A New Adventure


Every once in a while, maybe every other month or so, work has caused me to go out of town. Sometimes for just a day, sometimes overnight. The farthest drive is about two hours away and isn’t a big deal. If it is work that means taking a system down, it is usually scheduled for near the end of the day and if and when it runs late, I’m authorized to get a room.

And so it happened again. Some equipment needed moved from one server rack to another. I scheduled the work to begin at 5PM, booked a room, sent out the notices, kissed the wife goodbye for the day, told her I’d see her sometime late Saturday, patted the little one on the top of the head and gave him a hug, then headed out of town, bag packed.

Once I got to the remote office, things went well. The equipment move went off without a hitch and testing and verification cleared up in record time. It was only 7PM and I was free, two hours from home, with a room, and just time and opportunity for me to get up to something that I’m sure I shouldn’t.

I went to the room and checked in. I dropped off my bag, grabbed a quick shower and was back out on the street just a little past 8PM. Now I had been to this town before and I knew that no more than about 20 minutes away was an adult book store with a large movie room. This was not a booth and hole joint, but a large room, lots of seats, and straight movies playing the whole time. But that was not strictly the clientele that it attracted.

It was Friday night, and half past eight. I pulled in and was encouraged by the large number of cars in the lot. The internet reputation of this place had me believing that things heated up on the weekend and it looked like this would be the case tonight as well. I had only ever just scouted this theater before, based on some internet research, and a very nervous, very quick visit one day in the middle of the afternoon. On that particular day it had been quiet, less than ten guys standing around or seated, and not much going on. But I had the information I needed and it convinced me that a return was probably warranted.

As I eyed the front door I saw another truck pull up and park. I busied myself by double checking that my phone’s location services were off, I didn’t want to have the GPS record this location. I hid my wallet under my seat and took out just enough cash to get inside. I put my keys in my pocket, locked up the car and headed in.

Bright lights and neon lit the front of the store, filled with devices, books, magazines and fluids. I made my way past all of that to the tired woman who took the entrance fee to the theater area and slowly worked my way past the signs warning me that if I went back out past the turnstile, I would have to pay the full fee to get back in.

Once around the corner I was shrouded in the flickering semi darkness of a movie theater, the action on the screen casting random shadows and flashes of color across the room, and its patrons. There was enough light to see that indeed the place was well occupied, maybe twenty five to thirty men. Some were standing, and some were sitting. Two, in different areas of the theater, were busy, on their knees. I surveyed the room as I slowly walked around, and found a clear patch of wall to lean against to take in what was happening both on screen and in the audience.

I quickly took in the fact that despite tales on the web that couples sometimes showed up for theater fun, tonight, at least at the moment was not going to be one of those nights. The only women nearby were either on screen or out front at the turnstile collecting the entrance fee and she was not of interest to anyone.

Another gentleman walked in, moved past me and took up a spot a few feet away, moving slowly and surveying the room then taking up a position holding up the wall just as I had. I guessed it was the fellow from the truck who had pulled in just after I had. On the screen, two women and two men were engaged with each other and the noises they were making added arousingly to the scent of men that hung in the air. I watched, interested because I am in fact straight, but I was in the right location that I might be able to allow my curiosity adiosbet yeni giriş off the leash to see if my deepest thoughts and fantasies were something I could turn into a reality.

I had been to many booth and hole locations where the men walked about too slowly, not making eye contact, not going into a booth, not really doing anything beyond loitering with a pocket full of dollar tokens that they would either have to use up, hide from the wife when they left, or throw away. I had gone really just to get off and had not had any thoughts about anything involving anyone else. One of those times though an adventurous soul put himself through the hole and I reached out for a feel. It was shocking how inviting it was to hold another man in my hand, feel the heat coming off his body and know that his growth was a result of my manipulation. At the same time it terrified me. Before things could much progress my tokens had run out and the overzealous proprietor had banged on the door of my booth, noticing that the occupied light had gone out. It startled me so much that I immediately bolted out of the booth and had not returned to any kind of bookstore until my recent scouting of this particular theater. Thus had begun and ended my solitary dalliance with my own gender.

Ten years later, I had hit that point in my marriage where things had dropped off significantly. The clips I watched late at night on my laptop were of an increasingly varied type as I noticed and appreciated more and more the total physique of the men in the scenes. I had begun to wonder just how far this appreciation ran, and eventually decided that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would try to be open to the possibilities.

Movement caught the corner of my eye. I looked over to see that there was a man getting down on his knees in front of another. They were both less than ten feet away from me, and I had an unobstructed view as standing man’s sweatpants fell to his ankles and kneeling man began. Within moments though, the area became crowded as on looking men, hoping to get a better view or possibly somehow in on the action gravitated to what was happening in front of me. Three of them had pulled themselves out and were working their wrists while they watched. One man bumped into me, and while I was really enjoying watching what was happening, the close proximity made me nervous and I backed away a few feet. The spot I had just vacated was quickly filled by another voyeur and my eye line to the action was blocked. I moved off down the aisle and started looking at the seats.

Many of the rows were recently vacated by men hoping to get a closer view of the new action that had erupted at the back wall where I had been standing. There was one row where a late twenties fellow sat, watching the action, and repeatedly adjusting himself. Feeling bold and not wanting the entire evening to be for naught because of nerves, I sat down in the same row, with a full empty seat between us.

He eyed me briefly then put his attention back on the screen, adjusting himself as he did. I sat quietly, watching the movie and chancing glances in his direction several times. The action on the screen must have really been affecting him. He gave up the pretense of adjusting himself and opened his jeans and got it out. It was in every possible way perfectly average. It was not as big as a baby’s arm, or the thickest or roundest or most amazing sample anyone had ever seen. It was his, and it was hard, but more importantly than anything else, it was very close by and I could see it not on a screen or with a crowd standing around it. I watched him slowly work his hand up and down. He was enjoying himself and I went from glancing to openly watching him; the action of the couples on the screen completely ignored. After less than a minute he glanced my direction seeing if I was doing the same. When he saw that I was not, he fixed his attention on the screen again and kept going. Slowly.

I steeled my nerves knowing that if this didn’t provoke me into action nothing would. I very slowly, as if he wouldn’t notice, scooted myself up out of the seat and slid to my right, closing adiosbet giriş the gap between us. We were now sitting side by side, and he looked again, chancing a glance at my sweatpants where I am confident he could see the tenting effect I was creating. He met my eyes for just a second then went back to looking at the screen. As he did, he lifted himself up just a fraction and shimmied his jeans and boxers down. Once he had repositioned, he dropped his right hand away and sat, just watching, not touching himself at all. This was his invitation.

Slowly, I reached out. I had riveted my eyes to the screen almost in fear of what it would look like for my hand to be reaching out to his lap. I fumbled a moment as I oriented myself, then I brushed it, and sank my hand down to lightly grip him. I gave a light squeeze to gauge my grip on him and then slowly began to move my hand down, then up. On the upstroke he let out a low, almost imperceptible sigh, deep in his chest, and as my hand reached the top, it was met with the slippery slickness of self-lubrication.

I continued this way, slowly for a few minutes that to me seemed like an eternity. I did not speed up, I didn’t want to risk it all ending too soon. He had become fully solid in my grip and had tilted his head back and closed his eyes, no longer needing the movie to continue his arousal. He was warm, and firm. He was willing and anonymous and compliant. I moved my hand slowly to the base, then further down, feeling the loose weight of what hung below. I brought my hand up again slowly and as I did he released a shallow sigh. I continued moving my hand and heard the sigh again. This time though, I realized it was not a sigh, but a word. “Mouth,” he repeated in a faint whisper.

A cold chill raced down my spine when I realized what he was requesting. Could I do this? Would I do this? Was I capable of this at all? Or was it exactly what I had hoped for from the moment I walked in. I tried to lick my lips, but my nerves drew my mouth instantly dry. I tried again, and he interpreted this as me getting ready. He lifted himself up and pulled both his jeans and boxers down past his knees to give me all the access he felt I needed.

The chill that had gripped me turned to heat as I made up my mind that this was indeed what I wanted and my arousal reached a peak that I do not believe I have ever felt before. I released him from my hand, and leant over the armrest between us. I could smell him instantly, distinct from the mixed male aroma of the rest of the room. I brought myself lower, and opened my mouth.

The first moment as he passed into my mouth was like the first wash of coffee. Surprisingly hot, but at the same time it was pleasant. I let myself taste him as I moved slowly further down, taking him all the way. I was rewarded with a much louder groan from deep in his chest and I hollowed my cheeks with suction as I easily reached the base of his excitement.

I was doing it. I was actually doing it, and it was shocking and remarkable and exciting and completely mentally intoxicating. I had stepped over a boundary that I could never have imagined. I could not even guess the reaction that friends or family would have if they ever found out this dirty little secret I now had. It pushed my arousal even further as ever so slowly, I rose my head up and released him from my mouth.

Again I went down, eyes now closed so that I would not be distracted by anything external to the carnal act I was performing on this complete stranger. He was fully covered in my saliva and slid smoothly past my lips, swelling even more than he had in my hand, his excitement growing. As I hit the base again, he lifted up his hips to meet me and despite everything I was finding the positioning uncomfortable, leaning as I was over the armrest of the seat.

I came up again and released him fully from my mouth by only a small margin, then shifted myself so that I could kneel in front of him for a much more comfortable angle for me and giving me much less restricted access to the task. Once in position, I took him again fully into my mouth, dropping all the way down and holding him there. I moved adiosbet güvenilirmi my tongue slowly around from side to side, up and down. I lifted up near the top and swirled the swollen sensitive helmet and sunk again and again, caving in my mouth and locking my lips in a tight grip around him.

He met my downward motions with slight upward thrusts of his hips. I had closed my eyes again and had begun, with my left hand to fondle the soft downy package that hung just below where my mouth was working. I could feel the heat coming off his body, his legs, his most private areas and it contrasted with the cool blast air conditioning that cooled theater of sweaty men. For the briefest moment the seal of my suction failed. I was startled at the sound that came out between me and him and realized that I sounded just like the women in the clips I watched, or on the screen, making the same noises. It made me feel depraved and that made me feel even more excited. I increased the pull of my mouth and worked to keep the seal even tighter. But I made more noise, and I liked it. I kept moving up and down on him and felt his hand rest on my shoulder.

As I worked on him my only thoughts were that I did not want this to end. Finally it had happened and I was scared that I would not ever have the time or the opportunity or the nerve to repeat this. I tried to slow down to make this go on. I had no idea at this point how long I had been at it. Was it seconds, was it minutes? I was totally high with arousal and had absolutely no sense of time.

I dipped again, and this time the upward thrust that met me was more urgent than it had been previously. I brought my head up but immediately felt his hand apply pressure to my shoulder. He was accelerating the pace of the action. I tried to keep things slow, but in my left hand I felt him go from hanging softness to a tight urgent package preparing for release. It would not last much longer I concluded and decided that I wanted to make the end arrive for him as powerfully as I could. I pulled my lips further around my teeth and accelerated both my pace and the suction with which I held him in my mouth.

He sighed, then grunted. He moaned and met my every movement. What had been slow and almost relaxing was becoming frenetic. I kept up my pace and went faster as much as I could. The pressure of his hand on my back increased as did the timing of his hips. There was another grunt and I felt his thighs tighten under my chest. It was almost time and I quickened my pace even more. His thighs locked. His hand pushed down, and I accommodated this by taking him fully into my mouth. I increased the suction and as I did, his final resolve broke. He flooded my mouth. I felt it flying into the roof of my mouth, rapid, repeated, and like that first sip of coffee, somehow hotter then everything else happening in my mouth. The jets flew as he spasmed and I did not let a single drop of him escape my mouth. I swallowed as fast as it came, saddened that it was ending so quickly, feeling his intensity diminish second after second. Within moments it was over. He was softening and he moved to reach for his pants and as he bent, his body blocked and forced me to release him. I sat back on my heels as he stood up. He collected himself, adjusted his loose clothing and closed up, putting himself away.

He spun on one foot into the aisle on his right, and began walking out; but immediately stopped. He was blocked in by onlookers on almost every side. The two of us were surrounded by voyeurs that I never even heard approach us. In the row of seats both in front and behind us there were three men. In the aisle were three more watching and turning my head I could see that another was sitting in the seat one spot away that I had originally used when I came into the theater.

The recipient of my attention, having gotten what he wanted, shouldered past every one and move up the aisle and out of the theater. I looked around me, still kneeling in front of the seat he had occupied. Several of the spectators were in full view and various states of excitement. I was shocked, dumbfounded and stared at them, turning from side to side. I can only guess now that they thought I was working on making a choice because one of them that was already out stepped in front of the theater seat that had just been vacated, dropped his pants and sat down. He met my eyes and raised his eyebrows while nodding his invitation to me.

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