Ann’s Enlightenment Ch. 03


This concludes their story, a loving event, followed by a highly challenging one. They seek help to take them forward in understanding their reactions to a weekend which has been a rollercoaster of emotions for them both.

The future is open.

No adultery, no swapping.

The next morning Ann awoke and reluctantly, very slowly removed David’s arm from around her. He was still clutching her breast. She sneaked away to the bathroom where the shower revitalised her. Her mind was playing last evening back. She couldn’t believe she had been fucked in an alley and given him a blowjob outside in the club car park. As she thought of the lustful stares while on the dancefloor she didn’t know if it was the water or her thoughts making her pussy so wet.

She prepared herself fully and slipped into her nurse’s uniform. She hoped David would like it. She knew he loved satin but the fact the top had poppers to release her breasts should arouse him further. He would find the panties interesting she thought.

She felt conflicted over David’s interaction with Brian. On one hand Brian might have called the Police. On the other he certainly deserved what he got. She had warned him! David was her hero so he needed to be checked out.

She made them tea and brought it to their bedroom. David was just waking up when Ann returned. “This hospital sure looks after their patients,” he warmly teased.

“You need to replace the fluids you lost yesterday, sir. Once you have I shall examine you for further injuries,” the professional nurse replied.

As they drank their tea, David held Ann close. The effect of the uniform on him became obvious very quickly. “I see there is even more to examine,” nurse Ann commented.

“I think I better give a urine sample first,” David countered. He headed off and had a quick shower though he suspected, like yesterday, he may need one again soon.

When he returned Ann had him lying down flat on the bed. If she was just examining his hands, “why?” he thought but did as he was directed.

Ann moved to his head and straddled him. She lowered her pantie covered pussy onto his mouth. He watched incredulously as she did so. This was so unlike Ann. He heard her say, “I shall begin the examination.”

He felt her take his left hand so he used the other to examine her right breast. “Men!” she said crossly, batting it away. As she did, she rubbed her pussy on his face so he took the hint. He began to try and get entry to her pussy but thought the pantie would prevent it. The pantie parted. Crotchless! Ann had never worn such a pair before. Soon, he was lapping her pussy and as she moved, licking along her labia and rimming her bum. He was rewarded with more sighs of pleasure and Ann using his face more firmly to drive her to her orgasm.

He felt his left hand being raised and placed on her now naked left breast as she began examining the right one. He felt her nipple’s arousal. He used his tongue to fuck her pussy. Soon, Ann placed his right hand on her naked right breast. It was just as aroused. He felt her pussy rise slightly as she lowered herself forward. It was his turn to gasp as Ann took his cock into her mouth. She was playing with his balls and bum as her tongue wrote all over his cock.

As he allowed the sensation from his cock to arouse him, he recalled the effect being forceful with her breasts had caused. He began adding more force as he gripped, mauled and then pulled her nipples hard. He was rewarded as Ann moaned, very contently.

He redoubled his efforts on her pussy and clit. He felt her rise slowly and fall before rising again. This movement became quicker and more pronounced. Her thighs kept his face still as she used his face as a joystick. “Oh fuck, Oh fuck!” was all he heard before Ann drove her pelvis down hard onto him. He felt her body shake violently as she came. His tongue dived as deep as it could into her pussy, fucking her hard. Her body stiffened again and she cried out, “YEAH! OH Fuck!”

Ann settled on him as she recovered. Her hands were running slowly up and down his inner thighs. His cock was being kissed and nibbled. She was blowing on it. Instead of getting off, Ann moved and slid down to meet his cock. She grabbed it and placed it in her hot pussy.

Ann began riding him, reverse cowgirl, he later learnt. He was in awe. He could only hold her by her uniform as it slipped up and down her body. Her lovely arse kept his attention, highlighted by those panties. He watched his cock almost being used as a dildo by her. It was breath taking watching it appear and disappear.

Ann was increasing the pace and his cock was giving him messages that it was going to explode. Ann was vocalising her pleasure, telling him how fucking good it felt, how he was driving her to another. Those words drove him as well. His hips rose as he powered into her pussy. Ann didn’t give him an option to delay the inevitable. She used her cunt muscles to clamp down hard on him as she came again. He adiosbet yeni giriş couldn’t move as he fired into her volcanic pussy. She collapsed over his legs.

They lay like that for a few minutes, both recovering, breathing heavily but highly satisfied. Ann moved around trying to keep him inside her as she cuddled into him. “David, I love you,” she said as she kissed his face and washed it with her tongue.

David was kissing her back. They had seldom been so passionate with each other before. He was thoroughly enjoying the new Ann. Even so, he was shocked to discover his cock had recovered and was wanting to play again.

Ann smiled, “How do you want it, my hero?” as she caressed his hardening cock with her pussy muscles.

David surprised her by lifting her up, placing a pillow under her bottom. “You want my bum?” suggested Ann.

“No, missionary. I want to watch you as I fuck you slowly. I love you. I love how your skin glows and how your areolas darken. I want to watch the sexiest woman alive cum on my cock. I want to kiss and caress you, your breasts and your nipples. I’ll end with your legs over my shoulders as I pound you to ecstasy.”

Ann could only reach up and caress his face with her hands. She signalled she was ready as she began humping him.

“No,” David told her, “This hero is in charge. My pace.” He gave a wicked smile. Ann relaxed and allowed him to set the pace.

Slowly he worked his cock all the way in and slowly took it almost all the way out. As he went in, he twisted so he was rubbing her clit. Ann was breathing lightly, feeling the sensations grow. “You’re playing me, every cell is in rapture.” She was moaning in pleasure, small gasps. Her head was moving in time with his thrusts.

As he leaned down to kiss her, she dragged her nails over his back and bum. He felt her desire for more power but he wanted to make love not fuck. As they kissed, he was gentle, caring. This transmitted to Ann who stopped trying to get him to speed up. As he tenderly kissed and caressed her breasts, she felt herself cumming from that gentle stimulation. She held him to her breasts as she came.

Still David moved slowly, he was watching for Ann to enter that zone of pleasure where they would be as one. It took a further twenty minutes, many highly satisfied moans of pleasure, endearments about her love for him, before he saw she was mentally in another world. He slowly increased his pace. Kissing and nibbling her ears, her neck, her breasts. Each repetition seemed to ignite more flames of arousal. Ann was beside herself, her moans of pleasure multiplying. She wasn’t coherent, just in sexual rapture.

He had never experienced the feelings he was receiving. Every cell seemed connected; lightning was flashing everywhere in his body. The heat from her pussy, her wetness, was driving him on. His mind was leaving this place. He put her legs over his shoulders allowing him to piston into her as he approached his own climax. Ann was humping back at him, till they were almost in a tousled frenzy as they approached their orgasm. They kissed in a fiery embrace as they came together. The feeling was as if they had fused together.

David collapsed on top of her. It was ten minutes before they could move. They cuddled together. The afterglow causing a number of aftershocks for both. They were spent. Neither could speak.

It was lunchtime by the time they stirred. Ann dressed more conservatively than the day before. Her whole body was still reeling from the extreme pleasure she had experienced. She had never expected anything like that. Her fingers lightly touching herself as she dressed, sparked little fires everywhere. As she put her panties on, she thought she would need to remove them. Her labia and pussy were still highly aroused. She saw her nipples standing proud, her areolas dark red. She felt herself glow.

As she looked at David, she could see he was feeling similar explosions as he dressed. She thought her face would appear like his, shocked, fulfilled, happy, extremely happy, bewildered.

They still hadn’t exchanged many words. A touch, a look was all they needed. The love they had was obvious to the other.

Finally Ann held David and said softly, “Wow! I don’t know what you did but I’m still catching up with my spirit. I love you.” She kissed him gently.

David held her, feeling her braless nipples cut into his chest. He had never experienced that either. He had only read stories about this mythical fucking nirvana. Now he knew it existed. He was still breathing quickly. He doubted he could get an erection again anytime soon. He had never been so sated. His mind sensed it was in a different dimension to his body.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by. They were seldom far apart, a look, a light kiss, a caress was all they needed. At night they hugged each other and slept like babes.

The next morning, David was surprised to see Ann fastening her stockings. Then he remembered adiosbet giriş they were to have lunch. He kissed her as he ran his hand up her legs.

“Later,” smiled Ann. She gave him her breasts to kiss before she put on her bra. While not overtly sexy, it was lacy and exposed some cleavage. Not her normal working bras. Her nipples were already aroused as they tried to force themselves through the flimsy material. The blouse had a few buttons less in use than usual. The colour of the bra meant it was just visible in certain light situations. She was wearing the matching lacy bikini knickers. Her skirt was shorter than normal at about four inches above her knee.

David thought Jonathan was in for a treat. He wondered if he returned to her office if he could eat her out on her desk. His cock was suggesting something more along a cardiac exercise.

At work, David’s mind was distracted, not only by the thought that Ann was flashing Jonathan but also the weekend they had had. He also had to think about his plan to punish her for her indiscretions with Jonathan.

Ann meantime was behaving normally. Well, while she conducted her business as usual, she did seem to have to visit other desks more regularly than normal. She would lean over some and Jonathan would see her skirt rise, the lacy tops of her stockings. She knew she had to discuss part of a proposal with Jonathan but would keep that until close to twelve when David was due to arrive to take her to lunch.

At five to, she went to Jonathan’s desk to discuss the several pages which needed to be amended. She was on the right side of his desk by his shoulder. The sun shone through the window illuminating her blouse and making her lacy bra visible. Jonathan couldn’t keep his eyes from her luscious breasts.

This is what David saw as he entered. His cock leaped into top gear as it tried to escape the confines of his trousers. He was glad he was wearing boxers.

As Ann saw him, she smiled, knowing what he was seeing. She let him approach as she gazed at his groin. She licked her lips. He was breathing heavily. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him, unaware that her skirt had ridden up exposing the flesh above the stockings. She could feel David’s cock against her stomach. He was hard.

“I’ll just be a minute darling,” she said as she finished her discussion with Jonathan. It took three but David wasn’t counting. He was watching her nipples expand, her blouse allowing him to see the areolas darken. Jonathan didn’t know where to look so just stared at her breasts.

As they left for lunch, Ann surprised him by telling him to drive to a small mall which had limited dining. She explained, “David, after this weekend, I thought if you use your ties to tie me up, I could destroy them. There is a sex shop where we can buy some restraints which won’t break. If you need anything else and wish me to leave so you can surprise me, I’ll wait outside.”

David nodded.

Lunch was good and David had a bonus. The seat was close to the window and the light illuminated Ann’s lovely bra and erect nipples. He saw quite a few men and a couple of women eyeing her up appreciatively. This was better than his fantasy.

Ann saw him look around and spoke, “A penny for your thoughts?”

David knew he had been busted so just replied, “Ann, I don’t think Jonathan will have left his desk as his hard-on won’t be down yet. I’ve been aroused all morning with the thought but the reality is far better. Even here, you have made many people, especially me, very happy.

“This is as far as I would wish to go in involving anyone else. I love you and want only you.” He leaned over and kissed her. He was so tempted to play with her breasts.

They went into the sex store. The assistant could see they were unused to visiting so offered to help them. David explained what they were looking for. After the assistant ascertained the level of restraint required she recommended several. They chose a set of four in a soft leather which could be attached to their bed and other pieces of furniture as required. They didn’t need a neck restraint or gag.

David sent Ann out of the shop while he discussed his requirements with the assistant. He was beetroot red as he said he wanted something which could add to the pleasure Ann had when her breasts and nipples were forcibly played with. He also wanted some things which he could drag over her skin to tease her as she was restrained. He remembered the need for a blindfold.

He came out of the shop with two packages. He handed one to Ann. In the car heading to her office he told her to be ready when he came home as he had described. Ann mumbled they had forgotten a blindfold but he told he had one.

“Can I ask what’s in the other package?” Ann asked.

David smiled, “You’ll discover later. The assistant was very helpful.”

Ann felt her pulse racing.

David being the gentleman that he was escorted Ann back to her office. As she passed adiosbet güvenilirmi Jonathan’s desk she had to bend over to reattach a suspender clip. David’s breath was very quick, matching his heart rate. In Ann’s office, he kissed her. He wanted to lean her over her desk and tongue her to an orgasm, so she was primed for what he was going to do later. Unfortunately, the office was too open for that so he had to make do with some romantic kisses.

As Ann watched him leave, she dwelt on what he planned that evening. She didn’t know what she wanted him to do, what he planned to do. Was he going to be gentle, loving, demanding, forceful, dominant? She saw her nipples trying to escape her blouse. She was very aroused. After this weekend, she didn’t know what she was capable of enjoying or enduring or both.

She had never been in a sex shop until she spoke with Sarah. Even then, she had only gone in for what Sarah had recommended. This afternoon’s experience with David had highlighted some desires to experiment she had never known she possessed.

She was glad she was seeing Sarah tomorrow. The question was how could she speak about these events and tonight’s which were still to come.

How she managed to get through the afternoon, she didn’t know. Jonathan had finally asked Diane out and she had agreed. He said it was so he could get peace to do his work. He was blushing. Diane looked very happy.

When Ann arrived home, she bathed herself and made sure all her love holes were available should David want them. While she knew she was aroused, she was shocked at just how wet she was.

She placed the restraints on the bed. She debated with herself about attaching them but thought David would want to place them where he wished. Her mind wondered about what he had bought. She had seen the crops, whips, paddles and felt afraid of what they could do to her. Would he damage her skin, would she cum like Friday? If she did, what did that say about her? Near the restraints had been anal beads and butt plugs. Would he use them on her? Sarah had had her buy a vibrator which she had used to help learn how to give David a blowjob. Would he get one or more for her? She now knew she was capable of multiple orgasms. How many would be enough for him, for her?

She looked in the mirror. She had put on a red quarter cup bra which exposed most of her breasts. Her nipples were as extended as she could ever recall them being. The matching suspender belt and nude lacy top stockings. She had on tie-side crotchless panties in red satin. The colour matched her nail polish and lipstick. She saw she was breathing quickly. How could she be so aroused and yet so fearful of what David may do?

She heard the garage door opening and she gasped. David was coming! Should she meet him or wait? What had he said? Stand by the bed! She stood still and awaited him.

David came in carrying the bag from the sex shop. Ann’s eyes stared at it, in excitement and fear. What did it contain?

He thoroughly enjoyed the view which had greeted him. She looked amazing.

David smiled at her expression, so full of desire but her fear was evident. Was he going to beat her again? Was he going to take her to that magical nirvana?

He played for time. He asked in a formal manner, “Ann, I have a few questions I need answers to before I begin. Firstly, why have you not attached the restraints?”

Ann recognised from the tone that David was to be in control. She answered as though she was a member of staff being questioned. She would maintain eye contact throughout. “David, I thought that you would wish to place them as you desired, so they are where you need them to be.”

David nodded.

“Ann, how many times did you allow Jonathan to see your stocking tops and bare flesh? How many minutes did he spend looking at your breasts without you stopping him?”

“I flashed my stockings about twelve times. The only time he was looking at my breasts so closely was when you arrived. That was for about 8-10 minutes.”

“Did all the scheming work?”

“Yes, he asked Diane out. He was blushing as was she.”

“Are you going to tease him tomorrow?”

“No. We stopped after he asked Diane out. That was the only reason we did it.”

“Now my final question, are you fully prepared for me?”

“David, all my love holes are available and clean. I don’t know if I’m fully prepared as I don’t know what you intend to do. I will do everything I can to allow you to complete your punishment of me.”

David’s mind was going in a number of different directions. He didn’t know if he was pleased she was being so submissive or fearful of where that could lead. He didn’t think he was a sadist but after Friday he had concerns.

“I’m not going to gag you so just say “STOP!” and I will if you are uncomfortable with anything I am doing. Now, firstly, lie on the bed face down and lift your bum in the air. Open your legs to allow access to your love holes.”

Diane did as she was told. He saw the bruising from Friday’s beating on her bum. She heard David opening the bag and the next moment she felt the blindfold being put over her head and eyes. There was no light. She now only had touch and hearing to try to gauge what David was doing.

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