The Mind of a Teenager Ch. 04


Author’s note: Thanks for reading this short series! This is the last part of the story so I’ve made it the longest. I hope you enjoy!

Part 1 of 2

Kyle got home that evening feeling burnt out. He dropped his things at the door and lay on the couch before switching on the tv. His mother and father had been out for their date night of the month which left the house free for Kyle to use.

He was watching some series about an undercover cop when he drifted off. He dreamt of how great it was to feel Mrs Jackman’s mouth around his cock. It felt a million times better than a hand did. He revisited the scene in her office where he’d stripped her naked, spanked her with the ruler she loved to use on her students and then forced her to blow him.

In his dream however it was even better, although still a virgin, he fucked the brains out of any girl he pleased. He fucked Nancy White, Georgia Tully, Hannah Cranston, Emily Dolan and more. The one person he hadn’t fucked was Mrs Johnston, his current teacher. She had been the main content of his dreams throughout most of his high-school life, yet now he did not dream of her.

He was woken by the sound of the tv switching channel. The series he had been watching had turned over to Masterchef or something. There could only be one culprit… Lindsay. He rubbed away the crusted sleep from his eyes as the vision of the room remained blurry for a moment. Finally everything came clearer in his view and he noticed Lindsay was sat on the other side of the room in an armchair watching her show.

“Did you change that?” He asked, groggily.

“You were sleeping? I want to watch tv too.” She tutted.

“Where is everyone?” He yawned.

“Mom and Dad are out on their date and Cara is reading some shitty book in her room.” She said.

“So we have the house to ourselves?” Kyle grinned.

“Forget it, Kyle.” Lindsay turned up the volume on the tv so she couldn’t hear him.

She couldn’t understand Lindsay. She was the one person that captured his attention so well. She made him feel excited, hot and nervous all at the same time and she was his sister. Kyle figured that the resemblance and the small matter of being related by blood made it so much more exciting than it normally would have been.

That and the fact Lindsay was six years his senior. She was a full grown woman, were as he was still becoming a man. She had sexually matured, probably been with multiple guys and lost her virginity years before he ever would. However, he felt as though his time was coming, it wasn’t long until he would insert his prick inside a willing vagina.

He could do it now if he wanted to. He only had to say the words. He could order his sister to make love to him, to pop his cherry and be his first if he really wanted it. But he didn’t want it that way. He wanted it to mean something, not to be had with zero emotion or meaning.

He stared at her as she watched the television intently. How her hair parted down the middle behind her ears. How her lips were naturally full and soft. Her skin smooth and tanned much like Maddison’s had been. Although Lindsay’s breasts were much larger. They were a perky pair of C-cups that stuck out more than they hung down.

Kyle watched the length of her legs curl up on the sofa beside her as she leant across the armchair on one arm. He wouldn’t force her again, besides Kyle was beginning to think that Lindsay enjoyed what they’d done. She flashed him briefly that very morning. Yet now she was cold as she always was.

He liked her this way, but he liked her better when she was quiet with arousal, when she breathed heavily and felt warm to the touch. He wanted to smell her scent again. To feel her presence up close, her breath on his skin, her hands roaming his body.

It was his sister he wanted most. He even thought about Cara and his own mother. His mother was a Christian woman, brought into the faith by her own father. She would never be as accepting as Lindsay, she would have to be controlled and Kyle had a feeling that Cara would too.

His cock stuck out of his shorts while they watched tv. The effects of his sexual dreams remained with him as he stared at the television while trying to keep his mind off of fucking his sister right there and then.

Lindsay glanced over briefly at her younger brother. Why was it that he made her so hot all of a sudden? She couldn’t remove the stained images of her brothers erect penis from her mind. She’d seen many before, but none like her brothers. It was just as big as her exes with even more girth.

She couldn’t believe how she felt when she held it in her hands. It made her hands look small and it felt warm like a hot water bottle. When she gripped the thing it was as though it sent shock waves up her arm. Shock waves that tingled her nipples and gave her vagina a pulse.

She couldn’t help but notice the large lump on his shorts. Kyle didn’t even try to hide it either. She felt her mouth water as she depicted the head of his dick through the shape of his shorts. Most 1xbet yeni giriş men woke up with a boner, she knew this, but for some reason the fact that it was her brothers boner, it made her hornier than she’d ever been.

To her disappointment, Kyle got up and left. He headed towards his room to plug his phone into his laptop as so to look back on the recording of Mrs Jackman.

My very own porno. He thought.

He hooked up the wires and installed the clip to his computer. Upon pressing play he realised that the angle wasn’t right, it only caught half of the picture. Mrs Jackman’s face was out of shot, the lens only managed to capture the top hairs of her ponytail. While most of the pictures featured Kyles pleasure face. His eyes were wide and lost in space and his mouth was always the shape of an o.

Just then someone knocked upon the door.

“Come in.” He said as he folded the laptop closed.

It was Lindsay and she was holding his backpack. He felt a wave of anxiety flush over him as he realised that the book of the mind was still inside of the backpack.

“You left this downstairs.” She said plainly and tossed it onto his bed.

Kyle didn’t say anything.

Lindsay had expected a thank you at least but she got nothing. What was wrong with her? Why was she so needy? She felt herself needing his presence. She wanted a conversation, or any sort of contact with him.

She decided that she was being ridiculous. She hadn’t had sex in a good few months and her female cravings were getting the better of her. Yes that was it. She was in need of dick that was all. She had the thought of returning to her room to masterbate but that thought was quickly dispensed when their parents returned home.

Lindsay listened in from atop the stairs as the front door slammed shut.

“You couldn’t keep your eyes off of her the entire time!?” Her mother yelled.

“What are you talking about Maria?” Her fathers drunken voice spoke back.

This is it. She thought.

Their parents had been on the verge of separating for many months now. Their relationship was dwindling and only Lindsay seemed to realise it. She was the only adult of their three children and she supposed she was able to understand mature relationships better than Kyle or Cara.

They seemed to be clueless to the issue but Lindsay was not. She could sense what was coming.

“Go! Get out! You want her, not me! Not your children!” Maria yelled.

Lindsay fought back the tears. She felt like a child again on the top step of the staircase, listening to their parents fight when she couldn’t sleep at night. She heard the slamming of the front door and guessed her father must have left.

She couldn’t be in the house, not tonight, not with so many emotions running high. She needed out and she knew just the place to go.

Meanwhile Kyle was sat upon his bed with his cock itching to be touched.

He thought of entering Lindsay’s room like he’d done last night. He thought of blackmailing her again. He wanted to feel her reluctance, only to give into her true desires. He wanted more than the snippet of time they shared the previous night.

Instead, he opened up his laptop and searched a popular porn browser he frequently used and begun beating his meat. Although it wasn’t the same. He tried to get under the sheets for more comfort but that didn’t settle him either.

Suddenly another knock came from his door. He hoped to god it was Lindsay. The door clicked open and Cara’s head poked around the edge of the door. Kyle did not cover himself for he was already covered by the sheets.

“I think mom and Dad are fighting….” She said, sadly.

“They are?” Kyle had asked. He’d been too engrossed in porn to even notice.

All he wanted to do was jerk off, his hormones were on high alert and everything and anything turned him on these days. Cara slipped past the door and shut it behind herself. She wore a small white nightgown that only came to her knees. Her legs were thin and pale. Kyle watched her clamber on to the bed next to him. He didn’t shut the laptop fully, instead he pushed it to the side and out of view.

“I heard them shouting.” She shuffled over towards him.

“What about?” He asked.

“I don’t know… I didn’t hear… What were you doing?” She asked, innocently.

“I’m just… err, I was….” He muttered.

Cara’s eyes fell to the bulge underneath the sheets. Her hand covered her mouth quickly and she gasped. Kyles rod was outlined on the thin whit sheets of his bed cover. Her eyes fixed on him, then the laptop that remained slightly open.

“Were you?” The realisation hit her.

“You caught me off guard!” Kyle felt slightly embarrassed.

Cara was frozen stiff, she wanted to run in the other direction but a part of her wanted to stay put, so she did. Kyle reached over and turned on the side light. The lamp illuminated the room and created shadows upon the walls.

Cara wore her hair short to her shoulders and it swayed as she moved.

He was about to 1xbet giriş order her out of his room. But it was then that Kyle realised. Cara’s nightgown was thin, white and made of silk. His eyes stared directly at the pointed ends of her petite chest. He could see her nipples through her gown! They were Cara’s nipples! He’d never thought about his younger sister in any sort of sexual manner until now.

His young, blonde and slender sister was a girl who would not hurt a fly. She was as innocent as they came. Her 18th birthday had come and gone a few weeks ago and you would have hardly of known it had ever happened.

She didn’t do parties or large gatherings, she really was always alone. When he thought about her, he though of her as the loner chick at school, the girl to always have her nose in a book and her mind on her work. She kept her head down and didn’t really bother anybody.

She walked the halls like a ghost and did the same at home. She was quiet at the dinner table and spent most her time engrossed in novels behind the comfort of her bedroom door.

Yet here she was portraying the body of a woman. She wasn’t as mature as her big sister but she still had breasts, even if they were only little.

“Cara… I can see your uhm… your nipples…” He pointed.

Cara gasped again as she now stared down at her protruding teets. She frantically covered them with her arms and tried to flee. Instinctively Kyle grabbed her.

“Don’t go.” He said.

He’d meant it as a question but it came out more like an order and so Cara stayed where she was, her arms remained covering her nipple line.

As he stared at the slender shape of her nightgown he felt his cock harden even more. He supposed then that if he could not have Lindsay, he would have her.

“I don’t want you to control my mind. Not how you do to mum and Lindsay!” She yelled.

“I’m not gonna control you!” He tried to calm her down.

“Then why can’t I move?” She cried.

Kyle let go of her and she did not move.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just really need to see you naked.” He said as he gripped the end of her gown.

“No!” She tried to stop him.

“Stop struggling!” Kyle shouted as they struggled against each other.

He didn’t want it to be like this. He didn’t want to make her but his need for climax was becoming far too great to resist. He had a hunger in his eyes that only this power could have given him.

He tugged the end of her nightdress upwards revealing her smooth thighs. Cara could no longer fight it but she did whimper. Kyle was drunk on arousal now. He did not care for who he hurt, he only cared for an orgasmic release.

Naturally, she turned on her side as Kyle moved her body around to get her dress further up past her slender thighs. Her skin was as white as milk and smooth to the touch. He ran his hands from her skinny calf’s to the toned muscles of her inner thighs.

“Please… stop…” She whispered.

It did not sound like a cry. It did not sound like she was desperate either. It sounded more like she was acting. Like she didn’t know if she wanted this or not and so Kyle kept going.

He had her on her belly now. She was unable to move and Kyle could position her as he wanted. He drove her nightdress up and over the hump of her bottom. Underneath the light of the side lamp, Kyle could make out pink love hearts upon a white set of panties. They weren’t sexy like Lindsay’s or Maddison’s, or even Mrs Jackman’s.

They were the kind of panties you expected a nun to wear. They weren’t all that big but they did cover more than Kyle would have liked them to.

He could make out the shape of her crack as her panties had gotten a little stuck between her cheeks. He couldn’t help himself, he had to see her. He gripped at the pink love hearts and tugged them down her thighs, then her calf’s and then off the ends of her feet.

She was now face down with her ass out and she did not say a word. All he could hear was subtle breathing in the darkness above the nightdress. Her ass was thin and muscular. It did not stick out wide like Lindsay’s, instead it curved outwards towards him. He touched the muscles of her glutes and massaged his palms into them.

Cara did not make a sound. Meanwhile her brother had straddled her legs and she could feel his warm fingertips grip at her cheeks. Kyle did as he had with Maddison and parted them to reveal what lay beneath the flesh of her bum. As he spread them, the first thing he made out was her slit. It was tight and a little puffy. Much like Lindsay’s, although Lindsay’s lips had been wider and far more wet.

Then he looked upon the small hole that was her anus. Cara’s asshole was tiny, round and puckered. Her little brown ring was as tight he could have ever imagined it. It did not move even when he blew on it. Kyles arousal worked him into touching her between her legs. He reached a finger out and touched the softness of her two puffy lips. He spread them with his fingers and there was less meat there than he had expected. 1xbet güvenilirmi She was incredibly pink inside and Kyle did see that she was a little moist.

He knew that he needed to feel some sort of friction against his cock and so he pulled her upwards towards him. Cara whirled around to face him and Kyle was surprised to see that she was not crying. Her face was red and looked flushed. Her breathing was more rapid and she stared into his soul with her mouth slightly open.

It was then that Kyle revealed himself to Cara. He tugged down the sheets of the bed and let her take in the image of his nakedness. She stared with wide eyes at the first penis she’d ever seen.

She couldn’t believe that her brother Kyle had some a manly package. How it curved slightly to the left with all its veins and length. She stared at the two round spheres that hid in the shadows at either side of his cock.

“Do you want to touch it?” He asked her.

She cleared her throat. “I… I don’t…” she shut her eyes… I don’t think so.”

“Oh, you don’t? I’ll put it away then…” Kyle had gripped the sheets.

He was about to pull them upwards and cover up his throbbing cock when her hands stopped him. Cara’s delicate hands now held his wrist firmly, preventing him from covering himself up.

“No.” She sounded certain.

“What we’re you watching on your laptop?” She asked.

Kyle shrugged, he seen no harm in showing her.

He pulled the laptop back on top of his lap and and opened it. Her eyes grew even wider and at the images on the screen. She saw big cocks penetrating adult woman with massive breasts and soaking wet vaginas. She’d never watched pornography before in her life. Kyle’s cock was the first she’d ever seen and she didn’t know what to make of the situation she was in.

It felt natural to want it. To want to feel it in her hands or even inside of her. She wanted to examine every inch of it, she was so intrigued that she just kept staring, wide eyed and her mouth still open.

Kyle held his cock and pointed it upwards as to show off the length of it. It wasn’t what you would call massive, but it was pretty large for a man of his size. Cara couldn’t believe how thick it was. Like a big pale tube with a pink mushroom on its tip. Of course she’d seen drawings at school and what not. She knew of the ofd shaped heads penis’s had but it was nothing like the real thing.

Kyle no longer stared at the pornography that Shawn bright on his laptop screen. His eyes were back on her chest. For her hands had lowered to grip his sheets and her nipples were now visible once more against her nightgown.

“You have… tits…” He said, rather dumbly.

“You have… a big penis…” She stared.

“Here.” Kyle said as he took hold of her slim wrist.

He guided her hand gently towards his groin. She did not resist him. She followed his guide and eventually her fingers brushed against the underside of his shaft. She felt at Kyles hot muscle that was his penis. Cara couldn’t believe she was actually touching a man penis and it was her brothers!

Kyle let go of her hand and she did not remove it from his crotch. She didn’t move it at all, instead she kept her fingers brushed up against the warmth of his shaft. He could feel the coldness of her fingertips as they press into his stiffness.

“Is this what you did with Lindsay?” She asked.

Kyle nodded.

It was then that she moved her hand. Though she did not move it away, she moved it slightly upwards towards his his head where she felt at it with her fingertips. She felt the soft sponge like mushroom that was his cock head. Kyle shut his eyes tightly and groaned quietly to himself.

If he could not fuck her, this would have to do. She prodded at him, exploring his sex like it was alien to her. She pinched the tip of it and that made her smile. She liked the way it throbbed when she touched it. It was the first sexual experience she was ever having and she could feel her crotch spill with fluid.

Her hands lowered to the two balls that clung to his member. They hugged the base of his shaft and did not sag at all. She prodded at them at first. She was completely fascinated by the way they rolled and shifted around in his sack as she gently nudged them side to side and up and down.

Her hand naturally curved around the bottom of his sack so to cup them in her small hand. Kyle groaned louder. Here was his innocent little sister, cupping his sensitive grapes so gently as though they were made of glass. Her thin fingers took a firm grip of him now. He shuddered as she took hold of him in her hand. His cock barely fit.

She had always been small, he just noticed it more now with her hand around his cock. Slowly she jerked him. Instead of going up and down she gripped harder and then loosened her grip. She did this over and over again watching the skin of his cock contract and retract. How the head filled with blood the more she squeezed.

“Up and down.” He instructed her.

She tore her eyes away from his cock for the first time to look at her brother. Kyle still had his eyes closed. She couldn’t believe she was making her brother feel so good with just her hand. She figured that she’d gone this far, what would it hurt to play with it a little.

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