found his dad in the kitchen preparing dinner and Jane at the counter drinking tea and messing with her phone. “Hey, Dad. What’s for dinner? Anything I can help with?”

“No. I got it, Son. Just get yourself a drink and we’ll be ready in about 10 minutes,” Joey’s Dad replied.

Joey got a glass of iced tea and sat next to his sister who was entranced by something on her phone. “Sup, Sis?”

She lifted her head from her phone after a couple of seconds and looked at Joey softly with a smile. “Sup, Dork?” she replied with a slight lean and kiss to his neck.

“How was your day, Sis?” Joey asked as he sat down at the table.

“Well, I was a little sore today….,” she said looking at Joey with raised eyebrows. “But I’m fully recovered, now.”

Joey got a text and looked down at his phone.

“Dude, OMW over to hang and pick up Kelly when she’s rdy,” text Kevin.

“Eat dinner yet?” Joey text back.


“Hey, Dad? Did you make enough for 2 more?” Joey called out. “Kelly is here with Adam and Kevin is on his way”

“That’ll be fine, just set the place at the table,” Dad replied.

Joey got up and set two more chairs at the table and then sat down as Adam and Kelly were now on their way to the table.

“Thanks for having me for dinner,” Kelly said cheerily to Joey’s dad.

Adam came in wearing the dress he had on earlier and sat next to Jane with his drink. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Joey got up to let Kevin in.

“Hi, Kelly,” Joey’s mom greeted her as she arrived at the table dressed casually in a tank top and skimpy shorts. “It’s nice to have company for dinner. How are you and your brother doing these days?”

“I’m doing great,” Kelly answered smiling widely. “I can’t speak for Kevin, but I bet he’s doing great too.”

“Hi Joey’s Mom!” Kevin said gregariously as he came in and sat at the table next to her. “Hiiiiii, Jane. How you doing?” he continued in a flirty voice. She smirked and went back to phone without a response.

Joey sat down next to his mom and went to kiss her on the cheek, and she quickly turned to kiss him on the lips instead, lingering softly but not awkwardly long.

“I get to sit next to two handsome young men today, how lucky for me,” Joey’s mom said while placing her hands on both of their thighs and squeezing. “Mmmm,” she groaned, then shook her head and sat up before Joey’s dad came to the table with the food. He set a bowl of spaghetti sauce on the table, then came back with noodles and meatballs, followed by huge bowl of salad and garlic bread.

Joey’s dad sat down with his drink and proceeded to service everyone some salad and bread.

“Dear? Could you fetch me some wine to go with this delicious smelling dinner you made?” Joey’s mom asked her husband. He hurriedly rose got the wine from the cabinet with a glass and poured her a glass after uncorking it.

“Thank you my, dear. Such a good husband. How am I so lucky?” she asked rhetorically.

Dinner proceeded with some small talk and updates on school and such. Joey’s mom didn’t seem to miss an opportunity to give affection to Joey and Kevin alike as she got into her third glass of wine. Kevin was enjoying the attention as much as Joey, but he was hesitant to bask in it too much as Joey’s dad sat to the other side of him. He attempted to redirect some of the attention away from him. “So, Adam …. uh…. are you kinda of going through the same thing Kelly did last year?” he asked somewhat clumsily.

“Adam is exploring his options. Right now, he is clearly not Adam,” Kelly interjected. “SHE is clearly, Andrea.”

“Oh….eh. sorry…, Andrea. I just…. you look nice. I mean, your hair…and makeup…you,” Kevin stammered.

“Quit it brother. You sound like an idiot,” Kelly again interjected. “Of course, she looks nice. I did her hair and makeup. She is learning well though and will do fine on her own…. if she wants to.”

“I can help you too, Andrea if you need it,” Jane said surprisingly nice.

Joey’s dad poured his wife the rest of the bottle of wine and proceeded to clear the table for everyone.

“Andrea and I are going to walk asyabahis yeni giriş down to the Dairy King for a cone,” Kelly said. “Anyone want to join us?”

“I can drive you, but let’s go to the one in town. I want to say hi to my girlfriend who’s working tonight,” Jane said. “Kevin, I’ll drive Kelly home after that so you can hang out with Joey and play ‘Dorknight’ or whatever it is you guys play,” she said while getting up. “Thanks for dinner, Dad.” Joey saw Jane go up behind their dad in the kitchen and kiss the side of his neck while pressing into him.

Once the trio had left, Joey and Kevin sat at the now clear dining room table with his mom who was sipping the last of her wine. “Joey, can you get me some more wine while your dad does the dishes and cleans up?” she asked quietly while rubbing the side of his face. Nearly as enthusiastic as his father, Joey went and opened another bottle of wine and poured his mother a hefty glass. She then stood and invited the boys to the living room where they sat on the couch together. Joey turned on the TV and flipped through some channels before landing on Family Feud which everyone liked to watch. Steve Harvey was his usual self, cracking jokes and flirting with the women. Joey put his arm around his mom’s shoulder and then reached with his other hand to take her now empty glass and set it on the table. She rested her hand on his thigh and looked up at him smiling, before softly kissing his lips as she had earlier. She smiled and placed her other hand on Kevin’s thigh and encouraged him to scoot closer to her, which he happily complied.

At the same time her hands slid further inside of their thighs and found both of their hardening shafts, which she immediately started exploring. Kevin looked over at Joey smiling.

“Mrs. J. You sure are making me feel nice.,” Kevin said quietly. “What about Mr. J?”

“Don’t you worry about him, now Kevin. He’s on clean-up duty tonight,” she responded.

Joey had an idea of what she meant as he had already dumped a huge load in her earlier and guessed his dad had to take care of things. He remembered some of the cuckold videos he watched when researching his mom and dad’s fetish, which in turn caused his cock to grow and harden even further. Following a couple minutes of daydreaming, Joey’s mom slid off the couch, got to her knees and spun around in front of him and Kevin. She reached for Joey’s shorts and pulled them down along with his briefs and then reached for Kevin’s waistband, then pulled his down as well.

“Oooooooh. Such nice toys for Mommy to play with….,” she said excitedly as she reached for both hardening cocks and started stroking them in time. She bent over and began licking the head of Joey’s cock and sucking it in slightly, moaning loudly. She did the same for Kevin’s cock as well and then started to suck more and more in with each turn. Before long, she was going deep until finally reaching their heavy balls on each turn. Kevin was wide eyed and clearly excited as his cock was at full mast.

“Joey, spin like we did this morning, let’s see if your mom can do like Stevie,” Kevin said while laying down on the end of the couch. Joey spun as he had that morning and pushed himself close to Kevin until their balls were pressed together and watched as his mom hungrily began to devour their cocks, first one at a time, then together. She pushed the two huge poles together and sucked them into her hungry mouth, licking and slurping along the way. She was making quite the racket with her oral manipulations, slurping, and sucking her way deeper onto their poles. Joey watched in fascination as his mom continued to work her way down, past her throat, swallowing more of their oversize shafts. She sucked and licked her way expertly down their shafts more and more with her audience watching with continuous attention. Stroke after stroke she worked her way down the shafts until finally reaching their base at which point, she licked and sucked while holding them in her throat. In short order she pulled off them with seemingly emergent need and started pulling her shorts, panties down and her shirt off. With both boys laying with their heavy cocks waiting, she asyabahis giriş climbed up on the couch and squatted over top of their cocks. In her position, she lowered herself down, then reached for both of their cocks and brought them together like she had when she was sucking them. With both cocks pressed together, she lowered her wet pussy down and began pressing them in. As soon as the heads of their dicks entered her pussy, she yelped and moaned before pushing them deeper and deeper with each stroke. Her juices were coating the cocks as she stroked up and down, longer with each stroke. She looked like she was doing a full workout with each stroke.

Joey watched as his mother rode he and Kevin with a lustful need bringing him slowly to orgasm. After a few yelps and moans, his dad came into the living room and stood near Joey’s head. Joey saw his mom look over at his dad with a lust filled sigh that almost resembled her crying. Her utter need was so apparent as she rode the boys with her husband watching, there would be no disputing the desire. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came with animal need. Her pussy was stretched between the two cocks down to their balls as she ground into them. She rotated her hips with a grinding motion that allowed her orgasm to complete with utter satisfaction. She started to slow down just as Kevin grabbed her ass and hip and pushed himself into her as deep as he could go, then exploding with a loud moan. He started pumping his hips up to get as deep as he could in the space he shared with Joey. Joey could feel his friend’s dick pulsing and pumping cum into his mom’s pussy and it helped him get closer to his own orgasm. Several full strokes later, Kevin pulled his softening dick from her pussy and turned to sit, recovering from his orgasm. Joey’s Mom had been facing him throughout this fucking and now she slid to her knees and started riding Joey’s dick with her already cum filled pussy. She bent down to his ear and whispered lustfully, “Joey, I can’t get enough of your big dick now that I’ve had it,” she said. “Sit up for me, Honey and let me ride you in front of your dad. “Joey sat up and adjusted to the new position while his mom rotated as well.

“Get down there and clean my pussy so I can REALLY feel our son’s cock!” she commanded to her husband.

Joey’s dad climbed down obediently to the floor next to the couch and put his face behind her to start cleaning her up. Joey felt his mouth and tongue on his dick as it passed back and forth to clean the cum left behind by Kevin. His mom continued to slam balls deep into Joey grinding herself down on Joey’s thick pole. She lifted all the way off for a second and reached down to open her pussy for her husband. “That’s good, cuck. Clean it good. I’m pushing all of Kevin’s cum out for you now,” she teased her husband. After a couple minutes of this, she grabbed Joey’s dick and pushed it back between her legs. “Now clean this too cuck, so I can finish riding a real man’s cock. “Joey felt his dad’s mouth sink onto his cock halfway on the first stroke, then within a couple more strokes he was going all the down like he had over the weekend. “Suck it clean, cuck. I need his dick in my pussy,” she commanded.

After a couple more strokes, she pulled the cock out of her husband’s mouth and immediately mounted Joey again, slamming her pussy to the hilt of Joey’s hard and aching cock. She moaned loudly and ground into her son with her head now thrown back and eyes closed it was clear she needed to be fucked. She lifted her head and noticed Kevin sitting and catching his breath with his sloppy wet dick laying across his lap. “Suck his dick, cuck. I want to watch you suck cock like the faggot cuck I know you are. “Joey watched as his dad climbed over to Kevin and bent to take his messy dick in his mouth. Within a few minutes he was deep throating Kevin as he had learned to do. Joey was so turned on at the humiliating scene his father was displaying at the behest of his mother, he was sure he would be orgasming soon. Joey’s mom watched wide eyed as her husband brought Kevin to a full erection again swallowing nearly a foot of cock for her. He sucked hard when he pulled up and gobbled asyabahis güvenilirmi his way back down. Joey felt his mom tensed up and he knew he would lose it soon as well. After a good couple minutes of hard pounding, she pushed down and screamed while looking Joey directly in the eye with intense need and lust. Joey blew too; his cock lurching inside his mother as it released his thick potent load into her. They watched each other cum for over a minute before she collapsed against Joey.

Turning, they both watched as Kevin held his cocksleave in place and was rocking his hips into his throat. The scene of total debauchery had Kevin near another orgasm already and he was moaning loudly as he fucked his throat hard. “Man, Mr. J! You can suck some dick, man!” Kevin said as he pushed up a couple more times. “Get ready because I’m about to blow my load directly in your gut!”

Joey’s mom slipped off his lap and sat between the boys to watch the scene before them play out. With a grunt and a visible pulse Joey could see Kevin’s dick start to shoot cum in his dad’s mouth. Kevin’s cock lurched as it unloaded again and again, all the while his target swallowing to keep up. “Oh, my goodness are you meant to suck dick, my good cuck. You look so good swallowing that load, I swear!” Joey’s mom teased. Joey watched as his dad finished sucking then cleaning Kevin’s dick before his mom reached over and rubbed the head of her husband. “Now come over here and clear our son off so I can go to bed and give you your goodnight snack,” she purred.

Joey’s dad climbed over then started licking the cum and shared juices of his mother from his cock. He licked up and down the shaft as well as Joey’s balls and all around the base of his dick. “Alright, boys. You two have a nice night. I’m taking my good little cuck to bed,” Joey’s mom said kissing each of them deeply before getting up and leading her husband to the bedroom.

“Dude. Your Mom is fucking awesome!” Kevin said while pulling his shorts up and tucking his dick away. Joey did the same and agreed with Kevin before they went to the kitchen for a soda. “Man! I am blown away by the shit that went down this weekend, but tonight has blown my mind, man,” Kevin continued. “I’ve gotta go to bed or I might pass out on the way home.”

“Hey, Kev. Drive safe Man,” Joey said walking him to the door. “I’m hitting the sack too. See you and Stevie in the morning?”

Joey laid in bed in his shorts and brought up his Master PC app. He figured he had a lot of updates to go through starting with his family

Dad: More slight, longer hair, hips slightly bigger than Adam’s, small a-cup titties, wider areolas and thick sensitive nipples, fat ass and thighs, effeminate face.

Mom: dominate, wider hips and fatter ass, EE cup tits with nice wide areolas and thick sensitive nipples.

Jane: More weight, especially in her tits, thighs and ass. Nice fat areolas and nipples like Mom.

Adam: A-cup titties, very slight, hips and ass as big as Dad’s will be tomorrow along with the same nipple settings, longer hair, femboy personality

Steve: same as Adam

Kevin: 2.5 inches on his dick and even thicker than Joey’s. This will be fun to watch tomorrow as Kevin shows off his 14″ thick as a wine bottle cock. Joey hadn’t explored these features since the first night with his own cock. He went into the subcategories and found some settings for his balls and semen. For Kevin’s balls he made them heavy and tangerine size which defaulted his semen amount to 1 cup. Joey picked the highest setting, 2 cups and chose thick white for color. He went into his own profile and did the same.

Kelly: 2 inches to her dick, a little boost all around to her feminine features.

Miss Roxanne: inhibitions lower, cum hungry, same oral and anal capabilities as Adam.

Mrs. Tyler: He liked her fat body and could even give a bit more all around, but he wanted it a bit tighter. Same oral and anal capabilities as Adam.

Coach Short: Added 2 more inches to his cock and thickened it like Kevin’s.

Billy: Same anal and oral capabilities as Adam and cum hungry.

Joey fell right to sleep once he settled down for the night and updated his profiles. Somewhere along the night, Joey felt his sister slide into bed and spoon up in front of him. He could tell she was naked when he put his arm around her and rested his hand on her pudgy belly, softly rubbing her silky skin. She moaned softly soon fell asleep as did Joey.

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