A Hidden Life – Fort Campbell Pt. 01


The PFC’s knees slammed hard into the flimsy divider, his hands gripping the top of the stall wall in an effort to remain standing. I was on the other side of the stall, seated on the toilet with the PFC’s black cock filling my mouth with his cum. He was the second soldier in the last half hour to feed his cock to me through this glory hole. As soon as my mouth released his cock, he zipped up and left.

After giving the PFC enough time to clear the restroom area, I washed up and left the recreation center, walking directly to my motorcycle. I headed off post to River Walk park where I hoped to continue the evenings’ debauchery.

I had been stationed at Ft Campbell for about 6 months. I was currently a three striper, a Sergeant in the US Army. My previous posting was near Stuttgart, Germany where I learned that I really liked to suck cock. In Germany, I primarily got together with German men.

Two out of every three cocks that came through Ft Campbell’s rec center glory hole were black and I quickly became a black cock devotee. In Germany, a black man was likely to be a GI and I avoided GIs for the most part. So this was my first gay encounter with black men.

I found myself liking the fact most black men simply expected me to service their cocks. Other men usually showed some trepidation.

A nice thing about being a cocksucker on a military post in the 70’s was the abundant number of perpetually horny 18-21 year olds who were more than willing to stick their dicks in any hole willing to service them. The downside was the military still actively pursued homosexual activity in the ranks.

I arrived at River Walk park where I rode through while cataloging the vehicles and people at the park. Satisfied that all appeared normal for a Wednesday evening, I parked in the upper parking lot and walked down to the restrooms. This was a meet and go elsewhere restroom as there were no doors on the stalls and no time to react when someone came in. Usually guys hooked up here and went to the mall restrooms or mall parking lot to have their fun. Sometimes guys went only as far as the upper parking lot. Clarksville didn’t put much effort into enforcement so the parking lot was used often.

The restroom was a bust so I decided to call it a night and walked back to where I had parked my bike. I might return to the rec center, it would be late, likely not many people but maybe someone really horny would still be there.

As I walked past a burgundy 1975 Cadillac Eldorado, it occurred to me the driver was slowly masturbating. I did an about face and returned to the drivers window. I could see his cock was clearly exposed and his hand was going up and down the shaft. The drivers window rolled down as I stared. The driver, a middle aged black man, continued to stroke his cock.

“If you like what you see, I could certainly use some help.” he said.

My mouth started to water, while ironically, my throat went dry. He looked around the parking lot.

“You want to help me?” he asked.

“Y-yes.” I stammered like it was the first time I had seen a man’s erect cock.

He pointed across the lot, “Is that your bike?” I nodded. “Meet me over there, I’m going to park by your bike.”

Less than five minutes later with Steely Dan’s ‘Black Cow’ playing through the cassette player at a low volume, I was sprawled over the floorboard and front seat enjoying the silky smoothness of Maurice’s five and a half inch thick cock in my mouth.

“Let’s see what happens.” Maurice said softly as vehicle headlights swept the interior of the car we were in. I mumbled my understanding and continued to suck his cock.

The vehicle that had entered the lot, either parked or drove through as the headlights no longer illuminated the Eldorado. I kept focused on my task of pleasing this black man.

It wasn’t long until his hips started thrusting his penis rhythmically into my mouth, his hands holding my head at the desired place to provide his cock with the maximum pleasure.

“Oh God.” Maurice moaned. His hips stopped moving and he pulled my head down tightly to his pubes. His cock pulsed, pushing a load of his hot semen into my mouth. I swallowed in anticipation of more. He did not disappoint, rewarding me with several more jets of cum over the next ten or so seconds.

“Do you want to suck another cock?” he asked me.

“I’ll suck you again.” I stated, licking his cock with the tip of my tongue from base to head.

“I’m done for.” he replied. “Remember the car that pulled in a few minutes ago? That guy is walking towards us right now.”

Maurice’s voice was smooth, as smooth as the sound of the electric window lowering. “Can I help you?” he asked the stranger.

The answer didn’t come immediately, the stranger waited until he was standing next to the drivers side mirror where he could see into the car. “I could use some help with a problem I have.” the stranger said passing his hand meaningfully over his crotch.

Maurice turned on the interior lights and leaned back into almanbahis yeni giriş his seat, replying “I can’t help you as I don’t suck dick and my friend here says he’s happy with what he has already.”

As the man leaned in the window to look closer, I continued to clean Maurice’s cock thoroughly with my mouth and tongue. I glanced up towards the man in the open window, my lips wrapped around Maurice’s deflated cock.

Dejected, the new man left.

Reaching into his jacket Maurice and retrieved a business card which he handed to me. “Call me whenever you’re available, I’ll make the time on my end.”

I exited Maurice’s Eldorado and got on my bike. The new guy was apparently waiting in his truck hoping for another cocksucker to appear.

I pulled my helmet on as Maurice put his car in gear. I followed him to the road. Maurice turned right and I turned left. I thought about the new guy, waiting on someone to suck his dick. I turned around in the mall parking lot, thinking it might as well be me.

I pulled back into the lot and next to the man’s pickup truck. In seconds, the stranger whipped out a six inch, rock hard penis, the hand holding his cock displayed a wide wedding band.

Standing in the open door of his truck with his pants lowered, he indicated that I was to kneel and suck him off.

He was pretty verbal and had quite the potty mouth, “Yeah, bitch, just like that. You know you like sucking my cock, don’t you? There you go, wrap your pretty lips around my big hard dick!”

The sex was equally aggressive as he roughly fucked my mouth.

I could see why he was seeking relief here, with me, instead of his wife. Like a lot of married men, he was frustrated with the sex in his marriage, I assume he couldn’t communicate his wants to his wife. This is why he turned to a complete stranger for his release.

For my part, I was happy to take the slight abuse for his wife. He could call me any name he wanted to so long as his cock was in my mouth.

“Swallow it all you cunt!” He grunted as his cock twitched and started pouring cum in my mouth.

I had no problem swallowing it all. He pulled out of my mouth shortly after his last jet of cum.

Now came the awkward part, like most married men, He was now feeling a little guilty and was past ready to leave the scene of his crime, so to speak.

I rose up from my knees and stood. At six and a half feet tall, I easily towered over him. He wanted to say something so he could leave but was having problems with what to say.

Without a word, I got back on my bike, this time however; I drove to the post. In the morning, I would be running in formation with my unit in preparation for my day shift assignment.

On Friday, I called Maurice’s Realty office number from a pay phone on base. I indicated that I would be free all day on Saturday and Sunday if he was interested. Maurice told me Saturday was out, he could not meet with me, but to be at his realty office at 10:00 AM on Sunday. He would have at least two things for me, a cock to suck and a proposition.

I spent Saturday running errands and visiting the bathroom near the PX.

On Sunday I was ready. I had located the Realty office using the maps in the back of the telephone directory. I had no clue what proposition Maurice had, but I was hungry in anticipation of sucking some more of his cock.

I arrived at the office just a few minutes before 10:00. Maurice’s Eldorado was parked directly in front of the main door, a Town Car parked next to it. The door was locked, so I rapped on the glass. I noticed a venetian blind move and Maurice’s eye appeared, he unlocked and opened the door. Maurice ushered me in and locked the door. He walked back to his office, I followed.

Once in his office, Maurice introduced me to another man named Dace, who was one of his real estate agents, and the apparent driver of the town car. Dace was about six foot, two and probably weighed 225 pounds. He was also black and had a shaved head.

Maurice went to the bar and poured two drinks. He gave one of the drinks to Dace and kept the other one himself.

“I told you I would have a cock for you to suck and a proposition for you today.” Maurice said. “Dace will provide the cock this morning, and I’ll provide the proposition. Are you okay with that?” he asked.

I muttered “Yes.” as I watched Dace put his drink down and lower the zipper on his trousers. Dace pulled a heavy seven inch uncircumcised cock out, nodded at me, and then pointed to his cock.

I wasted no time, quickly kneeling in front of him and bringing him to a full erection with my mouth.

“For the proposition,” Maurice said, “In order for it to work, I’d like to have your work schedule at least a week in advance. Do you think you can do that?”

I nodded, both my head and Dace’s cock going up and down with the motion. Pulling Dace’s cock from my mouth I said, “Um, sometimes my schedule can change while I’m on shift with no prior notification though.”

“Mm, almanbahis giriş okay I think we can mostly work around that.” Maurice said. “I’ll also need a number where I can reach you.”

I wrote my contact information on a piece of paper and passed it to him. “Here’s my work and barracks numbers.” I said. “Although you can reach me at work through dispatch, I’d prefer you to call the barracks number. Just tell the person who answers that you need me to return your call.”

I returned to bobbing my head up and down on Dace’s cock while Maurice he wrote my numbers in his contact book.

“Here’s the proposition.” Maurice led off. “I sell real estate in the area. I get most of the black buyers in the area through word of mouth. Sometimes my clients hint at their interest in certain things other than real estate. Things that I try and locate for them.”

He continued “For instance, some of my buyers want to get a blow job. Now, I could just point them to some bars and other local hook up places, but if I can set them up with a known quantity that’s a much better deal for everyone involved.”

Dace’s orgasm came hard and without warning, just a sudden bucking of his hips. My mouth filled with his ejaculate. I spent the next few minutes extracting all the semen I could from his cock, eventually pulling my mouth from his flaccid cock.

I excused myself to go to the restroom to clean up. (I always carry a travel toothbrush and paste.)

When I got back to the office, Dace had zipped up and was sitting on the couch. Maurice asked what I thought of the proposal.

“It sounds interesting.” I replied. “How many homes do you sell to the military? That might cause some problems for me.”

Maurice responded with “I sell about 40% to military folks in any given month. Most of the military sales don’t ask for extras though.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Maurice said, “I’ve got a buyer that will be closing on a house this coming week. If you’d like, you can meet him at the property tomorrow evening. He’s not military and I think he’ll enjoy your particular talents. Do you want me to call him so you can test the waters so to speak?”

“All I have to do is give him a blow job?” I asked.

“If that’s all he wants.” Maurice replied. “I’m sure some of my buyers will probably also want to fuck you. Have you ever been fucked?”

“I have.” I said. “So long as he takes his time and uses lots of lube, I should be able to handle at least nine inches, possibly more.”

Maurice picked up his telephone and dialed a number. “Room 412 please.” Maurice waited until the transfer was made then continued, “Hey Ron, Maurice here. You remember the special services that I told you I might be able to offer? You do? Excuse me? Yeah white guy. Good. Great! He’ll meet you at the property tomorrow evening about six.”

“That went well.” said Maurice while unzipping his fly, “I know exactly how we should celebrate.”

On Monday, as soon as my shift ended, I showered, shaved off my five o’clock shadow and dressed in my civvies.

I arrived at the property a little early, no other vehicles around. I walked up and down the driveway, the anticipation was causing me to get semi-wood. I adjusted myself a bit to attempt to hide my growing erection. I had just pulled my hand from my crotch when a vehicle pulled in the driveway.

Ron, all five foot zero of him, introduced himself. We made small talk as we walked to the house. He unlocked the door and held it open for me. Once inside, Ron locked the deadbolt and took off his shoes. I followed his example. Ron then walked through the house with me trailing. As we went through the house, Ron told me that he and his wife were moving here from Georgia. He was a VP in one of the local plants. His wife, Kathy, was a real estate agent and would be working for Maurice. We ended the house tour standing next to the fireplace in the living room.

“Speaking of Maurice…” Ron started, “he said you offer special services to new buyers?”

I sat on the elevated brick hearth and nodded my head, “Yes, I kind of help you get settled into the area.” I leaned forward. Purposefully moving my gaze towards Ron’s crotch. I could see the outline of a thick long cock outlined in his light trousers.

I reached out with my left hand, putting a thumb and finger on either side of his cock and traced the outline. He was growing rapidly. My hand grasped his belt, easily pulling him in front of me. I quickly undid his belt, clasp and zipper, then pulled his trousers and boxers down, letting them drop to the floor.

Both of my hands were now stroking his incredible ten inch dick, the largest cock I had seen and felt to date. My friend Walter from Germany had a thick nine inch cock, but Ron here had that beat. Still, what I had learned from sucking Walter’s cock was going to come in handy here.

I slathered his bulbous glans with my tongue, my hands stroking his cock, finally getting the precum to surface. I licked it off, but instead of swallowing, I kept almanbahis güvenilirmi it in my mouth. When I had a mouthful of saliva, I ran my tongue around my lips, then put my lips around the head of Ron’s cock and pulled him into me until his cock hit the back of my mouth.

Ron’s moan let me know he was appreciating my ministrations.

I let some drool escape my mouth and flow onto his shaft. My left hand quickly spread it evenly around the next couple of inches of his cock. I swallowed his glans into my throat and pulled him further into me.

The gag reflex hit me hard. It had been a while since I swallowed a cock. I held him in while my throat settled down. When I had it under control, I pulled my head completely off his cock. While I took several breaths, I spit the saliva into my hands and slathered his entire cock getting it as wet as I could.

Again I put his glans into my mouth, my right hand going around his waist. After another full breath, I swallowed his head and took in a few more inches. The gag reflex was still there, but controllable. I pulled him all the way into me in two more gulps.

Both of my hands went to his hips. I pushed him back until his glans was almost out of my throat, then pulled him back in to his pubes and scrotum. I repeated this action about five times before pushing him back far enough that his cock slid out of my throat and I could breath. Reaching up, I grabbed his hands and put them on my head, then repeated the process using his hips to guide him in fucking my throat.

Once he had the rhythm of letting me breathe every so often, he kept his cock deeper in my throat and shortened his thrusts to only a few inches. I had one hand cupping his balls while the other was on his thigh. He was thrusting hard and actually making grunting sounds. I would need a breath soon.

Just as I was getting ready to push him back out of my throat, his hips bucked forward sharply. My lips, tongue, mouth and throat felt him cum violently. His cock was pulsing from deep within his body, jettisoning his load down my throat.

I pushed him back hard, all the way out of my mouth and gasped for air. After I had a chance to breathe, I returned him to my mouth and throat where I cleaned his cock as best I could. Eventually letting his glistening soft cock drop from my mouth.

“I didn’t expect the blow job to be that good.” Ron said. “I wish my wife could do half of that.”

“You’re definitely on the big side.” I said. “If your wife wants to learn how, she’ll need to practice on smaller items first, just no bananas, damn things can break and choke her.”

Ron replied, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

I headed for the door and started putting my shoes back on.

“How can I get in touch with you again?” Ron asked. “Kathy and I have been married for 14 years, I don’t really expect her to learn in the near future how to deep throat me like you did.”

“Ron, I would really like to be with you again, but I’m not sure how Maurice would like my going direct to one of his customers. “Let’s let Maurice handle this, okay?” I said while heading out to my bike.

Ron readily agreed.

As it turned out, Maurice didn’t have a problem with my staying in touch with his customers. I told him it would be alright to provide Ron with my barracks number, but not dispatch. Too many questions I might have to answer if lots of people called dispatch.

I had just come off shift and was walking through the day room to check mail when then CQ told me that a Maurice had called and would appreciate a call back. I took the note headed to the bank of pay phones near the PX.

“Elite Realty, how may I help you?” said the voice on the phone.

“Maurice, please. He’s expecting my call.” I replied.

A few moments later and the phone was being picked up again.

“Maurice speaking. How may I help you?”

“Hi, Maurice. I got a call at my barracks from you. What do you have?” I asked.

“I’ve got a new client for you.” Maurice said. “He’s military, but he’s purchasing a house in the area as he will be retiring soon. It’s been a slow month and I really need this one. You’ll be doing me a huge favor if you can handle this one.”

I thought about the ramifications. As far as the Army was concerned, sucking a dick or letting a guy suck your dick was the same thing.

“Give me the address and time.” I told Maurice.

Maurice gave me the name of the hotel and room number and told me that I should be there at 8:20 tomorrow evening.

“8:20 seems kind of odd.” I told Maurice.

“He says that gives him time to eat, get cleaned up and call his wife.” Maurice said. “Also, he said you should be clean and you would know what he meant by that.”

I did know what he meant by that. I thanked Maurice and headed off post to a pharmacy to pick up an enema and some KY.

The following day, I had coffee for breakfast and skipped lunch opting for a large sugary lemonade instead. After shift, I shaved and then headed to the toilet with my enema kit. I packed the residual enema trash into an ice cream foil bag and waited. It took about half an hour, but I was now ‘clean’.

I dropped the tube of KY in my front pocket and headed for the hotel. If this guy was as hung as Ron, I might regret not buying a bigger tube.

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