A Love for Micah Ch. 03


Chapter 3: You. Are. Loved.

Two weeks he made me wait.

We saw each other every morning, talked in the evenings and had dinner Friday nights. Then I would stay over and we would not have sex. We asked each other questions, and shared stories about our childhood and past relationships. We kissed and cuddled but we never took it any further than shirts off. He practiced restraint so I did too. I wanted to respect his process because I knew he needed to do this for himself. So I waited for two full weeks before he began to show me signs.

When Jo walked into the Bright Box Cafe that Monday morning of the third week at 7:10am like clockwork, I gave him my customary, “Good morning, Jo.”

He smiled at me and greeted me back. “Good morning, Micah.”

He sat in his usual chair and Marisol served him while I busied myself at the counter. I tried not to stare at him, in his crimson blue Armani suit, crisp white shirt and dark blue patterned tie to accent the look. He read the paper, which I now know as The Wall Street Journal, and made notes in the column as he sipped his medium roast Green Mountain coffee, one cream, two sugars. He didn’t look at me as I worked the floor in my usual attire of black shirt, black pants and black comfortable loafers, my hair for once not in a messy bun but braided stylishly. I added eyeliner that morning but that was my only makeup.

At 7:38am I went over to his table. I had to catch him before he rose at exactly 7:40am to catch his 7:55am train into Center City. Even though the train station was less than a five minute walk from the cafe, he likes to be early for everything. If you’re early, you’re on time; If you’re on time, you’re late. It’s his motto.

I walked over and playfully blocked his exit from the table. Because it is pushed against the wall he had to go through me to leave. I just wanted him to touch me. He slowly looked up at me, his wide dark brown eyes into my light brown ones. Then he produced a purple flower from behind his newspaper, a single lavender rose. “You’re beautiful today,” he said softly as he held it out to me. Be still my beating heart.

My mouth opened slightly and I whispered his name, “Joseph.” I took it from him and leaned down daring him to hesitate and he didn’t, he closed his eyes, lifted his chin and met my lips. First public kiss. We kissed softly and I stepped back. I looked around to see if anyone noticed before I said to him, “Have a good day, Jojo.”

He stood up, towering over me at six feet. He grabbed his jacket and briefcase, stepped forward and kissed me right on the mouth, grabbing my top lip with his two. “You have a great day, Angel.” He stepped around me and walked out.

I floated back to the counter and sat down, a permanent smile on my face. Shelly, who definitely noticed said, “Shit sure did change in a week, didn’t it?”

Marisol walked by and quipped, “Check his knees for rug burns first, then it will all make sense.” I didn’t even retort back, I just laughed out loud. She turned back to me bewildered that I didn’t curse her out. “Ay dios mio, you’re in love,” she scoffed. I didn’t refute her assessment.

Because Jo and his business partner Gary are still in the growing their business stage phase of their financial brokerage company, he gets in the office before 9am and works until 6pm or 7pm, sometimes as late as 9pm, so I don’t always hear from him in the evenings. But he called me from his desk phone and stayed on speaker as I cleaned my house and got ready for bed.

On Tuesday he came in and before he sat at the table he approached me with a single white rose. I smiled widely. “Good morning, Micah,” he said with a smile.

“Good morning, Jo,” I cooed. I lifted up on my toes and kissed his lips softly. We kissed again before he left and clipped my second rose on the notice board behind the counter. He called me again in the evening and tried to explain his work day to me as I did laundry.

Wednesday he showed up with another rose, pink this time. “Oh honey, you are doing the damn thing,” I gushed when he approached me. He smiled widely and greeted me with a simple kiss. On his way out I straightened up his tie and kissed his lips. Because apparently we kiss in public now.

When I added the pink flower next to the white one Shelly said to me, “He’s sending you messages.”

I gave her a confused look. “What do you mean?”

She opened up her phone and showed me the meaning of rose colors. She told me, “The purple rose means love at first sight. He’s saying he was into you from the beginning. The white rose means innocence and purity. But it can also mean honor and respect and worthiness.”

“Gaaawwd,” I gushed happily. “What about pink?”

“Pink is romance, elegance and happiness. Also appreciation and gratitude.”

“So he appreciates me and he’s grateful for me.”

“And you make him happy!” she squealed.

I put my hand on my heart and closed my eyes. “If you’re right 1xbet yeni giriş and he’s sending me messages, then I’m ready for this puzzle. Let’s look up all the colors!”

I didn’t say anything that evening about the rose colors when he called me from the train ride home, we just casually talked about other stuff. But on Thursday I was ready. I was hoping it was red or even orange, but it just better not be blue or yellow!

He showed up not in a work suit but still business casual with dress pants and a tie so I knew he wasn’t going to the office. He walked up to me with a rose that wasn’t quite pink or red and it took me a moment to realize it was coral. I wracked my brain to remember what coral was and it hit me: Desire. Was he telling me that he’s ready?

He answered my question. “I can’t stay for breakfast. I have to go to Wilmington, Delaware for a work meeting so I won’t be available all day but I’ll be back around 5 o’clock. Have dinner with me at my house. Then stay the night.”

“Yes,” I breathed. He kissed my lips softly, then pushed his tongue in and kissed me with more passion. I forgot I was at my place of business and wrapped my arms around his neck in the middle of the cafe and moaned in his mouth.

He pulled back first. “I gotta go. I’ll text you when I can.” He disappeared through the door leaving my heart beating outside of my chest. I turned around and all eyes were on me, including Landon and Ali from the back, Shelly at the counter, Lea the new waitress and Marisol.

Marisol spoke first. “¡Oh chico! He’s in love, también.”

I tried not to think about it all day. But as soon as Fen, the Taiwanese cafe owner, came to settle the books for the day, I immediately left and went straight to my waxing appointment. I had to call in an emergency favor with them and since I’m a regular they fit me in. I went home and cleaned my bottom, then scrubbed and exfoliated my skin and smoothed it out with lavender scented baby oil, then topped it off with a light spray of CK One. I choose my outfit carefully, light blue skinny jeans ripped at the knees, a black tank top and an oversized white and fluffy asymmetrical sweater over it.

At 5pm on the dot he texted me: Sorry I’m late, traffic. I’m just getting in, gonna start dinner and then pick you up at 6:30pm.

Me: Okay

Jojo: You’re staying through Sunday.

Me: Okay

Jojo: I hope you like Italian sausages in your tuna casserole.

Me: First of all, I like sausages everywhere in me.

Jojo: I’m not making tuna casserole. I just wanted you to say something other than: okay.

I laughed at that and sent him an emoji with a halo. Then I added more clothes to my overnight bag. At 6:20pm he was at my door, sexy as ever in loose fitting jeans, a light pink button down shirt with the two top buttons opened and his brown leather jacket. He waited in the doorway for me to lock up, took my bag from me and then we got in his car to head to his house.

His home was warm and smelled of some kind of pasta. The table was set with scented candles of cinnamon and vanilla, a big bowl of freshly made garden salad and buttered french rolls. I set the plastic container I was holding down on the island, then I went upstairs to his room to put my bag down and the fireplace was already roaring. By the time I made it back down he had cut up perfect lasagna squares with fresh bay leaves on top and set two plates next to each other.

“Oh one more thing,” he said and went to the counter and showed me the Maker Mark’s 46. I gasped loudly and excitedly but he said, “After dinner. For now, do you want wine or water?”

“Wine. White.”

“Good choice.”

He pulled out white Zinfandel from the wine fridge and I gasped again. “Cheap wine!? Who are you!?”

He smiled at me. “Well I knew you were coming so…”

“Fucker!” I yelled at him dramatically and he laughed out loud. I added the container to the table and told him as I sat down, “Abby’s apple pie. She made it on Sunday.”

“Can’t wait to try it,” he said as he sat down. Then he looked at me closely. “You did that for me?”

I smiled slyly. “Did what?” I added eyeliner, gold eyeshadow to compliment my eyes, curled my long eyelashes and shaped my eyebrows.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said seriously. Then he leaned in my neck and sniffed me. “Hmmm… what else did you do for me?” he said in my ear all husky. My dick immediately swelled and I almost told him fuck this dinner shit and take me on this table.

But I know he planned a romantic evening for us so I kept it in my pants, literally, and said, “Guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

I reached for my fork and took a bite of the heavenly lasagna he made. He leaned back and also started eating. We made small talk about work and how Randy is doing, pretty stable at the moment. I caught him up on Devin’s love life: he finally ended it with Wally but they still talk everyday so that’s not going to last long, they’ll be 1xbet giriş back in bed by Christmas. My stomach is a bottomless pit but I wanted to be light for him so I ate less than normal and drank more.

After dinner he grabbed ice cream and we ate the pie à la mode, talking less, staring more. Eventually I stood up, grabbed the bourbon and two glasses from the cabinet like I already lived there and started walking toward the foyer. At the entryway I looked over my shoulder and asked him, “Are you coming?”

He stood up. “Lead the way, sexy.”

He followed me upstairs to his room. I left my shoes by the door, poured two full glasses and handed him one, then plopped in one of the oversize chairs in front of the fireplace, drawing my knees up and tucking my feet underneath me. I was already feeling nice from the three glasses of wine at dinner, so the smooth and sweet taste of the liquor was putting me all the way in the mood. He rolled up his sleeves to his elbow and sat in the other chair. Here we sat and sipped, quietly watching the fire.

I broke the silence. “So. Have you done all the soul searching you need to do? Consulted the planets and all the mediums? Prayed for guidance from your ancestors?”

He didn’t answer my question, instead he said without looking at me, “You make me feel….cared for. In ways that no one has ever done for me. When I’m with you I feel youthful. Joyful. Excited. Desired. Courageous. You challenge me, force me to be unconventional in my habitual life. You’re so imperfectly perfect for me. It hit me so fast, I didn’t even realize it until I was already deep in. I just needed my head to catch up to my heart.”

He let his words hang in the air. I smirked and finished my glass. “Guess all my voodoo dolls and prayers to the orishas worked.”

He smiled and stood up. “You’re impossible.”

“But I’m also looking very probable to you right now,” I stated amusingly.

He walked over and towered over me. “You’re gonna make jokes all night?”

“Not unless you put something in my mouth and shut me up.”

Jo leaned over, put his hands on the armrest and got inches from my face. “You’re gorgeous,” he said softly.

“You said that already,” I said softly back. “Tell me something else.”

“I’ve fallen in love with you.”

I gasped. “Be still my beating heart,” I whispered.


“Nothing. Say it again.”

“I’d rather show you,” he said, and kissed me softly on the lips, then leaned into my neck and kissed me there.

I reached up and held onto his neck and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me from the chair into a standing position. He continued to kiss my face and my neck, holding me close to his body. He needed more skin so he leaned back, grabbed my sweater from the bottom and pulled it up over my head in one swoop, then resumed kissing me all over. I felt him move his hands further down to my butt cheeks and lift me up. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and held onto his neck tighter, put my head on his shoulder and sighed. He held me this way for ten full seconds before he moved me to the bed.

He laid me down gently and kissed me again. I took note that his kisses were not needy tonight but sweet and sensual. His mouth made it to my tank top and kissed and sucked my hard nipples through the cotton, then moved it up, started at my belly button and kissed his way back up to my pec, putting my right nub between his lips and pulled upward, making me moan. He moved over to give my left nipple the same treatment, then kissed his way back to my groin. He leaned up to a stand and began to remove my belt buckle, then the button, then the zipper. I sat up to help him but he put one palm flat on my chest and pushed me back on the bed, making me giggle. He grabbed my jeans at the hips and pulled. They slid down inside out and off my body.

He grabbed my hard dick and squeezed and I moaned really loud. Then he stepped back and started taking off his clothes. I reached down to pull off my blue and black colored briefs but he shook his head firmly as his shirt slid off, revealing his broad and hairy chest. I understood. I was his present and he was going to unwrap me all by himself. So instead I moved further up the bed and watched him step out of his jeans and throw them on the chair. He wore burgundy trunks that barely held his huge cock, already stained with pre-cum making its way out. Then he dropped them.

He reached up and held onto the top part of his four poster bed and cocked his head to the side. He stood there and I smiled, figuring out what he wanted. He wanted me to see him in all of his glory first and to know that all of him was mine to claim too. And he wanted permission to claim me so I gave it to him. “C’mere,” I told him softly. Only then did he crawl up the bed toward me.

He started at my inner thighs, smooth and hairless, kissed and sucked them, marking his territory, the top of his head brushing against my balls as he 1xbet güvenilirmi did so. Once satisfied with the two hickeys on opposite sides of me, he knelt on the bed and pulled my underwear down. Although my cock was stiff as a board he went for my nuts first, kissing, sucking, nudging them with his nose, licking them. Then he pushed my thighs back and went straight for it, putting his tongue directly in my hole, his beard sexy and scratchy against me. I moaned so loud if he had close neighbors they would have absolutely heard me while he rimmed me.

He kissed his way back up to my balls, licked them a few times, then came up a little further and held my cock straight up. I didn’t know if he was stalling because he hasn’t sucked a cock in 12 years or if he was teasing me but my body was dying to feel his mouth on me. He started licking me from base to tip, gathering all the pre-cum on his tongue, circling the head and making his way back down. When he had licked me as clean as he could with me still leaking a steady drip from the slit, he finally, thankfully, mercifully put my horn in his mouth and began to blow.

If he hadn’t told me that he hasn’t given a blow job in over a decade I would have never believed him. His suction was immaculate and he deep throated my seven inches every single time, with his tight fist chasing his way up. While riding my orgasmic waves to ecstasy I realized something. His touch, his kisses, everything he was doing was purposeful and intentional. He wanted to be in complete control while I lost control. He wanted to bring me to my metaphorical knees, to torture me with pleasure until I begged for sweet release. This is how he will claim me, own me, make me his. When all is said and done tonight, he will be all I’ll ever want and need.

So I gave him what he wanted, what he needed. I let myself go, called out his name and begged him to make my cum. And cum I did, I jizzed in his mouth repeatedly, my spunk filling his cheeks and dribbling out the side of his mouth. He dutifully swallowed, leaned up on his knees and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He smiled at me like he was proud of himself, making me laugh.

“Yes, you did very very well,” I praised him. “Want a cookie?”

“I’m about to get the cookie,” he said, making me giggle. “Reach under the pillow.”

I looked at him curiously, then reached up. I felt a bunch of unopened Magnum XL wrappers and I threw one at him. It bounced off his chest and I laughed again. He said, “Now get the other thing.”

I reached further around until my fingers closed on a cylinder bottle of lube. I sat up to hand it to him then turned around, got on my knees and leaned all the way down giving him full access. He lubed me up with two fingers inside, then wet my outside too until my entire crack was glistening. I braced myself for impact when he reached around my waist and turned me over.

“I need to see your face the first time,” he told me. He held my legs up and toward my chest and I took that responsibility from him. He put the condom on as I watched him, then added lube to the rubber. He stroked himself a few times then looked at me.

He placed the tip at my pucker. And right before he was about to thrust I told him unequivocally, “I love you, Jo.”

He looked at me, partly surprised like he couldn’t believe I chose that moment to tell him and also elated that I chose that moment to tell him. I nodded my truth at him. We locked eyes for a moment, then he pushed through the ring. I cried out and instinctively bore down as he didn’t stop, sliding in like he always belonged there. He kept pushing past my prostate to the hilt, leaned in and kissed me. I let my legs drop keeping my knees up and my feet flat, the flexibility in my hips and pelvic bone allowing me to grant him full access in the position, and I held onto him.

His kisses relaxed me as I got used to his size, then when he knew I was ready he began to move, pulling back slowly, pushing in smoothly. We stared at each other as he made love to me. This slow march went on and on, meaningfully, intentionally. He needed me to feel how deeply he cared about me. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help it. My eyes started welling up, then the tears started falling down the side of my face. I quickly figured out why. I’ve had sex, I’ve been unwillingly sodomized, I’ve been pounded, I’ve been fucked, but no one has ever made love to me until now.

He slowed down even more and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

“Please don’t stop, Joseph,” I responded instead of answering his direct question. “Don’t ever, ever stop.”

He nodded and went back to his steady pace. I closed my eyes and held onto him tightly, my entire body alive and tingling, my mouth open slightly as I moaned with every other thrust. He leaned up and held onto my thighs, bringing me toward him rather than him pushing in, slowly at first, then much faster, harder. He gathered my legs and put them on his shoulders, then pushed all the way into my chest so that my bottom was no longer on the bed. He thrusted harder, his deep strokes wanting to go deeper. We had been here long enough. He needed to cum.

I let him fuck me. I told him to, screamed at him, “Fuck me harder!”

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