Spontaneous Public Nudity – Towel Drop 1


Since my late teens I have been obsessed with presenting myself naked to women and mixed audiences. I like to present as a submissive, vulnerable and non-threatening nude. I started by allowing myself to be seen naked through my front window. I was sexually and socially inexperienced and immature. The experience with Pat, which I have written about previously (“My First Sexual Relationship”, and “Femdom – the next stage”), made me bolder and determined to find new and equally exciting ways to satisfy my craving. Thus did I explore the possibilities of the “accidental” towel drop.First of all one needs to have an excuse to be naked. Just about to get into, or out of, a shower or bath, is ideal. A towel is wrapped around the body to signify modesty. Then one needs to have an audience – answering the front door for example. Or passing people to get to a change room. Then one needs to be able to have the towel isvecbahis drop without any obvious external assistance. This can be achieved by having the towel wrapped somewhat loosely to begin with, and then breathing in, such that the circumference of the waist is no longer sufficient to keep the towel in place. It is preferable to hold something of value in one’s hands, so it can be acknowledged that they are thereby ineligible to recover the towel before it drops to the ground.So I practiced my craft. The towel dropped more easily if it was dry. I got the breathing right. I got the towel tuck such that the towel would stay in place adequately, until the stomach inflated sufficiently, but easily.Now I needed opportunity. My first experiments were at home. Not many such opportunities came my way. The house needed to be empty but for myself. My mother at work, my sister at school, and me alone at home when isveçbahis giriş I did not need to be at university. Then I needed to be ready for the knock on the door. Not too many of these during the day! And then I needed to be “on the ready”. Clothes that could be ripped off quickly when the knock came. Never did I wear shoes and socks. What then when I opened the door? Obviously certain “targets” were out of the question – near neighbours, who might blab to my mother. Or children, who I did not want to be threatened. Or tradesmen, who needs a male reaction?  Or previous targets, who would then realise that there had been no accident. The towel needed to be secure enough on those occasions.The point is that I got very few chances to put my practicing into action – and I was getting frustrated as a result. This was made worse by the fact that my first couple of tries were not very fulfilling. I tended isveçbahis yeni giriş to quickly blurt out an apology, and hastily and shyly dive for the towel and replace it, before the target could even realise that she had seen me naked. But it was something, so I kept at it.Then came my reward for such perseverence and tenacity. After a couple of less than outstanding successes, I was a little slower to apologise, feigning a look of surprise and bewilderment while seeking a solution to my naked quandary. I had learned to keep my hands busy – this time with a shaver in one hand, and the door handle in the other ( to keep the door from slamming, of course). I must explain the geography. The door was not in the front, but at the side, a little way down the driveway. There were five or six steps up to the front door from the driveway. The lady, who appeared to me to be fortyish, well-dressed and reasonably attractive, had knocked quite authoritatively, and retreated back to the driveway, where she stood, a package on the ground by her side, and pen and booklet in hand.”I’m sorry to catch you at an inconvenient time, but would Mrs.

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