Family Photoshoot Pt. 02


The only thing dumber than the first chapter of this story is the fact that I wrote a second part. I mean, seriously? But here we are!

As always, everyone depicted here is over the age of 18.

Sidney and her brother had just completed an extremely out-of-the-ordinary family photoshoot.

The 18-year-old twins, both dolled up for prom, had let themselves be posed in increasingly unexpected ways until the whole thing had escalated, somehow, to Tom taking his sister’s virginity and inseminating her unprotected pussy right on the front porch. All while their mother took pictures.

Now, finally, they were ready to leave for prom. But right as they were about to head out, they heard the roar of an engine and the squeal of breaks. The siblings looked up and saw a silver sedan swerve right in front of their house and skid to a stop. The door flew open, and their father popped out.

“Am I too late for picture time?” Dad asked, looking frantic, “I got home as soon as I could.”

“Oh, Danny, you’re just in time,” Mom said, “Now we can do all the mother-son and daddy-daughter photos!”

The siblings both froze in place. Wait, what?

“Of course,” Mom said, as if it were obvious, “Come on Tom, I want some pictures of you and me together on the porch.”

Tom froze. He looked back at Sidney like begging for help. All Sidney could do was stare back at her twin brother with that same look of shock. The both of them needed a shower and a change of clothes (and maybe an intervention), not yet another round of pictures. Yet neither sibling knew what to say in the moment.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Mom said, sensing Tom’s reluctance. “It’s all going to be fine.”

“But Mom, I’m not sure…”

“Oh, I know, sweetie,” Mom continued, placatingly, “Your father doesn’t have my visual eye. But I’m sure he’ll take pictures we can be proud of.”

Too stunned to say anything more, Tom reluctantly let Mom lead him back to the top stair of the front porch. Meanwhile, Dad sprinted enthusiastically across the lawn and started fiddling around behind the camera.

“Wow, you got some really good ones here, Amanda,” Dad said, looking into the viewfinder.

As her father examined the camera, Sidney eyed him up from afar. He was dressed in his work clothes, a navy polo shirt and khaki slacks. Dad had red hair, like hers — though it was starting to go silver at the sides — and the same icy blue eyes. Dad’s handsome. Sidney had always thought so. He was in remarkably good shape for a man in his forties and he had the best smile she’d ever seen (Tom was a close second, of course).

“Here, princess, come take a look,” Dad said, waving his daughter over, “Don’t you and sport look great together?” Sidney was always princess, and Tom was always sport. Neither affectionate appellation was applied to the other.

For a moment, Sidney let herself be fooled into thinking that only normal, everyday pictures were in her mom’s camera. Because the reality was far more impossible to accept. There was no way that the screen was showing her having sex with her brother, because that would be insane.

Yet, sure enough, there Sidney was — in sparkling, full color, 1080p — getting taken from behind by her very own brother. Her mouth hanging open, red hair splayed everywhere. Tom cupping her massive tits like they were precious stones. Well, precious mountains, anyway.

“Is that the moment sport came in you?” Dad asked, pointing to a particularly lewd picture where Sidney’s naked body was completely exposed but her mind was clearly nowhere to be seen.

“Daddy!” Sidney said, flushing red. “I mean, maybe? I don’t know…”

“Look at you, princess, you’re perfect,” Dad said, “I promise you have nothing to be ashamed of.” He called up to his wife who was now standing on the porch next to her son. “You did a fantastic job on these, Amanda! I just hope I can come close to your standard.”

“Oh, Danny, I’m sure you’ll do great,” Mom said, “Besides, you have two excellent subjects. Wouldn’t you say, sweetie?” She reached over and tousled her son’s hair.

At over forty, the twins’ mom could only be described as incredible. She was wearing a simple, red v-neck t-shirt and Mom jeans, but she made them look better than formal wear. Sure, Mom had a bit of a stomach (barely a paunch honestly), and her tits had started to sag. But, come on! Sidney knew every one of her and Tom’s friends (yes, even the girls) had a massive crush on their mother.

As they stood together on the porch, Sidney was struck by the similarities of mother and son. Tom had the same hair as Mom, dark brown and thick. They shared similar eyes and mouths, even made the same expressions. It was clear that they were genetically entwined. Which only made the tingles shoot sharper up Sidney’s spine seeing the two of them together on the stoop.

“Why don’t you two get ready,” Dad said, kneeling behind the camera. “I just have to set myself up back here.”

Mom nodded and grabbed her son’s hand, like artemisbet yeni giriş she was overcome by the anticipation. She brought up her phone from her pocket and used the selfie-camera to quickly fix her hair. Tom, far more disheveled, stood by her side looking shellshocked.

“I’m sorry I’m not dressed as fancy as you,” Mom said, smiling at Tom.

Tom was many things, but fancy no longer made the list. His dress shirt was crumpled — stained with pussy juice and penis sap — and he’d buttoned it askew. His pants were also rumpled and muddy from when they’d been tossed on the ground. His hair — the one thing he’d actually spent time getting ready for that evening — had gone from expertly mussed to just plain old messy. Like he’d styled it in a windstorm.

Not that Sidney was looking any better, she reflected. She didn’t need a mirror to know that her makeup was streaked down her face and her red hair stuck out at odd angles. Her dress, perfectly prepared before that evening, now looked like she’d taken it out of a dumpster after ripping it from the hands of a greedy, fashion-conscious raccoon. And her snatch was leaking the precious, warm seed her brother had put inside her.

Sidney caught her brother looking her way and she gave him a cute little wave. She felt dizzy and numb, like she’d been drugged. She supposed she had in a way — given an overdose of her brother’s potent cum. Right to her unprotected pussy.

Was it wrong that something about that made her happy, instead of scared? She pictured herself with a twin-supplied baby-filled belly and, instead of feeling terrified like she should have been, she was totally turned on.

“Sidney is wonderful, isn’t she?” Mom said to Tom, loud enough that Sidney could hear them.

“She’s a great sister,” Tom said, carefully noncommittal.

“She’s amazing,” Mom said, “I know I can’t keep up with her.”

“I think you do more than keep up, Mom,” Tom said, smiling down at his mother. She grinned back, clearly happy with the compliment.

“OK, I think I’ve got the camera set up right,” Dad said, “Both of you stand together.”

While their father posed her brother and mom on the front porch, Sidney stood back on the lawn and watched, caught somewhere between jealous that her mom was with her brother and relieved that she had been spared another photo session.

Seeing her mom and brother stand close together on the stairs, Sidney started to feel nervous about what was about to happen. She made herself take a deep breath. Whatever had gone on before was strange, sure, but it wasn’t going to continue now that Dad was home. Certainly, Dad wasn’t about to direct his son to have sex with his wife (Tom’s own mother!) while he sat back composing photos. No, this would be a normal old family picture. No other option was possible.

“OK, Amanda, keep your hands right there,” Dad said, “Now tilt your head so it rests on sport’s shoulder.”

“Your boy’s a little tall for that, these days,” Mom said.

“Well, rest it against his chest, at least,” Dad said, “Tom, stop being so stiff.”

Speaking of stiff — Sidney was surprised to see that her brother’s dick had recovered from their earlier escapade and was now trying to bust its way back out of his pants. Sidney didn’t have a lot of experience with penises, but she was pretty sure they were supposed to take a while to recharge. Yet Sidney could see clearly that Tom was more than ready for action, once again, as he posed next to a family member.

“Sport, you are busting out!” Dad said, raising his head from behind the camera. Tom’s face went pink. “Look at your arms and your chest. You barely even fit in that shirt.”

Tom let out a long sigh. “Oh. Um, thanks Dad,” he said, “You know, working out.”

“Well, I have to say, you look damn good,” Dad said, “Wouldn’t you agree, Amanda?”

“Definitely, Danny,” Mom said, with a bit of a giggle.

“Here, reach up and squeeze Tom’s bicep, hon,” Dad said, “Give it a good feel.”

Click, click, click. Dad took pictures as his wife slowly traced her son’s muscular arms. But she didn’t stop there. Mom began to drag her hand over Tom’s chest, feeling his defined pecs and washboard stomach. The whole time, she cooed like she was petting a particularly cute baby seal.

“Take his shirt off,” Dad said.

“Dad?” Tom asked.

“Come on, sport, I know you worked hard to get that body. Don’t you want to show it off for the rest of the family?” Dad asked.

“You remember those muscle shots your Uncle Travis sent last year?” Mom asked.

Sidney, in fact, did remember the bizarre pictures her uncle had shared with the family. She had not been ready to see her mom’s younger brother wearing a speedo, a Santa hat, and nothing else, while doing lunges. Even if he was remarkably ripped.

“Right?” Dad said, “I think we need to give your uncle a little competition.”

Tom sighed and started unbuttoning his shirt. The poor, tortured piece of cloth was barely wearable at artemisbet giriş that point anyway.

“Ooo, look at that,” Mom said, running her hand up down her son’s body.

“You been shaving yourself, there sport?” Dad asked.

“The girls like it,” Tom said, defensively.

“Oh, I know how you kids are these days,” Dad said, “But I also know your mother likes at least a little hair on the old chest.” Dad thumped his own pecs. “What about you, Sidney? You like how your brother looks?”

“I don’t know,” Sidney said, suddenly shy. She looked away.

“Hear that, sport?” Dad said with a grin, “Sounds like you might have to rethink your strategy.”

“Danny, are you taking pictures or what?” Mom asked.

“Whoops, sorry dear.” Dad dropped back behind the camera and started clicking away.

“You know if Tom’s going to be topless,” Mom said, “I suppose I should be, as well. Even things out and all.”

Sidney gasped. On the one hand, did some strange part of her want to see her mom’s massive breasts? Actually, kinda yeah. On the other though, she wasn’t sure Mom should be showing her tits to her son, her family, and the many local townsfolk who happened to live nearby.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Tom asked, speaking Sidney’s mind for her.

Mom looked at him, eyebrow raised. Her beautiful face was lost in thought. “You’re right,” she said, and both twins breathed a sigh of relief mixed with disappointment. “It’s getting too dark for pictures. Let’s move this shoot inside the house.”

Like this made total sense, the family immediately agreed. They all raced to gather up the photography equipment in the last of the gloaming. The moon was well up in the sky by the time they were done, scampering back into the house with armfuls of lenses, tripods, and camera bags.

They all went so fast, they forgot about the car. Tom and Sidney had been about to drive to the prom before their dad showed up. Now the front passenger door was left sitting wide open, keys in the ignition — a single, sad electric dome light shone thin while the car pinged lonely and forgotten under the stars.

Inside, the family tossed everything onto the living room couch, then moved the furniture around to make enough open space. Again, like this was totally normal behavior for a Friday evening.

“Go stand by the mantle with your mother, sport, it’s going to take me a moment to set up in here,” Dad said, “Hey, princess?”

“Yes, Dad?” Sidney asked, she eyed all the photography gear nervously, worried her father was going to expect her to deal with it all. Worse, though, was looking at her shirtless brother and soon-to-be-shirtless Mom.

Sidney was torn. On the one hand, this was family fooling around, which was wrong on so many levels even Mario couldn’t get through them all. But it didn’t stop Sidney from thinking back fondly about fucking her brother.

Sex with Tom had transcended any expectation she’d had for the experience. The fact that it had been her twin sibling taking her virginity weirdly made everything feel even better. Her naughty pussy, still dripping with his cum, was already hungering for even more.

But instead of delivering her another much needed meal, Tom was playing with Mom instead and it was making Sidney irrationally jealous. The whole thing was a computational conundrum, overclocked and running a hundred different programs, without a single cooling fan to be seen. And, as you’d expect in such a situation, it was melting Sidney’s brain a bit.

“Princess,” Dad said, sternly, snapping Sidney back to attention. “You’re supposed to be helping me here.”

“Right, sorry Daddy,” Sidney said.

“As I was saying, since I’m doing the camera stuff, can you use your iPhone to take some pics of sport and your mom? I want to make sure we get everything we need.”

“Oh!” Sidney said, “Sure thing, Dad.”

Tom and Mom were already standing by the fireplace. Tom’s shirt was completely gone, and their mother was absently tracing his bare chest despite the fact that there was no one recording it. Sidney found her phone — it had been in the purse she’d left out on the porch — and held it up.

“Ready to go,” she said.

“Now, where were we?” Mom asked, putting her finger to her chin in a caricature of consideration.

“You were, um, going to ‘match’ Tom,” Sidney said. The last few words caught in her throat. Was she really suggesting this?

“Oh yes!” Mom said, “I swear sometimes your old mother can be such a ninny.”

She reached down to the hem of her red v-neck and lifted it up over her head. Even Sidney had to appreciate what she was seeing now. Mom’s breasts were large and full, brownish nipples standing out stiff.

Tom clearly appreciated them, as well.

“Wow, Mom,” he said, staring down at his mother’s breasts. His eyes looked ready to pop out of his head.

“Now don’t be a perv, sweetie,” Mom said, “It’s just for photos.”

“OK,” Tom said, chastised.

His mother immediately artemisbet güvenilirmi took his hand and put it on her bare boob. Sidney stared agape.

“Honey?” Mom asked, glaring down at her daughter.

“Oh right,” Sidney said.

Flash flash flash. Sidney took pictures of the mother and son, both bare chested. Tom hefted his mother’s incredible breast, then switched to the other. His mother’s own hands stayed busy with his pecs and stomach.

“Come on, honey,” Mom said, her voice getting that angry tinge, “We can’t just stand here. You need to tell us what to do.”

Sidney, already flustered, by what she was seeing, paused to pull herself together. “Well, um, I guess Tom should probably, you know, suck on them a little?”

“Oooh, that’s a great idea,” Mom said, grabbing Tom’s head and pulling him down. “Come here, sweetie, like when you were a baby.”

Tom let his mouth be led to his mom’s engorged nipples. He opened his mouth, licked, and latched on.

“Oh, that’s very nice,” Mom said, “I bet it’ll make a great, uhn, picture.”

Sidney took Mom’s cue and started snapping. A peculiar part of her, though, looked at what her brother was doing and felt envious. She wanted to lick Mom’s breasts, too.

Without truly thinking about it, Sidney gave in to her urges. She hurried over to her mom’s other side and swiftly snatched up her other tit. Then Sidney held up her iPhone to capture all three of them.

“Oh, look dear,” Mom said, “I’m getting a suckle selfie!”

“So sweet,” Dad said, smiling warmly.

Sidney and Tom both fondled their mother’s breasts. The excitement of being latched to her mother’s amazing nipple sent shivers up Sidney’s arms. The feel of that warm flesh, the wrongness and rightness of what she was doing, threatened to overwhelm her. Mom groaned low in her throat and Sidney reacted like it was the greatest compliment she’d ever been given. For a moment, she caught her brother’s eye, and they shared a wicked grin.

Tom took his freed hand and slid it down his mother’s back to cup her butt cheek. Sidney did the same. Both twins were now playing with their mother in a way that was not at all wholesome. Every image captured forever in Sidney’s phone.

“OK, I think we’re ready for the big show,” Dad said, getting the family’s attention.

Reluctantly, Sidney released her mother’s boob and walked out of the frame.

“Don’t worry, princess,” Dad said, “We’ll get our chance soon, too. For now, stay back and help me with the lighting.” Sidney scampered over and stood obediently behind her father. He knelt down behind the camera, which was resting snugly on the tripod.

Mom and Tom stood next to each other in front of the mantle, arm-in-arm, as if they both weren’t naked from the waist up. Mom’s tits hung down lovely, her nipples still glistening with her children’s saliva.

“OK, let’s start with some simple stuff,” Dad said, “Amanda, why don’t you get down on your knees in front of Tom.”

Sidney sucked in air so hard, she almost fell backward. Things were accelerating so fast. And every time she thought they’d reached the limit, the family stepped harder on the gas.

She looked to her twin, expecting to see a similar stare of surprise from Tom. But instead, he was grinning from ear to ear. Just the idea of an impending blowjob from Mom was apparently more than enough to keep him quiescent.

Mom knelt and undid her son’s belt. Then she pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing his erection. Tom’s hard dick popped straight up, bobbing happily. He stared down at his mother, watching it happen with a detached disbelief.

“Oh, that’s even nicer up close,” Mom said.

“OK, hold that pose,” Dad said, “Now, Amanda, open your mouth. Just take the tip, OK?”

“Mmmhm,” Mom said, her mouth already stuffed full of her son’s dick.

Tom let out a long, sonorous groan as his mother sucked him up. Mom ran her warm, wet tongue ran all over his cock like it was a tasty treat. She made loud, lip-smacking noises, gurgling and grunting on her son’s tasty treat. Suddenly, Sidney remembered that her own grool was still on her brother’s shaft — that Mom was tasting both twins together — and felt herself practically overheat.

“Put your hands on his balls, too,” Dad said.

“Good thinking,” Mom said, her words muffled by the dick in her mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Tom said.

“Hold that pose,” Dad said. Click click click.

The look on Tom’s face was one of endless, ecstatic agony. He ran his fingers through Mom’s dark hair. Both of them cooed at each other, little nonsense sounds that seemed to make some kind of sense to them both. Sidney felt her fingers drift to her crotch, unbidden.

“Hey, Tom, how’s your stamina?” Dad asked.

“Uhh, what Dad?” Tom snapped into consciousness.

“What’s your recovery like?” Dad asked, “You know, if you go now can I count on you to be up and ready again quickly?”

“Oh, I guess it’s OK,” Tom said.

Dad sighed and crossed his arms. “Jeez, sport, it’s a simple question.”

“I’ll be fine, Dad,” Tom said. He looked down lovingly at the woman licking his dick. Tom was definitely confused and certainly disturbed by everything that was going on. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t also having the time of his life.

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